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Nautical Ventures is the U.S. Epicenter of Electric Boats & Motors

Electric Boat

Location of Nautical Ventures at the Convention Center.

The hard part is finding the Nautical Ventures exhibit of electric boats and motors. Above is a map of the convention center showing the location of the Nautical Ventures electronic exposition.

The Nautical Ventures exhibit of electric boat, motors, and Ford automobiles and trucks is in the Lincoln Ballroom of the Miami Convention Center. Be sure to find it to get a taste of the boating adventures to come.  

Listed are some of the exhibits that will be there…


Electric Boat

 The X Shore 8000.

The X Shore 8000 is one of the most widely sold electric boats in the world. Developed in Sweden, the brand now has world-wide distribution. BoatTEST has run extensive sea trials on the boat and will be releasing its results and video in the next couple of weeks. Find out more...

Electric Boat

X Shore 1

The newest boat from X Shore is its 22’ (6.70 m) X-1, a cuddy cabin runabout which is ideal for wake surfing because it is an inboard drive, with the prop safely concealed under the boat’s bottom. Like its predecessor, it features high freeboard and a deep cockpit. See it at the Nautical Venture's exhibit at the Miami Boat Show. More...

Electric Boat

The Ingenity 23E.

Ingenity, a division of Correct Craft, is a 24’ fiberglass platform that is part catamaran, part pontoon boat, and part skiff. Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of the boat is that the helm, seating and other features of the boat can be interchanged easily by affixing new modules to the deck. That feature combined with its inboard motor makes it one of the most revolutionary boats on the electric boat market.

electric boats

Axopar 22 and Vision Marine 180-hp outboard engine.

The Axopar 25, 28, and 37 have taken the boating public by storm. Now the Axopar 22 offers a Vision Marine 180-hp outboard engine making it one of the few electric outboard sportboat models on the market. She is said to be available this summer.

Electric Boat

Correct Craft’s Ski Nautique.

Correct Craft’s Ski Nautique was the first wake boat that was all-electric. Typically, its mission will be to travel at 12 knots, towing wake surfers and wake boarders. Because 12 mph takes a limited draw of power, it gives the boat a range of 100 miles, according to the builder. Its battery pack is on the order of what is found in a Tesla, for example. Nautical Ventures is an authorized dealer for the Ski Nautique brand.

Electric Boat

Aqua superPower.

Aqua superPower enables marinas and other waterside locations to benefit from the shift to electric boating without any upfront cost. By installing their fully connected marine fast chargers, marinas can establish a destination for all electric boat users, generating increased foot traffic and a long-term revenue stream.

electric boats

The Temo electric outboard stick.

The French-made Temo electric outboard stick is a very low-cost outboard motor that can be used to power small dinghies. It is lightweight and can be easily stowed aboard or in an automobile.  It is a self-contained unit with battery, BMS, electric motor and prop all in this one handy stick.

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The Mustang Mach 1.

Ford Motor Company will feature its Mustang Mach 1 on display at the Nautical Venture's exhibit at the Miami Boat Show. While it may not be able to haul most boats, the Ford F150 Lightning seen below will be more than adequate to pull most electric boats on trailers.

Electric Boats

The Ford F150 Lightning.

Ford F150 Lightning, an all-electric pick-up truck is ideal for hauling lightweight electric boats. On the road, both truck and boat can be powered up at super charging stations. Typically, it will take 1.5 hours or less for a full charge, depending on how much the batteries have been discharged.

Nautical Ventures is the exclusive Florida dealer for most of the electrical products it handles – including its large selection of water toys, which will also be on display across the street from the Miami Convention Center. 

For more information, contact the folks at Nautical Ventures.