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Cruisers Yachts 330 Express (2009-2010)

Brief Summary

Cruisers Yachts 330 Express has one small thing we don’t like and lots of big things we do. For the “not like” list, Cruisers seems to be joining the ranks of the builders that like to confuse and assign model names that don’t match the boat. Thus, we have a 330 Express that’s not 33’ but actually 35' 6'' (10.8 m). For the “like” list, way up at the top is that we found the boat to be much roomier than we expected, even for a 35’ boat with an identity crisis. And with standard features like heat and air conditioning and a windlass, the boat comes pretty attractively packaged too. And we could go on all day about her good looks. It seems Cruisers Yachts has another winner on their hands with the 330 Express.