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Bavaria Sport 30 (2011-)

Brief Summary

Bavaria Yachts doesn't just talk about the weather – they do something about it, and the Sport 30 HT is the result. A hardtop version of the company's 9.6-meter (31' 6") LOA Sport 30, the HT encloses the helm and forward half of the cockpit in a cozy fiberglass shell, turning a warm-weather-focused express into a bona fide three-season cruiser. The soft-top Sport 30 is fine for sunny climes, but lots of folks like to go boating when the water’s a bit rough, the sky’s a little grey and the wind carries a nip. And if it gets a little rougher, or a little colder, or a little windier, that’s OK, too, as long as they’re in a boat designed and built to take it – one like the Sport 30 HT. And we're not the only ones who think this way: In 2009 the Bavaria Sport 30 HT was named European Powerboat of the Year in the under 10-meter category.