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New Dual Input IPS Drive Coming in 2025


Inboard Performance System

Groundbreaking innovation for a new class of marine vessels.

Volvo Penta has unveiled an all-new Inboard Performance System (IPS) professional platform with the aim to lead the marine industry with premium and sustainable solutions. Targeted for 2025, this groundbreaking innovation will offer improved performance and a sustainability option for a new class of marine vessels.

Building on the efficiency of the Volvo IPS platform, the new platform promises a powerful and flexible solution for professional vessels and superyachts from 25 to 55-plus meters (55' to 180') with top speed from 12-40 knots, according to the company. 

“Our passion, experience and history of proven results with IPS are an integral part of our ongoing technology development – with the aim to reach new heights with this new professional platform,” says Johan Inden, president of Volvo Penta's marine business. “A new star is emerging in our range, where we are looking forward to delivering our trademark helm-to-propeller experience to a whole new class of vessels. It is designed to improve on our own high standards - with world class performance, efficiency, flexibility – and a people first approach in mind.”

Inboard Performance System

Designed with world class performance, efficiency, and flexibility.

The professional platform is the largest and most powerful platform in the Volvo IPS range, including a new, larger marine drive, Volvo Penta IPS 40. The new drive is designed with a pioneering dual power input concept, which manages the power to the water in the most efficient way, but also acts an important enabler to utilize different combinations of energy sources. 

Series production will begin in 2025 and the new IPS 40 drive can be powered by two D13 engines, paired with a compact after treatment system to comply with the latest IMO Tier III standards. However, the platform is already prepared for a mix of power sources; from combustion engines running on renewable fuels to fully electric or hybrid solutions. The dual power input design offers flexibility and modularity on the journey towards increased sustainability. The new IPS professional platform can installed as twin, triple or quad, meaning each vessel will have from 4 to 8 power sources. 

Inboard Performance System

The dual power input design offers flexibility and modularity.

The new Volvo Penta IPS professional platform is type approved and designed for heavy-duty commercial applications. It is expected to deliver up to 30 percent savings in fuel consumption and emissions compared to a traditional inboard shaft installation.  Through a new efficiency-driven feature, the system can automatically start and stop individual engines based on power needed for each given situation, optimizing fuel consumption and engine running hours, leading to extended service and maintenance intervals.

Inboard Performance System

Optimizes fuel consumption and engine run time.

Volvo Penta is carrying out in-house development to ensure thorough in-water testing using its own passenger high-speed ferry test boat, strategically located near its marine test facility in Gothenburg, Sweden. Rigorous testing is in progress to ensure the durability and performance of the propulsion package, with field tests in an offshore-energy crew transfer vessel serving as the subsequent phase leading up to the anticipated 2025 delivery.

“The new Volvo Penta IPS is a powerful platform that will provide the ultimate helm-to-propeller experience. It builds on a rich tradition of forward-thinking Volvo Penta design that puts people at the heart,” Johan says. “We are eager to expand this platform to a whole new class of professional marine segments, while at the same time, enabling the move toward increased sustainability at sea. It is an exciting time for the marine industry, and we believe our new IPS professional platform will be the next game-changer.”