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Stop The Atlantic Speed Limit –TODAY!

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The chart above shows the areas and months that the proposed 10 mph speed limit will be imposed.

The 10-knot speed restriction imposed by NOAA would cover most of the fishing and boating ports along the coast over 1,000 miles of shoreline for up to 6 months per year, effectively preventing offshore runs, and severely damaging the multi-million-dollar charter fishing industry out of dozens of ports – virtually all mom and pa operations, and many just pa. For the last century this fishery has been a way of life for both charter boat owners and big game anglers alike.

According to NMMA and the American Sportfishing Association, here are the facts on the issue:

  • 63,000 registered recreational vessels from Massachusetts to Florida would be affected by the restrictions.
  • The odds of a vessel from 35 to 65 feet striking a right whale are less than one in a million, according to a study commissioned by the American Sportfishing Association.

NOAA, Atlantic Speed limit, Action, Government, Boating Lifestyle

Fast offshore center consoles have opened whole new fisheries along the Atlantic Coast in recent years and spurred thousands of boat sales.

While the vast majority of boaters and anglers are avid conservationists, needless rules put in place without any input from the recreational maritime community will create an unnecessary and likely crushing impact on the industry, and cannot be supported.

NOAA Needs to Hear from You

NMMA, ASA and other groups supporting recreational boating and fishing say it’s imperative that the entire marine industry – boat owners, anglers, manufacturers, dealers and vendors – submit comments to NOAA through the link in our bio.

NOAA, Atlantic Speed limit, Action, Government, Boating Lifestyle

Inboard sportfishing boats and recreational yachts by the thousands operate in the proposed slow-speed zone, and few if any are deep-draft vessels likely to strike submerged whales.

The deadline for comments is TODAY: Monday, October 31, at 11:59 p.m. Act now for the future of fishing and boating on the Atlantic Coast.