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Nautique Super Air Nautique G23 Paragon (2020-)

Brief Summary

The Super Air Nautique G23 Paragon by Nautique aims to be the pinnacle of wake sports perfection. The new G23 Paragon has a 550-hp PCM supercharged inboard and a new hull form designed to make waves configurable to wakesurfers’ or wakeboarders’ preference and style. For wakesport pros to amateur enthusiasts alike, the G23 Paragon looks to provide fun on a perfect wave.

Key Features

  • PCM XR7 550-hp 6.2 L supercharged inboard engine
  • Seating capacity for 16
  • Go Pro-ready rotating tow point
  • Power helm chair with optional heater


Length Overall 23'
7.01 m
Beam 8’ 6”
2.59 m
Dry Weight 7,200 lbs.
3,266 kg
Draft 30.5"
.77 m
Fuel Capacity 65 gal.
246 L


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Engine Options

Tested Engine
Std. Power 1 x 550-hp PCM XR7 supercharged engine

Captain's Report

Editor’s Report by Capt. Peter d’Anjou


The Super Air Nautique G23 Paragon has a length of 23' (7.01 m), a beam of 8'6'' (2.59 m), and a draft of 30.5" (.77 m).


G23 Paragon fans and wakesport enthusiasts have their own sign language that translates to fun.


1977 factory

Ski Nautique’s 1977 factory team of professional waterskiers.

Wake and tow sports grew from recreational waterskiing to professional competitive sports with multiple disciplines and specialized equipment. Nautique has been at the epicenter of this booming activity since Leo Bentz designed the original Ski Nautique boat in the early 1960s and sold his design to Correct Craft in exchange for a free boat. In 1977, Ski Nautique created their own professional factory team, and wake and tow sport disciplines have continued to grow in popularity and expand. The G23 Paragon’s mission is to create the perfect wave across all wake disciplines and ability levels – the pinnacle of wakesport perfection.


The name of the boat obviously has some basis in reality for this boarder.

Distinguishing Features

  • Nautique Configurable Running Surface (NCRS) with Hydro-Plate
  • Telescoping Flight Control Tower
  • Surf selection controllable by LINC Panoray Touchscreen or optional remote control Surf Switch or Garmin watch
  • MyNautique app allows remote monitoring of boat via phone or computer

Major Features

  • Waveplate wave generator
  • 2,220 lbs. (998 kg) ballast system
  • Adjustable cockpit seating
  • Nautique steering assist
  • Bimini with board pockets



The G23 Paragon has an unusual bottom design aimed at creating a configurable sternwave to either side.

deck plan

Topsides the G23 has the capacity to carry up to 16 people to watch and participate.

The G23 Paragon employs what Nautique calls the Nautique Configurable Running Surface (NCRS). As an extension of the hull, the NCRS deploys and stows automatically based on user-setting conditions. According to the builder, NCRS optimizes and allows the wake and wave shape to be customizable. It aids in getting up on plane, and automatically optimizes the running attitude of the boat so it's suited for the situation while providing the driver with visibility.


Waveplates on both sides of the G23 Paragon’s transom help customize waves by extending outward and down from the transom to intercept and redirect the flow of water.

The Nautique Surf System (NSS) with Waveplate technology is integrated into the hull design to engage on either side of the transom at surf speeds, working with the running surface to create a clean, large and long wave with plenty of push. NSS also provides optional remote controls that lets the surfer vs the driver switch sides instantly without the need to shift ballast or people.

touch screen

The touchscreen display at the helm of the G23 Paragon controls wave generation. Alternatively, two options, a surfer remote control called the Surf Switch or a Garmin Fenix watch app, allow the boarder to remotely input settings on the fly.

Controlling the NSS is simple. All the settings are clearly displayed on Nautique’s 12.4” LINC Panoray Touchscreen with the ability to customize the wave exactly per the surfer’s request. Adjust settings on the go or save a personalized profile that will remember your preferred speed, ballast configuration, and WAVEPLATE® settings.



The 270,000 sq. ft. (25,084 sq. m) Correct Craft factory in Orlando, FL is a state-of-the-art facility with two lakes used for in-water quality control testing.


The G23 Paragon’s fiberglass hull is made in female molds. After gelcoat is applied, the temperature-controlled fiberglass lamination is done by hand.


Small parts are made with a light resin transfer molding technique.

The busy plant has an order management display similar to a fast food restaurant to initiate small part builds.


Wiring is installed on a deck flipped upside down prior to the deck being fitted to the hull.


Precise alignment of propeller shafts is accomplished with lasers.


A CNC machine cuts vinyl for the in-house upholstery department.


Meticulous quality control at seven stations is tracked by a computer for each boat.


BoatTEST has not yet tested this model at the time of this Editor's Report.

The Super Air Nautique G23 Paragon has a length of 23’ (7.01 m) and an LOA with platform of 25’5” (7.65 m). The beam is 8’6” (2.59 m), the draft is 30.5” (.77 m), and dry weight is approximately 7,200 lbs. (3,266 kg). The fuel capacity is 65 gallons (246 L) and the maximum ballast is 2,200 lbs. (998 kg).

Boat Features

Swim Platform

transom seats

Rear-facing transom seats are new for the 2020 G Series models, like the G23 Paragon. They are great for relaxing by the swim platform while the boat is stationary.

The G23 Paragon’s swim platform is just inches off the water and with its reboarding ladder centered under the platform, makes for easy boarding. Like the deck throughout the G23, the swim platform is covered with SeaDek®

walk through

With a low profile walkthrough over the engine hatch from the cockpit to the transom, the G23 Paragon makes moving about easy.

sun shade

Optional sunshades supported by carbon bows are available for the stern or bow. The convertible seating on the transom into mezzanine style loungers makes a relaxing location.


The walkthrough leading to the cockpit also serves as the engine cover.


The new XR7 is a super-charged 7.4L engine that is freshwater-cooled. The direct-injection engine delivers 550-hp, more than any other engine in the Nautique line.

Pleasurecraft® Marine Engine Company (PCM) marinizes GM engines for use in inboard boats. PCM was acquired by Nautique’s parent company, Correct Craft, in 2014. PCM is the only manufacturer in the inboard watersports market offering direct-injection and the exclusive performance benefits of this technology: industry-leading horsepower and torque along with the most fuel-efficient engines in their class.

Electrical power management includes 3 AGM batteries and a battery charger. Primarily suited for fresh water operation, a salt water ‘Coastal Edition’ PCM is available.



The cockpit with recliner backs laid down and the aft seats stowed. The loveseat behind the passenger side helm seat can be optionally heated.

The cockpit has bench recliners to both sides and a pair of aft seats that are capable of sliding forward with a reversible bolster to provide aft facing seating to watch the action. The in-deck storage houses a removable cooler.

seat backs

The seatbacks are reversed when the middle seatbase slides forward and the recliner back is raised on the left side, allowing passengers to face aft and watch the action behind the boat.



There is an airdam for the walkthrough forward.

The helm features a premium three-spoke wheel covered by hand-stitched leather. Directly ahead are the engine display gauges. Offset to starboard is Nautique’s LINC Panoray touchscreen system for controlling wave activity.


The dual instrument displays were purposefully split to have engine and navigation directly in front of the wheel and the ballast and wake systems offset to the right.

control knob

The control knob allows the driver to scroll through the Dual LINC Panoray displays from the comfort of the helm chair without having to lean forward in the seat to the LINC touchscreens. Note, the customized LED lighting of cupholders throughout the boat.

helm seat

The powered helm seat has forward and reverse adjustments at the touch of a button. Heated driver and loveseats are optional.



The bow filler cushions create a sun pad between the loungers but they have a second unique use, see picture below.


Flipping over the filler cushions provides a step walkway designed to allow boarding over the bow. Of course, these can be removed completely for more seating legroom.

A unique feature forward is the ability to board over the bow, especially if the boat is pulled up on a beach. Retractable armrests for the loungers are a plus and the removable middle cushions on either side expand individual seating capacity.


The G23 Paragon draws 25” (.64 m) so pulling up on a beach is not a problem.


The ‘dimple’ styling on the bow’s exterior is about added strength and making the pointy end less so, to accommodate wider forward seating. The Paragon badging is referred to as Chromax badging and can be customized in gold or silver finishes.

Equipment Discussion – Innovations

In researching this boat, many innovations stood out, both in the history of Correct Craft as the inventor of the tow pylon, swim platform, and hull tracking fins, but also in this particular build. Below are a series of innovations found on the G23 Paragon that help one understand the builder’s motivation and push to build a better overall product.



Remote control and monitoring of the Paragon G23 is possible with Nautique’s ‘MyNautique’ App.

For the 2020 G23 Paragon, Nautique is offering an all-new integrated connectivity platform called MyNautique. With the ability to remotely view the Paragon’s fuel level, location, battery voltage and other important information, MyNautique allows the owner to virtually connect to the boat from phone or computer.

Steering Assist

steering assist

With a directional thruster, the Paragon’s Steering Assist option provides enhanced maneuverability.

Docking in tight quarters, reversing in a straight line, or simply looking for more control on the open lake, Nautique’s Steering Assist option allows the operator to quickly move the transom of the boat to the left or right and greatly improves the overall driving experience.

Surf Switch


A handheld controller that straps to the wrist while surfing, the Nautique Surf Switch puts the surfer in command by changing transfers without signaling the driver.

Only available with boats equipped with the Nautique Surf Select option, the surfer can change the side of the boat the wave is on using the Nautique Surf Switch.


New for 2020, Nautique integrated a Garmin app to remotely control Surf Select 3.0-enabled boats like the G23 Paragon.

While surfing or wakeboarding one can change the boat’s speed, music volume, wave or wake shape settings, quickly use ballast shift or change the wave side and transfer on the fly. This ability works from any Garmin Fenix 5 Plus, Fenix 5S Plus or Fenix 5X Plus watch.


Another innovation is the inclusion of a wireless phone charging station at the helm.

Nautique’s G-Series models can charge a phone wirelessly right at the helm with their wireless charging stations. Compatible with most Qi-enabled devices, this wireless charging pad is equipped with SeaDek non-skid and an outside edge to prevent the phone from sliding.



The forward-leaning G23 Paragon’s wake tower can support a Bimini, speakers, and of course, board storage racks.

wake tower

The wake tower telescopes down for transport. And the customer can choose how it is painted.

The G23 Paragon comes standard with four JL Audio M6 880x tower speakers. Located inside dual speaker housings, these tower speakers deliver sound to the rider and tie into the overall aesthetic of the Telescoping Flight Control Tower.


The undersides of the Paragon tower speakers are upholstered to match the cockpit interior, and they also sport a unique signature speaker grill.

Audio System


New JL Audio amplifiers are standard aboard the G23 Paragon. An optional JL Audio Wake Sub is available.

Nautique included a new technology with the JL Audio stereo systems’ MVi Marine Amplifiers aboard the G-Series models. The studio-quality digital signal processing (DSP) amplifiers have been tuned by JL Audio engineers specifically for each boat in the G-Series line-up to optimize their performance. Equipment includes JL Audio M6 Series Studio Elite with Wavefront (dual 12” subwoofers and monoblock subwoofer amp) and a transom-mounted remote control.

Go Pro-enabled Tow Point

Nautique included a mounting spot for a Go Pro camera on the tow point. Watching a video of the day’s action could help with coaching, competitive improvement, or just be fun viewing wipeouts.


$250,000 range, including steel trailer.

Optional Equipment to Consider

  • Aft extended sun shade
  • Forward extended sun shade
  • LINC Panoray Navionics charts
  • LINC Panoray paddle wheel for river mode
  • Surf Select with the Surf Switch
  • 6 Phender Pro – Boat fender attachment system
  • Bow filler cushion
  • Heated seating –helm and loveseat
  • JL audio wake sub
  • Stowable cockpit table

wake and tow sports

Pulled by a towline or pushed by a wave, Nautique and the G23 Paragon lead the way in wake and tow sport boats.


We are curious to see how the surf system waveplates, surf pipe exhaust, and integrated 2,200 lbs. (998 kg) of ballast works in person and is a goal we’ll keep in mind for our future first-hand test and inspection. We love the edgy design and innovations that Nautique brings to this boat. They have pioneered this class of boats and they look ready to lead the wave into the future. We have noted that superyachts seem to be buying up Nautiques as perfect water toys.