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New Axopar 29 and Brabus 1200 Shadow Introduced

Axopar Brabus Shadow 1200

Axopar Brabus Shadow 1200

Visitors at this year's Dusseldorf boat show saw the world premiere of the reworked Axopar 29, as well as the upscale Brabus Shadow 1200 and Brabus Shadow 1000, also based on Axopar hulls. 

Axopar 29 XC Cross Cabin

The New Axopar 29 XC Cross Cabin

The Axopar 29 will be available in three versions: Cross Cabin, Sun Top and Spyder, each powered by Mercury Verado outboards to a total of 400 hp. Both single and twin outboards are available, the latter best for dependability, the former for top speed.  

Axopar 29 sunbathing cushion over the aft trunk cabin

The Axopar 29 is an evolution of the 28 Cabin that proved to be so popular since its inception 5 years ago. The sunbathing cushion over the aft trunk cabin turns this space into a useful venue.

Axopar 29 can accommodate overnights

Accessed from the cabin, the Axopar 29 can now accommodate overnights, thus greatly expanding the boat’s utility.

According to the company "Everything onboard, all you can see, touch and feel, has been improved and enhanced to our customers’ wishes. It has all been done with a sense of purpose, and for specific reasons, in terms of improved functionality, usability, comfort and higher quality with a new visual presence, still without forgetting our origins and paying homage to the predecessor, the Axopar 28.  The Axopar 29 range, therefore, is even more multifunctional, maintaining its exceptional value for money, made to push and redefine the adventure boat genre, even when the sub-30-foot category itself has developed enormously with new brands entering the market in the last years.”

Brabus 1200 Shadow

Axopar Brabus Shadow 1200 all-black treatment of the trunk cabin

Here we see the Brabus treatment of the trunk cabin in an all-black version of the 1200 Shadow.

The Brabus 1200 is a 45' (13m) high-speed tender or commuter with power to 1200-hp, delivering speeds of 55 knots or 63.3 mph.

At 45 feet, the BRABUS Shadow 1200 XC Cross-Cabin Black Ops Signature Edition is the biggest BRABUS Shadow ever built and the single boldest BRABUS statement out there on the seas. Combining power and performance with Brabus-class luxurious ambience and innovative comfort, this Grand Tourer will fulfill the dreams of boaters looking to make a statement to all that see them. 

Axopar Brabus Shadow 1200 cabin is large and can comfortably seat a large family

The cabin of the Brabus 1200 Shadow is large and can comfortably seat a large family or several couples. She is ideal for inter-island crossing both north and in the tropics.

Premiering as a fully enclosable cabin model and – for the first time in BRABUS Marine history – equipped with triple V10 powered engines producing a power output of 1,200 horsepower, the all-new Shadow is a true powerhouse and high performer, effortlessly eating up miles while offering all-weather protection and innovative social spaces for never-ending adventures at sea.

Axopar will celebrate its 10th anniversary year at the show.