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MasterCraft NXT22 (2020-)

w/ 1 x 373-hp 6.0L Ilmor MPI V8

Brief Summary

The new generation of MasterCraft’s NXT Series includes the 23’10” (7.26 m) model, the larger of the two new boats. It’s intended to tow all forms of wake sports and has the passenger space to carry the crew that enthusiasts like to bring along with horseshoe-shaped seating in the cockpit and a wide picklefork design in the bow.

Key Features

  • Spacious cockpit
  • Convertible aft seat
  • Pre-loaded wake settings
  • Picklefork bow
  • Spacious bow seating

Test Results

600 1.5 1.3 1 1.5 1.3 66 57.5 73
1000 5 4.3 1.6 3.2 2.8 142 123.7 75
1500 7 6.1 2.5 2.9 2.5 126 109.6 81
2000 8.5 7.4 4.1 2.1 1.8 91 79.5 90
2500 11.5 10 6.5 1.8 1.5 78 67.8 91
3000 18.5 16.1 9.1 2 1.8 90 78 92
3500 25.5 22.2 11.6 2.2 1.9 97 84.7 93
4000 31 27 14.7 2.1 1.8 93 80.9 94
4500 35 30.4 18.4 1.9 1.7 84 73.1 98
5000 38 33 22.4 1.7 1.5 75 65.1 99
5200 40 34.8 25.1 1.6 1.4 70 61.1 100


Length Overall 23'10"
7.26 m
Beam 99"
2.48 m
Dry Weight 4,213 lbs.
1,911 kg
Tested Weight 5,112 lbs.
2,319 kg
Draft 28"
0.71 m
Weight Capacity 2,312 lbs.
1,049 kg
Person Capacity 14
Fuel Capacity 49 gal.
186 L
Total Weight 5,112 lbs.
2,319 kg


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 3.4 sec.
0 to 30 7.0 sec.
Ratio 1.57:1
Props 15 x15 MW
Load 3 persons, full fuel, no water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 61 deg., wind: 10-15 mph; seas: <1

Engine Options

Tested Engine 1 x 373-hp 6.0L Ilmor MPI V8

Captain's Report

By Capt. Martin Frobisher


The MasterCraft NXT22 has an LOA of 23' 10" (7.26 m), a beam of 99" (2.48 m), and a draft of 28" (0.71 m).

gen 2 surf

The MasterCraft NXT22 can be equipped with the optional Gen 2 Surf System that creates myriad wake shapes, but the boat can also tow skiers and boarders.

Mission Statement

The updated MasterCraft NXT22 is designed for wakesports versatility. She comes pre-programmed with settings for skiing, boarding, and surfing the left and right sides of the wake. An optional Gen 2 Surf System is available for added wake shaping and her horseshoe-shaped cockpit seats and bow lounges have space for family and friends.

Major Features

  • 4.3” (10.92 cm) touchscreen
  • Pre-programmed wake settings
  • Custom aluminum tower folds down more easily than previous version
  • Available more powerful Ilmor engine
  • Available Gen 2 Surf System
  • Spacious cockpit seating with convertible aft lounge
  • Wide bow design creates more seating area


The MasterCraft NXT22’s cockpit is designed with a premium placed on versatility. Notice the wraparound cockpit lounge. It can seat a crowd when necessary or provide a place for adult-sized people to stretch out and relax.

Features Inspection

The Cockpit. The cockpit is the focal area for passengers on the NXT22. Lounges basically encircle the entire area, starting abaft the driver’s bucket and wrapping around to the port console. The aft center bottom cushion pulls forward to create an aft-facing seat for optimum viewing of the action behind the boat. There are beverage holders, and most likely, lots of charging ports, in the gunwales, plus storage under the bottom cushions, including dedicated space for an Igloo carry-on cooler.


The passenger side console raises up to reveal a deep 13’ (3.96 m) of storage space.

helm seat

Abaft the helm seat to starboard, there’s space for a carry-on cooler with additional storage to port and in the stern seating.

waste basket

A wastebasket helps keep the boat cleaner with a large crew on board.

The Stern. Abaft the cockpit, a full-width sun lounge is atop the Ilmor engine that is installed with a V-drive transmission that allows for the rear positioning of the motor. There are storage compartments outboard on each side. A shorter raised step is between the lounge and the water-level teak swim platform.


The sunlounge has space for a person to lay across or a few to sit on and rest their feet on the aft platform.


Compartments on each side are deep and lined with carpet to protect the contents.

The Bow. MasterCraft uses its trademark picklefork design to create the NXT22’s bow, which has more space and seating capacity than a conventional V-bottom. Angled backrests on the console fronts make forward-facing the most likely seating position and the area appears to be deep enough for adults to feel secure. There’s storage beneath the starboard bottom cushion and to port, the backrest lifts up to reveal spacious ski and board storage that extends aft beneath the port cockpit lounge. Grab rails are forward on each side of the bow with speakers just below. All the way forward is a nonskid boarding step in the foredeck.


This photo gives an idea of the amount of space the NXT22’s bow provides.


With the NXT22’s 99" (2.48 m) beam, there’s plenty of space for passengers to sit facing each other without knocking knees.


The forward seating all folds for lots of storage space.

bottom cushions

Instead of hinging the bottom cushions in the bow, MasterCraft makes them removable, which makes sense given the shape and tight confines.

port console

Raise the backrest on the port console to gain access to cavernous ski and board storage.

The Helm. The NXT22’s helm has been updated for 2020 with a new driver’s seat, billet styling inserts and a 4.3” (10.92 cm) multifunction screen that includes factory wake profiles installed for skiing, boarding, and surfing on the left or right side. Above the steering wheel, there’s a cluster-style gauge with the tachometer up top and fuel level and volts down low on the left with a speedometer to the right. Down low alongside the wheel, the Klipsch stereo is to the left with the ballast system switches and aforementioned screen to the right. The shift/throttle is on the starboard gunwale with a padded armrest alongside and above. The new seat has wraparound back supports and a fold-up bolster. A glovebox is in the port console.

helm dash

The dash has an aircraft-style look and is logically laid out for ease of operation.


The driver can scroll through myriad screens to get information on the engine.


The NXT22 comes standard with pre-programmed wake profiles.

driver's seat

The driver’s seat has been upgraded to provide better comfort and support.


Music is a big part of the wakesports culture and MasterCraft makes available an upgraded Klipsch stereo.


A glovebox-style compartment is a good idea on any size boat.

Engine / Gen 2 Surf System


Our test boat came with a 373-hp Ilmor 6.0L engine.


The NXT22 has a three-part ballast system, with a fixed 400 lb. (181 kg) ballast tank forward of midships and two fillable bags up to 450 lb. (204 kg) in the stern.


Here we see the tabs that are part of the Gen 2 Surf System.


The NXT22’s bottom has two lifting strakes and reversed chines.


Enthusiasts can choose between surfing the left or right wakes.


Ordering the optional more powerful engine could be a consideration for owners who want to tow multiple wakeboarders.


Traditionalists who like to slalom across the wakes should enjoy the wakes behind the NXT22.


When it’s time to put away the skis and boards, the NXT22 has plenty of space for the family to spread out.


The MasterCraft NXT22 has an LOA of 23’10” (7.26 m), a beam of 99" (2.48 m), and a draft of 28” (0.71 m). With 49 gallons (185 L) of fuel and three people aboard our test boat, we had an estimated test weight of 5,112 lbs. (2,319 kg). Weight is listed at 4,213 lbs. (1,911 kg) and when the boat is equipped with the Gen 2 Surf System, her ballast capacity is 2,150 lbs. (971 kg) while fuel capacity is 49 gallons (185 L). Her carrying capacity is 2,312 lbs. (1,049 kg).

With a single 6.0L Ilmor MPI V8 with a 373-hp engine turning a 15” x 15” MW propeller, we hit a top speed of 40 mph at 5200 rpm. We found our best cruise speed at 3500 rpm at 25.5 mph. With a fuel burn of 11.6 gph, which translated into 1.9 nmpg and a range of 84.7 nautical miles, all while holding back a 10 percent reserve of the boat's 49-gallon (185 L) fuel capacity.

At wake speed, we recorded a speed of 15 mph at 2800 rpm. The boat planed at 13 mph in 3.4 seconds and we reached 20 mph in 5.3 seconds and 30 mph at 7.0 seconds.


The NXT22 hit a top speed of 40 mph at 5200 rpm while powered by the 373-hp Ilmor MPI V8 engine.


When it came to her overall handling capabilities, we found the NXT22 to be incredibly responsive. We started off with long gradual turns, followed by tighter serpentine patterns. She handled all the turns well with little grab or chine walk.

We put the NXT through some wake crossing activities over our camera boats wake and thanks to her pickle fork bow, she drove through wakes with very little hull shock. At speed, we felt the bow just push its way forward through the water, leaving a calm path behind her. And slowing down to tow speeds, we really started to see the Gen 2 Surf System go to work.

Retail Price

  • Base boat: $74,995
  • Well-Equipped Package: $84,995

This includes Ilmor 6.0 MPI engine, ZFT2 tower with swivel board racks, Klipsch S70 tower speakers, Klipsch Advanced Audio Package, tandem-axle trailer, convenience package, Gen 2 Surf System with side-to-side switching, dual battery switch, and Bimini and mooring cover.


  • The MasterCraft NXT22 has a warranty of five years.


The MasterCraft NXT22 is equipped for watersports and fun for family and friends.


The towsports segment has been one of the fastest-growing in the recreational boating industry for the last few years, and the NXT22 is an affordable option for towsports enthusiasts.

That the NXT22 has been designed and pre-programmed to tow a variety of watersports enhances the boat’s value and makes it easier to talk to a spouse who is on the fence into making a substantial investment.

Additionally, whether it’s MasterCraft partnering with Ilmor or another wakesports boat manufacturer teaming with an engine builder like Indmar or Pleasurecraft Marine, it’s a closer collaboration than builders have with a large company like Mercury or Volvo Penta. That should result in more customized overall performance of the boat.

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