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The new Sirena 78 continues the builder’s exterior styling direction, but we were pleasantly surprised by the forward section of her main deck. There, the galley and dinning table take precedent, in a layout that is much like a modern condo, complete with desk for a laptop. Watch the videos and see what we mean.


We are told that the Sirena yard, which is in Turkey, not far from Istanbul, can only build about 38 yachts a year, and that’s the way the owners like it. They are not trying to pump up their stock price with lots of production, or to get rich in the process. They’re already rich. Because virtually everything is built in house, except for manufactured equipment, the company makes they can offer very competitive pricing.


The hull itself has been designed by German Frers, a world-famous naval architect who learned his craft from his father and at Sparkman & Stephens, in its heyday. We have spoken to delivery crews bringing Sirena yachts from Turkey to Cannes, and they report that she is comfortable even in the confused and, and often, short, high waves of the Med.


Two 78’s will be coming to the U.S. in 2023.