Sharrow Props

Sharrow Props Demoed at Miami Boat Show

Skeptics Were Turned into Believers

Sharrow Marine arranged for 5 boats to be available for a short ride from this year’s Miami International Boat Show.  There were over 100 booking slots and Sharrow reports it was booked solid for 5 days of intensive demonstrations from Feb. 14 to 19, 2024.  This is the first time Sharrow had conduced such a large demonstration with so many boats and demo-ride guests.

The 5 center console boats involved were powered by both Yamaha and Mercury engines, with one single, two twins, a triple, and a quad powering the center console boats. 

Nay-Sayers at the Demo

The event was not without its drama.  On Wednesday, the first day, props on all of the demo boats were strictly Sharrow props.

The Sharrow demos where help at the Miami Marina.

The Sharrow demos were held at the Miami Marina.

But on the first day, a veteran industry engine “expert” reportedly said to the Sharrow crew, in what was characterized as emphatic tones, that there was “no way Sharrow props could be 80% faster at 3000 RPM.”

Inventor and Sharrow CEO Greg Sharrow was in earshot, as the story goes. On the spot, he decided to change his planned demonstrations from all-Sharrows, to in situ comparisons of his props with the standard props that come with the engines on one of the models. This change, of course, more than doubled the time to give demos, but would be incontrovertible proof of the superiority of Sharrow props for any doubting Thomas.  

Indeed, this proved to be a good idea, since many of the boaters had come in the first place to see if all of the reporting had been true.  

Sharrow Prop demo at MIBS

More than one person went out for each demo ride.

Eating Crow at the Show

The comparison was completed with the skeptic aboard, and at 3000 RPM, the boat reportedly went 13 mph with the conventional props and 28 mph with the Sharrow wheels – 86.6% faster.  

CEO Sharrow said later, “I have been seeing these large improvements for so long that I had forgotten that there are people out there who still don’t believe us. I’m glad that one of our visitors spoke-up to get my attention. From now on at our demos, I will have two identical boats so we don’t have to waste time changing props.”

Two Boaters’ Observations

One of the boaters said after he got off a demo ride that years ago, people said there would be no way people would buy a Seakeeper gyro because they were so expensive.  Now, many people wouldn’t buy a boat without one.

On Sunday, the last day of the show, one of the guest riders got off one of the boats (which will stay anonymous) and said, “I don’t know how this boat can be sold without Sharrow props.”

Greg Sharrow, Inventor, Founder, and CEO of Sharrow Marine

Greg Sharrow said that his company was having a record-breaking month of sales in February.

More Demos to Come 

Sharrow Marine is contemplating having demonstrations around the country this year.  

Greg Sharrow told us in an exclusive interview, “I want there to be no doubt in people’s minds that Sharrow props are the future of boating – leaving a smaller carbon footprint, being dramatically quieter for a more enjoyable experience, and better handling in all conditions.” 

Sharrow Marine - The Future of Propulsion