New Boat Models

MasterCraft Introduces the 2021 ProStar

The new model is intended to be an elite, tournament-level ski boat.

MasterCraft Boat Company has launched the latest version of its ProStar for the 2021 model year. The new boat is engineered with advanced technology that integrates features that cater to the skier, driver and passengers.

New Design

For the new ProStar, MasterCraft says it focused on maintaining wake size and softness, developing a new bottom design and four-fin system that improve tracking and steering control. Drivers should enjoy an updated command center that has a 10” (25.4 cm) screen with software developed for competitive water-skiing’s three events, slalom, tricks and jumping. Additionally, a new construction process was used to provide a quieter ride.

The helm has a clean straightforward appearance with all information provided on the screen to the right of the tilt steering wheel.

“For 2021, we built an entirely new paradigm of ski boat that delivers unprecedented precision, control and performance details that passionate waterski enthusiasts demand and continue to expect from MasterCraft,” Fred Brightbill, MasterCraft CEO, said in a statement. “The new ProStar is thoughtfully crafted inside and out, staying true to our heritage while elevating our best-in-class three-event ski boat reputation for the professional skier, recreational skier and drivers alike.”

With so many boats focused on surfing, the ProStar is a bit of a throwback, designed to produce minimal wakes for competition skiing.

After spending time on the business end of a towrope, MasterCraft corporate athlete Freddy Krueger said, “The new ProStar is remarkably minimalistic while maintaining the high-quality fit, finish and performance people expect from MasterCraft, its proprietary hull rails, four fins, motorbox design, 10” screen with new three-event software and more, have made it truly unlike any other ski boat on the market. We are excited to see how it will propel the sport of waterskiing in the future.”