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Barletta L25U (2018-)

1 x 300-hp Mercury 300 CMS V8

Key Features

  • Bimini with coordinating boot
  • Extended activity/swim deck
  • Extra-large, highback, reclining helm seat with swivel/slide
  • Raised helm platform with marine mat and two "Yeti-Ready" cupholders
  • In-floor “Yeti-Ready” stern cooler/anchor storage with bilge pump
  • Premium upgraded Hertz marine stereo system with 4 speakers, subwoofer and 1500W Amp
  • Table, pedestal and base with "Yeti-Ready" cupholders
  • Stow-away table and storage in port chaise
  • Ultra soft premium furniture with quilted accent featuring Dolce Outdoor marine vinyl

Test Results

600 3.1 2.7 0.7 4.4 3.8 188 163.7 63
1000 4.7 4.1 1.3 3.8 3.3 162 141.2 64
1500 6.9 6 2.1 3.4 2.9 145 126.4 68
2000 9.3 8.1 3.2 3 2.6 128 110.9 68
2500 11.3 9.8 3.9 2.9 2.5 125 108.4 70
3000 17.1 14.9 5.2 3.3 2.9 143 124.7 69
3500 21.3 18.5 7 3 2.6 131 114 74
4000 27.1 23.5 10 2.7 2.4 117 101.6 75
4500 34.1 29.6 12.3 2.8 2.4 120 104 77
5000 39.5 34.3 17.6 2.2 2 97 84.4 78
5500 44.1 38.3 20.9 2.1 1.8 91 79.5 86
6000 47.2 41 24.6 1.9 1.7 83 72 87


Length Overall 27' 5'' / 8.36 m
Beam 8’ 6''
2.59 m
Dry Weight 4,100 lbs.
1,860 kg
Tested Weight 5,373 lbs.
2,437 kg
Draft N/A
Deadrise/Transom N/A
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance N/A
Person Capacity 14
Fuel Capacity 48 gal.
182 L
Water Capacity N/A
Total Weight 5,373 lbs.
2,437 kg

Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane N/A
0 to 30 6.5 sec.
Ratio N/A
Props 16x18 Enertia
Load 2 persons, full fuel, no water
Climate 80 deg., 68 humid; wind: 15-20 mph; seas: light chop

Engine Options

Tested Engine 1 x 300-hp Mercury 300 CMS V8
Std. Power Not Available
Opt. Power Not Available

Captain's Report

Contents of Report

Barletta L25U pontoon

With the optional third pontoon package and a 300-hp Mercury outboard, the Barletta L25U hit a top speed of 47.2 mph.

Mission Statement

As the luxury pontoon-boat market becomes more crowded and competitive, Barletta has stepped up its game with the L25U. She features top-quality upholstery and side rails, heavy-duty stainless-steel hardware and accessories like a power Bimini top, a fold-out table and, get this, slide out bowls for pet water and food. Every family member gets attention on this versatile performer.

Barletta L25U floor plan

The floorplan design provides for easy passage from the stern to the bow.

Major Features


  • Power Bimini Top. Push a button for instant shade. It’s wrapped in a color-matched boot and has an LED dome light.

Barletta L25U bimini

The power Bimini top is built on a heavy-duty powder-coated frame.
  • Available Third Pontoon. The package includes a third 26” (66 cm) diameter pontoon, lifting strakes, hydraulic steering, and a larger 48-gallon (182 L) fuel tank.
  • Aluminum Skinned Deck Frame Protection. Only a few pontoon builders do this, as it adds to cost, but it makes for a smoother riding experience and protects the frames as well.
  • Standard Multifunction Display. The Simrad G07 XSE chartplotter has a 7” (17.8 cm) display.
  • Stow-Away Table. It folds out from the back of the forward port lounge and erects easily.
  • Yeti Ready. The cup holders are designed for Yeti tumblers and there’s a storage compartment specified for a Yeti cooler.

Features Inspection

Passenger Space

Pontoon boats are known as “party barges” and other nicknames, primarily because they can carry so many passengers – and it’s easy for them to move around while underway at moderate speeds.

The L25U has an LOA of 27’5” (8.36 m) with an 8’6” beam (2.59 m), and she’s rated for 14 people with the third pontoon. The two-pontoon version has a maximum passenger capacity of 12. Fuel capacity with the triple pontoon version is 48 gallons (182 L) compared to 30 gallons (114 L) with two pontoons. Fully loaded weight for the triple pontoon is 5,550 lbs. (2,517 kg) and with the twin pontoons, the weight comes down to 4,623 lbs. (2,097 kg).

The Bow

The Barletta L25U has a small foredeck ahead of the fencing which allows crew to move forward when mooring. While the deck is not particularly wide, it is better than no foredeck at all, which is what we see on all too many pontoon boats.

The bow area has lounge seats where an adult can stretch out facing forward – chaise style -- or multiple passengers can sit facing inboard.

Throughout the boat, Barletta uses Dolce Outdoor Marine Ultra Soft Premium upholstery with quilted accents.

The bow gate is 22” (55.9 cm) wide, while the gate to port is 23” (58.42cm) wide. Neither is wide enough for a wheelchair to board. The bow platform is strictly for tending to lines and is not deep enough for a person to sit, which is probably just as well.

Barletta L25U bow lounge

The bow lounges have thick upholstery and for night cruising, there’s LED lighting in the gunwales.

Barletta L25U arm rests

The folding armrests add a touch of comfort for the bow lounges.

Barletta L25U cup holders

Yeti-Ready cup holders are dealer-installed based on customer preference.

Barletta L25U

Each lounge has dual USB ports so everyone can keep their favorite devices charged.

Barletta L25U gate

The port-side gate is solidly built with reinforcing rails.

Barletta L25U stow table

The stow-away table that folds out of the port forward lounge is a clever idea and notice that Barletta uses a locking latch for security.

Barletta L25U table

The conventional-style table has twin cup holders designed to be big enough to accommodate Yeti drink tumblers.

Bow storage. There’s storage in the base of the forward lounges and the headrests in the consoles open as well. A hatch next to the helm opens the locker in the center pontoon. A wastebasket is in the door of the compartment that opens the helm console.

Barletta L25U cushions

The bow lounge cushions open on extendable hinges and the lockers are all plastic with drainage channels to keep water from entering.

Barletta L25U head rest

The lounge headrests also tilt forward to offer additional storage space.

Barletta L25U waste basket

A luxury pontoon needs a wastebasket to keep things tidy. Just aft, notice the hatch for the storage compartment in the center pontoon.

The Helm

At amidships, there are twin captains’ chairs that recline, swivel and adjust fore and aft. The helm console is raised 4” (10.16 cm) off the deck to provide the driver with an unobstructed view over the heads of guests.

The multifunction tachometer and speedometer with integrated smaller gauges are front and center above the steering wheel. To the port side of the wheel is the stereo and to starboard are the toggle-style accessory switches. Outboard to starboard is the Simrad multifunction display.

Just above are a tray and power plug for keeping a cell phone charged. Keeping with the boat’s upscale theme, the dash and steering wheel are finished in a hand-stitched dark upholstery. Just ahead on the inboard edge of the console is a large glove box. Outboard to starboard is a drop-in locker.

Barletta L25U captains chairs

The Bimini top provides comforting shade for the two Captain’s chairs and the aft cockpit.

Barletta L25U helm

The entire helm and console are on a raised platform, which gives the driver a better overall view.

Barletta L25U helm dash

The L25U’s dash has a straightforward feel with dual gauges centered above the wheel. We would like to see a windscreen.

Barletta L25U gps

The Simrad G07 XSE is a multifunction plotter but it does not have engine communication.

Barletta L25U phone tray

This tray and 12-volt plug keep the driver’s cell phone close by and secure.

Barletta L25U joy stick

Digital shift and throttle give the driver more precise control over the operation of the boat.

Barletta L25U pet dishes

Barletta takes care of an owner’s pets with these pull-out dishes for food and water.

Barletta L25U glove box

The glovebox has good capacity and provides easy access to the pop-out circuit breakers for troubleshooting electrical issues.

The Aft Lounge

Abaft the helm is the most versatile seat aboard the L25U -- a double-wide lounge that measures 6’6” (1.98 m) long by 5’1” (1.55 cm) wide when all of the cushions are laid flat. The backrest can also be set up for forward or aft-facing travel. It has storage in the base where we also found the twin batteries and switch. There is a gate that closes off the passage from the cockpit to the stern.

Barletta L25U aft lounge

In this photo, the headrest for the aft lounge is raised for lounging when at anchor.

Barletta L25U aft lounge down

With the seat all the way down, it creates a place to nap in the shade with the Bimini top up.

Barletta L25U batteries

The aft cushions on the lounge raise on gas struts to create easy access to the twin batteries.

Barletta L25U battery switches

The battery switches are also in this locker.

Barletta L25U gate

This gate closes off the stern area from the cockpit to keep curious kids from wandering aft when underway.

The Stern

A passageway to starboard provides passage to the stern area where twin swim steps extend aft past the motor on each side. To starboard is a four-step ladder with substantial rails that should make it easier for even full-size folks to climb aboard.

That same heavy-duty feel applies to the ski tow, which is made with a stout stainless-steel frame. On each side of the ski tow are fender holders and in the center is a raised fuel fill with more Yeti-Ready cup holders on each side.

Barletta L25U aft swim steps

The aft swim steps extend past the motor on each side. This is smart because after a swimmer jumps in he or she would be well aft of the propeller.

Barletta L25U ladder

These substantial rails provide a good handhold for adults ascending the four-step boarding ladder, shown below. This is more substantial hardware than we see on many pontoon boats.

Barletta L25U four step

The four-step ladder can be seen here folded up and out of the way.

Barletta L25U ski tow

The ski tow pylon positions the rope above the outboard so there’s no chance of entangling. Notice the custom fender holders on each side. We like the substantial railing that should keep a guest from falling onto the engine.

Barletta L25U fuel fill

The fuel fill for the tri-toon’s 48-gallon (182 L) tank is positioned inside the ski-tow frame for easy access. It can be filled from either side of a land-based gas station.


The Boat. All three of the L25U’s pontoons measure 26” (66.04 cm) in diameter and have spray rails forward on each side. The underside of the deck is skinned in aluminum so there’s no exposed wood. This is fairly unusual, and we like it because it keeps waves from hitting the frames supporting the deck and causing pounding.

The Numbers. With two people and a full tank of fuel, our test boat had an estimated weight of 5,373 lbs. (2,437 kg). The 300-hp Mercury outboard spun a 16” x 18” (40.64 cm x 45.72 cm) Enertia three-blade stainless-steel propeller. We ran a top speed of 47.2 mph at 6000 rpm.

Best cruise came at 3000 rpm where the boat ran 17.1 mph and burned 5.2 gph, which translated into 3.3 mpg and a range of 143 statute miles with 10 percent of the boat’s 48-gallon (182 L) fuel capacity in reserve. In acceleration tests, the L25U ran to 20 mph in 3.8 seconds and to 30 mph in 6.5 seconds.

Barletta L25U running

The L25U can run at speeds approaching 50 mph or cruise for more than 140 miles.


With the triple pontoons and lifting strakes, the L25U had a nimble feel on the water, carving through turns and comfortably leaning into the maneuvers. Around the docks, the motor had plenty of power to put the boat where our driver wanted.

Barletta L25U

Here we see the L25U leaning into a turn to port. The boat displayed impressive agility in all of our maneuverability tests.


Barletta builds the L25U with a 7-ply ¾” (1.91 cm) thick marine plywood deck mounted on a hybrid crossmember system that combines box, I-beam and C-channel structures and Vibation Isolation Pad technology.

Each pontoon has a full-length welded aluminum keel and there are Wave Tamer anti-splash fins on the outboard tubes. Wiring harnesses attach with Deutsch connectors and the boat has LED navigation and docking lights. For lines, there are flip-up cleats and the L25U comes with fender hangers.

Barletta L25U running

The pontoons are all-welded and the boat features Barletta’s VIP technology to reduce vibration from both the engine and the water surface.


10-year bow to stern warranty. See their website for details.

Options to Consider

  • Double power Bimini tops
  • Seat covers
  • Full metal jacket pontoon protectant
  • Dual-stage lifting strakes with invasive species flush
  • Saltwater anodes
  • Exterior Lighting package
  • Teak decking upgrade
  • Bow filler seat
  • Changing room in place of flip-out table
  • Ottoman with built-in cooler storage
  • In-floor storage (requires triple pontoon package)
  • Interior RGB Lighting Package
  • Blackout package with black rails, Bimini top, rubrail, skirting, shims, gate pockets, and rail supports
  • Tri-Toon Package with 26” (66.04 cm) center pontoon with a 48-gallon (182 L) fuel tank, full lifting strakes, and hydraulic steering


The Barletta L25U’s performance with the optional triple pontoon package and 300-hp Mercury outboard make the boat a versatile performer that can do almost anything a runabout can do.

From a construction standpoint, we would rate Barletta as one of the best in the industry.

The founders of Barletta have experience in the luxury RV market and they know what the upscale customer wants. That is evidenced by the presence of items such as the pet food bowls and wastebasket.

Because the L25U’s beam is still 8’6” (2.59 m), the boat is trailerable. With a loaded weight of 5,550 lbs. (2,517 kg), it can be towed by most half-ton pickups or full-sized SUVs.