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Blazer Bay 1900 (2019-)

w/ 1 x 115-hp Evinrude E-TEC G2 115 H.O.

Brief Summary

With the Blazer Bay 1900, it is apparent that the designers are experienced anglers. Blazer Bay engineered two baitwells, one in the forward console bench and one in the aft casting platform. The Blazer Bay 1900 has proved to have a comfortable, dry ride. Combined with the 115-horsepower Evinrude E-TEC G2 HO the Blazer Bay 1900 demonstrated plenty of power for getting everyone to the bite quickly.

Key Features

  • Quality build, 100% composite construction, high density foam transom, foam filled fiberglass stringer system, and fiberglass inner liner deck
  • 100% composite construction
  • High density foam transom
  • Foam-filled fiberglass stringer system
  • Fiberglass inner liner deck
  • Dual live baitwells, forward in the front console bench seat and aft in the casting platform
  • Forward port and starboard storage boxes
  • Anchor locker
  • Rear flip up jump seats (2)
  • Helm seat with flip-flop backrest with 72-quart cooler
  • Center console with destroyer-style steering wheel, tinted windshield, aluminum grab rail, glove box, 8 rod holders and 2 cup holders
  • 36-Gallon fuel tank
  • Deutsche connectors on all electrical connections
  • 4 stainless-steel 6″ cleats

Test Results

650 3 2.6 0.2 14.8 12.8 478 415.6 62
1000 4.5 3.9 0.4 11.1 9.7 360 313.4 70
1500 6.3 5.4 0.8 7.8 6.8 253 220.1 74
2000 7.4 6.4 1.9 3.9 3.4 125 109 76
2500 9.9 8.6 3.2 3.1 2.7 102 88.5 80
3000 18.5 16.1 4 4.6 4 150 130.3 79
3500 27.5 23.9 4.8 5.8 5 188 163.1 84
4000 32.3 28 6.4 5.1 4.4 165 143.1 86
4500 36.7 31.9 7.3 5.1 4.4 164 142.6 90
5000 40.7 35.3 8.3 4.9 4.3 159 138 89
5230 42.6 37 9 4.7 4.1 153 133.2 97


Length Overall 18' 8''
5.69 m
Beam 7' 8''
2.34 m
Dry Weight 1,400 lbs.
635 kg
Tested Weight 2,427 lbs.
1,101 kg
Draft 10''
.25 m
Deadrise/Transom 17-deg.
Fuel Capacity 36 gal.
136 L
Total Weight 2,427 lbs.
1,101 kg

Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 3.5 sec.
0 to 30 6.3 sec.
Ratio 2.08:1
Props 14.5X19 RX3
Load 2 persons, 8/9 fuel, no water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 74 deg., 37 humid; wind: 6-14 mph; seas: 1

Engine Options

Tested Engine 1 x 115-hp Evinrude E-TEC G2 115 H.O.
Std. Power 1 x 90-hp Mercury
Opt. Power 1 x 115-hp Mercury

Captain's Report

Captain's Report by Capt. Mark Kellum

Blazer bay 1900

The Blazer Bay 1900 is a pure-bred bay boat designed to fish inshore. The test boat, shown, was powered by a single 115-horsepower Evinrude E-TEC G2 HO outboard.


The propulsion comes from the Evinrude 115 E-TEC G2 HO which is mounted on the transom cutout.


The Blazer Bay 1900 is designed to be a fishing platform for stalking inshore and near-shore aquatic quarry. Every feature is devoted to angling or safety. The two baitwells, one forward and one aft, gives quick bait access for anglers at both ends of the boat. The helm seat has a cooler below and a flip-flop backrest for both operating and viewing the action at the bite. The grab rail that wraps the windshield gives passengers a place to hold on to while spotting signs of prey. Coupling the mission designed hull with an Evinrude 115 E-TEC G2 H.O. makes getting to the fishing grounds quickly which is especially important when tournament fishing.


The Blazer Bay 1900 has a straightforward layout with plenty of room to move about.

Major Features

  • Forward Casting Platform. The relatively large forward casting platform is an assist with sight fishing.
  • Storage. There are three storage access hatches in the forward casting platform for securing gear.
  • Aft Casting Platform. The aft platform is smaller but still has room for two anglers.
  • Jump Seats. The aft casting platform has port and starboard flip-up jump seats.
  • Aft Live Baitwell. Between the jump seats there is a live baitwell.
  • Doublewide Helm Seat. The helm seat contains a 72-quart Coleman cooler and offers a flip-flop backrest.
  • Rod Holders. There are eight stainless-steel rod-holders built into the port and starboard sides of the center console.
  • Forward Live Baitwell. Built into the center console forward facing bench seat is a second live baitwell.
  • Anchor Locker. There is a dedicated anchor locker under the foredeck.
  • Center console. There is a destroyer-style steering wheel, tinted windshield, aluminum grab rail, glove box, 8 rod holders and 2 cup holders


Port side cruising

Combining the performance hull-shape with the best in class fuel consumption the Blazer Bay 1900 with the 115-horsepower Evinrude E-TEC G2 HO outboard showed a respectable top-end performance.

When compared to other bay boats in the Blazer Bay 1900’s class that we have tested this model has better than average performance with a top-end of 42.6 MPH at 5230 RPM. When it comes to fuel consumption at best cruise, she was the same or better than other outboard bay boats.


Evinrude 115 E-TEC G2

With the 115-horsepower Evinrude E-TEC G2 HO outboard, the Blazer Bay got to plane quickly and smoothly.

Performance is not simply the function of the boats design. The potential of a boat’s proficiency is also the product of power. The Blazer Bay 1900 test boat was powered with a single Evinrude 115 E-TEC G2 HO 2-stroke outboard.

Since 2-stroke engines produce twice as many power strokes as a 4-stroke engine does, there is twice the power output per revolution. Meaning The Evinrude E-TEC G2 115 HP is able to accelerate faster and give quick, low-end torque from a 400 lb. (180 kg) package. The direct-injected 2-stroke engine gives a greater power-to-weight ratio than a 4-stroke engine and there are fewer parts to maintain since there are no valves, cams, or timing chains that are required on typical 4-stroke outboards.

The Evinrude E-TEC G2 technology places the fuel injector (yellow arrow) strategically near the spark plug (red arrow).

Evinrude E-TEC G2 Advanced Technology. The Four Winns Horizon 290 Blazer Bay 1900 is available with the remarkable fuel economy of the Evinrude E-TEC G2. There are several reasons why they are so economical while providing exceptional thrust across the power band. The reasons mostly have to do with the E-TEC G2 technology. Among these attributes are the efficient combustion chamber design, a state-of-the-art direct injection system, placement of the injectors near the spark plugs, low friction design, and many other elements, all of which make the Evinrude G2 engines some of the most fuel-efficient outboard engines whether compared to other 2-stroke or 4-stroke outboards on the market.


This diagram depicts the dynamics of a 2-stroke engine with a power stroke on every turn of the crank.

4 Stroke Engine

A 4-stroke engine has a power stroke on every other turn of the crank.

2-Stroke Technology. The Evinrude E-TEC G2 2-stroke technology allows for a power stroke on every turn of the crankshaft, while 4-stroke engines have only one power stroke out of four strokes and two turns of the crankshaft. Since every other stroke is a power stroke, roughly twice as much power is applied to the prop shaft than with 4-stroke engines with the same horsepower in the low and mid RPM ranges.

Engine well

The Evinrude E-TEC G2 design provides remarkably clean rigging. With simply a single rigging hose and two bolts. A single hose and two bolts comprise, the rigging for the Evinrude E-TEC G2 engines.

In addition, the E-TEC G2 technology allows for exceptionally clean rigging. With the steering integrated into the mid-section just below the powerhead. There are no hydraulic cylinders, rams, or hydraulic hoses to clutter up the transom.


The sharp bow entry which tapers to a 17-degree deadrise at the transom, running strakes, and hard chines gives the Blazer Bay 1900 a smooth, dry ride.

The Blazer Bay 1900 has a length overall of 18’8” (5.69 m) and a beam of 7’8” (2.33 m). With an empty weight of 1,400 lbs. (635 kg), 89% of overall fuel capacity aboard, two people, and 50 lbs. of test gear, there was an estimated test weight of 2,427 lbs. (1,101 kg).

Top Speed. With the single 115-horsepower Evinrude E-TEC G2 outboard the test boat reached a top speed of 42.6 mph at 5230 rpm.

Best Cruise. The best cruise came in at 3500 rpm running at 27.5 mph (44.3 KPH). At that speed, the 4.8 gph (18.0 lph) fuel burn translated into 5.8 mpg (2.46 kph) and a range of 188 statute miles (302 km). This was calculated while holding back a 10-percent reserve of the Blazer Bay 1900’s 36-gallon (136 L) total fuel capacity.

At 4000 rpm, we recorded a 32.3 mph (51.9 kph) and only paid a fuel penalty of 12-percent of a mile per gallon, and this is probably where most people will run the Blazer Bay 1900 when conditions permit.

Acceleration Times and Test Conditions

Time-to-Plane:    3.5 sec.

0 to 20:               4.1 sec.

0 to 30                6.3 sec.

Propeller:           14.5 X 19 RX3

Load:                  2-persons, 89% fuel capacity, no water and 50 lbs. of test gear

Conditions:         74-degrees, moderate winds (6-14 MPH), saltwater with light chop



The performance test on the Blazer Bay 1900 was conducted in relatively calm conditions on a saltwater bay.

Once the trim was dialed in, the Blazer Bay 1900 proved to be a solid performer. With the sharp bow entry that tapered to a 17-degree deadrise at the transom, hard chines, and running strakes she should be a top-performer in most conditions.


Oil Tank

The Evinrude 115 E-TEC G2 outboard has an internal oil tank which is easily accessed by removing the top access panel of the cowling.

After servicing, the top of the cowling is easy to put back in place.

Cowling panel

The cowling panels on the Evinrude 115 E-TEC G2 H.O. can be switched out. Owners are able to customize their outboard.

Tilted up

The E-TEC G2 115 H.O. can tilt completely out of the water to help prolong engine life.

A unique quality of the Evinrude E-TEC outboards are interchangeable cowling panels allowing manufacturers and owners to match the boat models color scheme.

Steering lock pin

Shown is the steering lock pin (yellow arrow) engaged.

Evinrude provides a steering locking pin to keep the engine from rolling onto its side when trailering. For obvious safety reasons, it must be disengaged before the engine will start.

Aft Cockpit

The aft cockpit is efficiently laid out with a casting platform that has two jump seats and a live baitwell built in.

Aft casting platform

The aft casting-platform provides a better vantage for sight fishing.

The aft casting-platform measures 27” (68.58 cm) X 79” (200.66 cm). There is 17” (13.18 cm) of freeboard aft. The aft cockpit depth is 16” (40.64 cm) deep from the gunwale to the deck.

Aft live well

The platform converts to port and starboard jump seats with a live baitwell in the middle.

Battery compartment

Under the starboard jump seat is the battery compartment.

Port side jump seat storage

Under the port jump seat is storage space.

The transom freeboard is 8” (20.32 cm) at the splashwell cutout. The splashwell is 4” (10.16 cm) deep.

Bilge pump

Access to the bilge pump and live baitwell pump is from a panel in the splashwell.

Fuel fill port

The fuel fill port is located just inside the transom on the port side and is designed to drain fuel spills into the splashwell. recommends placing absorbent fuel spill material in the splashwell when filling up to help avoid having any spilled fuel from entering the water through the splash-well scuppers.


There are port and starboard scuppers located just forward of the port and starboard jump seats.


Blazer Bay provides four 6” (.15 m) fixed stainless-steel cleats.


There is 17” (13.18 cm) of freeboard aft. The aft cockpit depth is 16” (40.64 cm) deep from the gunwale to the deck. There is a 20” (50.8 cm) open walkthrough between the gunwale and helm seat which narrows to 18” (45.72 cm) at the console.


The helm is simplistic with a glove box and a fixed mount stainless-steel wheel. The engine control binnacle is within easy reach with the toggle system switches to starboard.

Double wide helm

The double-wide helm seat is mounted over a 72-quart Coleman cooler and features a flip-flop backrest to allow for rear-facing seating for watching the action.


The helm seat is double-wide and has a 72-quart Coleman cooler below. It has a flip-flop backrest to allow for rear-facing seating for watching the action.

Steering wheel

There is a substantial glovebox in the upper right portion of the helm console.

The stainless steel steering wheel is fixed mounted on the helm console. The start-stop switch is in a possible knee strike zone.


The Evinrude outboard control binnacle is well positioned for the operator.

Helm console

System control toggle switches are located to the right of the engine control binnacle.

Safety rail. There is a stainless-steel grab rail that surrounds the acrylic windshield.

Helm storage

A door provides access to the helm storage, control systems and electrical connections.

Rod holders

On both the port and starboard sides of the helm console are four stainless steel rod-holders. Note the horn sounder and courtesy light.

Forward helm seat

Built into the forward helm console is a bench seat. Grab rails on both sides of the bench would provide addition safety.

Forward helm baitwell

(Blazer bay 31)Built into the forward-facing bench seat is a second live baitwell.

Baitwells. Two live baitwells may seem excessive for a boat of this size. However, when in the bite it saves time and cuts down on congestion with anglers moving about to re-bait.

Forward Cockpit

The forward cockpit offers a forward casting platform which has a 16” (40.64 cm) step-up. It is 66” (167.64 cm) wide at the aft most end and narrows to 39” (99.06 cm) forward. Fore to aft it is 38” (96.52 cm) deep. The toe-rail on the casting platform is 2.5” (6.35 cm) high. The caprail is 4.5” (11.43 cm) wide.

Forward cockpit

The forward cockpit offers plenty of room to move around when fighting fish and the casting platform provides a better vantage when sight fishing.

Forward freeboard. The freeboard in the forward cockpit measures 21” (53.34 cm) from the waterline to the top of the gunwale.

Forward storage

Storage is located under the three hatches in the forward casting platform.


The foredeck is clean and uncluttered with an access hatch to the ground tackle locker.


Blazer Boats Company offers a 10-year limited lifetime warranty which warrants that each of its Blazer Boats will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal operating conditions. The company will repair or replace parts covered under this warranty that are found to be defective in original material or workmanship, which will be the company’s sole obligation with respect to defective parts or products.

This warranty is extended to the original retail purchaser and only applies to boats sold through an authorized Blazer dealer.

Check with your local Blazer Bay dealer for details.

Options to Consider

Blazer Bay does not list options for the Blazer Bay 1900. Check with your local dealer about which options they can provide.


We found the Blazer Bay 1900 to be a well-designed inshore fishing platform that could be used for nearshore fishing in accordance with conditions. It is readily apparent that Blazer Bay truly understands what their customers want in a bay boat. In addition, powering this boat with an Evinrude E-TEC G2 115 H.O. outboard gives the Blazer Bay 1900 better performance and efficiency than other outboard bay boats in her class.