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New Yamaha 450-HP XTO w/96 Net Amps

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Yesterday Yamaha Marine kicked off 2023 with an updated 450-hp XTO Offshore outboard. It has the same 5.6-liter big block displacement and features as the original XTO 425, plus a 3-Phase Angle Control charging system producing up to 96 net Amos in neutral and a 27” pitch prop amonf other improvements. 

Eliminates the Need for a Generator

Perhaps more important than the 25-hp increase is the new engine’s electrically power system that can eliminate the need for a generator and many applications.

Using Phase Angle Control (PAC) componentry to create a super-strong magnetic field, XTO Offshore 450 models produce up to 96 net amps per engine in neutral, according to Yamaha. These systems can power today’s popular, high-demand devices such as gyro stabilizers, air conditioning and sound systems. The system also prioritizes charging to the starting batteries, keeping them charged and ready for action at all times.

Total Tilt

Every XTO Offshore 450 comes equipped with Yamaha’s exclusive TotalTilt® feature for faster, easier engine tilting, says the company. When enabled, it allows complete tilt up from any position with a simple double-push of the “UP” trim/tilt button, or full tilt down (until trim ram contact) by the same double push of the “DOWN” trim/tilt button.

A warning horn sounds just before and during these operations. Movement and the horn can be stopped anywhere in between by pressing the tilt button again.

27’ Pitch Prop

New XTO EC® propellers are now available for applications where propeller ventilation may be an issue due to the power and torque of XTO Offshore outboards. Yamaha also adds a 27-inch pitch to its XTO OS® line of propellers for lighter weight XTO applications that have the available wide-open throttle rpm to potentially drive more top speed.

The new Yamaha XTO Offshore 450 will become available starting in the spring of 2023.