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Motoryacht Co-Ownership Program in Europe

Esteban Ocon, a Meros Yachtsharing member and brand ambassador, will join the presentation of the third superyacht in the exclusive co-ownership programme.

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Esteban Ocon, F1 driver and Meros Yachtsharing member

Founded by a German entrepreneur, featuring British yachts and fronted by a French brand ambassador, Meros Yachtsharing is staging the premiere of its new Sunseeker Meros Signature 95 superyacht at the 55th edition of Boot Dusseldorf.

Alpine driver Esteban Ocon – a Meros member and brand ambassador – will present the latest addition to the company’s co-ownership programme, with the new yacht’s official debut held on the second day of the world’s biggest indoor boat show.

The highly customised 28m yacht is the third member of the Meros fleet, along with another Sunseeker 95 Yacht presented in Boot last year and a Sunseeker 86 Yacht. All are managed by seasoned crews that include a captain, deckhand, stewardess and a personal chef, each crew.

News Release, Sunseeker Yachts, F1, Esteban Ocon, Yachtsharing Member

Founded in 2019 by an experienced yacht owner inspired by the growth of the sharing economy, Meros Yachtsharing is the exclusive contractual partner and sole provider of a co-ownership model for Sunseeker superyachts in Europe.

The company’s aim is to offer the market an alternative to sole yacht ownership by providing financially attractive terms and guaranteeing a premium experience. Operated from branches in Germany, Spain, Malta and soon the UK, the co-owner programme provides access to the Meros fleet with access to over 10 yachting hotspots in Europe.

Georg Oehme, Managing Director of Meros Yachtsharing, said: “Our sustainable co-ownership model presents a unique opportunity to enter a growing market. In our yacht-sharing models, the costs are shared in parallel to your usage. It’s a modern, sustainable approach for the sector where we focus on the client’s entire experience.”

News Release, Sunseeker Yachts, F1, Esteban Ocon, Yachtsharing Member

Meros is collaborating with Sunseeker London Group, the British builder’s European sales organisation, and industry experts to take care of yacht and crew operations, route planning and administration, so offering far more than asset management.

Meros offers both Flexshare and Quarter co-ownership models. Flexshare involves use of any of the Flexshare fleet by several co-owners and is the home of the Meros concierge, which offers members and co-owners exclusive invites and access to some of the world’s most desirable events such as the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix.

As shown in 2023, one of Meros’ yachts is berthed trackside in Monaco and all owners are invited to enjoy a weekend hosted by the platform. In addition to this, Meros members and co-owners receive exclusive benefits from like-minded partners including NetJets and Thirdhome.

News Release, Sunseeker Yachts, F1, Esteban Ocon, Yachtsharing Member

Meros also offers a classic co-ownership structure through the Quarter share model, with a 25 per cent stake of one boat, currently available only on the Sunseeker 86 Yacht. In this ownership, co-owners have direct ownership of a privately registered vessel, with Meros supporting and managing the vessel, all communication and crew.

After the success of Meros Flexshare in the Western Mediterranean last year, the programme is expanding into the Eastern Mediterranean and the UAE, allowing clients the opportunity to enjoy yachts in diverse regions and expanding their cruising season. Benefits of the arrangement include eliminating transfer costs and a quicker, easier way of exploring a variety of countries and cultures.

Meros Yachtsharing is also committed to environmental consciousness with an increasing capacity to use HVO-100 fuel across all new yachts. The initiative is supported by Repsol for distribution and MTU (Rolls-Royce) for research and development.