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Aquila 36 Sport Power Catamaran (2021-)

2 x 300-hp Mercury Verado V8 w/ Joystick Piloting Control

Brief Summary

Aquila’s 36 Sport Power Catamaran offers the space and accommodations that only a cat can deliver on. Her wide 14’7” (4.45 m) beam allows for adding many features that don’t cramp on available space. With the ability to add a Hydro Glide Foil System™, as on our test boat, Aquila says that efficiency is improved by up to 30%.

Test Results

600 3.2 2.8 1.3 2.5 2.1 789 685.8 57.2
1000 4.9 4.2 2.6 1.8 1.6 590 512.8 62.8
1500 6.6 5.7 4.1 1.6 1.4 512 445.2 67.9
2000 8 7 6.7 1.2 1 381 330.9 72.4
2500 8.7 7.6 10.2 0.9 0.7 275 238.8 76.4
3000 12.1 10.5 14.1 0.9 0.7 275 239.1 76.9
3500 17.3 15 17.2 1 0.9 321 279.4 77.2
4000 22.3 19.4 20.9 1.1 0.9 342 297.3 85.1
4500 31.7 27.5 25.2 1.3 1.1 402 349.9 87.1
5000 37.7 32.7 29.3 1.3 1.1 412 358 87.4
5500 41 35.7 40.9 1 0.9 322 279.6 88
5700 44.1 38.3 47.7 0.9 0.8 297 257.9 85.5


Length Overall 36'
10.96 m
Beam 14'7"
4.45 m
Dry Weight 14,770 lbs.
6,699.56 kg
Tested Weight 17,927 lbs.
8,131.55 kg
Draft 2'
.61 m
Bridge Clearance 10'
3.05 m
Fuel Capacity 356 gallons
Water Capacity 52 gallons
196.84 L
Total Weight 17,927 lbs.
8,131.55 kg

Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 5.5 seconds
0 to 30 15.2 seconds
Props 14.6 x 17
Load 3 persons; full fuel; full water; 50 lbs. gear
Climate 67 deg.; 45 humid; winds: 0; seas: 0

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 300-hp Mercury Verado V8 w/ Joystick Piloting Control
Std. Power 2 x 225-hp Mercury Verado V6
Opt. Power 2 x 400-hp Mercury Verado V6

Captain's Report

By Capt. Steve

The Aquila 36 Sport Power Catamaran is a premium-level catamaran with space to invite all the friends onboard, and then some. 


Her mission is to provide the ultimate in cruising and entertaining with a best-in-class layout and premium-level fit and finish.  Choose from an open main deck, enclose in isinglass or even order her with a full cruiser package with an enclosed main deck that includes a lockable 3-panel tempered glass sliding door that allows for true four-season boating, even in northern latitudes. With two ensuite cabins, she also brings luxury to extended journeys.  Great loop anyone???

Major Features (Including Distinguishing Features)

  • An exceptional performing and seaworthy hull shape providing first-in-class stability and fuel efficiency.
  • Expansive areas for entertaining and social zones from bow to stern with a well-appointed wet bar area with sink, refrigerator, storage and tilt-out trash bin.
  • The bow seating offers optional seating configurations to either have plenty of comfortable seating for up to 8 people or fold the seats down to create a large sunbed.
  • FUSION multi-zone audio system with 6 x Fusion speakers & Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Plenty of comfortable seating throughout for up to 26 people onboard
  • Expansive fiberglass hardtop with two opening hatches providing protection from sun and weather.
  • High-quality living comforts within.
  • Cabins and heads provide exceptional comfort for longer voyages on board.
  • Custom-designed slide-out stainless-steel boarding ladder system providing easy access in and out of the water.


The Aquila 36 Sport Power Catamaran has an LOA of 36’ (10.96 m), a beam of 14’7” (4.45 m) and a draft of 2’ (.61 m).  With an empty weight of 14,770 lbs. (6,700 kg), full fuel, full water and three people onboard, we had an estimated test weight of 17,927 lbs. (8,132 kg).  With twin 300-hp Mercury Verado V8s turning 14.6 x 17 propellers and wound up to 5700 RPM, our speed topped out at 44.1 mph.  Best cruise came in at 5000 RPM and 37.7 mph.  It was at that speed that the 29.3 gph fuel burn translated into 1.3 MPG and a range of 412 statute miles, all while holding back a 10% reserve at about 356-gallon (1,348 L) total fuel capacity.


We came up on plane an average of 5.5 seconds, passed 20 mph in 8.4 and cruised through 30 mph in 15.2 seconds.  I wasn't able to take a 36 with and then without the hydrofoil, so I'm only able to comment on how it feels with the hydrofoil installed.  That said, I know we're lifting up a bit since that's what hydrofoils do, but I can't really feel that from the helm and you probably won't either.  What I do notice is when we're turning, Aquilas tend to lean into the turn a bit more.  Now we're higher up so we're staying flat in the turn.  We were testing in flat calm conditions, so we had another boat make some wake for us up to about a foot and we sliced right through it.  No pounding, no hard hit.  It was just a nice clean slice through like an Aquila does.  That means the big takeaway with the foils is going to be in the improved performance, which Aquila says is in the range of a 40% increase in efficiency and 25% gain in speed.

The hydrofoil provides lift and thereby reduces drag.  It can just be seen in the center of the hull when running. 


Power options include a pair of 400-hp Mercury Verados or the 300-hp of our test boat that also come with the option of the hydrofoils.


I noticed when you're trying to walk the 36 Sport Power Catamaran sideways on the joystick, the bow wants to go a little faster than the stern, just a little, so it just needs to have an extra twist in the joystick to accommodate that.  Once that technique is down, she comes sideways nicely and she can be put right alongside a dock with ease.   

Boat Inspection

The Hydrofoil

Since our test boat had the optional hydrofoil installed, let’s start underneath the boat. It's mounted at about the midship point of the hull length.  Each of the wings is 42” (106.68 cm) and the entire unit protrudes down about 8” (20.32 cm) from the bottom of the keel.  Obviously, this assembly is not just put into position and glued on.  Quite the contrary, it goes into the hull where it’s supported, bolted and bonded into place. The hull is pre-built to accommodate this added structure right from the factory, so it's added after the build.   Moving back to the stern, two stabilizing fins come out 20” (50.80 cm).   

The caveat of this system is that it is only available with the 300-hp package.  The thinking is that it provides performance enhancements that equal or surpass the larger engine choices. 

The hydrofoil increases performance and economy of the Aquila 36 Sport Power Catamaran to the point where larger engines may not need to be considered. 

In addition to the foil, there are two lifting fins at the stern. 

Main Deck

We’ll start our features inspection with the 25” (63.5 cm) wide boarding gates, one to each side, and the gates open inward.  Entertainment starts right in the cockpit area with a forward-facing bench seat 88” (223.52 cm) across to bring guests right into all the action.  A starboard side module will take care of all our grilling needs.  It also includes refrigeration just underneath.  This module is an option, it replaces another seat.   Another version complements a fishing package and will have a bait-prep area, freshwater washdown and a livewell just alongside.

The main deck gatherings will take place with a lot of seating and two areas for grilling.

An optional module includes a grill and cockpit refrigerator.  Without this, seating will be in this position. 

Continuing forward under the hardtop, to starboard is another cooking area with plenty of open counter space.  Hatches in the counter reveal a single basin sink alongside an electric grill or electric single burner induction cooktop.  Underneath there’s plenty of storage along with refrigeration. 

There’s no galley belowdecks in favor of adding more room for the cabins and heads.  This galley has a grill, sink, refrigeration and a trash receptacle. 

To the port hand side, L-shaped seating wraps around a large table on a high low pedestal, allowing it to drop and convert into a sun pad.  Aquila takes advantage of all useable space, so behind is compartmentalized storage cubbies in the shelf space behind the seat.  This is a nice way to utilize what would otherwise be dead space.

L-shaped seating wraps around a large table.  Notice the forward seatback.  It flips aft for use with the observer’s seat just ahead. 

The seating converts to a sunpad by lowering the table and inserting a filler cushion. 

Underneath the seat are the boat's batteries and under the forward seat is an insulated self-draining cooler. 

Just ahead is the observer’s station measuring in at 53” (134.62 cm) wide.  It converts to forward-facing seating just by flipping the seat back and the outboard bolster is angled nicely so it's much more comfortable to sit sideways in the seat.  Normally we simply see padded bolsters added to a vertical bulwark.  Additionally, this seat is 10” (25.40 cm) higher than the seat just behind. 

The double-wide observer’s seat is accessed by flipping the seatback aft.

All of this is under the protection of the standard hardtop that gives us headroom inside of 6’10” (2.08 m).  This customer also ordered Stand-up Paddleboard racks that mount above the hardtop.  Two electrically actuated sunroofs add ventilation as well as letting the sun in.  Huge glass windows to both sides provide outstanding visibility along with protection.  The boat can be ordered with these full-height side windows or half-height windows.  We can also get a Cruiser Package with a full glass enclosure with a 3-panel tempered glass sliding door. 

The hardtop is huge and can accommodate Stand-Up Paddleboard racks.  The interior can be closed off in isinglass or a glass bulkhead with a door. 

Dual sunroofs are electrically actuated with switches just behind. 


As we continue forward, the walkthrough to the bow has a 33” (83.82 cm) average width.  There’s a 23” (58.42 cm) doorway at the walkthrough windshield and a 9” (22.86 cm) step.  The bow social zone is remarkably spacious.  It starts with doublewide forward-facing seating at 43” (109.22 cm) each.  There's a flip-down armrest on the inboard side of both seats.  Just ahead are 33” (83.82 cm) wide aft-facing seats.

Both sides of the bow have forward and aft-facing seats.  Here, the forward seat has the seatback down in preparation to create a lounge.

Both of these seat combinations can convert to a full sun pad on each side by moving the seatbacks down and flipping out a filler cushion. 

Opening up all the deck hatches reveals a large storage compartment aft, and this is where the ladder is stored for beach reboarding.  There’s also a rode locker. 

 The ground tackle consists of a Quick windlass leading to a chain stopper and then an anchor roller recessed into the toe-rail.  It supports a polished stainless-steel plow anchor. 


A stainless-steel framed acrylic gate leads us through the 18” (45.72 cm) passageway to the aft area.  There’s a 53” (134.62 cm) wide aft-facing seat and a convenient waist-high grab rail to the starboard side.  A hatch in the middle of the engines exposes the swim ladder that slides out for deployment.  If we flip the seatback down, the seating morphs into a 66” (167.64 cm) long sunbed.  There’s an option for putting davits to the aft deck to support a tender. 

The stern is accessed through an acrylic gate.  Notice the stainless grab rail as we move out. 

The swim ladder is on a slider and it’s probably the beefiest we’ve seen in class. 

The aft seating also converts to a sunpad.

Cabin Class

Not only is the Aquila 36 Sport Power Catamaran a capable entertainment platform, but she is also great for overnighting with two cabins and two heads, one to each side.   The berth is fully forward and measures 77” by 68” (195.58 cm x 172.72 cm) and is 29” (73.66 cm) off the deck.  Headroom throughout is 6’7” (2.01 m).  The head is located aft, and it includes hull side windows and plenty of storage.   

The cabins are accessed from sliding doors to the sides of the consoles.

The cabin is well laid out and lighted with hull side windows. 

The heads are roomy and also well-appointed.  Natural light streams in from additional hull side windows. 

To the opposite hull is the same layout, basically a mirror image of the first cabin.   The only exception being the one to starboard also has the ship's power panel.


The helm is starboard mounted and starts with a soft-touch dash across the top of the console.  The panel includes room for two 12” (30.48 cm) displays with a SmartCraft display in the center and a compass just above.  A Fusion stereo is over on the left-hand side of the wheel, which is mounted to a tilt base.  To the starboard side are the digital throttle and shift (DTS) levers and joystick (JPS).  A VHF is mounted just ahead. Down below is a stainless-steel footrest.  Seating is at a double-wide helm seat at 39” (99.06 cm). It adjusts fore and aft and includes individual bolsters.  Overhead are LED lights and a manual red one directly over the helm. 

The helm is professionally laid out and offers plenty of choices for electronics. 

What is most impressive is the visibility behind the helm.  Aside from the massive side windows, the forward windshields are 58” (147.32 cm) high and low by 57” (144.78 cm) across.   

There are two compartments in the deck.  The one to port opens to expose the freshwater tank and to starboard is the 5kW generator.   

Options to Consider

Options for the Aquila 36 Sport Power Catamaran include…

  • Aquila Hydro-Glide Foil System (AHG): Enhances performance, consumption and handling by up to 30% gains in fuel efficiency and 25% gain in speed versus a non-foiling boat. AHG only compatible with the base engine package (2 x 300-hp).
  • Cruiser Package: Full-height tempered glass windshield, side windows and fixed aft 3-panel sliding door. Cockpit table upgraded to a folding table with additional built-in storage drawers below table. Curtains covering aft and side windows; upgraded salon/galley wood and headliner details.
  • Fishing & Dive Package: Starboard aft module with electric BBQ and 42L fridge/freezer. Central aft module including four (4) fishing rod holders, large fish box/cooler with saltwater washdown. Port aft module consisting of livewell tank. Aft platform deck including stainless steel fold-down dive ladder with wrap-around railing in lieu of standard ladder.


There’s nothing like a cat for handling and roominess onboard.  Aquila is putting out premium-level models that have a huge following, and for good reason.  They simply provide the most features and take advantage of the wide beam that no mono-hulled boat can touch.