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Caribiana Sea Skiffs (2020-)


Length Overall 23'
7.01 m
Beam 6’ 5''
1.95 m
Dry Weight 1,300 lbs.
590 kg
Draft Up 10''
.25 m
Draft Down 8''
.20 m
Fuel Capacity 21 gal.
79 L

Engine Options

Tested Engine

Captain's Report

Editor’s Report by Capt. Peter d’Anjou


The Caribiana Nassau.


Caribiana makes Caribbean-style skiffs finished to suit the owner’s taste.

Brief Summary

Caribiana Artisan Sea Skiffs are practical, hardworking, shallow-draft vessels with a touch of whimsy. Their look alone reflects a relaxed pace of life. They are customized with woodwork and colors to suit. With these 23' (7.01 m) fiberglass outboard powered boats, haul a lobster pot, land a fish, simply relax, or take friends to the beach.

Key Features

  • Teak or mahogany detailing
  • Shallow draft
  • Vibrant colors
  • Lap-strake look
  • Outboard-driven



The beauty of Caribiana is that they artfully customize woodwork to suit each owner.

Classic teak detailing and a graceful hull may disguise the hardworking boat beneath, but a Caribiana Sea Skiff is equally capable of hard-core fishing in the shallows as it is for taking in a sunset. It is a simple boat that doesn’t require a huge skill set - anyone can get on one and go.


Beautiful and relatively low maintenance teak detailing can be as elaborate or simple as the owner chooses.

While modeled after a Caribbean work skiff, the Caribiana can be customized with any amount of teak wood finish, which adds to its appeal. For that reason, Caribiana offers two models, the Nassau has simple teak accents and the Aruba has extensive woodwork – caprails, rubrails with rope inlay, console, and seat accents.

shallow draft

The graceful lines of a Caribiana mask the shallow draft and eight person practicality of the design.

Chosen for its consistent grain, teak is not just durable under harsh sea and weather conditions, but it’s also kind to bare feet, naturally resists slipping, and is easy to care for. Teak requires little maintenance as it contains natural oils that prevent it from rotting, even when left unfinished and exposed to the weather. Caribiana also offers finished mahogany for owners that want even richer colors of reds and browns. Mahogany also costs less than teak.

The mission of these boats is to provide a practical Caribbean-style skiff personalized by an artisan for the owner an heirloom boat that is unique in a sea of sameness.


The rubrail of a Caribiana with its traditional rope inlay is distinctive.

Distinguishing Features

  • Artisan-finished woodworking

Major Features

  • Eight passenger capacity
  • Center console-style helm
  • 70-hp Yamaha outboard
  • 30 mph speeds
  • Capable of towing water toys


aruba model

This is an Aruba model Caribiana. Note the helm seat and console, side bench seats with storage below, and the raised bow seating platform with storage below the cushions.

This section is retold from a Caribiana press release:

In the early 1990s, Lynn Rabren, a boat-loving documentary photographer, took a trip to Trinidad and became enamored by the striking beauty of the Caribbean’s handcrafted wooden fishing skiffs. Unable to find a match in the American market, he began emulating the design by building a few artisan skiffs for family and friends and eventually grew it into a business which he sold in 2008.


Much of the Caribiana’s appeal begins with the long, graceful lines that start low at the transom then sweep forward into a high, proud, distinctive bow. This upward sweep also unveils the classic lap-strake hull design of old.


The lines of the Caribiana have a graceful, relaxed, timeless quality to them.

In 2017, a Caribiana sea skiff caught the eye of Scott Anderton. Struck by the long, graceful lines of the distinctive bow, the high-grade teak finishes, and the exquisite details, Scott purchased a used Caribiana. “I have owned many boats over the years, but none of them have ever gotten the looks, stares, and questions I get in my Caribiana” said Scott. “The first year I owned it, dozens of people asked where I got it and where they could get one.” I thought to myself, “If this many people love it like me, why don’t they build these skiffs anymore?"  

So in early 2019, Scott, along his brother Kevin, seeing that there was a demand for the skiffs, set out on a mission to bring Caribiana back to life. The Anderton’s acquired Lynn Rabren’s molds and relaunched Caribiana.  


Caribianas are now built in Pascagoola, Mississippi in a small batch production facility with a capacity for up to 40 skiffs per year with plans to expand as demand increases. The fiberglass hulls are gelcoated in female molding with their distinctive lap-strake look and a fiberglass liner provides the interior. Gifted artisans finish the boat to order.


The teak accented interior of a Caribiana Aruba is available in an oil or gloss finish.

Boat Specifications

BoatTEST has not tested the Carbiana at the time of this editor's report.

The Caribiana is 23' (7.01 m) long with a 6’5” (1.95 m) beam and a draft of 8" to 10" (.20 m to .25 m). It comes standard with a 70-hp Yamaha that, according to the builder, reaches a top speed of 30 mph and has enough power for watersports towing.

Caribianas weigh 1,300 lbs. (590 kg) and include an integral 21-gallon (79 L) stainless steel fuel tank.

Equipment Discussion

helm seats

Helm seats are one area that can be highly customized.

People are personalizing boats with optional upgrades like premium audio systems and larger Biminis. Some even want trim tabs, although Caribiana tells us the boat planes quite easily without them.


This is an example of an optional “Grand Cayman” helm with bronze accents.


Choice of Gelcoat colors is included in the base price of a Caribiana skiff.


The base price for a Caribiana Nassau model is $49,900.

It includes choice of gelcoat color, engine, trailer, Bimini, and Fusion audio, a fiberglass center console with teak accents, and a single fiberglass helm seat with teak backrest and seat cushion.

The base price for a Caribiana Aruba model is $64,900.

The Aruba includes the same standard features as above, plus

  • Oil-finished teak rubrail
  • Caprail, breastplate and inwale with rope rubrail inlay
  • Oil-finished teak floorboards and aft grate
  • Two teak side seat backrests
  • Oil-finished teak helm seat backrest
  • Oil-finished teak drink holders

Optional Equipment to Consider

back rests

Simple backrests, whether sunbrella or teak invite people aboard.

Nassau Options:

  • Oil-finished teak rubrail and rope rubrail inlay ($2,895)
  • Oil-finished teak rubrail, cap rail, inwale, breastplate and
  • rope rubrail inlay ($5,895)
  • Oil-finished teak floorboards ($1,875)
  • Oil-finished teak center jump seat ($395)
  • Two oil-finished reak side seat backrests ($450)
  • Side seat cushions - Sunbrella fabric ($1,495)
  • Bow cushion - Sunbrella fabric ($995)
  • 10' Bimini upgrade ($795)
  • Console cover ($495)
  • Mooring cover - Tan Aqualon Edge ($950)
  • Engine hydrofoil ($225)
  • Lenco 9" x 9" trim tabs /LED switch ($1,400)
  • Yamaha 6YC info station added to Simrad – dual screen system upgrade ($1,100)
  • JL audio sound system - 4 speaker, amp and sub-woofer upgrade ($3,500)
  • 5 Classic Faria Analog Gauge system (replaces Simrad) ($295)
  • Helmsman compass ($295)
  • Hi-gloss finished teak (only if teak is added) ($995)
  • No Aluminum Trailer (credit) ($2,100)
  • Delivery (0 to 200 miles - free / 200 to 500 miles - $500 / over 500 mi - $1,000+)


family friends

Regardless of the amount of detail desired in a Caribiana, there is room for family and friends.

We are happy to see a simple boat that makes people turn their heads in appreciation and a builder that shares their customer’s passion.

The Caribiana is a bay boat with style that is rugged and simple underneath and the woodwork is something that can be appreciated and passed on to future generations.