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Suzuki Outboards Power World Record

suzuki world record

Photo Courtesy of Suzuki Marine

Suzuki Marine outboards in September were used to power a towboat that pulled 16 sets of trio waterskiers — 48 total people — to a Guinness World Record.

The successful attempt was made during the 2022 Big Pull event in Mosinee, Wisc.

big pull 2022

“We’re proud to be the power of choice behind this record-setting effort,” George “Gus” Blakely, executive vice president, sales and service for Suzuki Marine USA, said in a statement.

“Successfully lifting 16 trios of skiers not once but twice, is quite a feat of waterskiing expertise and teamwork. Congratulations to the boat drivers, the entire support team and all the skiers.”

The record was set when 48 skiers formed 16 trios behind a towboat designed expressly for the task. The group completed two successful lifts during the event, establishing the new Guinness World Record for the most trio waterskiers successfully towed behind a single boat.


The DF350 is Suzuki's flagship model.

Three Suzuki DF350 outboards powered the record. The engine is Suzuki’s flagship model and has a V-6 block, digital sequential fuel injection and dual contra-rotating propellers. The twin propellers are designed to provide more grip on the water, which more effectively converts the engine’s power to forward movement.

Having twice the number of blades compared to a conventional outboard delivers the bottom-end torque that’s needed for pulling waterskiers.