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Sharrow Marine Gets a New Investor

Sharrow Marine New Investor

This morning, Sharrow Engineering LLC, a company that has developed groundbreaking propeller technology with more than 70 Patents worldwide, announced an investment from Dolby Family Ventures, a technology venture firm dedicated to funding innovation. This new commitment advances Sharrow Engineering’s efforts to rapidly deliver a more efficient propeller technology to boat motors and, ultimately, other propeller-driven systems.

Dolby Family Ventures believes the Sharrow technology could transform an industry. “Sharrow Marine ushers in a new era of environmentally-conscious boating with a design platform that results in higher performance and efficiency with lower fuel consumption. The Sharrow propeller offers safety, stability, improved planing and displacement performance while reducing vibration, cavitation and noise. The entire marine industry will benefit from these developments,” said David Dolby, CEO of Dolby Family Ventures. 

Sharrow Marine Propeller

BoatTEST broke the news on Sharrow props when it first tested them in 2019.

Sharrow Engineering launched its first subsidiary company, Sharrow Marine LLC in 2020 and won the coveted 2020 Miami International Boat Show Innovation Award. Since then, Sharrow Engineering has made significant investments in manufacturing facilities just outside of Detroit, MI, to meet the rapidly-expanding worldwide demand for the Sharrow Propeller. The company has plans to more than triple manufacturing output by early 2023. 

"We couldn’t ask for a more ideal partner than Dolby Family Ventures," said Greg Sharrow, President and CEO of Sharrow Engineering and Sharrow Marine. “The Dolby name is recognized worldwide as the visionary leader in sound enhancement and noise reduction for audio recordings, starting with music. And our propeller technology is based on a silent drone blade that I developed while working as an Executive Producer and Director in the video and music industry to capture enhanced drone shots where noise is a critical factor. Together, we will accelerate bringing the Sharrow Propeller technology to a much larger customer base through the marine industry and other propeller-driven market segments.” 

Sharrow Marine Propeller

Greg Sharrow, right, explains to BoatTEST's two captains and videographer how his prop is able to make significant improvements in prop performance.

The Sharrow Propeller™ has undergone extensive third-party testing, including independent testing by BoatTEST. Advantages cited by BoatTEST and others of the new Sharrow Propeller™ include: 

  • More command of the vessel when docking 
  • Planes at 500-1000 lower RPM 
  • Significant speed increase at mid-range RPMs
  • As much as 30% more efficient between 2500-4000 RPM 
  • Provides up to 30% greater range
  • Noticeably less vibration 
  • Up to 50% more reverse thrust
  • Quieter at planing speeds
  • Superior handling in tight turns at high speeds

About Sharrow | 

Sharrow Engineering LLC is a nautical and aeronautical engineering company dedicated to the research and development of revolutionary high-performance propulsion technologies for the maritime and aeronautical industries. Company offices are headquartered in Detroit, MI, with additional offices in Philadelphia, PA. Sharrow Engineering LLC has assembled a team of the world’s top aeronautical, nautical, aerospace and mechanical engineers to assist with the company’s core mission to reinvent the methodologies and technologies used for propulsion in the 21st century.  

More than 100 U.S. and international patent applications have been filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and foreign patent offices to protect the intellectual property rights for the Sharrow Propeller™. Already, more than 70 patents have been awarded in the U.S., Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Europe (14 countries), Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, South Korea, Russia and Taiwan — with many other patent applications pending in countries around the globe.

About Dolby Family Ventures |

Dolby Family Ventures is an early-stage venture firm focused on building great technology companies. We partner with best-in-class innovators and strong investment syndicate partners at the seed stage of a company’s development. Unlike many seed investors, we intend to continue to invest across future rounds in our successful portfolio companies.

The fund honors the legacy of Ray Dolby and his commitment to engineers and their vision to solve the world’s toughest problems. Dolby Family Ventures formalizes the Dolby family’s ongoing multi-generational commitment to supporting talented entrepreneurs. It works actively with entrepreneurs to implement best practices in operational finance, strategy, and board development processes