Potential World Record Lake Trout Caught

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The possible world record lake trout was caught at Blue Mesa Reservoir in Colorado. 

Scott Enloe of Gunnison, Colorado had a remarkable day on the water on Friday, May 5, when he boated a potential world-record lake trout.

Enloe was fishing at Blue Mesa Reservoir, Colorado’s largest body of water and a known hotspot for big trout. It was the first day this year that boaters could access the lake. “The boat ramp opened on Friday morning at 5:30 a.m. for the first time this year,” Enloe tells Field & Stream. “Our ice had just melted off on Wednesday. We were third in line to put in.

Enloe was fishing with his son Hunter, a guide for Sport Fish ColoradoHunter was the first one on the board that morning, catching a 31-pounder at around 6:45 a.m. “We jig fish,” explains Enloe. “We don’t ever troll. We’ve fished the lake for several years now and have learned the places to go where big fish hang out. We catch a lot of 30-plus-pound fish. We’ve broken the 40-pound mark. We were always looking to break the 50-pound mark.”

About an hour later, the father-son duo saw something strange on their sonar.  “We were fishing in about 40 feet of water. We saw two big fish on the fish finder. We can normally tell the size of them, but this mark was distinctively different,” says Enloe. “Usually, the marks are yellow and orange, but this one was purple and teal outlined in black. My son was like, ‘That must be two fish!’