International Game Fish Association Announces Catch Records

New IGFA records, fishing world records

Eleven-year-old Kupu-John Amoamo of New Zealand (right) caught a record snapper weighing 34 lbs. 6 oz. (15.59 kg).

The International Game Fish Association recently approved several records for fish caught by anglers around the world. Applicants self-submit world record applications, which are then reviewed by the Dania Beach, Fla., organization for a potential record. When submitting a world-record application, anglers must take several steps to document it.

The steps include taking photos or videos of the rod and reel immediately after the possible record catch. Anglers are also required to submit the actual line and leader (if one was used) to the IGFA. The fish is required to be weighed on land and the scale must be certified within the last year.

Recent Records Approved by the IGFA

Dorado Tops 46 Lbs. (20.87 kg)

record Dorado, IGFA record dorado, world record dorado

Art Weston landed a record 46-lb., 8-oz (15.82 kg) dorado during a recent fishing trip to Argentina.

Art Weston recently returned from a New Year’s trip to Argentina with several impressive record applications including this beautiful 46-lb., 8 oz. (21.09-kg) dorado. On January 3, 2022, Weston was casting a topwater plug in the Uruguay River when this massive dorado struck.

After a 10-minute fight he landed the fish to set the IGFA Men’s 24-kg (50-lb.) Line Class World Record for the species. After recording the proper documentation, Art released the dorado safely back into the river.

Youth Captures Squirefish (Snapper)

world record snapper, IGFA record snapper

Kupu-John Amoamo caught his world-record snapper during a fishing trip in October off Te Kaha, New Zealand.

New Zealand angler, Kupu-John Amoamo, age 11, recently submitted this 15.60-kg (34 lb., 6 oz.) snapper (squirefish) to set the IGFA Male Junior World Record for the species. On October 23, 2021, the young angler was fishing aboard the Darkhorse captained by Ngawai Amoamo when this record snapper struck his cut bait.

The pair were fishing off Te Kaha, New Zealand, and after landing the fish, returned to port to get an official weight on a certified scale. This impressive snapper (squirefish) bested the previous record by more than 5 lbs. (2.27 kg).

Hampl’s New Tackle Hybrid Trevally

trevally hybrid, hybrid fish record

Christian Hampl caught the first recorded hybridization between a bluefin and a bigeye trevally.

The story behind this record fish is an interesting one. On May 21, 2017, Christian Hampl was fishing aboard the Kamila out of Isla Montuosa, Panama, when this trevally struck his live bait. After landing the fish, the crew noticed that this fish did not resemble the bigeye trevally they were used to landing in that area.

Christian’s son and IGFA Representative Federico Hampl took it upon himself to commission a genetic study to determine the correct identity of the fish. The results determined that Christian’s fish was the first record of hybridization between Caranx melampygus (bluefin trevally), and Caranx sexfasciatus (bigeye trevally).

Upon discovery of this, Christian decided to submit this 3.81-kilogram (8-pound) bluefin x bigeye trevally to set the IGFA All-Tackle World Record for the species.

Okuyama’s Japanese Seabass (Suzuki)

Records seabass, IGFA record seabass, world record seabass

Fumiya Okuyama hauled in this 65 cm record Japanese seabass while fishing in Yokohama, Japan.

Japanese angler Fumiya Okuyama recently submitted this 65 cm (25.59”) Japanese seabass (Suzuki) to set the IGFA All-Tackle Length Fly World Record for the species. On December 15, 2021, Fumiya was fishing in Yokohama, Japan, with Captain Keiichiro Okamoto when this seabass struck his popper fly. After a short battle, Fumiya landed the record seabass, documented it properly, and released the fish safely.

Triana’s All-Tackle Length Tippet (Fly) Spanish Mackerel

record Spanish mackerel, IGFA Spanish mackerel

Fishing in Florida Bay, Dennis Triana landed a 66 cm (25.98”) Spanish mackerel on a fly, setting a record.

On December 3, 2021, Dennis Triana was fishing in Florida Bay when he landed this 66 cm (25.98”) Spanish mackerel on a fly, setting the IGFA All-Tackle Length Fly World Record for the species. Triana was using a clouser fly that he had recently purchased at a yard sale. The fly was tied at some point in the 1980s and nearly 30 years later was too tempting for this Spanish mackerel to pass up.

Triana landed this fish after a short five-minute fight, and after recording the proper documentation, he released the mackerel safely back into the water.

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