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Beneteau Gran Turismo 45 (2022-)

2 x 440-hp Volvo Penta D6 IPS 600

Brief Summary

The Gran Turismo 45 is very much a social boat but she's also an entry-level weekender at the same time. She's perfect for the set that has had enough of the center console or bowrider days and is now looking to get more out of their premium boating time.

Test Results

600 4.6 4 0.7 6.5 5.7 1392 1210.7 67
1000 6.9 6 2.1 3.4 2.9 721 626.9 69
1250 8.5 7.3 3.5 2.4 2.1 517 449.7 70
1500 9.4 8.2 5.4 1.8 1.5 376 327.3 72
1750 11 9.5 8.8 1.3 1.1 268 233.1 73.5
2000 11.9 10.3 14.6 0.8 0.7 175 151.8 77.2
2200 13.6 11.8 17.6 0.8 0.7 166 144.3 77.1
2400 16.4 14.3 21.6 0.8 0.7 163 141.4 79.5
2600 19.2 16.7 24.2 0.8 0.7 170 147.4 78
2800 23.1 20.1 26.5 0.9 0.8 187 162.7 78.7
3000 26.7 23.2 30.8 0.9 0.8 186 161.5 78.9
3200 29.8 25.9 33.9 0.9 0.8 189 164 79.2
3400 33 28.7 39.3 0.8 0.7 180 156.4 81.8
3600 36 31.3 42.9 0.8 0.7 180 156.3 84
3640 37 32.2 44.9 0.8 0.7 177 153.5 85
Beneteau Gran Turismo 45


Length Overall 48'6"
14.78 m
Beam 13'9"
4.2 m
Dry Weight 24,782 lbs.
11,240.92 kg
Tested Weight 26,101 lbs.
11,839.21 kg
Draft 3'9"
1.2 m
Bridge Clearance 15'
Fuel Capacity 238 gallons
900.93 L
Water Capacity 106 gallons
401.25 L
Total Weight 26,101 lbs.
11,839.21 kg

Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 8.8 seconds
0 to 30 13 seconds
Load 3 persons; 50% fuel; 50 lbs. gear
Climate 82 deg.; 68 humid.; winds: 5-10

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 440-hp Volvo Penta D6 IPS 600
Std. Power 2 x 440-hp Volvo Penta D6 IPS 600
Opt. Power 2 x 380-hp Volvo Penta D6 IPS 600

Captain's Report

Beneteau Gran Turismo 45

The Beneteau Gran Turismo 45 hit a top speed of 37 mph in our tests.  Our test boat was powered with a pair of IPS 600 pod drive engines. 

Captain’s Report by Capt. Steve

Brief Summary

This is the third generation of the Gran Turismo line.  It’s landing in the market at an exciting time — 70,000 new boaters have entered the boating market in the last couple of years. These boaters are ready to make the move from day boating to a boat that can accommodate not only overnighting but taking additional couples along for the weekend.  However, the GT45 still has all of the day boating DNA that made them fall in love with boating in the first place — the swim platform, the outdoor grill… etc.  

Furthermore, it’s interesting to see how Beneteau named this Gran Turismo model the GT45.  Any other company would have taken the liberty of looking at the LOA of 48’6” (14.78 m) and called it the GT48 in a vain attempt to capture more sales from those looking at yachts in that size range.  But this is a company that doesn’t need to play in that sandbox.  Her hull length of 44’3” (13.5 m) is enough to call her the GT45 and her attributes are all she needs to sell herself.  We must appreciate that self-confidence and lack of desire to succumb to the bottom-feeding level of marketing ploys.  For this is indeed a yacht that needs no such tactics. 


The GT45 is very much a social boat, but at the same time, it’s an entry-level weekender.  She's perfect for the set that has had enough of the center console or bowrider days and is now looking to get more out of their premium boating time.  There’s not a lot of competition in this express cruiser market, some… but not a lot. Beneteau seems to be hitting its stride in it. 

Major Features (Including Distinguishing Features)

  • Opening sunroof
  • Opening side windows
  • Garage for 8’ (2.44 m) tender or toys
  • 24,000 BTU Air Conditioning
  • Hydraulic Swim Platform with 771 lbs. (350 kg) lift capacity
  • IPS pod drive
  • Upgraded fit and finish


With a pair of two 440-hp IPS 600 pod drive engines spun up to 3640 RPM, our speed topped out at 37 mph.  Best cruise came in at 3200 RPM and 29.8 mph.  It was at that speed that the 33.9 GPH fuel burn translated into .9 MPG and a range of 189 statute miles, all while still holding back a 10% reserve of the boat's 238-gallon (900.9 L) total fuel capacity. 

In acceleration tests, we reached planing speed in an average of 8.8 seconds and she’ll hold plane right on down to 12.9 mph.  Continuing to accelerate, we hit 20 mph in 6.7 seconds and 30 came and went in 13 seconds.   


With 10- to 15-mph winds and about 2’ (0.6 m) chop, she handles nicely in the beam sea. In head seas, I want to be around 25-27 mph.  That's where she seems to have her sweet spot where she's going through the waves instead of opposing them.  Any faster than that, there's a bit of a hull slap and you’ll want to pull it back.  Following seas are even better.  Just add the power and let her surf right down those waves.  There’s no sign of stuffing the bow whatsoever.  Beam seas are where she really feels at home.  She goes right along the waves and shows no sign of rolling.  Just a comfortable ride.  She's an IPS boat so the turns are naturally going to be wide if they’re taken at cruise speed.  To tighten them up, drop the speed down so the pods have more throw to their turn radius. 

Engines/Engine Room

Beneteau Gran Turismo 45

The engines are accessed by lifting a panel under the tender garage. 

The engine room is accessed from either a hatch to the port side, just before the cockpit walkthrough, or a big hatch inside the tender garage.   Engines are the twin Volvo Penta IPS 600s at 440 horsepower each.  The pods are directly connected to the engines just behind, so no jackshafts.  There's easy access all the way around the engines.  Fully forward is the 7-kW generator.  Fuel tanks are to both sides.  The hot water heater is just over to the left-hand side and all the hose clamps have guards on them.

An alternative would be twin 380-hp Volvo Penta D6s with Z-drive transmissions.  This would also include joystick functionality. 

Boat Inspection

Swim Platform

The swim platform is full beam and comes out 4’ (1.22 m) from the transom.   It includes the hydraulic option with a lift capacity of 771 lbs. (350 kg).  Pop-up cradles allow for storing a PWC and when not in use, they lie flush, allowing the platform to be used as a private beach.  Just ahead is a grilling station atop the tender garage. 

Beneteau Gran Turismo 45

At the swim platform, there’s an electric grill.  Beverage holders are to both sides.  The hatch is held open with dual support struts.  Notice the convenient grab rail. 


Beneteau Gran Turismo 45

Under the sunpad, there’s a tender garage large enough to hold an 8’ (2.44 m) rib.  The remote to the left controls the forward winch.  Lift the platform to access the engine room. 

With the grill closed, there’s a large sunbed measuring 68” x 68" (172.72 cm x 172.72 cm) with integrated stainless steel cup holders.   The fabric is Vita16 that repels heat so even in direct sun, it’s not going to make those lying on it hot and sweaty.  This is just one of several finishing upgrades we’re seeing on this boat for this model year.

Beneteau Gran Turismo 45

The large sunpad is sure to be a popular spot on the GT45 at any time the yacht is not underway. 

Side Deck

There’s access to the side decks from both sides of the cockpit.  We measured 17” (43.18 cm) from the window to the rail that tops out at 24” (60.96 cm).  A raised toe-rail gives an added sense of security.  The ground tackle consists of a Lewmar windlass and a Delta plow-style anchor.  There's a chain protector, a wired remote control, a chain and rope rode.


At the bow there’s another sunning space, this time 6’2” x 8’3” (1.88 m x 2.51 m) in the form of a double-wide sunpad fabricated from the same upholstery as the aft pad.  It adjusts into multiple chaise lounging positions.  When relaxing, there’s an easy to deploy cabana top.  Beverage holders are to the sides.

Beneteau Gran Turismo 45

The bow sunpad is a welcome place to relax but be aware that it will hamper the visibility from the helm when underway.   


We move inside through a glass door. Right alongside is a glass bulkhead that can also be opened with one touch of a button, not a press and hold, to add to the roomy feeling.  Additionally, we can open the whole back area. There are two manual sliding side windows and above is a 45 ft2 (4.18 m2) sunroof nestled into an overhead with an average height of 6’7” (2.01 m) off the deck. 

Beneteau Gran Turismo 45

With the aft window and sunroof opened, the main deck is an open and airy gathering area. 

Seating begins to the starboard side with a U-shaped settee wrapping around a solid wood expandable table.  In the closed position, there are integrated rails and beverage holders.   Across to the port side is a refreshment center that includes a sink, ice maker, wastebasket and cockpit refrigerator.  There’s a Corian countertop and a 36” (91.44 cm) TV is on an electric lift.  Thanks to the 13’9” (4.2 m) wide beam, there’s still room for traffic to flow through when working in this area. 

Beneteau offers eight different upholstery color choices,and that says a lot for a company that struggled with material choices in the past.  The third-gen GT has arrived. When you think of how the cockpit seating of the (fill in the blank) brand of the past used to be, this takes on a nice harmony between the seating and the refreshment center while keeping a flow-through to the whole area. 

There’s a standard hardtop with a sunroof adding protection.  Looking over the cabin top, I'm impressed with how all the upper structure is one piece.  There are no seams anywhere.  This is a contrast to several other manufacturers that not only require several different components to fabricate this large piece but will fill all of the seams with caulking.  Beneteau is an engineering company, not a marketing company.  Its ability to come up with something like this and mass produce it is its secret sauce.  Now how does something like this benefit the end-user and why should we care?  Put this boat out in 2-3’ (0.6 m to 0.9 m) seas and then you’ll notice the difference.  No creaking, no groaning — and more importantly — no leaking anywhere.    

Lower Deck

Beneteau Gran Turismo 45

As we make our way down below, there’s a glass door plus a sliding glass hatch on top.  The stairs are curved, providing a bit more room and plenty of grab handles to keep the transition safe. 


Beneteau Gran Turismo 45

Down below, Beneteau created an open and roomy atmosphere with a 6’7” (2.01 m) overhead clearance and plenty of natural light.   The galley is to port.   Starting from the top, there’s a microwave oven along with storage in the cabinets.  There’s a double basin stainless steel sink alongside the double burner cooktop.  The hullside window with an opening portlight provides the only ventilation, so an exhaust fan would be a nice addition.  More cabinet storage is below.  There’s a full-size fridge and freezer and the doors are lockable, a welcome feature when operating in a seaway.  There’s a single electrical outlet.  Certainly, more would be welcome.   

Beneteau Gran Turismo 45

Note the galley's storage above and below. 


Beneteau Gran Turismo 45

Dining is across to starboard and consists of C-shaped seating wrapping around a solid wood table on a fixed pedestal.  There’s an option for a hi-lo table for converting to another berth.


Beneteau Gran Turismo 45

Storage is above and the sides of another hullside window with an opening portlight. 

Third Stateroom Option

There’s an option for adding a bulkhead and door to turn this space into another cabin, making this a three-stateroom layout.  That option would include over-under berths.  Of course, it would sacrifice the dining area, but there’s still the dinette on the main deck, so is it really a sacrifice?  Probably not. 

Master Stateroom

The master stateroom is aft and there are a couple of steps down as we enter. The overhead is 7’8” (2.34 m) at the entrance.  The berth is centerline mounted.  It’s a full-beam stateroom so there are windows to both port and starboard.  Beneteau did a nice job ensuring that every bit of usable space is dedicated to storage.  There’s accent lighting behind the headboard.  As with the rest of this yacht, there’s an elevated level of fit and finish throughout this cabin. 

Beneteau Gran Turismo 45

The master stateroom is full beam with a centerline mounted berth. 

At the entrance is the master head.  It includes a hullside window with storage just above.  There's a vessel sink, synthetic flooring and a separate walk-in shower.

Day Head

Beneteau Gran Turismo 45

Just outside the VIP stateroom is the entrance to the day head.  Surprisingly, it’s fully featured, including a walk-in shower, not a wet head.  This also has a private entrance to the VIP stateroom just forward, so it also serves as an ensuite. 


Beneteau Gran Turismo 45

One of the day head's features is a walk-in shower.


Beneteau Gran Turismo 45

The VIP has the berth up against the hull sides with windows just above. 

This is laid out in the typical fashion of an island berth with hullside windows to both port and starboard with integrated portlights.  Storage lockers are to both sides and there’s a 24” (60.96 cm) TV.  The berth is a scissor-type, so we could separate it in case we have people staying here that might not be a couple.  And as mentioned above, there’s a private entrance to the ensuite. 


The helm is highlighted by a 16” (40.64 cm) Garmin display that also serves as the Volvo Penta glass dash, thereby eliminating the need for gauges.   Beneteau’s “Ship Control” is also taking place on this display.  This is a proprietary function that will allow us to control all the electrical features on the boat including the stereo controls.  Even with that functionality, there are still electrical switches to both sides of the display, as well as additional engine displays.  The bow thruster joystick is over to the right of the panel. 

Beneteau Gran Turismo 45

The helm incorporates Volvo Penta’s Glass Dash with a central multi-function display. 

A separate panel to the right houses the digital engine controls, the Lenco trim tabs and the IPS joystick.  Further back is an inductive charger for the cellphone and an air conditioning vent plus two more at the panel, which are connected to the 24,000 BTU air conditioning system.  And there’s a lot to be said for that huge single-piece windshield. 

Options to Consider

Comfort Trim Level

  • Tender launching system (winch and rollers)
  • 49 L Cockpit refrigerator
  • Audio Pack Fusion: Fusion RA210 + 2 Speakers • Garmin 12’’ Multifunction screen
  • Port and starboard sliding windows

Electronic Pack

  • Induction charging station (mobile telephone)
  • Ship control (web server)
  • Broadband 4G Garmin Fantom 18 radar
  • Garmin 8416 Multifunction screen + Depth sounder — in place of the 12’’ (30.48 cm)
  • Garmin autopilot
  • 315i VHF + Garmin 800 AIS

Premium Foredeck Pack

  • Forward sun deck: Retractable canopy
  • Forward sun deck: cushion + Protective cover + 2 cup holders
  • (Upholstery depending on the version)
  • Forward sun deck: Courtesy lighting

Sport Chic Pack

  • Wheel helm upgrade
  • Cockpit padding
  • Cockpit: LED strip
  • Interior: White-lacquer finished furniture


The Gran Turismo 45 has a good balance of interior and exterior spaces that's consistent with its mission statement.  She has a new level of finish from Beneteau with a timeless design that, in our opinion, is going to age gracefully.