Editor's Report by Eric Colby

Zeus 3S

The Zeus 3S is a mid-life update to the multifunction display that is designed for sailboats.

B&G says the Zeus 3S is an update over the previous version and has a next-generation iMX8 processor that the company says improves the speed and the smoothness of the display. Another difference is that the Zeus 3S is designed exclusively for sailboats. A sailor can navigate, plot routes, add waypoints and view key sailing or racing data.

Key Processor Benefits

With the new processor, the user will experience faster page changes and loading times have been cut in half. Movements on the screen like chart rotation and panning are also smoother, according to B&G and the company says Zeus 3S can run charts, radar, ForwardScan and autopilot controls simultaneously without slowing down.

Zeus 3S

Zeus 3S is designed to improve the onboard experience for serious sailing enthusiasts.


Available in 9” (22.86 cm), 12” (30.48 cm) and 16” (40.64 cm) screens, the Zeus 3S includes C-Map US enhanced preloaded maps with coastal and inland coverage. Like most modern displays, it has touchscreen capability, but B&G still provides a full keypad for more precise control in all sea conditions. It connects with B&G’s premium network modules and integrates with other B&G premium instrument systems including direct audio and pilot control.

Zeus 3S

The Zeus 3S is loaded with features for sailors including SailSteer shown here.

For cruising or racing, B&G arms the MFD with SailSteer, RacePanel, StartLine, Laylines, Sailing Time, Advanced windplot and Weather routing integrate with PredictWind technology.

See from Any Angle

For flush installations, the Zeus 3S has low-profile glass styling. Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity means it can receive software update notifications and downloads when connected to the internet. When it’s connected to a mobile device, the screen can be mirrored on a mobile device. A high-sensitivity 10 Hz GPS antenna is built-in and the unit has dual micro SD card slots.

The SolarMAX HD IPS Display has extra-wide viewing angles so the screen can be seen from almost any angle and high resolution provides maximum on-screen details. Bright LED backlighting and anti-reflective coating mean the screen can be seen in bright sunlight. Additionally, the Zeus 3S is designed to operate in high temperatures. The screen is optically bonded to prevent fogging and an oleophobic coating makes it easy to remove fingerprints.

Zeus 3S

B&G’s SolarMAX HD IPS Display is designed to be viewable from any angle on a boat.

A built-in echo-sounder includes collision avoidance among its functions and ForwardScan and side-scan imaging are available with compatible transducers. It can also be networked with H5000, autopilot, Flir IP cameras, NMEA 2000 and 0183 plus the latest Halo and Broadband radars.

For owners who already have the Zeus 3, upgrading to the S model is easy. All product dimensions and connectors are identical as are the screw-hole locations and bracketry.