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New Volvo Penta D16 MH

The new version of the D16 has increased horsepower and reduced emissions.


Volvo Penta recently introduced a new version of its in-line 6 cylinder, 16.1 liter D16 diesel engine. The D16 was first introduced in 2004, and the latest version has been updated with twin turbochargers with wastegates to increase output from 600 metric horsepower to 850 for continuous duty and heavy-duty applications.

Repower Potential

This is good news for boaters who would like to own a large used convertible or motoryacht but have resisted the urge because it is powered by old 2-stroke Detroit Diesel engines that were first made in 1938 and used in everything from trucks to military tanks. 

Hundreds of large fiberglass boats were built in the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s with these engines because there was little else on the market. By repowering an old hull that’s in good shape with the new D16 diesels, a savvy boater can have a big boat for a fraction of what a new boat would cost.

The new D16 would be a lighter, more efficient engine for many convertibles.


Modern Features

Other noteworthy upgrades on the D16 include separate exhaust manifolds that permit pulse charging. This results in higher torque at low rpm. When calibrated for the application, an electronically controlled unit injector provides lower fuel consumption and reduced noise levels. Volvo Penta uses steel pistons for durability and optimizes them with the injector to further enhance efficient combustion.

Because lower emissions and increased power require efficient cooling, the base engine is freshwater-cooled including the exhaust manifold, turbocharger, oil cooler and air-charge cooler. The new heat exchanger has higher capacity to ensure the cooling performance needed to manager the power output. Upgrades are available for Volvo Penta’s on board electronics including EVC, MCC and Open CAN for AUX.


The D16 MH has been proven in commercial applications.

The D16 MH’s high torque at lower rpm should improve a big boat’s maneuverability and acceleration. The broader torque curve should also let owners select from a broader range of propellers. The engine package is available in a variety of emissions limit options including IMO II, IMO III, U.S. EPA Tier 3 and China 2.