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Meet John and Paulette Lee!

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John and Paulette Lee took a leap of faith when deciding to live aboard their Kadey-Krogen.

"To live aboard or to not live aboard?" That was the question for John and Paulette Lee as they stood only a handshake away from trading their 42-foot Nordic-Tug for their dream boat, a 58-foot Kadey Krogen. It all started when their Nordic Tug was due for its annual service work at Deltaville Marina in Virginia.

While heading south on the Chesapeake Bay from Baltimore, the weather had turned, bringing howling winds and churning seas. Rather than continuing on, John and Paulette opted to dock for the night at Calvert Marina in Solomons, Maryland. The next morning they woke to what seemed like an abandoned marina with no boats in sight and rinsed off the residue from the night before.

Dennis Fox from Bellingham, Wash., came walking down the docks and started a conversation with the couple about his interest in Nordic Tugs (which are built in Anacortes, Wash.). Conversation flowed for over an hour before they thought to ask Dennis what he was doing at the marina.

Dennis and his wife Julie had brought their 58 Kadey Krogan, Sea Fox, to Washburns Boatyard, just around the corner. Well, my boat's for sale explained Dennis. The next two days were spent entertaining the idea of trading their vessels, but John and Paulette had no intention of wasting anyone's time this trade was too good to be true.

On the third day, Dennis presented John and Paulette a trade offer that was shockingly too good to be true. With a handshake, the deal was done. John and Paulette were now owners of their dream boat, their Kadey Krogen 58 they would name Seamantha. The rest is history.

Marinalife spoke with John and Paulette to get their perspective of living on board.

Boating Lifestyle, Living Aboard, Cruising Stories, Cruising Destinations

John and Paulette live aboard the "Seamantha". A 58 Kadey-Krogen similar to the one pictured above. 

ML: What makes the Kadey Krogen 58 Model your "Dream Boat"?

P: Perhaps it was the homey feel when you walk on to any model or the reputation for a functional design and fine construction. All I can say is that from the first time I walked on to a Kadey Krogen 58 several years back, I knew this would be the one.

J: Once we saw the Kadey Krogen model at a variety of boat shows and Trawler Fest's, the decision was easy. The abundance of storage, styling and the interior layout of each model brings a low-key feel when you walk on board.

ML: What have been your favorite Marina/Anchorage stops while cruising? 

P: There are many smaller marinas that may not have the services or convenience of others but are special spots because of where they are located (refer to Paulette's Special Spots).

J: I love experiencing different cultures and exploring the tremendous amount of history you would never have flying or driving. I enjoy walking around the town of Montreal as well as the remoteness of the Exumas, where you can snorkel, swim, and discover islands.

Boating Lifestyle, Living Aboard, Cruising Stories, Cruising Destinations

John and Paulette love the remoteness of the Exumas in the Bahamas - it's one of their favorite spots. 

ML: How Do You Provision Your Boat?

P: Believe it or not, we order a great deal from You learn how long a roll of toilet paper will last, how long broccoli will keep before it must be cooked and how far a case of wine can get you.

J: We like to have fresh produce stocked up for 1 to 2 weeks. Going down the ICW we could tell you where the high quality stores and farmers markets are all the way to Stuart, Florida.

ML: How do you maintain relationships with family/friends along the way?

P: After meeting new friends at marinas, we hated the idea of departing, thinking we'll never see them again. We kept running into a lot of the same people, and true to their word they kept in touch! People just being people, welcoming, helpful and sincere.

J: We actually see many of them more now than before. As we travel up and down the coast we often pass within driving distance of their homes. Some even enjoy cruising with us.

"Paulette's "Special Spots"

Longboat Key Club Moorings, Longboat Key, Fla.- A hidden treasure! Once in the marina, you can use all the resort amenities, including the heated swimming pool, tennis courts, gym and on-site restaurants.

Anchorage at Big Major Cay, Exuma, Bahamas- Head to Pig Beach, where the wild pigs come swimming out to the boaters to be fed. For a beautiful snorkeling experience, dinghy to Thunderball Caves.

Mooring Ball off Chatham, Mass.- The charming New England town sprawls from the main area along the shore, where you can go watch seals trying to beg fish from the commercial fisherman with their catch.