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Four Winns Horizon 350 OB (2019-)

2 x 350-hp Mercury Verados

Brief Summary

The Four Winns Horizon 350 OB is a new outboard-powered version of a large bowrider previously offered only with sterndrives. She is a luxurious day boat and family weekender. The bowrider is powered by twin Mercury 350 Verado engines, and can cruise with up to 16 passengers when entertaining. Amenities include a galley equipped with a grill and refrigerator, an electronically powered aft bench seat, a fully-functional head and sleeping accommodations for overnight voyages.

Key Features

  • Twin outboard power
  • Available twin Yamaha F350 Helm master & twin Yamaha F350 Helm master white
  • Stable Vee hull
  • Cockpit galley
  • Versatile seating options and a powered bench seat
  • Four social venues
  • Enclosed fully-functional head in the cabin
  • Joystick and Digital Throttle and Shift
  • 3D windshield has a stainless steel header and curved design

Test Results

600 3.7 3.2 1.3 2.8 2.5 435 378.7 53
1000 5.5 4.7 2.4 2.3 2 347 302.1 57
1500 7.2 6.2 3.6 2 1.8 308 268 68
2000 8.6 7.4 5.8 1.5 1.3 228 197.8 67
2500 9.5 8.2 9.1 1 0.9 159 138.2 69
3000 9.9 8.6 13.2 0.8 0.7 115 99.8 70
3500 10.4 9 18 0.6 0.5 89 77.1 72
4000 12.2 10.6 22 0.6 0.5 84 73.5 75
4500 23.4 20.3 25.7 0.9 0.8 140 121.4 77
5000 34.7 30.2 30.3 1.1 1 176 152.6 80
5500 38.7 33.7 34.6 1.1 1 171 149 84
6000 46.6 40.5 51 0.9 0.8 140 121.5 86


Length Overall 35' / 10.67 m
Beam 10' 10''
3.30 m
Dry Weight 13,300 lbs.
6,033 kg
Tested Weight 14,728 lbs.
6,681 kg
Draft Up 29''
0.74 m
Draft Down 46''
1.17 m
Deadrise/Transom 19-deg.
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance N/A
Weight Capacity Yacht Certified
Person Capacity Yacht Certified
Fuel Capacity 170 gal.
644 L
Water Capacity 35 gal.
133 L
Total Weight 14,728 lbs.
6,681 kg


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 6.9 sec.
0 to 30 15.4 sec.
Ratio 1.75:1
Props Merc Rev 4 17 pitch
Load 2 persons, full fuel,no water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 87 deg., 68 humid; wind: 1-5 mph; seas: 1-2

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 350-hp Mercury Verados
Std. Power 2 x 350-hp Mercury Verado XXL JPO
Opt. Power 2 x 350-hp Mercury Verado XXL JPO Cold Fusion Cold Fusion White
2 x 400-hp Mercury Verado RXXL JPO
2 x 400-hp Mercury Verado RXXL JPO Cold Fusion White


Hull Warranty Extended Lifetime

Captain's Report

Contents of Report

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB hull

The hull of the Horizon 350 OB is a premium boat that has virtually everything included as standard for most boaters. Those that want nearly every creature comfort can find them on the options list.


From the ergonomic elements of the helm station and the power aft bench, to the conveniences of the multi-use cabin and spacious social zones, it is clear that the Horizon 350 OB is designed for practicality and comfort while hosting friends and family underway for day boating experiences of all sorts. Her cabin provides a cozy sleeping space for her owners. In all ways, the boat is destined for people who understand the value of what is being offered in this package.

Major Features

    • Twin 350-hp Mercury Verados

    • Fiberglas hardtops with canvas sunroof

    • Joystick with Digital Throttle and Shift

    • Swim platform with side wings for watersports

    • Hugh Stowage space

    • Well-designed seating

    • Inside cabin

    • Robust standard equipment list

Engine Systems

The Horizon 350 OB comes standard with twin Mercury 350 XXL Verado JPO engines in black. The in-line, six-cylinder engine is supercharged with charge air-cooling and electronic boost pressure control and delivers 350 horsepower. The integrated Mercury SmartCraft suite of digital technologies relay all boat data – including trim, engine RPM, fuel consumption, and more – which are displayed on the 9” Simrad screens at the helm.

A joystick and trim tabs with indicators come standard.

More Horses. Four Winns offers a selection of engine upgrades. The 350 Verados can be upgraded for $4,384 to the Cold Fusion White color scheme. The more powerful 400 RXXL Verado, which has a water-cooled supercharger and molded intake snorkel like the 350, but produces up to 400 horsepower is an additional $30,538. The 400 is offered in standard black while the Cold Fusion White is an additional $4,384. Twin Yamaha F350s with the Helm Master System is available in gray for an additional $12,153 while white outboards are accessible for an additional charge as well.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB outboards

Our test boat was equipped with twin Mercury Verado 350 outboard engines with joystick.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB running

We reached a top speed of 46.6 mph during our test with 82% fuel load.


The Horizon 350 OB has a length overall of 35’0” (10.67 m), a beam of 10’10” (3.30 m), and an approximate dry weight of 13,300 lbs. (6,033 kg). We tested the Horizon 350 OB with two Mercury 350 Verados with gear ratios of 1.75:1 turning Mercury Rev 4 17” pitch props. With two people and 82% fuel (approximately 168 gallons) onboard, our test boat weighed 14,228 lbs. (6,454 kg).

Top Speed. Running in calm seas, we saw a top speed of 46.6 miles per hour at 6000 rpm.

Best cruise came at 5000 rpm with 34.7 mph. At that speed, the 30.3 gph fuel burn translated in to 1.1 mpg and a range of 152.6 statute miles.

In acceleration tests, the 350 OB reached planning speed in an average of 6.9 seconds. She continued to 20 mph in 10.9 seconds and to 30 mph in 15.4 seconds.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB sharp turns

In reasonably sharp turns at speed, she leaned in 17 to 18-degrees which keeps everyone firmly planted in their seats.

Features Inspection

The Hull

The Horizon 350 OB is built with Four Winns’ patented “Stable Vee Hull,” which the builder claims delivers greater lateral stability at rest and underway, with lower plane speeds and lower bow rise under acceleration.

A major feature of the hull are the “After Pods,” extensions built into the stern of the boat, that add buoyancy to the stern at rest or at displacement speeds. This minimizes bow rise at slow speeds. Once on plane and the hull rises, the “after pods” are now out of the water, thus reducing their drag to increase speed. The stepped, angled, and lifted design maximizes acceleration, visibility, and operating efficiency.

The hull has a 19-degree deadrise which is a good compromise, and a typical deadrise used in class, between a deep-V hull for a softer ride and a flatter bottom for higher speeds and more efficiency.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB

The arrow at left points to the “after pod”, and the one on the right points to the step. The after pod increases buoyance at planing speeds, but then rises out of the water as seen here at planing speeds, eliminating the added drag of the pod surface.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB hardtop

The fiberglass hardtop is standard but the stainless steel flood light is optional ($613). The canvas sunroof is manual.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB transom

Although outboards tend to clutter the view from the transom, one benefit is that they can be tilted completely out of the water, which limits corrosion and makes for easier servicing. Note that there is over 3’ (.91 m) of deck space on the sides of the platform to launch watersports.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB watersports

By creating 3’5” (1.04 m) of fore and aft space on the sides of the swim platform, Four Winns has provided two launching areas for watersports in order to compete with the sterndrive version.

The Stern

The expansive, molded fiberglass swim platform has a low profile that extends low to the water for easy entry. Despite the outboards taking up space on the stern, the swim platform has 3’5” (1.04 m) of space for hanging out and for launching watersports on each side of the boat.

Three adults can sit on the aft bench seat, which has adjacent audio controls and cup holders, can be electronically adjusted to move the seat back fore and aft, transforming it into a wide chaise.

The leg rests can be raised or lowered electrically for individual comfort. This bench shares the backrest with the aft cockpit settee. Built into the side of that same bench seat is a water tank and pullout hose shower system for rinsing off.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB sitting

This picture demonstrates that two adults can sit on the side of the swim platform at the same time. The reboarding ladder is under their legs.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB rocker switches

These rocker switches, set into the port side of the bench, move the backrest fore and aft, allowing passengers to face inboard or the swim platform, and adjust the angle of the leg rest for the user’s preference.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB bench seat

This image shows the aft bench with backrest in the forward position and leg rest up.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB bench

This image shows the bench with the backrest moved all the way back and leg rest dropped down.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB cup holders

Adjacent to the aft bench are cup holders and audio controls.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB boarding gate

A boarding gate is located at the walkway leading from the swim platform to the cockpit. Open the stainless steel hatch at left to access a pullout shower.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB locker

A latched locker at the boarding gate allows access to electrical components and through hull fittings.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB boarding gate

Just inside the boarding gate is a folding sidestep to get over the gunwales.

Cockpit Social Zone

With the port doublewide pedestal seat facing forward, passengers have easy access to the controls for the air conditioning and the sound system, as well as cup holders. This seat, as well as the companion helm seat, can swivel aft to join the social area of the cockpit. Set deep into the boat, there is comfortable seating for 8 to 10 passengers.

The aft bench seat sits on what would have been the engine box in a sterndrive model, but in this outboard model it sits over a large storage compartment. To port is another fore and aft bench seat. In the standard version, an aft-facing seat is positioned just abaft the helm seat.

An al fresco galley completes the package. In addition, side mount tables can be fitted in the aft cockpit and the forward bow rider seats can be transformed into a dining booth.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB companion seat

The companion helm seat swivels to face the cockpit. These seats can be used for spotters when towing.

Additional interesting features are the cockpit hardtop, which is constructed with a manual sunroof, and the optional SunShade powered awning that extends aft. LED lights are mounted overhead, and there is a remote-controlled spotlight mounted just above the helm.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB galley

To starboard is the optional galley ($1,820), which has a double sink, Kenyon electric grill, and an Isotherm refrigerator.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB sink

Under the hard surface counter is one sink and storage with cutouts designed for bottles – an ideal place to keep white wine chilled.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB grill

The Kenyon electric grill is powered by the optional generator.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB table

The cockpit social zone features wraparound seating with adjacent cup holders, audio controls, and there is a bracket for the optional table.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB port bench

The portside bench seat.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB bench seat

The portside bench seat lifts up to reveal circuit panel and battery controls.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB storage

Beneath the aft seat are two storage compartments. Lift up the seat to reveal a space that measures 6’5-1/2” x 3’10” x 1’1-1/2” (1.96 x 1.16 x .34 m).

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB coolers

In the deck of the galley is a locker with space for coolers and other large items. Under the aft sole hatch is the engine start and house batteries.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB battery

Each engine is powered by its own optima blue-top battery, with a third battery reserved for accessories. The battery bank is accessed by lifting a hatch set into the cockpit deck.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB generator

The 4 kW Westerbeke generator is a $14,933 option that can power the optional air conditioning unit ($5,353), the electric grill, and other accessories.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB scuppers

We’d like to see a less restricted flow for the cockpit’s scuppers, but it is sure to stop wayward jewelry.

The Helm

The helm has a tilt-capable stainless steel wheel dual 9” Simrad displays for boat-data and navigation. Within easy reach is the switch panel for the electronics, and to the right of the wheel, the optional VHF mic ($1,300).

Our boat was equipped with the Mercury Joystick Control for Outboards, which is standard equipment. It is placed forward of the armrest along with the power adjust buttons for the helm seat and the dual throttle controls. There is an optional air conditioning vent above the joystick pointing at the captain.

The windshield is curved from top to bottom and side to side and has a stainless steel header. Four Winns calls this their “3-D” windshield, like automobile windshields.

Like most boats in class, the breaker panel is under the helm dash and hard to see. Otherwise, we found the 350’s helm well-designed and ergonomic. And the seat configuration is one of the best in class, with two separate seats with bolsters, and the captain’s seat on a four-way electrical switch.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB toggle switches

The toggle switches are within comfortable reach and light up when activated. Note the stainless steel header on the side shield glass.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB joy stick

On the right side of the cockpit, the joystick is forward. Our test boat was equipped with the MerCruiser DTS instrumentation. Aft are the standard Lenco trim tabs with trim indicators.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB throttle controls

Within easy reach of the operator are the dual engine throttle controls. Just to the right is the control for the four-way powered helm seat.

The captain and companion seats are well padded and contoured. The captain’s seat is powered and can be adjusted in four different directions, and is one of the best in class. The companion seat adjusts manually.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB helm seats

The helm and companion seats are separate and both have bolsters. The companion seat can swing around to face aft. The captain’s seat is electric.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB activation switch

The activation switch for the captain’s seat is handy. The seat moves fore and aft, up and down, electrically. It is one of the best seats we have seen in class.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB pattern

This carefully stitched pattern is the signature of this boat and the pattern is repeated in the deck mats and other upholstery.

The Bow

Pass through the glass cockpit door to enter the bow. The wind dam door is standard and latches in three places for security. There are two forward facing double seats with integrated armrests and wraparound seating to starboard. Lift up the bow seat to find a built in cooler and space for other items. Fill in cushions can convert the space into a giant sun pad.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB bow

The bow is spacious and was designed for entertaining. Notice the JL audio speakers, cup holders, and the table mount set into the deck.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB bow seating

The bow seating is surrounded by bolster back rests and high grab rails. The black sections abaft the forward-facing seats are skylights for the cabin below.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB bow table

A table comes standard with the Horizon 350 OB and it turns the bow into a place for a picnic or cocktail party.

Ground Tackle. Forward of the bow is the anchor locker which is accessed by lifting up the bow panel. The optional Quick windlass ($2,467 with anchor, line and chain) can be actuated from the bow or from the control at the helm.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB fore deck

The foredeck rises easily on two gas-assisted struts revealing the optional windlass, wand for control, and the raw water washdown hose at right.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB ground tackle

The forward most section of the bow houses the ground tackle. Underneath the cover is the electric windlass with remote operation and a washdown hose. The line is stored below in the anchor locker with two access ports.

Below Decks Accommodations

Slide open the portside hatch and step down into the cabin. This cabin provides a lot of utility. It can be used for adults to take a nap when they’ve had too much sun, or for kids to take a nap when they get cranky. With the standard microwave snacks can be prepared or instant coffee made. The TV provides another activity for guests. The cabin can be air conditioned or heated.

The starboard settee makes into a bed with a filler cushion and the berth behind the companionway is another. This is certainly large enough for a couple or, perhaps, a small family for long weekend overnighting.

After arriving below, immediately to port is a galley counter with a microwave. Below the counter is a flat screen TV and Fusion stereo control. The headroom is 6’ (1.82 m) at this point.

The Head. Forward of the stairs is a door to a private head compartment. Outboard is a counter and sink with faucet and trash basket below. An electric VacuFlush toilet is available ($1,853). The height of this compartment varies from 5’6” to 5’9’ (1.68 m to 1.75 m).

Pass beneath the walkway deck (3’8”/1.12 m clearance) to the starboard side area, where Four Winns has installed an L-shaped settee. The seat can be expanded with a filler cushion to make a berth. Headroom above the settee reaches 6’7” (2.01 m). Throughout the space are windows providing airflow and natural light.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB companionway

In front of the port side companion seats is a sliding companionway hatch to reach the cabin below.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB steps

Three steps below reach the cabin with an enclosed head.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB

To port is a hard surface counter for preparing snacks. Above is a standard microwave and below is the control unit for the standard stereo and an optional TV.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB head

Inside the head is a sink with faucet on a solid surface counter, with a waste basket below. The headroom varies from 5’6” to 5’9” (1.67 m to 1.75 m). The toilet is an electric VacuFlush. An exhaust fan is standard.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB cabin

In the upper left we see the lowest overhead in the cabin – 3’8” (1.12 m), so guests must crouch over to get to the settee on the other side. Above it is 6’7” (2.99 m) overhead. In the cabin, light comes from the skylight and the windows on the hull side.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB filler cushion

With the filler cushion in place, the settee turns into a bed that is 77” by 46” (2.00 x 1.16 m).

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB mid berth

Looking aft we see the mid berth which measures 78-1/2” x 39-1/2” (2.00 x 1.00 m). The overhead clearance is 2’3’ (68 cm).

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB running

The Four Winns Horizon 350 OB is a premium bowrider that is well equipped as standard and can go toe-to-toe with the best boats built in class.

Options to Consider

    • Upgrade the cockpit flooring to real teak ($15,857)

    • Install air conditioning and heating system ($5,353)

    • Flat screen TV for the cabin ($1,167)

    • Windlass with rope, chain, and anchor ($2,467)

    • Camper canvas, Sumbrella ($4,433)

    • Cockpit cover and forward cover ($1,233)


Four Winns offers a three-year warranty on components, a five-year warranty on osmosis gel coat blistering, and a lifetime warranty on the hull structure. The outboard engines carry their own warranty, in the case of Mercury, it is three years.


The base model starts at $335,385.

Four Winns Horizon 350 OB canvas

Add cruising canvas to the Horizon 350 OB and she can become a coastal cruiser in three seasons.


Four Winns strove for beauty, comfort and class with the Horizon 350 OB, and they delivered a vessel that is both visually appealing on a grand scale with excellent attention to small details. The reverse transom, rounded stern, and curved windshield are eye-catching, while the stainless steel fixtures and hand-stitched upholstery make the boat feel classy. She is a premium boat that has been well-designed and thought out.

She is loaded with gear that is often optional equipment of other boats in class. Things such as a fiberglass hardtop and joystick are often costly upcharges, but with this boat, almost everything needed for normal day boating is included. The hard part for consumers will be when they consider how they are going to use the boat – and if for more than day boating, how many of the options will be useful?

The addition of a small generator (make sure it is low CO and installed by the factory) adds a lot of possibilities for a boat like this. She should not be thought of as just a luxury day boat, because she can do much more. A generator, together with cruising canvas, can turn this day boat/weekender, into something much more. We can imagine taking her coastal cruising in summer weather most places.

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