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Formula 380 Super Sport Crossover (2020-)

2 x 520-hp MerCruiser B3XR JPS

Brief Summary

The 380 Super Sport Crossover fills in Formula’s versatile line of dayboats that also have overnight accommodations. Like the others in the series, she has the bow-seating area on the same level with the helm and cockpit. Belowdecks, she has an aft sleeper, a full head, a galley and a dinette that converts to a berth.

Key Features

  • FASTech bottom design
  • Bow area with tables that convert to a sun pad
  • Convertible backrests for the aft lounge
  • Private head
  • Large swim platform
  • Power windlass
  • Hullsides painted with Axalta Chroma Premier basecoat

Test Results

700 4.6 4 3.3 1.4 1.2 310 269.8 66
1000 6.5 5.7 5.7 1.1 1 257 223.1 70
1500 8.5 7.4 9.7 0.9 0.8 198 172.3 73
2000 10.1 8.7 17.2 0.6 0.5 132 114.7 80
2500 11.3 9.8 28.7 0.4 0.3 88 76.8 84
3000 19.2 16.7 33.3 0.6 0.5 130 112.7 88
3500 30.4 26.4 40.6 0.7 0.7 168 146.3 86
4000 38.7 33.6 47.4 0.8 0.7 183 159.5 87
4500 45.4 39.4 56.9 0.8 0.7 179 156.1 85
5000 51.5 44.7 80.6 0.6 0.6 144 124.9 87


Length Overall 40' 7"
12.37 m
Beam 11'6''
3.50 m
Dry Weight 20,500 lbs.
9,299 kg
Tested Weight 22,230 lbs.
10,083 kg
Draft 41''
1.04 m
Deadrise/Transom 21-deg.
Max Headroom 6' 5''
1.96 m
Bridge Clearance 11' 8''
3.56 m
Fuel Capacity 250 gal.
946 L
Water Capacity 43 gal.
162 L
Total Weight 22,230 lbs.
10,083 kg

Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 10.0 sec.
0 to 30 24.4 sec.
Ratio 1.81
Props N/A
Load 3 persons, 3/4 fuel, no water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 97 deg., 89 humid.; wind: 5-10 mph; seas: 0

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 520-hp MerCruiser B3XR JPS
Std. Power 2 x 430-hp MerCruiser 8.2L MAG HO ECT Bravo III X with JPS
Opt. Power 2 x 520-hp Mercury Racing Bravo III XR with JPS

Captain's Report

Captain's Report by Capt. Martin Frobisher

Overhead view

The 380 Super Sport Crossover measures 40’7” (12.37 m) long with an 11’6” (3.5 m) beam and, with twin 520-hp sterndrives, she tops 50 mph.

Mission Statement

Formula designed the 380 Super Sport Crossover for maximum versatility for owners who want to entertain friends on a boat that offers performance, four social areas, a spacious swim platform for watersports, and sleeping for four belowdecks.

Distinguishing Features

  • Seachest in engine compartment
  • Standard joystick
  • Standard air conditioning
  • Painted hull

Major Features

  • U-shaped cockpit seating area
  • Convertible backrests for aft cockpit lounge
  • Extra-large swim platform
  • Cockpit galley
  • Structural grid construction
  • Wet head below with standard VacuFlush toilet
  • Sleeps four


From the bow to the swim platform, everything is on the same level, which gives the 380 Super Sport Crossover a great layout for entertaining.


The Numbers. Our test boat, with optional hydraulic swim platform, measured 40’7” (12.37 m) long with an 11’6” (3.5 m) beam and we were carrying three people, 50 lbs. (23 kg) of test equipment and 187.5 gallons (710 L) of fuel. We had a test weight of 22,930 lbs. (11,465 kg). The boat rides on designer John Adams’ twin-step bottom and was powered by twin 520-hp V* 5.6L Bravo III stern drives.

Top Speed. Running in 10-mph (16.09 kph) winds and high humidity, we wound up the engines to 5050 rpm and hit a top speed of 51.5 mph (82.88 kph). Best cruise was at 4000 rpm where the boat ran 38.7 mph (62.28 kph) and burned 47.4 gph (179.4 lph). That gave us 0.8 mpg (0.35 lpk) and a range of 183 statute miles (295 km) with 10 percent of the boat’s 250-gallon (946.35-liter) fuel capacity in reserve.

At 700 rpm, the boat ran 4.6 mph (7.3 kph) and burned 3.3 gph (12.5 lph), which resulted in 1.4 mpg (0.59 kpl). At 1000 rpm, she ran 6.5 mph (10.5 kph) and burned 5.7 gph (21.6 lph), producing a mpg rating of 1.1 (0.48 kpl).

In acceleration tests, the boat planed in 10.0 seconds and ran through 20 mph (32.18 kph) in 16.2 seconds and through 30 mph (48.28 kph) in 24.4 seconds.

380 SSC

The 380 Super Sport Crossover gets close to a mile per gallon at 3500, 4000, and 4500 rpm so she can make efficient progress at a variety of rpm and trim settings.


The 380 Super Sport Crossover has a transom deadrise of 21-degrees and two steps in her running surface, so she closely resembles Formula’s offshore performance models in that aspect. In maneuverability tests, our test boat had a significant bank angle in aggressive turns, but in more leisurely turns that most owners will make, the boat handled smoothly and cleanly. This sort of banking and cranking is the kind of thing some people like to do in smaller boats, something that can’t be done in pod driven boats which eschew tight turning.

She does lean into the wind a little, like most boats of her type, so using the trim tabs will balance the boat easily.


Put the 380 Super Sport Crossover into an aggressive turn and she’ll lean noticeably but will complete the maneuver without issue.

Smooth turning

Ease up on the wheel and the boat will show the smooth turning ability that we expect from Formula.

Boat Inspection

The Stern

The standard full-beam platform measures 3’6” (1.07 m) fore and aft and our test model had the optional hydraulic section that adds 2’ (.61 m). The platform lowers with the push of a button, providing a base for launching a variety of watersports, including just sitting in the water on a hot summer day.

With the platform down it offers a measure of safety because the props are forward of it, not below it. There are stainless steel rails on the trailing edge of each section to hang on to when in the water and outboard on each side are 7” ( 17.8 cm) pull-up cleats and cupholders.

The 380 Super Sport Crossover we tested was also equipped with a rack for standup paddle boards aft and a removable, standing-height cockpit table that adds a fun entertaining venue to the stern that few boats have. 

The only change in deck height from the stern to the bow is a 6” (15.24 cm) step up from the swim platform. To starboard is a double-wide lounge that has backrests that can be adjusted for forward- or aft facing. 

Swim platform

There are grabrails on the trailing edge of the standard platform and on the optional extension. The stainless-steel sockets in the platforms are for the optional table and board rack.

Pull up cleats

Pull-up cleats on each side the platform can be used to secure a tender and other gear.

Extension swim platform

Here we see the optional swim platform extension in the down position.

Aft platform table

The aft platform table has a stainless-steel rail that encircles it, and just aft, boards are secured in an optional rack.

Aft seating. Just forward of the swim platform is a lounge that measures 3’7” (1.09 m) fore to aft and 4’6” (1.37 m) wide and is 2’ (0.61 m) off the deck. The backrests can be positioned for forward- and aft-facing seating. As we saw throughout the boat, there are USB plugs outboard of the lounge.

Aft lounger

The aft lounge has space for at least two people to stretch out and watch the goings-on abaft the boat.

USB ports

Adjacent to every seat on the 380 SSC there are USB ports.

Back rests

The backrests can be easily switched from forward- to aft-facing.

There is a total of five USB ports on the boat, one for the aft lounge, two in the main cockpit and two in the bow. The bottom cushion for the aft lounge lifts on twin gas struts to reveal a large locker. In the compartment, we saw the filler cushions for the forward cockpit lounge, but it can also be used for fenders and lines.

Aft storage

The bottom cushion for the aft lounge raises on twin gas struts so that crew members can use both hands to grab gear.

Utilities. Outboard to port of the passageway to the cockpit, Formula puts most of the utility connections in a single location. There’s a pullout freshwater shower behind a stainless-steel hatch, plus shorepower and cable hookups and an LED indicator that shows the engines and the connections, beneath a black hatch is the optional Kenyon electric grill. 

Utility connections

The utility connections are all in this compact console aft to port.


The grill is aft to port, a smart location to keep smoke and cooking odors out of the cockpit.

Waste outlets

The waste outlet is to starboard, so it won’t be confused with a freshwater or fuel fill. Also, the blinking LED lights above the speaker indicate when the propellers are engaged.

The Cockpit. A stainless-steel framed gate closes the passage into the cockpit from the stern. Just ahead to port is a lounge where an adult could stretch out or a couple folks could sit facing inboard. To starboard, horseshoe-shaped seating has space for at least six around a table that can be raised to multiple positions, including one that stops at seat level to form a sun pad with filler cushions and the full height position for dining.

Port cockpit

The port cockpit lounge has a backrest angled for forward-facing travel or passengers can sit facing inboard.

Blue LED

For an upscale touch, the cupholders have blue LED lights.

Two part table

The two-part table can be lowered to seat height.

Filler cushions

Filler cushions can be added to make the area a large, protected sun pad.

Outboard in the gunwale are cupholders, grabrails and the aforementioned USB ports. As we saw throughout the boat, the upholstery gives the upscale feel we’ve come to expect from Formula with multiple colors and textures and tight clean stitching. Our test boat was equipped with a SureShade retractable sunshade that provided shelter for most of the cockpit. For storage, all the bottom cushions for the cockpit seats are hinged and lift easily.

Seat base equipment

There’s space in all the seat bases for equipment.

Retractable shade

A retractable SureShade provides quick shelter from the sun.

Sunshade buttons

The buttons for the SureShade are on the aft side of the helm seat.

The Hardtop. Overhead, the molded coupe hardtop has recessed LED lights. Manually operated shades slide aft and then push a button at the helm to open the twin sunroofs. There are manually operated side wings in the tempered glass windshield that let in fresh air.

Sun roof

One of the two large tempered-glass sunroofs open wide to let the sunshine in.

The Cockpit Galley. Forward to port, the cockpit galley is color-coordinated to the boat’s graphics and has a Corian countertop with a glide-away cover over the sink. The boat comes standard with a 120V/12-volt drawer-style refrigerator. The galley also has a wastebasket and three storage drawers.

Sink covers

The cover for the sink slides beneath the counter, meaning that it can never get lost.

Waste baskets

Below the sink, the wastebasket swings out with the door and notice the paper towel holder just ahead.

Three drawers provide convenient storage in the cockpit galley.

Just ahead to port, the pantry has a blender on the door. Forward of that is a locker with hooks for dock lines and ahead of this is a compartment that has dedicated storage for the optional cockpit TV. When it’s time to watch the game, the TV installs on a custom stainless-steel stand at the aft end of the galley. For additional cold storage, a 35-quart (33.12-liter) Yeti cooler slides out from under the helm seat on custom hardware.

Blender mount

Just ahead of the galley, open the pantry and there’s a 12-volt blender on a custom mount on the hatch.


The middle door in the port bow passageway has dedicated racks for dock lines.

optional TV

The optional cockpit TV stores in a dedicated rack in the forward-most locker in the bow passage.

Yeti cooler

Formula designed a custom drawer-style slide that makes it easy to pull out the cooler from under the helm seat.

The Helm. As we’ve come to expect from Formula, the 380 Super Sport Crossover’s helm is a mix of refinement and technology with twin Raymarine Axiom 12 chartplotters beneath the compass. To port is the Mercury VesselView screen and below are the accessory switches that illuminate when activated.


The helm is finished in black to reduce glare and notice the unobstructed view through the tempered glass windshield.

Navigational system

Our test boat had the optional twin Raymarine MFDs that provide all course and systems information.

Touch screen

Thanks to digital switching, the captain can touch the screen to access the systems for a given location on the 380 Super Sport Crossover.

Engine gauge

The Mercury VesselView screen provides all pertinent engine information and eliminates the need for traditional analog-style gauges.

All the way to port is the receiver for the Rockford-Fosgate stereo. On the bottom level are the VHF radio and there’s a storage slot for an iPad and iPhone with inductive charging. To starboard, the boat comes standard with Mercury’s digital throttle and shift and Joystick Piloting plus Bennett trim tabs.

Padded tray

This padded tray beneath the stereo has space for a tablet and smartphone and has inductive charging for both.

Cell phone holder

To starboard of the steering wheel, our boat was equipped with Scanstrut’s cell-phone holder that has built-in charging.


To starboard, the controls are logically placed with the trim tabs in natural reach when the throttle levers are advanced.


The joystick is perfectly placed for a captain to look out to starboard and ease the 380 SSC up to a dock or into a slip.

The triple helm seats have individual fold-up bolsters and there are two-position angled footrests forward on the console. For small-item storage, there’s a locking glovebox at the helm.

Companion bench

The captain and two companions can choose to stand or sit, and the backrest provides comfortable support.

The Bow To port ahead of the helm is the passageway to the bow. It closes with a lower acrylic airdam and an opening section of the tempered glass windshield. The wraparound bow lounge has forward-facing backrests for three people and the backrest continues all the way around the area.

Deck drain

The bow passage has a drain between the forward area and the cockpit to keep water from flooding the latter.


The aft bow seat is 6’5” (1.96 m) wide and has three individual backrests inclined for forward-facing travel.

A table can be set at dining level or dropped and topped with cushions to create a large sunpad. There are cupholders, speakers and rails in the gunwales plus two USB plugs. Beneath the hinged seat bottoms there’s an insulated cooler, plus a dedicated rack for the two-piece bow table.

Bow table

Here we see the bow table folded in half, which leaves more space.

Bow table unfolded

When there will be more people gathering in the bow, the table can be folded out.

Bow shade

The optional bow shade goes up quickly and provides a respite from the sun.

Bow storage

Bow storage includes a rack for the table to starboard, a cooler in the bow and dedicated slots (red arrow) for the plugs that are removed from the rail when the bow shade is installed.

Forward, there’s a Lewmar electric windlass with a chain stopper, a through-stem anchor, and a quick-connect for a freshwater hose. The anchor locker hatch is finished on the underside and opens on a gas strut. There’s an 8” (20.32 cm) cleat outboard on each side. A bow shade with a stainless-steel frame is an available option. Plugs pull out of the stainless-steel bow rail and the frame stanchions for the shade fit in their place.

Windlass compartment

For a clean foredeck, the windlass in a compartment below deck level and the anchor pays out and is retrieved in a through-stem design.

The Cabin

Accommodations. A slim-profile 1’7” (0.48 m) -wide door cleanly integrated into the helm console opens the cabin entryway. Three steps lead to the 380 Super Sport Crossover’s belowdecks area that has 6’6” (1.98 m) of headroom.

Helm console

The cabin door fits smoothly into the helm console.

Cabin entry

The entire port side of the helm console swings open to reveal the 1’7” (0.48 m)-wide entryway to the cabin.


It’s always easy to tell when a boat is built by boaters. The entryway rail is in perfect position.

In the bow, the Ultraleather dinette lounge wraps around a table that can be lowered to create a berth. A hinged section of the padded bulkhead extends forward to add leg space for sleeping. A bow window lets in light and keeps the area form feeling claustrophobic.

The aft cabin has a privacy curtain and a queen-sized berth with a memory foam mattress and an upholstered headboard with storage. Our test boat had the optional 32” (81.28 cm) flatscreen TV in the aft cabin.


Our test model had the optional flatscreen TV at the foot of the aft cabin.


In the 380 Super Sport Crossover’s bow there’s a dinette finished in Ultraleather upholstery. The dual-height table is available in Open-Grain Walnut, Open-Grain Driftwood, Open-Grain Ravenwood, Open-Grain Sunbleached Gray or high-glass Wenge wood.

Lowered table

Lower the table and drop in the filler cushions to create a berth in the bow.

Padded backrest

The padded backrest at the forward end of the dinette lifts up to provide access to the rack for the table.

Head. The head includes a stand-up wet head aft with a shower, a Moen faucet and a porcelain Flush and Forget VacuFlush toilet with a 37-gallon (140.06-liter) holding tank. Immediately forward to starboard, the cabin galley has a Corian countertop, a molded sink with a Moen faucet and a slide-away cover and a microwave oven.

Head door

The full-height head door on our test boat was finished in Tungsten Gray Oak.

Molded fiberglass head

The head is all molded fiberglass, which makes it easier to clean up after a shower.

Handheld shower

The handheld shower wand is the same style that can be found in luxury hotels.

Beneath sink

Beneath the sink there’s a dedicated slot for a wastebasket and open storage.

Cabin sink

The 380 Super Sport Crossover’s cabin comes with a sink hidden beneath a slide-away cover and a microwave oven.

Across from the galley to port are a drawer-style Isotherm refrigerator with a stainless-steel door and storage below.

Storage under fridge

Beneath the Isotherm fridge to port, the storage drawer is made with fine joinery work.

Engine Compartment. Pushing the appropriately labeled accessory switch at the helm raises the 380 Super Sport Crossover’s engine hatch. The passageway to the stern also raises to improve access to the compartment. The optional swim platform table stores in a rack under the passageway.

Engine hatch

The engine hatch opens on a power ram and is finished on the underside with sound- and vibration-absorbing material.

Swim platform table

The swim platform table stores under the passageway to the stern in a dedicated bracket.

To port at the front of the engine bay is an automatic fire suppression system to starboard. A sea chest for all draining systems is centrally located and rare on a boat in this size range. Outboard to port, the batteries are beneath the passageway and the optional generator is forward of the engine compartment beneath the cockpit deck.

Fire suppression system

The 380 Super Sport Crossover comes standard with a Fireboy fire-suppression system.


It’s not often that we see a sea-chest on a boat in this size range, but Formula is known for going the extra mile.


All the batteries and the charging system are outboard to port.


Forward of the engine room, the generator is centrally placed for easy access and proper balance for the boat’s ride.


The twin Mercury Racing sterndrives are installed on race-style mounts and the blue finish matches the hullside graphics.

Per American Boat & Yacht Council guidelines, Formula uses double clamps on all hoses throughout the 380 Super Sport Crossover.

Construction. Formula builds the 380 Super Sport Crossover with a solid-fiberglass bottom and foam-cored hullsides. The hull is supported by a one-piece structural fiberglass grid that consists of the stringers and transverse supports. It’s manufactured outside the boat and bonded in place with Plexus adhesive. The same methacrylate-based bonding agent is used to attach the hull and deck in a shoebox-lid joint. The joint is capped by a stainless-steel rubrail.

Superior Paint Formula has long been known for its paint jobs. The 380 Super Sport Crossover’s appearance starts with an Ashland Maxuard LE gelcoat and the hullside graphics are applied in Axalta Chroma Premier base paints with an Imron polyurethane clearcoat.


Formula continues to provide some of the most impressive graphics and the 380 Super Sport Crossover comes standard with a choice of patterns.

Options to Consider

  • Choice of hullside graphics and colors
  • Twin Raymarine Axiom XL 16 chartplotters                  
  • 32” HDTV with Blu-Ray in the aft cabin
  • Cockpit HDTV with Blu-Ray player
  • 18,000 Btu Cockpit Air conditioning                              
  • 7.5kW gas generator                                                     
  • Aft cockpit electric grill                                               
  • Vacu-Flush head with holding tank and macerator         
  • Windshield side wings
  • VHF radio with antenna                                                
  • Hydraulic extended swim platform                                 
  • Yeti cooler                                                                    
  • SUP board racks                                                       
  • Bow sunshade                                                         
  • ShureShade retractable cockpit awning                 


Visit here for up-to-date pricing. 


While the focus with recent Formula crossover models was focused on outboards, with the 380 Super Sport Crossover, the company went back to sterndrives because customers wanted the open transom design and styling. The boat should appeal to owners who like to spend the day with friends on large freshwater lakes and rivers. For saltwater use, an owner can buy a lift and keep the boat out of the brine when it’s not in use.

As we’ve seen with other Formula crossovers, the layout that places all of the social zones on level should be a hit with owners. The boat continues the company’s tradition of mixing comfort, style, and performance in one inviting vessel.