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Mercury Partners with Chinese Company for Electric Motors

Mercury Partners with Jing Jin

Jing-Jin Electric makes electric motors for automobiles and other applications.

Mercury Marine announced yesterday that it has entered into an agreement with Shanghai, China-based Jing-Jin Electric (JJE) to develop higher-powered electric propulsion systems beyond the five Avator models that the company has already scheduled for launch this year.

Mercury Partners with Chinese Electric Motor Company

Courtesy of International Boating Industry

Jing-Jin Electric Technologies Co., Ltd. manufactures electric motor systems. The Company develops, produces, and provides automobile electric motors and electric drive components for hybrid, plug-in hybrid, battery electric vehicles, and electrically driven automobiles. Jing-Jin Electric Technologies markets its products primarily throughout China with limited overseas.

JJE currently works with a number of auto industry giants including Stellantis and Allison Transmission, leveraging the company’s expertise in electric motor and inverter development.

Mercury Marine’s agreement with JJE is intended to help the company develop electric propulsion systems in higher power applications. With operations in China and Michigan, JJE is known as an electrified propulsion leader and global supplier of components, assemblies and systems for automotive applications.

Mercury Plans to Be Lead in Marine Electrification

Mercury says the new partnership will enhance its goal of leading the marine industry in both internal combustion propulsion and electrification while broadening JJE’s goal to diversify its electric powertrain supplier business across multiple verticals.

“We are excited to engage with JJE as we co-develop and produce the next evolution of high voltage propulsion systems for marine and broaden our ACES strategy globally,” said Mercury Marine vice president of e-Solutions, Perissa Bailey. “JJE has a rich history of working with established companies within the automotive industry globally, and we are looking forward to this new partnership. 

“We are very excited to collaborate with the global leader of the marine industry to jointly advance the electrification of marine propulsion,” said JJE North America general manager, Scott Taylor. “This long-term partnership will establish both companies’ leading position in this new electric drive space. It is by combining our capabilities in motor systems, marine propulsion, and customer experience that we can set the standard for the industry.”