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Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider (2023-)

3 x 350-hp Mercury V10 Verado

Brief Summary

From stem to stern, everything about the Formula Crossover Bowrider series is designed to meet the needs of those looking for a large, luxurious Bowrider with comfortable overnight capabilities. The Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider is the pinnacle of this innovative combination.

Test Results

650 3.5 3.04 2.7 1.3 1.36 294 286.9 68
1000 6.7 5.82 5.1 1.31 1.37 298 273.7 71
1500 9.3 8.08 9 1.03 1.07 234 228.6 71
2000 10.7 9.3 15.4 0.69 0.72 158 135.2 80
2500 12.2 10.6 18.3 0.67 0.7 151 176.5 81
3000 17 14.8 22.6 0.75 0.78 171 185.1 83
3500 30.8 26.8 28.7 1.07 1.12 243 235.8 82
4000 36.5 31.7 35.5 1.03 1.07 233 246.1 84
4500 42.4 36.8 42.9 0.99 1.03 224 189 84
5000 47 40.8 48.6 0.97 1.01 219 184.8 88
5500 52.7 45.8 70.9 0.74 0.77 169 141.8 87
6000 57.7 50.1 80.7 0.71 0.74 162 131.7 88
6422 60.7 52.8 89.8 0.68 0.71 153 N/A 88
Formula 350 CBR Perf Chart


Length Overall 35'
10.67 m
Beam 10' 9"
3.28 m
Dry Weight 14,050 lbs.
6,373 kg
Tested Weight 15,507 lbs.
7,034 kg
Draft 39"
.99 m
Deadrise/Transom 21 deg
Bridge Clearance 6' 10"
2.08 m
Fuel Capacity 252 gal
954 L
Water Capacity 29 gal
110 L
Total Weight 15,507 lbs.
7,034 kg

Acceleration Times & Conditions

0 to 30 5.9
Props REV X 22"
Load 3 persons; 100 gal. fuel; 50 lb gear
Climate 75 deg., 60 humid; wind: 5-10 mph, seas:<1

Engine Options

Tested Engine 3 x 350-hp Mercury V10 Verado
Std. Power 3 x 350-hp Mercury V10 Verado

Captain's Report

Contents of Report

Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider

We tested the Formula 350 CBR with triple 350-hp Mercury V10 Verados. 

Brief Summary

The Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider OB is every bit the upscale sport boat in combination with Formula prestige and plus an owner's personal touch and is now available in twin sterndrive and triple outboard power. She capitalizes on two strong trends in boating today: the move from sterndrive power to outboard power and the added utility of creating cuddy accommodations in a boat that is otherwise a large bowrider. Since the 350 Crossover Bowrider helped to start the trend to accommodations in a traditional bowrider, it’s fitting that it should help lead the way with outboard power in class, as well. 

We first tested her in 2017 with triple 350-hp 2.6 L V6 Mercury Verados, which got a big boost from their superchargers. Turning  4-blade 14 1/2"D x 19"P props, that combo planed in 5.4 seconds, reached 30 mph in 9.0 seconds and had a top speed of 58.2 mph. Best cruise was at 3500-4000 rpm: at both settings, she got 1.2 MPG.

Given these impressive results, we were particularly interested to get our hands on a 2023 model equipped with Mercury’s muscular new-generation, naturally-aspirated V10 350s. The 695-lb. motors are a bit heavier than the V6s they replace, which weighed 668 lbs. each. 

The advantages of the new V10s are detailed in our report charts below, but basically, the new motors were faster at the top end with a top speed of 60.7 mph vs. 58.2 mph for the V6s, likely the result of the added pitch in the Mercury Revolution-X 22” pitch props as well as the added displacement of the outboards. 

The new motors planed the boat a bit slower at 5.9 seconds, again likely the result of turning the 22” props, 3” more pitch than with the earlier model of the 350 Verados. 

Most economical cruise was at 3500 rpm, at which she got 1.07 mpg and ran 30.8 mph. Interestingly, the earlier supercharged V6s had a slight edge here, delivering 1.2 mpg at both 3500 rpm and 28.3 mph and at 4000 rpm and 36.4 mph.

Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider

In addition to the sheer size of the Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider is the creative cabin below the bridge deck. She combines the overnight accommodations of a pocket cruiser, a huge seating area forward like a mega deckboat and an express cruiser bridge deck.

Mission Statement

The Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider provides her owner with a versatile boat that can be used for entertaining, sunning and beach outings, plenty of speed to cover long distances fast, and an overnighting capability for weekend cruising. Powered by triple outboards instead of conventional sterndrives, she offers the performance and ease of maintenance that consumers want, and the bracket-mounted outboards can be trimmed completely clear of the water, a plus for boats left in the water for extended periods.

New 350-hp Mercury V10 Verado

The new 350-hp Mercury V10 Verado.

Our test boat was powered by three Mercury 350-hp V10 outboards attached to Armstrong brackets. The new engine design, with lots more displacement and elimination of supercharger components, is expected to be a fast and highly dependable power system for boats like this one. 

Distinguishing Features

  • A Large, Versatile Bowrider — The bow seating was designed for riding, sunning, and entertaining and is huge and innovative.
  • Offset Access to the Bow — A passageway to the bow on the port-hand side, a departure from most bowriders.
  • Cabin to Accommodate a Couple on Overnights — With a double bed below, mini galley, stand-up wet head, and storage, this bowrider is also a functioning cuddy or pocket cruiser.
  • Copious Storage — By putting the engines outside the boat, the 350 Crossover Bowrider OB has opened up a large area in the stern for all sorts of storage and added equipment.
  • Formula Painted Exterior — Formula remains the only builder in class that paints its hulls which is why they always look like the shiniest boats in the marina.
  • Highest Quality in Class — Formula is at the pinnacle of quality in class in virtually all areas of boat construction.


The Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider has a length overall of 35’ (10.7 m), a beam of 10'9" (3.3 m), and a draft of 39” (99 cm). With an empty weight of 14,050 lbs. (6,373 kg), 100 gallons (378.54 L) of fuel, three people onboard and test gear, we had an estimated test weight of 15,507 lbs. (7,034 kg).

Top Speed. With triple 350-hp Mercury Verado engines driving SS Revolution-X 4-blade 14-1/2” x 22” props, we reached a top speed at 6422 RPM of 60.7 mph.

Best cruise came in at 3500 rpm and 30.8 mph. That produced a fuel burn of 28.7 gph which the 350 could maintain for 7.9 hours and/or 243 statute miles in flat water, with a 10% reserve on her 252-gallon (954 L) tankage.

Formula 350 CBR OB running

We tested the boat in flat water in the ICW for maximum speed and fuel consumption and offshore for overall handling.


As is typical with every Formula boat we’ve tested, the 350 Crossover Bowrider has the same characteristic nimble sportboat handling we’ve come to expect. She was responsive to the helm and had no problem handling any maneuvers that we put her through. She handles every bit as well as her near sister does with sterndrives.

Offshore. With 3’ to 4’ seas offshore during our sea trials, she tracked perfectly in head, beam and following seas. She had a solid, comfortable feel at all reasonable speeds, thanks to her 21-degree deadrise at the transom. We heard no creaking or squeaking of interior bulkheads or cabinetry at speed as we crashed through waves.

We ran the inlet several times and were amazed that not a drop of water got on the windshield. We have tried in previous tests of the 350 Crossover Bowrider sterndrive versions and were never able to get water on the windshield. This is a dry boat with outboards or sterndrives.

She went from a standing stop to 30 mph in 5.4 seconds, considerably quicker than the V6-powered version we tested earlier, which took 9.0 seconds.

Formula 350 CBR OB running

Running a notorious inlet, we slammed the 350 Crossover Bowrider into seas and her hull threw the water aside as can be seen in this photo. Not a drop got on the windshield or inside the boat. 
Formula 350 CBR OB running

The 350's deep-V hull and sharp entry were refined years ago in offshore racing and have changed little over the years. Note how the running strakes and hard chine throw the water aside. 
Formula 350 CBR OB running

Coming off of waves and slamming down did not bother either the boat or crew. The former because of her stout construction and the latter because of the boat’s 21-degree deadrise at the transom. 
Formula 350 CBR OB running

Our captain reports that she tracked “straight and true” in head, beam and following seas. 

Comparison with Sterndrive Power

We have made two tests of the Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider with sterndrive engines, one powered by twin MerCruiser 430-hp 8.2 L H.O. sterndrives with Bravo III props, and one powered by twin 430-hp Ilmor 6.2 L engines driving through Ilmor’s One Drive with dual props. These two boats had a top speed of 56.6 mph and 56.0, respectively, in our tests.

So, the 860-hp sterndrive-powered boats were not quite as fast as the 1200-hp outboard-powered 350 Crossover Bowrider by about 2 mph. But there was a big difference between the 350 Crossover Bowrider sterndrives compared to the OB version — the outboard-powered boat was about 6,000 lbs. (40%) heavier!

Not Apples-to-Apples. Boats this size are remarkably weight sensitive. While tests such as these are never apples-to-apples, it is clear that the 350 Crossover Bowrider with triple outboards has a lot more grit than her sterndrive near sisters.

Formula 350 CBR OB running

Even though she's a relatively large boat, the 350 Crossover Bowrider handled like a small sportboat.

Our outboard boat had a hardtop, which was not only heavy but also presented more windage than the sterndrive half-sisters we tested.

Other things might change, too. For example, Formula has increased the size of the fuel tank to 252 gallons (954 L) from 172 gallons (651 L). All that empty space in the stern can be filled with more amenities, such as a 5 kW Kohler generator. Plus, the beefy Armstrong bracket is not light. It all adds up. In light of all of this extra weight, the 2 mph improvement with the extra 340 horses does not seem inconsequential.

Formula 350 CBR OB engines

Ilmor 430-hp 6.2 L sterndrives were the most fuel-efficient in our comparison based on our tests but were not the fastest rig.

Best Cruise Comparison. The 6.2L Ilmor rig was slightly more fuel efficient at best cruise compared to the MerCruiser 8.2 L H.O. power. It burned 19.6 gph getting 1.3 mpg at 30.8 mph at 3500 rpm compared to the MerCruisers’ 24.3 gph getting 1.2 mpg going 29.4 mph at 3000 rpm.

The triple Mercury V10 outboards burned 28.7 gph at best cruise, getting 1.07 mpg going 30.8 mph at 3500 rpm. On a miles-per-gallon basis, all three models were remarkably close. For this reason, engine selection and type of power will likely be based on other factors for most buyers.

Noisy? – Not! Traditionally, one of the objections to outboard power is that they are noisy compared to sterndrives or inboards.

Our test data indicates that the triple Mercury Verados were actually quieter than both of the sterndrive 350s that we tested.

Features Walkthrough

Formula 350 CBR OB outboard engines

All outboard engine rigging comes through the transom into the Armstrong brackets and stays off the deck. The arrows at left point to the emergency re-boarding ladder at the bottom, which can be deployed by a person in the water, as required by ABYC standards. The arrow above points to the bracket to which the watersports re-boarding ladder is attached. A handy detail on the sterndrive version is a stainless steel rail along the aft edge of the stern platform where swimmers can hang on. We’d like to see small versions of that port and starboard on the platform sides.

A handy detail on the sterndrive version is a stainless steel rail along the aft edge of the stern platform where swimmers can hang on. We’d like to see small versions of that port and starboard on the platform sides. 

Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider

The swim platform measures 2’6” (.77 m) fore and aft. Watersports can be launched from the ends of the 9’ (2.77 m) swim platform.


This is where the 350 Crossover Bowrider differs from the sterndrive version. With three big outboards hanging on the Armstrong brackets nestled under the swim platform, important real estate is occupied. For most people, this is the biggest negative of the outboard option. Formula has done its best to ameliorate the situation with its existing tooling by making the swim platform 2’6” (0.76 m) fore and aft and 9” (0.23 m) wide. This deck is kept clear of hoses and other outboard rigging, thanks to the Armstrong brackets and the fact that all outboard rigging is run through three large openings in the transom under the swim platform.

Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider

The three outboard engines could be tilted completely out of the water — an important feature that no sterndrive boat can claim.

Nevertheless, the only entry points off the stern platform are at the ends, port and starboard. There is no integral boarding ladder as we might find on a sterndrive version, except for an emergency slide-out ladder that is an ABYC safety requirement. The boat’s main swim ladder is stowed in what would otherwise be the engine compartment.

Formula 350 CBR OB aft sunpad

Under the aft sun pad is storage space ideal for fenders, dock lines and deflated water toys.

The aft sun pad measures 74” x 44” (1.88 m x 1.12 m), which is almost the size of a double bed and offers plenty of space for two or three people to sun and lounge. The backrest for the settee in the cockpit is articulated and serves triple duty as a backrest for the cockpit, chaise rests for the sun pad or sun pad extension.

Formula 350 CBR OB sun pad

The 350 Crossover Bowrider’s aft sun pad is large and will be one of the most popular spots on the boat.

Formula 350 CBR OB seating

The cockpit seating’s aft back rests have three positions so they can serve triple duty — forward facing seated back rest, and two chaise lounge positions facing aft.

Stern Amenities

It is hard to think of any amenities that have been left off the stern of the 350 Crossover Bowrider. To port is a stereo remote that can be reached from the water, as well as a shower wand with hot and cold fresh water to port next to the transom entrance gate. Here, too, is the freshwater engine flush — one fitting handles water to all three engines.

Formula 350 CBR OB accessories

From left to right: stereo remote, shower wand, and freshwater flush nozzle for the outboards.

Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider

To starboard in the side bulwarks are two shore power receptacles and a freshwater intake. On the transom is an LED light that comes on when the engine is running and blinks clockwise when the engine is in gear — a nice safety feature that we’d like to see on all boats of this type.
Formula 350 CBR OB led light

The LED light fixture on the transom is lit when the engine is on and then rotates when the engines are in gear to signal that people are in the water.


Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider

The cockpit is fabricated from a continuous molded fiberglass liner and features Formula’s contoured seating with additional supports in the lumbar area as well as behind the knees. No less than 24 drink holders are scattered throughout the bow and cockpit and storage is under most seats and in the deck.
Formula 350 CBR OB table mount

The cockpit with in-deck mount for the table.

Formula 350 CBR OB storage

Storage is everywhere in the cockpit of the 350 Crossover Bowrider, including under the carpet in a bin.

Formula 350 CBR OB cockpit table stowage

The large cockpit table stows in a dedicated slot under the starboard cockpit seat.

Under the aft seat is a cavernous storage locker where the engines are located in the sterndrive version. In our test boat part of the space was used for a 5 kW Kohler, Low-CO gasoline generator. The hatch lid was well insulated for sound deadening. Located on the lid is the ss boarding ladder. Batteries and pumps can also be accessed here, but most of the area was empty and would be an ideal place to stow water toys.

A large table inside fits into a deck mount. This table along with one in the bow permits two groups of guests to have lunch or have cocktails at the same time. As such, it becomes an ideal day boat for picnics. Filler cushions create yet another sunning area when the table is lowered and used as a foundation.

Wet Bar. To port is a molded cockpit wet bar with an integrated sink, Corian countertop, trash receptacle, and a 17.5 quart (16.6 L) carry-on cooler. A dual-voltage cockpit refrigerator is also standard. To starboard is J-shaped seating around the table.

Formula 350 CBR OB wet bar

We like the two-tone treatment of the wet bar entertainment console on the port side of the cockpit. Shown here are the sink, trash basket, and six drink holders. The countertop is held up by gas struts and it is made of Corian.

Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider

The sink hides away under cover when not in use. Under the counter is storage and the battery switch and the refrigerator.

Formula 350 CBR OB hard top

Our test boat was equipped with the optional fiberglass hardtop. Depending on the mission of the boat, it can be fitted with a towing pylon for wakeboarding, or a radar and VHF antenna. The 350 Crossover Bowrider could easily be taken to the Bahamas or offshore islands in decent weather.

Formula 350 CBR OB

The optional SureShade awning measures 6’6” by 6’6”.


To the port side of the helm is a double-wide lounge allowing one person to face forward or aft in chaise lounge fashion, or two people to relax and have a conversation with the captain and "admiral" at the helm.

Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider

The helm, itself, features double-wide seating, each with its own bolster, allowing a second set of eyes to be facing forward. The steering wheel is wrapped and is the sport model. The dash fiberglass is dark and an upholstered dash eyebrow is a similar color reducing glare in the windshield.

Formula 350 CBR OB trim tabs

The outboards control binnacle, standard Bennet hydraulic trim tabs, and Mercury joystick for the three outboards. Mercury Digital throttle and shift is standard.

Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider

Here we see the dash with the Raymarine nav screen front and center. The Mercury engine monitoring screen is at right with digital readouts. Analog gauges are at left -- take your pick. Our captain’s hand is on the Mercury Active Trim control which automatically trims the boat at any speed.

Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider

Our test captain tested visibility both sitting in the seat and leaning on the bolster. He reports that while sitting he had good visibility over the dash and under the stainless steel windshield header, and could easily see over the windshield when leaning.

Formula 350 CBR OB helm panel

Formula has equipped the instrument panel with a red horn button – one of the few times we have ever seen this done in class

Formula 350 CBR OB fiberglass

The dark colored fiberglass and upholstery reduces glare off the windshield.

Formula 350 CBR OB lounge

The lounger to port adjacent to the helm offers clear sightlines to the water ahead. The seatback forward opens to reveal a huge storage compartment with hooks for hanging lines.

Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider

A large storage bin is forward of the bench seat/lounger. This lid is well padded and makes a comfortable backrest when facing aft — an ideal place for a spotter when towing.

Formula 350 CBR OB cockpit seat

There is a standard electrical lift that raises the cockpit seat to access what is the engine room in the sterndrive version but huge storage in the OB model we tested.

Formula 350 CBR OB storage

Our captain is standing in the large storage compartment, formerly the engine room. Note the re-boarding ladder living at the right attached to the lid.

Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider

A bilge pump and sea strainer are easily accessed in the floor. The optional Kohler 5 kW generator is mounted on a raised box.
Formula 350 CBR OB batteries

Three AGM starting batteries can be seen here. To port there are two AGM house batteries. There are three large cutouts in the transom through which the outboard engine rigging is run into the metal Armstrong brackets, which can be seen in the background. The edges of the transom cutouts have been gel coated to protect the wood sandwich transom core from moisture.

Walkthrough to the Bow

The walkthrough to the bow measures 22" (.56 m) across, which is wide, as these passages go. As if there wasn't enough storage already on this boat, the port console allows for a cavernous compartment, ideal for cushion storage and life vests. There are two doors accessing this compartment and inside is an opening portlight. Its sheer size, along with the portlight, had us questioning whether this was actually intended to be another berth. But it is not, and the portlight provides some external visual symmetry as the portlight on the starboard side is in the cabin and is used.

Formula 350 CBR OB air dam

Naturally, there is an air dam that works in conjunction with the walkthrough windshield to block off the wind on chilly mornings.


The bow is accessed from an offset windshield walkthrough and the deck is on the same level from the stern to the bow. A forward-facing double-wide lounge seat is immediately to starboard and a pair of dual-height tables will turn the bow into an ideal al fresco dining area. With the tables lowered, filler cushions turn the entire bow into a third sun lounge. The starboard seating features an armrest that flips up when not in use and a removable cooler will save having to travel back to the cockpit for a drink or snack.

Formula 350 CBR OB bow

The bow area is huge and it's easy to see how comfortable a gathering around a pedestal table would be at mealtime.

Formula 350 CBR OB tables

There are actually two trapezoid-shaped tables for the bow, allowing the owner to put just one in place if that is all the occasion requires. Both tables have dedicated storage slots under the port seating.

The seating area is huge, measuring 7'8" (2.33 m) towards the stern and 4'5" (1.35 m) at the bow. The port seat has dedicated storage for the pedestal table. The forward seat conceals a carry-on cooler and trash receptacle. To starboard is another storage compartment and a removable seat allowing for a two-across forward-facing bench seat in front of the helm console.

Formula 350 CBR OB filler cushion

With the starboard filler cushion removed, the seating converts from a lounger to a two-across bench seat. When underway this is probably the most exciting seat aboard.

Formula 350 CBR OB table storage

Dedicated storage for the tables is under the port seat.

Formula 350 CBR OB cushion

Note how wide the aft facing seat cushion is.

Formula 350 CBR OB cooler

Under it is a carry-on Igloo cooler and a trash basket.

Formula 350 CBR OB seat storage

To starboard under the seat is more storage which wraps around to the bow. Note that all seats are hinged to the fiberglass base structure with double, articulated ss piano hinges.

Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider

There’s lots of space forward for riding in calm water or for having lunch with the table installed in the deck grommet.

Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider

A backrest is part of the filler cushion package, which allows four people to face forward in lounging style.

Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider

The fore deck of the Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider is clear and clean making it usable as a diving platform.

Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider

The anchor is launched through the stem, which keeps the deck clean and looks cool. The electric Maxwell windlass, anchor and chain are all optional.

Formula 350 CBR OB upholstery

Many different upholstery colors and color combinations are available. All upholstery is Prefixx with foam backing.


The cabin is accessed from a centerline entryway next to the helm. Three solid floating steps lead to a woodgrain finish deck and a full 5'10" (1.8 m) of headroom. The cabin will be finished in high-gloss Bourbon Cherry or Ash with Cherry, Baltic Birch or Wenge woodgrain finish throughout.

Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider

The companionway to the cuddy is to the left of the helm.

Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider

The cabin is well-lighted and has full-standing headroom at the mini-galley.
Formula 350 CBR OB galley

The mini-galley has a sink, running hot and cold water, a refrigerator and a microwave oven.

Formula 350 CBR OB drawers

To port are three soft-close dovetail drawers and a large storage cabinet. The food-prep counter is Corian.

Formula 350 CBR OB floor

Decking is woodgrain synthetic which is easy to keep clean and durable.

Formula 350 CBR OB microwave

The microwave is located above the Corian counter and sink.
Formula 350 CBR OB cabin

There is 5’10” (1.79 m) of headroom in the wet head.

Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider

The molded head compartment has a Corian counter and backsplash. Note the shower wand at left. The VacuFlush toilet is standard and has a 37 gallon (140 L) holding tank and dockside pump-out. We’d like to see the toilet paper rack in the compartment to keep it dry when the shower is used.

Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider

Here we see the double bed under the bridge deck behind the companionway steps.

Formula 350 CBR OB entertainment system

Our test boat was equipped with an entertainment system that included an HD TV and DVD Bluetooth system.  All upholstery below is Ultraleather.

The cabin is designed to primarily accommodate two people. It is an ideal spot to place children for their afternoon nap, to say nothing of adults. Our test boat was equipped with an optional 8,000 BTU reverse-cycle A/C system.

To starboard is a loveseat upholstered in Ultraleather. Directly across is a chest of drawers, storage cabinets, and an HD TV/DVD combo. Directly ahead of the stairs is a centerline mounted mini galley with microwave, concealed sink and pullout stainless steel refrigerator.

Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider

To starboard is seating with storage just above. The galley is forward.

Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider

All of the drawers are hardwood with dovetailed joinery.

To starboard is a private head with a molded vanity, Corian countertop, sink, shower and standard VacuFlush head. Thanks to the unique use of space, the aft end of the cabin is taken up by a full-size double berth with a memory foam mattress.

Formula 350 CBR OB layout

The cabin design features a dedicated berth. The mini-galley features all the necessary components for an overnight outing.

Several options are offered for cabin amenities including an 8,000 BTU reverse-cycle air conditioner with digital climate control, which will be connected to either the standard shore power or the optional 5.0 kW gas generator. For boaters on larger lakes, a gray water holding system is offered.

Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider

The paint gets buffed to perfection for an unbelievable shine. Note the through-the-stem anchor.

The Price

Visit here for up-to-date pricing.


The Formula 350 Crossover Bowrider is — for many people — the best of several worlds. She has outboard power for easy maintenance, two large entertaining venues for day boating with friends, can be used for watersports and towing, has three large sunning locations, and can overnight a couple.

All of this provides a lot of utility, and for many people, this is all the boat they need. We should add that because of the boat’s 21-degree deadrise and the transom and offshore racing-proven hull, she can be taken offshore in decent conditions to places such as the Bahamas, Nantucket and down the Florida Keys with confidence.