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Aquila 47 Molokai (2024-)

4 x 600-hp Mercury Verado

Brief Summary

With a 14’7” (4.44 m) beam, the 47 Molokai has the cockpit space of a big sport fisherman, but with outboard power, she’s much faster and more capable of shallow water explorations. She also doubles as a luxurious dayboat/weekender with a large bed below and head. Party anyone?

Test Results

600 4 3.5 3.4 1.2 1 1110 964.9 N/A
1000 7.4 6.4 8.3 0.9 0.8 840 730.7 N/A
1500 9.6 8.3 14.7 0.7 0.6 615 534.7 N/A
2000 12.6 10.9 28.4 0.4 0.4 417 362.4 N/A
2500 20.2 17.5 33.3 0.6 0.5 572 497 N/A
3000 18.9 16.4 39 0.5 0.4 456 396.4 N/A
3500 28.2 24.5 52.7 0.5 0.5 505 438.9 N/A
4000 42.6 37 64.7 0.7 0.6 621 540 N/A
4500 52.2 45.4 84.7 0.6 0.5 581 505.5 N/A
5000 61.2 53.2 118.4 0.5 0.4 487 423.8 N/A
5500 68 59.1 160.4 0.4 0.4 400 347.8 N/A
5700 69.5 60.4 168.7 0.4 0.4 388 337.7 N/A
Aquila 47 Molokai MPH/GPH at RPM performance chart


Length Overall 49' 4"
15.06 m
Beam 14'7"
4.44 m
Dry Weight 22,818 lbs.
10,350 kg
Draft Up 2' 2"
0.6555 m
Draft Down 3' 8"
1.111 m

Acceleration Times & Conditions

Climate 79 deg., wind: 10-15 mph, seas: 1-2'

Engine Options

Tested Engine 4 x 450-hp Mercury Verado
Std. Power 2 x 600-hp Mercury Verado
Opt. Power 4 x 450-hp Mercury Verado

Captain's Report

Aquila 47 Molokai

by Capt. Ken Kreisler

Aquila 47 Molokai outfitted with optional quad Mercury V10, 400-hp outboards

Outfitted with optional quad Mercury V10, 450-hp outboards, Aquila’s Molokai 47 Powercat is a formidable fishing platform.

When the designers and engineers at Aquila get together for a new design, it is always with the vision of building a power catamaran from the bottom up and not just reimagining a sailing cat without masts. With 40+ years of innovation in its wake, Aquila’s 47 Molokai Powercat is all that… and a lot more.

Brief Description

The Aquila 47 Molokai has been designed for the most arduous use offshore for bluewater big-game fishing. Because she is so large and well-appointed, she also makes an excellent vessel for cruising and entertaining a large group of guests. Her hull, topsides and certain bulkheads are all infusion-laminated with 100% vinylester resin, which is highly unusual because it’s so expensive. There is nothing quite like her on the market at this time.

Mission Statement

She has at least three missions at the same time and is outfitted for all of them. First comes world-class big-game trophy fishing or just serious meat fishing. Second, she becomes one of the fastest and most comfortable cruisers imaginable — with seating for 17 and 14 seats facing forward. Third, she is an able entertainer thanks to her large aft cockpit, space forward and head below.  


LOA: 49'4"
Hull Length: 45'8"
LWL: 39'2"
Beam: 14'7"
Hull Draft (Motors Up): 2'2"
Hull Draft (Motors Down): 3'8"
Dry Weight:    22,818 lbs
Full Load Weight: 33,400 w/2 x 600-hp Mercury V12 Verado outboard engines
Fuel: 2 x 524 gal
Water: 80 gal

Major Features

It all starts with construction and a vinylester-infused hull and deck and carbon fiber, primary forward and aft bulkheads for rigidity and strength. The secondary bulkheads are resin-infused and the hardtop is also fabricated from carbon fiber. Watertight bulkheads are found fore and aft. Add to this a double-stepped hull design, for superior offshore handling and an infused fiberglass structural grid, and it’s no wonder she carries an ISO CE B offshore certification; a vessel built to navigate on the offshore waters (200 miles and less) and can sustain UP TO force 8 gale winds of 39/46 mph, or 34-40 knots and waves UP TO 4 meters or 13’1”. While the prudent skipper would never venture out in these conditions, it is nice to know you have the kind of vessel underfoot that can take such weather-related circumstances. 

Other features include a high tunnel clearance, this enables more air between the hulls to cushion the boat while underway, a 360-degree walkaround for enhanced fishability, C-Zone touch screen system, and is powered by standard twin 600-hp or optional quad 450-hp Mercury Verado outboards.

Aquila 47 Molokai high tunnels

The high tunnels allow more air to cushion the Molokai 47’s ride while running offshore.

Good Reasons for Good Resin

Other noteworthy major features include carbon fiber fore and aft bulkheads and watertight fore and aft bulkheads, both of which are rarely seen on this class of boat. As noted above, the hull, deck and topsides are made with infused 100% vinylester resin. Virtually all builders use a skin coat on the bottom of their boats to prevent blistering, but because it is so expensive, that’s as far as it goes.

By using 100% vinylester resin which is stronger than polyester resin, Aguila can use less of it and save weight.  Further, it bonds better with other structures, so there is a reduced risk of delamination with bulkheads and stringers. This resin shrinks less than polyester resin in the curing process, making it less likely to have a pattern print through. 

Vinylester resin is more “stretchy” than polyester resins making it better able to handle the stresses and strains of a boat bounding over and through square waves at 50 mph, without suffering stress fractures or superficial cracking at critical locations. Most important, of course, is that it is virtually impermeable to osmosis, unlike polyester resin. 


Before we discuss her handling, let’s spend some time examining the nuances of catamaran design. Our Molokai 47 Powercat has impressive measurements, not so much in her length, but more in her beam. At 14'7", the result is an overabundance of deck space which is put to good use, as well as a wider, and more stable, platform. And with the beam carried forward to the bow, this area can take on a more useful profile in seating and fishing activities.

Skipping all the physics of hydrodynamics, two sharp entry hulls do a better job of slicing through the water than one, as in a monohull. As well, the ‘tunnel’ between the hulls acts to force the air between them, cushioning the ride. In turn, you are not going to see any severe bow rise when throttling up. Instead, there is more of a gentle upswing as she gets up on plane. Depending on how hard you lean on the throttles, powercats can usually expect better fuel economy and increased range. And as far as roominess goes, there is going to be more usable space both topsides as well as insides.

Boat Inspection


Again, given her dual purpose as a hard-core fishing platform, combined with her cruising and weekender amenities, makes the bow area an important space for hooking up or spending some time relaxing and taking in the sights while underway.

To that end there are three, coffin-box lounges across with large storage compartments below.  The port and starboard box are 74 gal. each and the middle one is 60 gal.  Here is an ideal place to stow a life raft, something that we rarely see on American boats, but are required in the EU.

Fully forward is gunwale to gunwale cushions, also with deep storage beneath. On both sides, deck hatches are opening up to 165-gallon storage boxes and just aft of those, additional 2x 90-gallon boxes which are insulated and macerated.

Aquila 47 Molokai lounge seating

Lounge seating is found in the bow with large storage beneath as well as fully forward. Integrated stainless rails surround the space as does well-placed padded coaming.


Measuring some 70 square feet, the cockpit, always the center of action, is given extra attention aboard with lots of useful equipment. A teak rocket launcher table is found here with seating just forward. Flip down backrests hide a series of tackle drawers behind the port side while to starboard, the backrest is easily transformed into a cutting table, and ultra-leather coaming surrounds the area. Beneath each seat cushion is found a cooler. 

Mechanical in-deck lockers are located to either side and aft and offer access to plumbing and anything water-related, including the Hooker Sea Chest system, to port with electricals to starboard. In addition, with a fuel tank in each hull, you can elect to have the fuel supply go to each engine, or set of engines, or have all your power feed off of both tanks at the same time. And the cockpit area can be transformed into an alfresco galley complete with grill, sink, and food prep counter as an option. 

Robust boarding doors are found here on both sides and will come in handy while landing a big fish, to say nothing of making it easier to get on and off the boat.  Across the transom are a pair of 42.5 gallon baitwells and in the deck to starboard and port is a 50-gallon livewell. 

There is convenient flip-down aft seating to port and starboard, freeing up the already large area for fishing action, and access to the centerline swim platform, through a transom door, and Aquila’s easily-deployed, patented swim ladder contained in its own hatch.

Aquila 47 Molokai view from above

This overview shows the amount of space allotted to the cockpit as well as the seating forward of the rocket launcher table. Note how the beam is carried fully forward to the bow area.


Aquila has paid special attention to the big center console space containing the helm, hardtop, and entrance to the single stateroom and head. One of the first noticeable items is the double row of three teak, ladder-back, ultra-leather helm seats which are all made by Stidd, the most prestigious name in boat seating. With three in front and four behind, and six inches higher, the front row seats are adjustable, sliding forward and back, and bolstered. All the seats have armrests. 

The captain has a fold-down shorty step to assist with visibility while docking and there is a two-tiered footrest provided as well. Wireless charging is also found here. Beneath the back row to starboard is a pull-out refrigerator drawer. The helm itself offers a vast array of electronics, controls, including optional Flir system, switches, and well-placed throttles and joystick including a pair of Raymarine 24”, flush-mounted, spit screen displays with three, smaller screens available instead, and opening and closing air conditioning vents. 

Gen X Means No Gen Set

On that subject, since there is no generator aboard, an optional bank of lithium-ion batteries is available, and with almost eight hours of continual service, it will take care of the boat systems and air conditioning. Simply plug in at the end of the day and you’ll be good to go for tomorrow.

Aguila installs as standard a Marbru air conditioning system which can run on shore power or that supplied by Lithium-ion batteries.

Aquila 47 Molokai helm

Space is not an issue in laying out the helm with plenty of room for up to two, 24” screens. The sliding door to starboard leads to the stateroom and head.

The carbon fiber hardtop, combining strength with weight-saving, does a whole lot more than just provide shade. There are eight rod holders along the aft edge, Fusion speakers and LED lighting, a 16” MFD display with Bluetooth capabilities that is tapped into the helm electronics so you can view what’s going on below the surface. Strip lighting around the perimeter is also here as well as rod holders, hand holds, and integrated steps up on either side. And with its inherent sturdiness, the top can support an optional fishing tower.


Even with her prime directive as a hard-core fishing machine, Aquila has provided the Molokai 47 is a full size stateroom and head with almost 6’7” of headroom. Accessed from the starboard helm via a sliding door, there is a queen berth with memory foam mattress. Nearby is hanging locker, storage space, and in an impressive design and engineering feat, there is a pantographic door and hatch to starboard leading directly into the wet head compartment from the outside. A privacy curtain separates the two spaces and a four-panel sunroof, air conditioning, and a recessed, bulkhead-mounted television finish off the space. Large hullside windows provide plenty of ambient light. 

Aquila 47 Molokai stateroom

Light and airy, with plenty of room to relax, there is enough storage space for a comfortable extended weekend away. The head is just to starboard and can be separated from the stateroom by the hanging curtain.

Aquila 47 Molokai head

The head compartment features electric, fresh water toilet, Corian basin, shower area with non-skid deck, vanity with sink, and acrylic door to keep water within head.


Given Aquila’s excellent track record with its powercat builds, the Molokai 47 joins her sisterships as a leader and is a clear indication of blending the latest in construction techniques with sensible and performance-oriented boats, thus elevating the fishing catamaran to new heights. 

Perhaps the most spectacular aspect of the Molokai 47 is its prodigious range. Because it has twin aluminum 524-gallon fuel tanks, is range can be as far as 750 miles or more at cruising speeds. This means she go out to the Middle of the Gulf of Mexico for fishing, or just keep on going to Isla Mujers and Cozumel for some R&R.

She easily bridges the gap between a serious, offshore fishing boat with the ability to provide all that a boating couple would need to spend long weekends away or even extended time traveling. With several outboard packages to choose from and special options to customize, ownership will be a personal statement of your boating identity.

Remember, life is better on a boat!