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New Brabus Shadow 900 Stealth - Green Signature Edition

Brabus 900

The ”Wet Bar” model of the BRABUS 900 Shadow.

With a PR agent’s gift for understatement we’re told: “With its charismatic looks and high-class functionality, it’s a perfect fit for those who are ready to push the boundaries – BRABUS style make’s an undeniable statement of design and individuality.”  We agree; there is nothing on the market quite like it.

At first glance, the boat impresses with an BRABUS design scheme, combining a distinctive paint job in BRABUS “Stealth Green” with matching Signature Style graphics.

It has a wide range of high-grade carbon elements, contrasting matte black detail work, and the BRABUS “Sunrise” upholstery color. This combination of colors guarantees owners will stand out from a crowd, anywhere. 

Brabus 900

The BARBUD 900 Shadow aft cabin model.

high-quality, quilted upholstery material and branded detailing is found all around the boat. This eye-catching detail is one of the areas where BRABUS excels across all its product lines. 

Built for blistering acceleration, the Stealth Green Signature Edition is powered by twin Mercury Marine 450R 4.6-liter V8 Four Stroke racing engines, producing a combined output of 900 hp.

This means the day boat can reach 60+ knots, according to the builder.  A. key element borrowed the BRABUS portfolio of masterpiece supercars is the helm. Everything on the boat’s clean dashboard is within reach, and its centerpiece is the multifunctional steering wheel. 


BRABUS Marine’s upholstery work is among the best in class.

The dashboard features a full HD Simrad dual touch ‘Glass Helm Information Display' for maximum on-screen detail.

An updated BRABUS User-Interface, including a digital version of the Panerai timepiece, G-shock monitoring, navigation controls, engine management, on board entertainment, and driving-assist features allows Shadow 900 drivers to take total control of their on-water experiences, according to the builder. 


Cabin Interior Design.

G-Shock Sensor

The 900 Shadow has a G-Shock sensor, and what it calls a 1st Mate Marine Safety & Security System. The G-Shock sensor lets the operator know the degree of punishment being delivered to passengers in rough weather when going fast and will be a good warning signal for the intrepid among us to slow down.  We like this feature.

Brabus 900

A beautiful view from inside the cabin.

The 1st Mate System, delivers important safety alerts, and offers features like man overboard monitoring, distress messaging, and a theft deterrent. 

BRABUS Marine’s upholstery work is among the best in class.

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