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Maritimo X60 (2019-)

w/ 2 x 1000-hp Volvo D13

Brief Summary

To improve performance, Maritimo designed the X60 with the dual Volvo Penta D13 1000-hp diesel engines and tankage, forward, close to midships to create more balanced weight distributions. By doing so, Maritimo created a novel aft accommodation space accessible from the salon and swim platform deck. Maritimo offers several configurations for this space including what they dub a Beach Club, which is a convertible living space that can convert from a lower social and entertainment area to an additional stateroom.

Key Features

  • Innovative aft accommodation space
  • Hydraulic swim platform that lowers
  • Galley with island counter
  • Engines forward for more balanced weight distribution
  • Straight shafts
  • Full walkaround oblique berth in the forward stateroom
  • Full-beam master stateroom
  • Guest stateroom with over and under single berths

Test Results

1000 10.4 9 10.3 1 0.9 1036 901.3 84
1250 11.3 9.8 20.1 0.6 0.5 575 500.2 89
1500 17.1 14.8 32.7 0.5 0.5 533 463.1 85
1750 22.8 19.8 46.2 0.5 0.4 503 437.4 90
2000 29.1 25.3 63.5 0.5 0.4 468 407.1 93
2200 33 28.7 79.3 0.4 0.4 425 369.3 93
2400 36.3 31.5 91.5 0.4 0.3 405 351.9 93
2460 38.1 33.1 93.3 0.4 0.4 417 362.4 93


Length Overall 63' 9'' (19.43 m)
Beam 17' 1'' (5.21 m)
Dry Weight 67,240 lbs. (30,500 kg)
Tested Weight 69,805 lbs. (31,663 kg)
Draft 5' 2'' (1.57 m)
Max Headroom 7' 6'' (2.29 m)
Fuel Capacity 1,135 gal. (4,296 kg)
Water Capacity 211 gal. (799 kg)
Total Weight 69,805 lbs. (31,663 kg)


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane N/A
0 to 30 N/A
Ratio N/A
Props 2 X 5 blade
Load 8 persons, 1/4 fuel, 1/4 fuel, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 71 deg., wind: 5-10 mph; seas: 3'

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 1000-hp Volvo D13
Std. Power 2 x 800-hp Volvo Penta D13
Opt. Power 2 x 1000-hp Volvo Penta
2 x 1200-hp Volvo Penta

Captain's Report

Captain’s Report by Capt. Mark Kellum

Maritimo X60

The first impression of the Maritimo X60 is that it is a conventional sport yacht. However, several design innovations make the X Series from Maritimo distinctive.

Midships engine

With the Volvo Penta diesels set near midship, the Maritimo X60 is able to get on plane with little bow rise and achieve fuel efficiencies remarkable for her size and class.


Maritimo designed and built the X60 as a luxury performance cruising yacht that achieves efficient fuel economy while being blue water capable. To contribute to that mission, the Maritimo X60 exhibits innovative features throughout. The galley, salon, and below deck accommodations provide additional livability for long distance cruising. 

Aft acommodations

By moving the Volvo Penta diesels forward, the Maritimo X60 offers an aft accommodation space that can be accessed by the swim platform or the salon via an interior stairwell.

Distinguishing Features

  • Aft accommodation space with en-suite head accessible from the salon or the swim platform.

Major Features

  • Forward Mounted, Dual Straight-Shaft Diesel Engines. For a more balanced weight distribution, the engines are mounted more forward than traditional sport yachts. The straight shafts eliminate the weight and expense of pod drives.
  • Walkaround Double Berths. Both the master and the forward stateroom offer double berths that can be walked around.
  • Guest Stateroom. There is a third stateroom with upper and lower twin berths.
  • Full Galley. The fully equipped galley is accessible from the salon and the aft deck and features an island counter with icemaker and storage.
  • Forward Sun Pad. The forward deck has side-by-side sun pads with adjustable backrests.
  • Hydraulic Swim Platform. The swim platform lowers into the water hydraulically.
  • Summer Kitchen. On the aft deck is a built-in grill, sink, and refrigerator.

Main deck layout

Main deck with aft deck, galley and salon. The helm is mounted forward on the starboard side. Forward is twin sun-pads with adjustable backrests and bench seating.

Below deck layout

Below the main deck is the accommodation spaces and mechanical space. Note the engines are mounted just behind midship.


Starboard quarter cruising

With engines mounted more forward than traditional sport yachts, the Maritimo X60 has more balance weight distribution which results in a better running attitude.

By placing the engines further forward than a traditional sport yacht, Maritimo created several innovative results. Better fuel efficiencies, an aft accommodation space where the engines would typically be and a better running attitude.



The Maritimo X60 that was tested featured dual Volvo Penta D12 1000-hp diesel engines with straight shafts.

The Maritimo X60 has a length over all of 63’9” (19.42 m), a beam of 17.1” (5.21 m), and a draft of 5’2” (1.57 m). With a dry weight of 67,240 lbs. (35,500 kg), 28-percent fuel, 24-percent fuel and eight people onboard, we had an estimated test weight of 69,805 lbs. (31,663 kg).

Top Speed. With the Volvo Penta D13 1000-hp engines running at 2460 rpm, we recorded a top speed of 33.1 knots (61.3 kph). That speed resulted in .4 nmpg, a number that remained relatively steady through all throttle settings down to 1750 rpm.

Best Cruise. Therefore, there is no best cruise, but we found the Maritimo X60 ran quite comfortably at that 1750 rpm setting and 19.8 knots (36.7 kph). At that speed, she was burning 46.2 gph which translated into a range of 437.4 nm. All while still holding back a 10% reserve of the boat’s 1,135-gal (4,300 L) total fuel capacity. 

Acceleration. In acceleration tests, she reached planing speed in an average 6.2 seconds, continued through 20 mph in 9.8 seconds, and to 30 in 14.4 seconds.


Wake hopping

The day of the sea trial the conditions were calm. To simulate sea conditions, the Maritimo X60 was run through the camera-boat’s wake. There was no pounding and the penetration was clean and presented no adverse spray.

With the weight more evenly balanced, the Maritimo X60 displayed a natural 5-degree bow high attitude that doesn’t diminish the forward view but does allow those hard chines to keep spray low and wide for a dry ride. She demonstrated a gentle 7-degree roll into turns. The Maritimo X60 offers a dry ride, thanks to her hard chines carried so far forward.

Boat Inspection

Clean lines

Exhibiting clean lines throughout its exterior, the Maritimo X60 has a contemporary style that feels undated.


The inspection starts at the stern which is where one of the most obvious benefits of moving the engines closer to midships is displayed. That is the addition of flexible aft accommodations. Maritimo offers three different configurations of this space; beach club, aft cabin or tender garage. The Maritimo X50 that was tested was configured as the standard beach club mode.

Aft transom

With the transom open, the aft accommodations can be entered from the swim platform. Access to the space is obtained by a set of stairs on the port side of the table.

Aft view

The view when the transom is open is expansive. With the transom closed there is a large window built into the transom hatch.

Forward large screen

Mounted on the forward bulkhead is a large screen TV and a wet bar with a stainless-steel sink, icemaker, refrigerator, storage, and countertop.

Built in refridge

Shown is the built-in refrigerator.

Port head

On the port side is a fully fitted private head. It includes a vessel sink and stainless-steel faucet. Not shown is the walk-in shower.

Starboard wet bar

To starboard of the wet bar counter is the stairs that lead to the salon. Note the door to the mechanical space.

Starboard side counter space

On the starboard side is additional counter space and storage just starboard of the stairwell to the salon.

Table converts to double berth

The table converts into a double berth creating an al-fresco sleeping area with the transom open or a fourth stateroom with the transom closed.

Heavy duty stainless steel cleats

There are heavy-duty stainless-steel cleats on the port and starboard sides of the transom verticals.

Aft deck stairs

Stairs built into both sides of the transom provide access to the aft deck.

Transom stairs lift

The transom stairs lift with gas assist struts to give access to systems inside and storage.

Hydraulic swim platform

The swim platform hydraulically lowers to deliver personal water access.

Aft Deck

The aft deck is designed to be an al fresco social area. The hardtop extends over the deck and there is bench seating at the transom and L-shaped bench seating to port. A dining table expands and rotates to serve the entire seating area. A summer kitchen compliments the galley.

Aft deck

The aft deck is uncluttered and can accommodate a crowd. Note the summer kitchen on the port side.

Summer kitchen

The lid on the summer kitchen opens to a molded-in sink with a tilt up stainless-steel faucet and grill top.

Pull out trash bin

Below is a refrigerator and pull-out trash bin. Note, the trash bin has a fitted lid and has integrated, fold-down handles to remove the bin when needed for disposal of the trash.

pedestal mounted table

A pedestal mounted table opens and can be spun on its base to provide flexibility.

L shaped bench

The L-shaped bench seating has storage beneath and behind the backrest.

Gunwale storage

The gunwale on the port and starboard aft quarter open with space for storage. On the starboard side, shown is the remote for the swim platform.

Shower Wand. There is a pull-out shower wand at the top of the port side transom stairs.

Aft radio controller

Mounted on the hardtop support structure on the starboard side is a stereo remote controller.

Mechanical space hatch

There is a deck hatch with gas assist strut that provides access to the mechanical space.


Entering from the aft deck to the main deck via the door is a triple pane glass divider that slides into an open position with a secure latch. The galley is immediately to port with an island countertop on the centerline. Immediately to starboard are the stairs leading to the aft accommodations. By having the galley just inside, it can serve both the salon and aft deck equally well.

Galley lighting

Immediately upon entering there are switches that control the lighting in the galley and salon.

Full galley

The Maritimo X60 has a full galley with a built-in pantry, refrigerator/freezer, convection oven, cooktop stove, sink, and wine cooler. The dishwasher is in the front of the island counter.

Cabinet pantry

In the aft-most, port side from the deck to the overhead cabinet is a pantry. The pantry door swings out and has tracked shelving on the door and on the inside back.

Refrigerator freezer

Just forward of the pantry is the refrigerator freezer.

Convection oven

Forward of the refrigerator/freezer is the convection oven.

Wine chiller

Directly below the oven is a wine chiller refrigerator.
Four burners
Forward of the oven and wine chiller is an induction stovetop with four burners and the stainless-steel sink.

Dish washer

Shown is the dishwasher built into the island counter.

Aft Accommodations Stairwell. On the starboard side, directly across from the galley is the stairwell to the aft accommodations and mechanical space door.

Electrical panel

At the top of the aft accommodation’s stairwell is the access doors to the electrical panels. On the left is the systems panel and on the right is the shore power/ships power panel.


Moving forward from the galley on the Maritimo X60 is the salon area for entertaining indoors. There is storage in a credenza-style cabinet, for storage and bench seating, behind the helm seating on the starboard side. On the port side is U-shaped bench seating with a convertible dining table.

Flat panel TV

The flat panel television rises out of the credenza-style cabinet on the starboard side and swivels on its base for easier viewing from the salon.

Storage drawers

Access to the stereo, storage drawers, and an icemaker are built into the credenza-style cabinet on the starboard side of the salon.


On the starboard side, forward of the credenza-style cabinet is a settee that stretches to just behind the helm seating.

Additional storage

Built into the base of the helm seating is additional storage.

U-shaped bench

On the port side of the salon there is U-shaped bench seating that surrounds a pedestal table.


The table opens with two hinged panels. The table swivels to allow people access to the seating without having to collapse the panels. Under the insert is storage.

Below seat storage

The seats on all the bench seating lift to give access to storage below the seat.

Large side windows

Both of the large side windows open, allowing for the outside air to flow freely.

Dual sunroofs

The dual sunroofs on the Maritimo X60 operate separately in three modes: closed, opened, and opened as a rear vent.

Frame of sunroof

Maritimo has engineered a screen and a blind into the frame of the sunroof.


The helm on the Maritimo X60 is designed with the operator in mind. The helm is upholstered in soft touch vinyl. The dash has room for two multifunction 22” displays and a smaller engine diagnostic display below. The helm seats reflect Maritimo’s racing heritage.


All the controls are within easy reach for the operator. Note the outboard side panel mounted controllers.

Autopilot system

On both sides of the lower dash are the system switches. On the port side of the Maritimo X60 is the autopilot just above the system switches. On the outboard side of the dash is the engine start/stop switches and the bow and stern thruster controllers.

Engine control binnacle

The engine control binnacle is mounted within easy reach on the side panel. The trim tab control switches and LED indicators are directly behind. Further aft of the trim tabs is the GRID control pad for the Dual monitors. Behind that is the windshield washer controls and not seen is the spot light controller.

Starboard panel VHF

Below the starboard panel is the VHF, a charge port, the Garmin chart card receiver, 110v outlets, and the speaker for the VHF.

Leather wrapped steering wheel

The leather-wrapped and stainless-steal steering wheel on the Maritimo X60 is mounted on a tilt base.

Helm seating

The Maritimo X60's helm seating is inspired by Maritimo’s racing heritage. They both have bolsters that can be positioned up for standing or down for operating while seated.

Between helm and salon dinette

Between the helm and the salon dinette is the forward stairwell that leads belowdecks.

Forward Entertaining Area

The forward deck on the Maritimo X60 is designed to be another al fresco entertaining area.

Deep side decks

Moving forward on the Maritimo X60, there are deep side decks with substantial safety rails.

Side Decks. The side decks measure 12.6” (32.0 cm) wide and have a generous toe rail that is approximately 18.1” (46.0 cm) high.

Bow seating area

The Maritimo X60 has a seating area just forward of the windshield and two side-by-side sun loungers on its forward deck with separate adjustable backrests.

Forward hatches

The three opening hatches lead to the staterooms below providing natural light and ventilation.

Anchor windlass

The ground tackle is deployed and retrieved with a capstan windlass. Note the heavy-duty stainless-steel cleats. Access to the all chain rode is on the starboard side of the windlass.

Forward VIP Stateroom

Moving below, the forward VIP stateroom has a double berth that is oblique with the headboard on the starboard side and the berth angled toward the centerline. Unlike traditional centerline forward berths, this approach allowed Maritimo to design a forward berth that is completely walkaround with no steps. Much easier to get in and out as well as making the berth.

VIP stateroom

The VIP stateroom on the Maritimo X60 has night stands on both sides and is fully walkaround capable.

Underbed storage VIP

The bed lifts with the aid of gas assist struts for access to storage below.

Night stand

Above the night stand is the light switches and power outlets.

Hanging locker

The hanging locker on the Maritimo X60 is full length and has an upper shelf and clothing hanger rod.

Storage mirror

Built into the port side shelf is a mirrored vanity that has gas assist struts to help keep it open when needed. The hull side window and overhead hatch add natural light.

Guest Stateroom

From the companionway the guest stateroom is to starboard. It features over and under berths at right angles to one another. The hull side window and overhead hatch add natural light.

Guest stateroom

The guest stateroom on the Maritimo X60 features two single berths and overhead storage. There is additional storage in the night stand inboard from the lower berth.

Flat panel TV

There is a flat panel television mounted on the forward bulkhead.

Guest Head

The VIP stateroom and the guest stateroom on the Maritimo X60 share a common head compartment to port of the companionway. There are two doors that provide egress from the VIP stateroom and a door for entry from the companionway.

Guest head

Shown is the guest head compartment entry from the VIP stateroom.

Guest head sink

The guest stateroom has a luxury feel with high-gloss wood cabinets and solid surface countertop.


Shown is the entry from the companionway across from the sink, the glass enclosed shower and mirrored cabinets above the sink.

Master Stateroom an En-Suite Head

Maritimo incorporated the head into the full beam master. By doing so, the Maritimo X60 Master suite has a more intimate, personal feel. Stylish hull-side windows bring in natural light and opening portlights allow fresh air into the stateroom.

Master stateroom

Entering the master stateroom stepping down from the companionway.

Double berth

The large double berth is mounted on the centerline of the Maritimo X60.

Night stands

There are night stands with storage on each side of the berth. Light switches and power outlets are above.

Bureau style storage

Along the starboard side of the master is bureau-style storage drawers. Note the large hull side window with opening port light for ventilation.

Air conditioning controller

Forward on the starboard side is a vanity. Note the air conditioning controller mounted in the bulkhead.

Vanity walk in

Forward of the vanity is a walk-in changing area with a hanging locker on the starboard side.


Opposite of the hanging locker is shelving with drawers below. There is a full-length mirror mounted between the forward bulkhead. Note the reflection of the open drawers.

Mirrored cabinets

On the port side of the master is the en-suite head area with sink and vanity between the aft most shower and the forward most private head compartment. Above the window is mirrored cabinets.

Head windows

The hull side window brings additional natural light into the stateroom. Note the opening portlight.

Frosted glass door

To port and forward of the vanity is the head compartment with a frosted glass door for privacy.

Aft vanity

Aft of the vanity is the shower enclosure with glass door. There is a molded-in seat on the port side.


The Maritimo X60 has a combo washer/dryer under the stairway from the main deck.

Mechanical Space

The full stand up mechanical space houses the dual Volvo Penta D13 1000 diesels with straight shafts and dripless shaft seals, with all-round access to the diesels and systems.

Mechanical space

The watertight door at the base of the aft accommodation’s stairwell provides easy access to the mechanical space.


Shown are the dual Volvo Penta D13 1000 diesel engines with multiple oil filters (red arrow) The Racor fuel filters mounted on the forward bulkhead along with the battery switches.

Straight Shafts. Maritimo decided to use straight shafts on the Maritimo. This is a better alternative to pods as Maritimo X60 has just as much maneuverability around the docks thanks to the bow and stern thrusters. In turn, it’s a more cost-effective solution and requires less maintenance. To the forward bulkhead are the fuel filter/water separators. 

Fuel Tanks. For better weight distribution, and therefore better performance, the fuel tanks are to the port and starboard of the main engines and sight gauges are fitted showing levels at a glance.


Aft of the main engines is the 17.5 kW generator.

Options to Consider

The aft accommodations, number of staterooms and engines are the primary options to consider. tested the Maritimo X60 as the three stateroom, beach club configuration with Volvo D13 1000 diesels. Maritimo offers two other aft accommodations and a two-stateroom layout.

Engine Options

Standard Power:       Dual Volvo Penta D13 800-hp

Test Power:               Dual Volvo Penta D13 1000-hp

Optional Power:        Dual Volvo Penta D13 1000-hp

                                  Dual Volvo Penta D13 1200-hp

Layout Options

Aft beach club options

As tested, the aft accommodations beach club optional layout. The table converts to a double berth.

Aft double berth stateroom

The aft accommodations double berth stateroom optional layout.

Aft garage option

Aft accommodations tender garage option.

Two stateroom regency option

Shown is the two stateroom Regency optional layout. The VIP stateroom remains the same and the guest stateroom is replaced with a private master head compartment. The centerline master berth is enlarged. The port side in the master stateroom has additional storage in lieu of the open en-suite head plan.


Full warranty information on this brand coming soon.


Pricing Range: $2,232,000

Prices, features, designs, and equipment are subject to change. Please see your local dealer or visit the builder's website for the latest information available on this boat model.


The X Series signals a new generation of yachts for Maritimo, and it is a step in a progressive direction. It comes with the quality handling and ease of use that the brand is well known for. Plus, they come furnished with an upscale fit-and-finish. The series also marks some out of the box thinking with a more creative look at the aft space that would otherwise be relegated to storage. The Maritimo X60 clearly sends the message that forward thinking is evident at Maritimo, especially in the design and build.  Rather than settle for the usual, same old design and layout, this yacht represents some definite ingenuity and clever use of space that seem to be absent with some other yacht builders.