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VMT Electric Outboard Motors Selected by Groupe Beneteau

Vision Marine E-Motion 180E

Vision Marine Technologies (VMT) has been testing its 180-hp electric outboard on several types of boats for over the last two years. See BoatTEST's video report here...

This morning, Groupe Beneteau and Vision Marine Technologies announced plans to integrate Vision Marine’s electric outboard motors with several models across the boat builder’s portfolio of brands. The initial offering will be launched under the Four Winns brand with deliveries expected to be available in spring 2023. 

In addition to the VMT’s outboards on Four Winns boats, the technology will also be rolled out by other brands within Groupe Beneteau in North America and Europe, according to a joint press release.

“After the construction and thorough testing of a first, jointly developed prototype in early 2022, the objective is to bring to market a 100% electric boat and propulsion package,” said Erik Stromberg, Power and Motor Yacht Product Director for Groupe Beneteau. “The key to electrification is to have a full analysis of the customer use case. Many of the boats in our portfolio fit perfectly with a 100% electric solution. This solution is complementary and fully compatible with our other propulsion packages,” Stromberg said.

Vision Marine E-Motion 180E

There is more to an electric outboard motor than just the propulsion unit. Lithium-ion batteries, chargers, management systems and an abundance of software are also required.

Four Winns Will Be First

The Vision Marine E-Motion™ 180 hp powertrain system, with a battery capacity of 70kWh of continuous power, will be launched under the Four Winns brand. Deliveries are expected to be available in spring 2023. 

“We are honored to have the opportunity to power the Four Winns boat with our E-Motion™ 180E technology and look forward to a long-standing partnership with them,” said Alexandre Mongeon, co-founder and CEO of VMT.  “We continue to showcase our technology and rig the E-Motion™ powertrain on numerous third-party boats in order to formally move towards scaled production of our E-Motion™ technology for commercial usage.”

Scaled-Up Production

VMT has long been focused on scaling up production to meet the needs of major boat builders.  This is one aspect of the company that sets it apart from many of the other pioneering electric outboard makers. 

“Our high-end technology adapted from the state-of-the-art automotive market is the driver of our partnership with Groupe Beneteau,” said Mongeon.  

“We have worked hard with McLaren Engineering and its parent company Linamar Corp. to design a very secure and easy to use system. This will change the way consumers go boating,” stated Xavier Montagne, COO of Vision Marine.