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Lekker Boats Damsko 750 (2020-)

Brief Summary

The Dutch call it a sloep, but the rest of the world may know it by such names as the launch, dayboat, or run-about. Whatever you decide to call it, we don’t think Lekker will be offended, as their Damsko 750 model continues to grow its notoriety in the international marketplace.

Lekkers origins can be traced back to 2014 in Sydney Australia, where founder and visionary Meindert Wolfraad, with the help of some Dutch expertise, brought together the idea that would soon become Lekker Boats. These high-quality, maintenance-free, Dutch inspired vessels are handmade in the Netherlands, yet well suited for waterways beyond that of Sydney Harbor.  

Fast forward to today where consumers are now using words such as sporty, luxurious, and accommodating, and you’ll find the Damsko 750.

Key Features

  • Dutch hull design
  • Simplified console layout
  • High passenger capacity
  • Highly customizable

Captain's Report

Editor's Report by Capt. Greg Thornton


There’s no question that the Lekker Damsko 750 is unique – but many are unaware of the hidden powers the boat actually possesses.


With a global need and plenty of uses for a runabout, the Damsko 750 has leveraged the very thing that initially set it apart from the rest and with a modernized touch – its classic design.


It would appear that the concept of introducing the Damsko 750 is to fill the need for a modernized run-about, that’s sporty, customizable, and is well suited for a multitude of sea conditions – with a high passenger capacity to boot. With roofing, decking, cabin and power options, the Damsko 750 has an allure that attracts a varied audience.



Lekker may have been conceptualized in Australia, however that concept has since manifested a hemisphere away in the Netherlands, Scandinavia where they are hand built.

The Dutch “sloep” is a striking design with her pronounced deep-V shaped bow, that transforms the entire boat’s look and performance. This specific angle allows for constant stability of the hull in varied sea conditions, and also extends the entertainment area.

The deck of the Damsko was designed to provide a dry ride, no matter the conditions. The elevated decking keeps feet away from any water that may find its way inside. The addition of non-skid also gives peace of mind and no doubt will minimize slippage.

aft end

The aft end of the boat seems to also double as a swim platform. And due to the inboard engine location, the boat can be beached, thus furthering her adventuring horizons.

Layout Options


The Damsko 750 has a LOA of 24’7 ½” (7.50 m), a beam of 8’10” (2.69 m), and a dry weight of 4,630 lbs. (2,100 kg). Additionally, Lekker offers the Damsko 750 with three layout options: open, semi-open, and cabin.

In addition to selecting one of three layout options, the Damsko 750 also has an array of other options for fulfilling client needs.


  • Open   


  • Semi-Open

semi open

  • Cabin 


cabin option

Selecting the Cabin option for the Damsko 750 will provide owners with separate benches to port and starboard, and with the addition of a filler platform and cushion, it will be converted into a single berth.


  • Roofing – Bimini or T-top
  • Audio – Jensen or Polk audio
  • Deck – Non-Skid or Nautiteek
  • Anchor System – Basic or electric anchor
  • Engine meters and navigation – basic, analog or modern
  • Bow thruster

t top

The addition of a T-top quickly converts an otherwise interesting design into the more familiar center console.



The Damsko 750 would appear to be rather nimble and capable of holding her own throughout modest maneuvers.

Lekker has outfitted the Damsko 750 with the Bravo III dual counter-rotating propellers. They believe that by doing so, it provides the best steering control and performance for the crafts design. It also allows it to hit plane (along with minimal bow rise) at a lower speed and thus, increase the fuel efficiency. Plus, with the engine being centrally located, the Damsko 750 can practically turn on its own length, further flaunting its agility.



Lekker has chosen to go with a 100% 5mm thick, marine-grade 5083 aluminum hull for their vessels and the Damsko 750 is no exception. This option is light weight, durable and rot-free – something the Damsko 750 boasts throughout the entire boat.

hull color

Lekker lets the client decide as to which hull color they’d like when constructing their new Damsko 750. The color is sprayed on and is eight times the thickness as that on a vehicle.

Equipment Decision

power options

Lekker offers various power options as well as console choices depending upon the specific application for which the Damsko 750 will be used for. The engine is in a centralized location and owner/operators will appreciate the simplicity of the well laid out design which makes routine fluid checks a breeze.


  • MerCruiser 4.5L Bravo III DTS (250-hp)

engine options


  • MerCruiser 6.2L Bravo III DTS (350-hp)


  • Mercury Diesel TDI 3.0L Bravo III X DTS (260-hp)


Alternative engines and electric options are available.



Taking control of, and navigating, the Damsko 750’s helm and instrumentation components.

Lekker currently offers four console options for the Damsko 750. Ranging from a basic layout, to premium navigational, the console is the eyes and ears of the vessel, providing valuable operational insight.

The helm layout seems to be fairly straight forward with a large wheel seated to the center. The single binnacle is to starboard, and the additional displays are cleanly mounted to center and port.


Basic Console: the basic layout with two Mercury SC1000 Speedometers that are scratch resistant and anti-fog coated.


Analog Cockpit Clocks Console: this console has a classic “clock display” look and feel to its gauges.


Premium Navigation Console: The VesselView 703 sits front and center and supplies the helmsperson with valuable information such as CHIRP, RADAR, speed, fuel level, and over 30 additional parameters – in high definition.


Zipwake Dynamic Trim System: Zipwake is an automated trim tab system that dynamically adjusts to stabilize the vessel.

Optional Equipment


Lekker has designed the Damsko 750 to be ‘swiss army knife-like’, in that it can be accessorized and outfitted to fit the client’s needs.
  • Extended sunbed
  • Deck shower
  • Bimini or T-top
  • Water ski pylon        
  • Antitheft lock with GPS
  • Heated seats
  • Icemaker



From everything that we could gather, speed, and maneuverability would appear to be the Damsko 750’s hidden attributes.

With a durable design and proven seaworthy characteristics, we feel the Damsko 750 will continue to make a positive impression amongst the boats in her class. The Damsko 750 comes well equipped and ready to go, straight form the factory with her MerCruiser engine. And with additional options to choose from, depending upon the desired usage, the Damsko 750 shows her versatility and seaworthy competence thanks to the age-old Dutch Sloep design – all with a modern finish.

Needless to say, she would make an ideal yacht club launch that could serve double-duty at quickly setting the windward mark on race day.