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Donzi 41 GT (2019-)

3 x 400-hp Mercury Racing

Brief Summary

The Donzi 41 GT (Grand Touring) is the first release of a new genre of upscale luxury day boats from Donzi. She can be powered with Mercury’s supercharged Verado engines in twin 350R, twin 400R or triple 400R configurations. Donzi makes it clear that comfort and speed should be the first words that come to mind with the 41 GT. Her ample length, sleek 10’ (3.05 m) beam and all that horsepower, give this boat a fast, fun attitude.

Key Features

  • High performance Mercury 380 K Plane trim tabs
  • Double stepped hull
  • Side-mounted dive door

Test Results

600 5.5 4.7 2.1 2.6 2.3 701 609.3 56
1000 7.5 6.5 4.8 1.6 1.4 422 366.8 60
1500 9.3 8 6.9 1.3 1.2 362 314.7 66
2000 11.7 10.2 8.1 1.4 1.3 390 339.1 72
2500 19.4 16.8 11.4 1.7 1.5 458 398.5 76
3000 27.5 23.9 17.1 1.6 1.4 433 376.9 81
3500 34.7 30.1 21.9 1.6 1.4 427 371.5 80
4000 39.4 34.3 24.8 1.6 1.4 430 373.8 81
4500 45.3 39.4 30.6 1.5 1.3 400 347.6 80
5000 58.1 50.5 45.3 1.3 1.1 346 300.9 81
5500 59.4 51.6 47.4 1.3 1.1 338 294 82
6000 72.2 62.7 72.2 1 0.9 270 234.8 89
6500 76.2 66.3 94.5 0.8 0.7 218 189.3 89
7000 81 70.4 113.7 0.7 0.6 192 167.3 90


Length Overall 40' 6'' / 12.34 m
Beam 9' 8''
2.95 m
Dry Weight 9,500 lbs.
4,309 kg
Tested Weight 10,405 lbs.
4,720 kg
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance 98''
2.49 m
Fuel Capacity 300 gal.
1,136 L
Water Capacity 30 gal.
114 L
Total Weight 10,405 lbs.
4,720 kg


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 3.4 sec.
0 to 30 7.2 sec.
Ratio N/A
Props 26P Bravo1
Load 3 persons, 1/6 fuel, no water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 42 deg., 28 humid; wind: 20-25 mph; seas: 1-2

Engine Options

Tested Engine 3 x 400-hp Mercury Racing
Std. Power Not Available
Opt. Power 2 x 350-hp Mercury Verado
2 x 400-hp Mercury Verado
3 x 400-hp Mercury Verado

Captain's Report

Contents of Report

Donzi 41 GT

The Donzi 41 GT likes lots of throttle.


The 41 GT is spearheading a new generation of Donzis, according to the builder, that will bring a previously unseen level of versatility and redefine the big watersport boat.

Donzi 41 GT

The Donzi 41 GT looks fast even when she’s standing still.

Major Features

  • Head with holding tank
  • Media master MM100s audio source unit
  • Underwater RGB lights
  • LED cockpit courtesy lights with programmable color changes
  • Cockpit entertainment center with sink and storage
  • Stern chaise seating
  • Center transom walkthrough
  • Side-mounted dive door with fold-out swim steps

Donzi 41 GT running

The Donzi 41 GT has good visibility forward without a drooping bow.


The Donzi 41 GT has a 9’8” (2.95 m) beam and a dry weight of 9,500 lbs. (4,309 kg). With three people onboard and 50 gallons (189 L) of fuel on board, the test weight of the boat was estimated to be 10,405 lbs. (4,720 kg).

She was powered by three Mercury Verado Racing engines developing 400-hp each. The 2.6 liter, in-line 6 cylinder has a supercharged, cold air intake and charge air cooling plus electronic boost pressure control. Our test boat was fitted with 26P Bravo1 FS, four bladed props.

Donzi 41 GT running

The positive-lift, double step hull throws a surprisingly shallow and short wake for a boat of her size.

We recorded a top speed of 81 mph at 7000 rpm. She is one of the fastest boats in class that we have ever tested.

Best cruise came at 4000 rpm where she averaged 39.4 mph, burned 24.8 gph getting 1.6 miles per gallon for a range of 430 statute miles, all while holding back a 10% fuel reserve in her HD Aluminum - 300 gallon, Diurnal, EPA-compliant tank.

Donzi 41GT powered by 3x Mercury Verado 400R Engines

Donzi 41 GT

At speed, up on the second step, the bow appears to be way out of the water but a lot of that is due to hull design. In fact, the bow rides surprisingly flat once she’s up on a step.


We recorded 0 to 20 mph in 5.4 seconds, hitting 30 mph in 7.2 seconds. These are impressive times for a boat of this size, they were undoubtedly due to her three supercharged engines developing prodigious low-end torque turning the four-bladed 26” pitch props.


Donzi 41 GT

The Donzi 41 GT may be at her best cutting tight turns for no reason other than how great it feels.

We tested the 41 GT in protected waters, with 1 to 2’ (.30 m to .61 m) seas and 20 to 25 knots of breeze. These conditions were hardly a challenge for the Donzi Double Stepped Hull. She cut through the bumpy chop like it was flat water at sunrise.

The three, 26” x 15.25” 4 blade props probably had something to do with the smoothness and stability of the ride. We didn’t make adjustments to the height of the engines but Mercury Racing suggests they can be raised as much as an inch. Improving the angle of attack produces a much smoother ride, they say. As it was, our test boat was completely unfazed by the surface chop we encountered.

Donzi calls its 41 GT a big watersport boat. With 1200 horses cranking three, 4 blade props, she goes where you point her and she gets there quickly. Slam the throttle down and she’ll jump up on a plane before the boats nearby hear the engine revs go up.

Donzi 41 GT docking

Docking 41’ (12.50 m) of performance can be a daunting task for even the most accomplished helmsmen, but the Donzi 41 GT responded well to controls in-close thanks to her joystick.

Donzi 41 GT props

Three, 4-blade props give the 41 GT the traction she needs to disappear over the horizon quickly.

Boat Inspection

The Stern

Donzi 41 GT stern

A go-fast boat should live up to that name so we were happy to test a Donzi 41 GT that was fully powered.

Donzi 41 GT jack plates

Power adjustable jack plates allow each engine to be raised or lowered independently.

Each engine has its own rigging tube that makes for a clean installation. Two pairs of removable hydraulic lines connect steering controls to the steering arms.

Donzi 41 GT engine

Donzi accommodates steering for the optional third engine by connecting it to the center engine with a tie bar.

Donzi 41 GT swim step

The port side swim step is visible beside the outer engine on the port side.

The 41 GT’s engines are framed by swim platforms on both sides. Both platforms are covered with an optional, simulated teak and holly surface material that the company calls Plasteak. A side mount, stowable transom ladder and a Garelick four-step, slide-in ladder make it easy for swimmers to re-board the boat.

Donzi 41 GT transom

Plenty of space for walking along the transom.

A walkspace spans the distance between the swim steps and features continuous, solid footing. In fact, as we enter the cockpit we notice that a single-level sole extends all the way from the swim platform to the cabin.

Donzi 41 GT

No steps up or down to stub toes.

The Cockpit

Aft-facing, self-draining, wet storage compartments occupy the spaces on either side of a center transom walkthrough. Both lockers are accessible through molded doors that form the contour of the topside. They open on gas-assist lift supports.

Donzi 41 GT gasket

Rounded contour and gasket protect items in the stern lockers from getting wet.

A shore power plug is mounted inside the starboard locker. The port locker is home to the freshwater filler and wash down bib. Pull up cleats on both sides are accessible yet out of the way.

Donzi 41 GT chaise lounge

These are the only aft-facing chaise lounges we would approve of riding on at speed, thanks to their design with the backrest pad aft. Seated forward or aft, they should be safe.

Chaise lounges in the aft section of the cockpit can be used for forward or aft facing seating. The horizontal surface on each seat measures 44” x 31” (1.12 m x .78 m). Cockpit seating aft of the helm is constructed of a one-piece, fiberglass module on each side, allowing Donzi to offer different seating options in future configurations of the 41 GT.

Donzi 41 GT

Plenty of space below the chaise for fenders, swim toys or other gear.

A grab rail, speaker, and recessed cubby with drink holders are set into the bulwarks above both seats. Each seat has a storage locker underneath, again with a gas assist strut holding the lid open.

Donzi 41 GT locker

The starboard locker houses shore power breakers and the AC electrical panel.

Our test boat had an optional ProSafe FS Galvanic Isolator.

The walkway between the seating modules is 22” (.56 m). Another lifting lid, storage locker with flush mount hardware is cut into the sole between the seats.

Donzi 41 GT

Batteries and battery switches are located under the deck apron around the edges of this compartment.

Twin engines come standard with a triple battery bank. Triple engines come with four batteries. The battery charging system is standard.

Donzi 41 GT hatches

Lockers with latched hatches separate the chaises and the middle seating on both sides. The hatches open outward into the cockpit area.

Donzi 41 GT settees

There is 33” (.83 m) between the two settees. A table can be placed here when entertaining.

Moving forward, twin L-shaped lounge seating with storage and table make up the forward part of the seating module. Open space between the two facing seats increases to 33” (.84 m).

Donzi 41 GT bolster

The padded bolster enables people to sit side-by-side facing the opposite seat.

A padded bolster backrest lines the bulwark just below the gunnel. It’s at the height someone would need for back support but it isn’t a full backrest. Speakers, charging ports, and drink holders are located in the open bulwarks.

Donzi 41 GT storage

More storage below the middle seats on both sides.

Just forward of the bench seating on the starboard side there’s a grab rail, some valuable counter space, and more drink holders. Below the counter is a refrigerated drawer.

Donzi 41 GT sink

A pop-up faucet and stainless steel basin make cockpit entertaining and clean up easy.

Thirty-one inches of space separates the starboard portion of this seating module from cabinetry that is nearly identical in size and shape on the port side. A sink with pressurized fresh water is recessed into the countertop. Below is an additional refrigerated drawer.

Donzi 41 GT drink cooler

Drinks and food are cooled in the cockpit where they are needed most.

Donzi has made sure customers get full entertainment quality out of the Media Master system. It drives an 800 Watt, 8 channel marine class D amplifier. Sound comes from 10 titanium black, M-Series coaxial speakers. It also has a 10” (.25 m), M-Series subwoofer. Each speaker has an LED ring to add some fun color to the awesome sound. The system comes with three remotes, one each in the transom, cockpit, and cabin.

The Helm

Donzi 41 GT speaker

Speakers like this one beside the passenger’s seat are located around the cockpit to ensure the fullness of their sound.

Moving forward to the command center, the observer gets a lockable glove box with 12V receptacle, audio port, and stereo control. Again, Donzi makes good use of the bulwark recess below the gunwale for two beverage holders, charging ports, and a sturdy grab handle. Notice the beautiful fit-and-finish, padded, double stitched all-weather material, spanning the entire helm seating area.

Donzi 41 GT helm

The helmsman controls all the boat’s systems easily without ever having to change position.

On the driver’s side, Donzi has embraced the glass cockpit concept. A 9” Garmin display fits easily beside the 5” Mercury Vessel View display just below the windshield on our test boat. A bank of accessory switches mounted in double rows, light when activated.

The windlass control and three ignitions are mounted below the VesselView Display. The Gussi Sport steering wheel is mounted to a tilt base and connects to the hydraulic Sea Star steering system.

Donzi 41 GT

No worries about mistaking a light switch for a pump switch. They’re separated for easy identification.

To the right, just below the gunwale, another bank of lighted switches run the pumps. A recessed bulwark area houses the Mercury digital throttle and shift, and the jack plate controls. There are individual and collective controls for the High Performance Mercury 380 K Plane trim tabs.

Donzi 41 GT helm seats

Sport helm seats feature flip-up bolsters and a ribbed backrest for added comfort.

Donzi 41 GT windscreen

The custom 3/4" acrylic windscreen is sturdy. It provides excellent visibility, protection from the wind, and is safer than glass.

The Cabin

Every part of the boat we’ve seen aft of the windscreen is used for on-deck comfort. The 41 GT’s lines provide a clue about the space down below in the bow. It’s compact but very efficient.

Donzi 41 GT below decks

Below decks is a cozy getaway.

Two steps down, the locking hatch between the helm seats opens to the cabin with a headroom clearance of 4’7” (1.39 m). The cabin has a fiberglass liner.

While some boats provide miniature versions of sleeping berths and galleys, the 41 GT doesn’t even pretend – because it is a day boat, and not for overnighting.

Donzi 41 GT cabin

Looking forward to the below-decks cabin.

The cabin has well-padded, wrap-around seating for six to eight people. Cushions lift up to reveal plenty of storage below the seats. Obviously, two people could sleep here in a pinch.

Donzi 41 GT air conditioning

Optional air conditioning uses this vent to cool the cabin in seconds.

A designer glass sink sits mounted in a solid surface countertop directly to starboard as you enter the cabin. Pressurized freshwater comes from a 30 gallon (114 L) tank. Storage is located above and below the sink.

Donzi 41 GT head

Some guests will be overjoyed to learn the Donzi 41 GT has a fully functional, flushing head.

A head is hidden away below the filler between the port and starboard settees. All the way forward in the cabin, a sliding accent headboard provides access to the anchor locker.

Deck, Hull, Exterior

Donzi 41 GT docked

Like a beautiful model, the Donzi 41 GT doesn’t have a bad angle.

Design and style are two hallmarks of the Donzi brand so we should take a look at the hull and topsides. Donzi’s Double Z Step hull creates the muscular look the brand is so well-known for. A 9’8” (2.95 m) beam on a 41’ (12.50 m) boat gives the bow a long, lean profile.

Donzi 41 GT profile

Low slung topsides in the stern have a characteristic of an offshore racer as the lines continue to the bow.

Donzi 41 GT foredeck

The foredeck has a grab rail recessed along the centerline, offering a low profile and minimum protection to the otherwise unprotected, glossy surface.

Donzi 41 GT headboard

The sliding, designer headboard reveals more storage and ports for emergency anchor locker access.

Avoid navigating the foredeck by accessing the anchor rode and windlass two ways. First, there’s plenty of room to work through the sliding hatch in the forward part of the cabin.

Donzi 41 GT windlass

Windlass controls on a curly cord allow anchor crew to move during windlass operation.

If deck access is necessary, there’s an anchor locker hatch cut into the bow. Also find two more pull-up cleats on either side of the bow. The anchor through-hull striker plate protects the stem.

Donzi 41 GT anchor

The anchor sits firmly against the striker plate until it’s time to lower.


A robust evolution in Donzi’s operations that included moving production to Iconic Marine’s Washington, NC base, hasn’t altered the company’s commitment to quality construction. The 41 GT features a composite and FRP stringer grid for strength, flexibility, and light weight. The grid includes no wood. The deck, hull, and stringer grid are all bonded.

Donzi 41 GT detail

A quick look into the parts of the boat most people don’t see reveals Donzi’s attention to detail.

Donzi construction quality isn’t all hidden in the structural parts of the boat. All fiberglass surfaces are smooth with rich textures. Peak into the corners or under the hatches to see the true quality of the fiberglass finishes.

Donzi 41 GT perfect

Every topside item and surface is crafted to perfection.

All the fittings are high quality stainless steel. Every visible hinge, grab handle or other piece of hardware appears to have been designed for aesthetics and manufactured for strength and durability. All the upholstery is made of the highest quality material with double or triple stitching.

Donzi 41 GT nmma

The Donzi 41 GT has received NMMA ABYC certification.

Donzi 41 GT cockpit

The 41 GT’s cockpit is nothing short of seductive.

Options to Consider

  • Air conditioning with 30 amp dockside and Lithium Package
  • Air conditioning with inverter and 30 amp dockside
  • Add XM radio ready option
  • XM weather option (Includes XM radio ready option)
  • Seats and dash covers
  • Plasteak flooring option with teak and holly
  • Optimus 360 with Sea Station - triple engines only
  • Mercury JPO Piloting - triple engines only

Upholstery Colors

  • Cream base
  • Grey base
  • Tan base
  • White base

41 GT Design Selection

  • Champagne
  • White Currant
  • Thunder Grey base
  • Bronze

Gel Coat/Paint Colors

  • Silver/Alloy
  • Silver/White
  • Silver/Black Cherry
  • Silver/Sapphire
  • Aspen White/Silver
  • Aspen White/Alloy
  • Aspen White/Black Cherry
  • Aspen White/Sapphire
  • Sapphire/Silver
  • Sapphire/White
  • Black Cherry/Alloy
  • Black Cherry/Silver
  • Black Cherry/White
  • Alloy/White
  • Awlgrip paint
  • Metallic paint
  • Black hull bottom-gel coat
  • Custom graphics

Engine Package

  • Twin Mercury Verado 350
  • Twin Mercury Verado 400
  • Triple Mercury Verado 400

Engine Paint

  • Accent engine paint
  • Full engine paint


MSRP: $469,300

Donzi 41 GT logo

Even the Donzi logo adds to the 41 GT’s design.


This new luxury performance model has the undeniable Donzi DNA and style. Offshore powerboat creator, Don Aronow, started the Donzi legacy with a 16’ (4.88 m) rocket quickly labeled "The Sweet 16". The 41 GT carries the familiar Donzi swagger that Aronow was uniquely capable of creating.

The Donzi 41 GT isn’t for everyone. Boaters who crave speed, comfort, and who want to make a statement will be drawn to the 41 GT. While she is intended to impress, she also is surprisingly functional for a boat in this class. Her aft chaise lounges are ideal for sunning even while underway. Her dive door and ladder are made for watersports, and her mid-section facing bench seats are an ideal place for a picnic or cocktails in the evening. The icing on the cake is her retreat below decks.