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MB Sports Tomcat F24 (2020-)

Captain's Report

Editor’s Report by Capt. Peter d’Anjou

trailer boat

The MB Sport Tomcat F24.


MB Sports has come out with a new 24' (7.32 m) wake and surf boat, the Tomcat F24 with its distinctive pickle fork bow.

Brief Summary

The pickle fork design of the new MB Sports’ Tomcat F24 is intended to provide more seating room in the bow of this wake boat – which can accommodate 16 people. Standard power is an Indmar Raptor 6.2L gas inboard with Rousch supercharger producing 575-hp.

Key Features

  • Performance v-hull
  • Indmar Raptor 6.2L supercharged 575-hp engine
  • Aluminum tower with gas assist/cam locks (collapsible)
  • Boatmate tandem-axle trailer
  • Gatorstep flooring (plank or hex design)
  • 16-person capacity



The Tomcat can produce a challenging wave for any activity or skill level.

Wake enthusiasts, be it boarder or surfer, will appreciate the big waves produced by the Tomcat R24. The R24 has 3,150 lbs. (1,429 kg) of ballast with a quick fill/drain system and the ability to add even more optional plug-and-play ballast (1,200 to 2,300 lbs. / 544 to 1,043 kg) for maximum-sized waves with even more push. With enough seating for a party, the R24 is ready to wake the house.

Distinguishing Features

  • Pickle fork bow design

Major Features

  • GPS-driven cruise control
  • Quick fill ballast system with optional plug and play ballast
  • Engine space storage trays
  • Removable carpet
  • Color-matched speaker boxes



The wrap-around, edge-to-edge seating design on the F24 is flexible with the rear seat in front of the walkthrough designed to slide forward with the backrest flipped to create more seating to watch the action behind the boat. The filler cushion in the bow is removable and the other seats all have storage below with the exception of the helm chair.

The Tomcat F24’s builder MB Sports is a California boatbuilder with a pedigree for going fast. Owner Mike Brendal set drag boat records in the National Drag Boat Association (NDBA), American Power Boat Association (APBA), and Union International MonoNautique (the international sanctioning body for APBA), way back in the mid-70s when he and his dad, Irv Brendal, began building boats.


MB Sport’s success with the B52 launched them into the forefront of the wake boat craze in 1999. A 21' and 23' (6.40 m and 7.01 m) version of the B52 is still produced today.

exhaust pipe

The submerged exhaust pipe is flanked by the wave-inducing flaps on the F24’s transom. A center flap, “cavitation plate,” is added for even more precise control of the wave and helps the boat plane.


MB Sport is located in Atwater, California. F24’s are made by closed-mold resin-infused vacuum construction with vinylester resin to create a void-free hull and low styrene emissions. A composite stringer system adds strength while front and rear liners create the interior furniture.  Boats are available in a variety of gelcoat colors or upscale metal flake finish.

Boat Inspection


There is plenty of space up front for lounging, socializing, or sunbathing on the F24 and with the windshield and air dam closed, it may be a quieter place onboard that is separate from the activity going on astern.


The walkthrough windshield has an air dam below it to control airflow from the bow into the cockpit.

bow profile

The pickle fork bow profile of the F24 tapers to the v-hull of the boat’s bottom.

filler cushions

The picture shows the bow of the Tomcat F24 with filler cushions in place.


There is extensive storage below the bow seating.



The black round vents in the port side seat base are heaters.

The helm has a protective three-piece tempered-glass windshield with center walkthrough. GPS speed-controlled cruise control lets the helmsman set the pace for boarders.


Livorsi gauges highlight the dash of the Tomcat F24. Note the ballast control levers to the outboard side. It takes only a minute to move 2,800 lbs. (1,270 kg) of ballast.

helm chair

The helm chair has a flip-up bolster and swivels to accommodate getting in and out of the driver’s seat.

helm seat

The companion helm seat lifts on gas shocks to reveal storage below.


The cockpit seating wraps around the entire cockpit and has some versatility with the center aft-bench capable of facing forward or sliding forward and allowing the passengers to face aft.


There is storage below the port side cockpit seats and in the deck. Note the courtesy ‘theater’ lighting all around.

cockpit seat

The aft cockpit seat slides forward and the seatback shifts to facilitate rear-facing seating to watch the action behind the boat.


The starboard settee has storage below to accommodate a soft cooler bag (included).


Billet aluminum towers are hinged so they can lay down for transport. Internal gas shocks assist single-handed setup and the towers lock in place. Note the tow point on top of the towers and the built-in LED lighting. The board racks are included as is powder coating.

audio system

The Exhile audio system includes four tower speakers and a subwoofer.


Accessories include the Bimini top.

Transom/Swim Platform

swim platform

The swim platform has a flip-out step and grab rails on the transom to facilitate getting out of the water.

Mezzanine style seats are a great spot to hang out when the boat is at rest. A passthrough doubles as a cover for the engine box.

battery spaces

Engine and battery spaces have removable trays that increase storage.

round plate

The round plate bottom left is for the quick ballast exchange. The flap controls the shape and size of the wake.

supercharged engine

The 575-hp supercharged engine is placed in the transom of the Tomcat F24.

Boat Specifications

The MB Sports Tomcat F24 has a LOA of 23’10” (7.26 m), a beam of 8’6” (2.59 m), and a draft of 2’1” (.64 m). The boat weighs 6,290 lbs. (2,853 kg). The Tomcat F24 has a fuel capacity of 65 gallons (246 L).

Equipment Discussion


The Skylock board carrier articulates 180-degrees so it can hang over the side or swing inboard for access.
indmar engine

The supercharged Indmar marine engine has the same block as Ford’s F250 truck engines.


discount boat show

The sign states steeply discounted boat show special pricing from MB dealer, the Edge, in Portage, MI.

MSRP $180,000 is for the boat with a dual-axle trailer.

Optional Equipment to Consider


This picture is intended to show the many gelcoat zones that can be customized in one or multiple combinations of colors. Metal flake is an option.

The only options for this tricked-out, top of the line Tomcat are a three-axle trailer (+ $3,000), additional plug and play ballast, custom metallic paint finish (depends on area covered) and six tower speakers (four are standard). Choice of colors and upholstery are standard.


The R24 has a removable carpet system as standard equipment, handy for keeping the boat clean and dry – and pops right back in.



Wave generation has to cover a wide range of board sports so versatility to adapt ballast and flaps for each sport is key.

There are quite a few internet threads that talk about which wake boat to buy. Almost all of them compare the MB Sports lineup in the discussion - which is a good thing – they are popular. Resale value on these boats is also a point to consider. A lot of the talk is about the size of the waves a boat produces and whether they have “push”. Wakeboarders may want a different push than surfers as these activities typically happen at different distances from the transom – boarders being further back so they can do tricks. We haven’t tested the boat yet, but look forward to getting Capt. Steve behind the Tomcat F24, especially with a big cheering section in the cockpit – we know he’s game.


Using the towrope, a wakeboarder wearing boots uses the wakes to sky and do tricks.


Catching air is always on the menu.