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Sharrow Marine Announces The Sharrow XO™ for V8, V10, V12 Engines

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You are looking at the new Sharrow XO™ propeller designed specifically for high-horsepower outboards with large hubs. Note the size of the hub, the rake, the twist and the blade cord of this revolutionary design.

This morning Sharrow Marine announced the all-new Sharrow XO™ Series of propellers, designed to harness the power and torque of high-performance, large-hub V8, V10 & V12 outboard engines. This is the first time Sharrow has ever made props available for large hub outboards, and company CEO Greg Sharrow told us he expects even better performance than on the smaller engines. We have seen the test data on the first XO™ units, and we can say that you’re in for a surprise.

Today’s powerful, hi-tech 425+hp engines matched to large, heavy vessels are unfortunately connected to old prop technology that can’t effectively get all the power available to the water. With horsepower potential of 50% to 100% more than 300-hp engines, but with prop blade diameter of less than 10% greater, it is no wonder that higher horsepower engines have been a disappointment in a number of applications. The result is the need for 3, 4, and 5 outboards to get the speeds wanted. And the outboard makers are happy to oblige.

Hub Size Matters

The large hubs on the V8, V10 an V12 outboards reduce the actual prop blade effective diameter because there is a limit to how far the cavitation plate can be placed above the axis of the hub. For example, the prop diameter of a 300 hp engine will typically be 15.5” but that of a 425-hp engine will be just over 16”. Relative the increase in horsepower the conventional props are “stubby.”

The result is that when a boat is trying to get on plane and needs as much thrust as possible, conventional prop efficiency is at or near its worst. That power going to waste is demonstrated in the amount of prop slip, and the high revs needed to get on plane.

According to Sharrow Marine, the new Sharrow XO™ Series -- with True Advance™ Technology -- performs its best right where these big hub engines need it most: with impressive stern lift, quicker hole shots, amazing economy in the mid-range, and improved performance across the board.

10 Years in Development

Greg Sharrow, founder, and CEO of Sharrow Marine said, “With the announcement of the Sharrow XO™, we are delivering on our promise to provide a precision engineered Sharrow Propeller™ that is tailor-made for the industry’s leading large gearcase motors. The Sharrow XO™ will give our customers the speed, efficiency, and elevated experience they are looking for on the water and ultimately transform their boating experience.”

Sharrow Props, Propellers, Yamaha, Speed, Comparison Test, Wilmington Canyon

This is the first Sharrow XO™ actually tested and the results will be released by BoatTEST this Thursday.

The Sharrow Propeller™ has garnered widespread attention for its design that offers some of the largest improvements in fuel efficiency and performance that the boating industry has ever seen. Sharrow Marine, winner of the NMMA® 2020 Innovation Awards, has props available for engines manufactured by: Yamaha, Mercury, Honda, Evinrude, Suzuki, Johnson, Nissan, OXE, and COX.

Documented advantages of the Sharrow props are—

  • Faster Hole Shot
  • Significantly better MPG in the mid-range
  • Reduced vibration
  • Significant noise abatement
  • Greater range
  • Unequaled low speed grip for easier docking
  • Greater control at all speeds

Good Enough No Longer Good Enough?

“No longer will high-performance, high-horsepower boats need to settle for the “good enough” standard prop performance,” Sharrow said. “Boaters can now experience the new world class standard for propellers with the Sharrow Marine difference from 425 to 600 hp.”

Test Data on the Yamaha 425 XTO

On Thursday, March 23, BoatTEST will publish test numbers comparing the standard props vs. the Sharrow XO™ props on and Everglades 335 CC powered by twin Yamaha 425-hp XTOs. The results are surprising.

Sharrow Props, Propellers, Yamaha, Speed, Comparison Test, Wilmington Canyon

These are the props that were tested last week and compared with standard props in performance trials in Florida.

Availability on the New XO™ Props

Sharrow Marine started accepting orders for props for the XTO 425-hp outboard a year ago, according to the company, and will fill all those orders in the next 90 days. New orders booked now with deposits will be filled within 100-120, says the company.

Sharrow XO™ reservations for the Mercury V10/12 large gearcase motors are available now for Q1 2024 delivery

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