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Galeon 560 FLY (2023-)

2 x 725-hp Volvo Penta D11

Brief Summary

With lines that display beauty and muscle, the Galeon 560 Fly is eye-catching indeed.  Her hull side windows blend into treatments that give them a full-length look and a modern feel.  But there’s even more appeal when she’s boarded and the fit and finish start to manifest themselves upon the eyes.  This is a yacht that is luxurious and her design stylings make that clear. 

Test Results

600 6.4 5.6 1.4 4.7 4.1 2479 2155.6 65
1000 9.6 8.3 6.3 1.5 1.3 797 692.9 72
1250 11.2 9.7 16 0.7 0.6 364 316.9 71
1500 10.9 9.4 25.5 0.4 0.4 222 193.5 69
1750 15 13 34.5 0.4 0.4 227 197 70
2000 22.7 19.7 47.5 0.5 0.4 249 216.8 73
2200 27 23.5 55 0.5 0.4 257 223.2 76
2400 31.4 27.3 69 0.5 0.4 238 206.9 78
2500 33.8 29.4 78 0.4 0.4 227 197 78
Galeon 560FLY Perf Chart


Length Overall 58' 1"
17.7 m
Beam 15' 7"
4.8 m
Dry Weight 53,462 lbs.
24,250 kg
Tested Weight 57,862 lbs.
26,246 kg
Draft 4' 6"
1.4 m
Bridge Clearance 22' 6"
6.86 m
Fuel Capacity 581 gallons
2,199 L
Water Capacity 185 gallons
700 L
Total Weight 57,862 lbs.
26,246 kg

Acceleration Times & Conditions

Load 3 persons; 464.8 gal. fuel; 50 lbs. gear
Climate 82 deg., 59 humid; wind: 5-10 mph, seas: 0

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 725-hp Volvo Penta D11
Std. Power 2 x 725-hp Volvo Penta D11
Opt. Power 2 x 900-hp Volvo Penta D13

Captain's Report

Galeon 560 Fly

galeon 560 sky

The Galeon 560 Fly is a versatile and beautiful yacht that makes a premium-level entertainment and cruising platform. 

Brief Summary

With lines that display beauty and muscle, the Galeon 560 Fly is eye-catching indeed.  Her hull side windows blend into treatments that give them a full-length look and a modern feel.  But there’s even more appeal when she’s boarded and the fit and finish start to manifest themselves upon the eyes.  This is a yacht that is luxurious and her design stylings make that clear. 

She’s powered by a pair of 725-hp Volvo Penta D11s as standard but can be optioned up to 900-hp D13s, both options turning straight shafts.  Accommodations include three staterooms and two heads, plus a crew cabin with its own ensuite. 


The Galeon 560 Fly was designed to be a premium-level coastal cruiser with luxurious amenities for staying aboard.  Additionally, she’s an upscale entertainment platform with optional drop-down balconies to port and starboard. 

Major Features

  • Standard teak cockpit sole
  • Three-segment sliding glass doors to salon
  • Engine room access through a watertight lazarette door
  • Standard flybridge wetbar
  • Induction cooktop in galley
  • Opening side windows
  • 84,000 btu air conditioning


The Galeon 560 Fly has a length overall of 58’1” (17.7 m), a beam of 15’7” (4.8 m) and a draft of 4’6” (1.4 m).  With an empty weight of 53,432 lbs. (24,250 kg), 80% fuel and three people on board, we had an estimated test weight of 57,862 lbs. (26,246 kg).

With a pair of 725-horsepower Volvo Penta D11s run up to 2500 RPM, our speed topped out at 29.4 knots. Best Cruise came in at 2200 RPM and 23.5 knots. At that speed, the 55-gallon-per-hour fuel burn translated into .4 nautical miles per gallon and a range of 232.2 nautical miles.  All while still holding back a 10% reserve of the boat's 581-gallon (2,199 L) total fuel capacity.

galeon 560 sky

Top speed during our tests was 29.4 knots.  


The handling characteristics of the 560 Fly are very yacht-like. That is to say, it's a heavy boat and it feels like a heavy boat. Nothing happens fast and you don't want it to. But if you really start muscling around, I can get it to turn around in short order, but that's not the way to drive this boat. Drive it straight, drive it far. That’s what she was made to do.

Sadly, I didn't have any conditions that were going to test how she handles heavy sea conditions. Even if I went offshore, it was flat and calm. So, we stuck to the Intracoastal, crossing through the wakes of passing yachts and the wake of our camera boat. And as expected, she showed no pounding, no hull slap, just nice clean penetration through the wakes.  And a good feel as we went through that the boat wasn't fighting those waves.

More to the point, however, was handling it in close quarters. When bringing the boat out of her dock, in an extremely tight space, I was only maneuvering on the engines and didn't really use the thrusters much at all.  And then coming out through a narrow Fairway, with little room to either side, she handled nicely, so she's really responsive to the throttles and to the steering. I saw it mostly when I was bringing her back in and I tucked her into her tight little slip that's barely wider than the boat, only using the engines.  Just alternating the sticks for differential power on the engines. That got her turned around and backed in. I could steer her easily with the engines. Basically, I was kind of just hanging over the rail with my hand on each of the throttles and just lining the corner of the stern up to slide her right in along the pier. This is an ideal owner/operator's Boat because she’s so easy to handle.   

Boat Inspection

galeon 560 sky

The main deck layout shows the many social zones of the 560 Fly. 


The gatherings on the boat’s exterior will no doubt start at the cockpit.  Boarding gates are to both sides.  Seating features begin with an L-shaped settee surrounding a fiberglass table on dual fixed pedestals.  All exterior decking is teak.  The extended flybridge deck overhead adds protection from the sun and rain.  It’s 7’3” (2.21 m) off the deck.  A hatch in the deck leads below to the engine room and this is one of two access points to the ER. 

galeon 560 sky

The L-shaped seating in the cockpit allows for stairs to the swim platform to one side only.  Ahead of the table is a hatch to the engine room. 

Expandable Entertainment

Most builders would stop here and call it a day.  Not so with Galeon.  To both sides, there are drop-down balconies that really open up the utility of the aft deck, bring it out and forward. Each has its own features. 

To port, the balcony has a see-through deck allowing visibility to the water below.  There are two removable swivel bar stools that take position up against a flip-up counter that opens flush to the galley counter.  Add to that a large slide-opening window and it makes an ideal serving area, in addition to a window to the world.  Rails can be installed to the outer edge of the balcony, but we chose to leave them off during our inspection as we just didn’t feel the need for them since we had no kids onboard and the adults could be counted on to not jump. 

galeon 560 sky

To port, there’s a set of stools at the galley window.  Notice the glass deck and the mounting holes for the rails. 

To starboard, the balcony itself has much the same features but this time it opens up to the dining table across from the galley. With an expandable leaf, the table now expands out over the balcony.   Cushions on hinges were used as the interior seatbacks.  They can flip down and now they serve as seats to the outside area.  As with the galley, a sliding window opens to join the inside with the outside. 

galeon 560 sky

Here the table can extend out to the side where the drop-down balcony is.  Notice one seatback is up and the other is down to create another seat at the table.  The table pedestal is mounted to a bulwark that separates the inside from the outside. 

galeon 560 fly

Notice how the side decks are still easily accessible with the balconies down. 

Swim Platform

Stairs to the port side of the aft deck lead to the swim platform and having only one set of stairs allows for more seating room.  A great tradeoff.  There’s a hydraulic option to the platform so it can launch a PWC or serve as a private beach.  When lowered, stairs to the port side are automatically deployed.  At the transom, there’s a flip-out bench seat that makes a great place to sit while watching the action off the stern. 

Crew Quarters

A transom hatch lifts and reveals a lazarette storage compartment.  On our test boat, it was optioned out for a crew cabin.  It includes twin berths in an over/under fashion. There’s a refrigerator under the berth and a sink is across and against the transom.  A microwave and combination washer/dryer are included.  A transom window provides natural light.  A wet head is to the starboard side.  Forward, there’s a watertight door to the engine room. 

galeon 560 fly

The crew’s quarter sleeps two in over/under berths in an L-fashion.  Notice the refrigerator under the upper berth. 

galeon 560 fly

There’s a wet head to starboard and forward is the entrance to the engine room.  Notice the ladder that leads to the cockpit deck for a second entrance. 

Engine Room

The engine room is efficient and better than we usually see in boats this size.  Headroom is 4’5” (1.35 m) but still easy to get around in.  There’s 2’4” (.71 m) between the two 725-hp Volvo Penta D11 main engines.  Battery switches and fuel filters are mounted to the forward bulkhead.  Fuel tanks are mounted to the sides.  At the aft end is a 17kW generator. 

galeon 560 fly

The engine room has two shaft-drive engines with the fuel tanks outboard of each.  The generator is aft alongside the ladder to the aft deck. 


Side decks are to both port and starboard and they’re 18”-wide (45.72 cm) with rails topping out at 36” (91.44 cm), far exceeding ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) standards.  Sixteen-inch (40.64 cm) cleats are at midships. 

Another social zone is at the bow that starts with a 64”-wide (162.56 cm) bench seat.  Ahead are dual 74” (187.96 cm) sunpads.  Storage is underneath and pull seatbacks out to convert the sunpads into seating.  Acrylic beverage holders are to both sides. 

galeon 560 sky

There are two sections to the bow social zone.  Notice the hatch at the front leading to storage under the sunpad. 

Fully forward there are two hatches concealing the ground tackle.  The electric windlass is standard and there’s easy access to the all-chain rode and its deep locker.

Flying Bridge

Stairs to the port side of the aft deck lead up to the flybridge.  So, stairs to the lowered swim platform, stairs to the aft deck and now stairs to the flybridge… all in line with one another.  Stairs to the fly are floating teak treads. 

Features of the flybridge start with an open deck to the stern that can be populated with a pair of chaise lounges. Bulwarks come up 14” (35.56 cm) with rails topping out at 29” (73.66 cm).  Ahead and to starboard, there’s an L-shaped refreshment center that includes a grill, a refrigerated bin with a chill plate and a sink.  Below there’s a refrigerator and storage.  Across to port, there’s a module with storage and an icemaker. 

galeon 560 sky

Here we’re looking forward from the aft end of the flybridge, standing between the two chaise lounges. 

galeon 560 sky

The two seats create an opposing atmosphere with tables in between that can be blended together with the flip-out leaves. 

galeon 560 sky

The forward seats have flip seatbacks.  Ahead there’s an aft-facing bench seat.

galeon 560 sky

The refreshment center has a grill, chill box and sink. 

Ahead there’s C-shaped seating to port and starboard and both have expandable pedestal tables in front of them.  When the leaves are brought out, they come together to form a single table all the way across from seat to seat.  Forward seatbacks — one at an observer’s position and one at the helm — flip to become seating at these tables.  It’s an excellent use of space and clever versatility.  Storage is under the seats.  Ahead of the portside bench is an aft-facing bench seat. 

Above all is an optional hardtop.  An arch is standard.  This hardtop is 6’7” (2.01 m) off the deck. 

Flybridge Helm

The flybridge helm is starboard side mounted and two screens populate the upper panel.  A compass is center-mounted, offset from the starboard side-mounted wheel.  The lower panel has the usual features of dual thruster controls, autopilot control and Volvo Penta display.   Engine controls are to the starboard side giving the operator a full view of that side while manipulating them.  The bench-style helm seat is 37” (93.98 cm) wide. 


Moving now to the interior, treatment choices are a Dark Walnut or Beechwood, both with a Matte finish.  Decking is light oak with waterproof artificial flooring.  The overhead is upholstered and includes wood insets that run from the galley to the salon.  Huge windows allow the natural light to pour in and with so many ways to ventilate the main deck the inside becomes the outside. Vertical supports are treated with woven material with LED lighting.


The galley is aft and to port.  In addition to the features we discussed with the drop-down balconies, the galley is U-shaped.  Storage surrounds the area under the counters and shares space with the convection oven.  More storage is above the windows.  The counters are all Corian and a single-basin stainless-steel sink is recessed into the outboard side.  Forward, there’s a four-burner induction cooktop and an extraction fan is above.  Against the entry doors, there’s a full-sized refrigerator with two freezer drawers below.

Across to port is a small dining table that can be expanded out to the side of the 560, supplemented by the drop-down balcony.

galeon 560 fly

The galley is smack between serving areas to port and starboard.  It’s also close to the cockpit and the dining area just ahead.  Notice the drawer storage at the end of the L. 


There are two steps up to the salon and adjacent to the steps there’s a leather-wrapped stanchion supporting the cabinetry and acting as a grab handle.  The overhead stays level and reduces the overhead height to 6’7” (2.01 m), still more than we typically see on other yachts. 

While there’s the dining area across from the galley, sometimes it’s not appropriate to open up the sides of the boat.  For that reason, there’s a J-shaped settee forward and to port that also surrounds a solid wood table on an electrically actuated hi-lo pedestal making this an ideal place for gathering as well as dining.  The table also drops low enough to convert this into an impromptu berth.  Large windows provide excellent views out to the horizon from the seated position.  Shades are electrically raised and lowered.  To starboard, opposing seating is in the form of a loveseat and a 50” (127 cm) TV is just behind, mounted to an electric lift. 

galeon 560 sky

The galley is between serving areas to port and starboard.  It’s also close to the cockpit and the dining area just ahead.  Notice the drawer storage at the end of the L. 

We already discussed how the huge sliding windows open to blend the inside with the outside.  Now add the large aft doors to the mix and the line between the two becomes blurred. 

Lower Helm

The lower helm is starboard side mounted and features two large displays to the upper panel.  Air conditioning vents mounted just below were a welcome addition on our hot South Florida test day.  The lower panel has electrical switches, thruster control sticks, autopilot display, an engine display and digital engine controls. 

Visibility is out the huge 9’7” x 5’4” (2.92 m x 1.63 m) single-piece windshield and there’s a side window alongside the console allowing for visibility there as well.  There’s a bench-style helm seat and at 43” (109.22 cm) it is considered double-wide.  Drawer storage is underneath.  Alongside there’s a sliding door providing access to the side deck and we’d like to see a midship cleat mounted to the bulwarks at this point. 


galeon 560 sky

This layout view shows the three-stateroom, two-head floorplan.  Notice the additional crew’s quarters at the stern.

Moving down below is done via the center-mounted companionway adjacent to the helm.  Safety is enhanced by the bulkheads to both sides, which are 21” (53.34 cm) apart and the full-length stainless-steel grab rail.  Stairs are carpeted and the risers are at a comfortable 10” (25.4 cm).  At the bottom is an atrium that receives plenty of natural light from the windshield above. 

The Galeon 560 Fly is a three-stateroom/two-head yacht with the master located aft and it’s full beam. 


There’s a small corridor and then two steps to the master entrance.  The 78” x 63” (198.12 cm x 160.02 cm) berth is center mounted with ornate stylized headboard treatments of wood, fabric and backlighting.  There’s 6’4” (1.92 m) from the deck to the overhead and that leaves 4’6” (1.37m) over the berth.  Hullside windows are to port and starboard.  They’re huge and include manually operated shades, which we prefer over electrically actuated ones since they’ll still be working quite well 10 years from now. 

There’s a corner seat to starboard in front of a desk/vanity, with a spectacular view out the hullside window.  Lift the lid of the desk and there’s compartmentalized storage and a mirror under the lid.  At the forward bulkhead there’s a 50” (127 cm) TV. 

galeon 560 fly

The master stateroom is full beam with the berth center mounted.  Notice the ornate headboard styling. 

galeon 560 sky

A vanity and seat are to port under the hullside window. 

galeon 560 sky

Storage is to the starboard side under the hullside window.  More storage is under the TV. 

galeon 560 sky

The cabinet to the right houses a refrigerator.  A hanging locker is just behind. 

Storage solutions are throughout and include hanging lockers and flanking nightstands to both sides.  There is drawer storage under the berth.  To starboard there’s a large storage cabinet under that hullside window that even conceals a small refrigerator.  Over the berth, and just under the overhead, there’s a drop-down panel that houses the climate control vents and more storage is alongside them.  That’s a location we rarely see a builder take such good advantage of. 

The remarkable fit and finish that largely defines the Galeon brand is ever-present below decks as well.  Here the patterned eucalyptus woodwork and rounded corners are a pleasant contrast to the white Alcantara suede and light-toned carpeting.   

Master Head

As we make our way back out the corridor, the master head is to the port side with a full-length mirror on the inside of the door.  This has the striking feature of having a hullside window running the full length of the compartment, even into the walk-in shower.  It’s a stunning look and one we’ve never seen before.  An opening portlight adds ventilation.  A mirrored cabinet is to the forward bulkhead over the vanity that includes a vessel sink atop the Corian counter.  That mirror also has the effect of carrying the massive window across to the front of the head.  It’s really a clever and beautiful feature.  Equally stunning is the faux marble look to the shower bulkheads and tile highlighting.  It’s just hard not to be so impressed with, of all things, a bathroom. 

galeon 560 sky

Here we can see the master head and the acrylic door to the shower.  Notice the hullside window runs the full length of the head compartment, even into the shower. 

VIP Stateroom

The VIP is fully forward, but it has a major differentiator from bow staterooms that we usually see.  With the 560 Fly the beam is carried so far forward that here we can have an actual full-sized berth than one that tapers at the head.  There’s even room for bookshelves to either side of the headboard.  The berth itself measures in at 78” x 63” (198.12 cm x 160.02 cm) and access is to both sides as well as storage alongside the entrances.  There are large hullside windows and decorative overhead treatments.  There are two skylights flanking the central overhead hatch, all 7’2” (2.18 m).  Storage is in hanging lockers and drawer storage under the berth.  To port there’s a vanity with a swing-out stool.  A 32” (81.28 cm) TV faces the berth. 

galeon 560 sky

The VIP stateroom is beautifully trimmed out.  Notice the clever storage to the sides of the berth as well as the bookshelves flanking the headboard. 

galeon 560 sky

To the left is a vanity with a swing-out stool. 

There’s a private entrance to the shared head that has similar features to the master, including the full-length hullside window that continues right into the shower.  A second door leads back to the atrium, so this also serves as a day head. 

galeon 560 sky

Notice how the beam is carried so far forward which creates more space in the VIP stateroom. 

Guest Stateroom

Across from the day head is the guest stateroom.  This features side-by-side berths, each measuring 77” x 29” (195.58 cm x 73.66 cm).  they can slide together to form a larger berth should the occupants be a couple rather than individuals.  There’s another large hullside window that pours natural light into the stateroom.  Headroom is 6’6” (1.98 m) leaving 4’11” (1.5 m) over the berth. 

galeon 560 sky

Guests are lavishly treated with dual berths that slide together.  A huge hullside window provides the view. 

Optional Equipment

  • Full control package
  • Bow thruster
  • Electric Cablemaster
  • Entrance door curtain with SS loop to secure open
  • Cover for seats near flybridge steering console
  • Cover for flybridge steering console
  • Cover for flybridge sofa
  • Covers for front window and side windows
  • Raymarine chartplotter/FF 2x Axiom XL 16 (2x main station) 1x Axiom 12 Pro-S (1x flybridge) with CP370 transducer B744V and digital radar RD424 HD
  • Raymarine VHF Ray91 AIS (receiver) and VHF antenna with repeater on flybridge
  • Raymarine autopilot evolution DBW with 2x P70RS control head, EV2 sensor core, EV2 cabling kit
  • Electric sliding TV LED HD SMART 50” with Blu-ray player in salon — Samsung
  • TV LED 32” with Blu-ray player in master cabin — Samsung
  • Beach mode package
  • Foldable aft balconies
  • Sliding openable outside windows
  • Convertible bar areas inside cockpit
  • Hydraulic movable bath platform with teak 500 kg lifting capacity
  • Swim platform chocks
  • Skipper aft cabin
  • Electrical toilet in crew cabin
  • Stern thruster, electric
  • Waterproof wood look floor in salon and galley
  • Carpets on floor and salon and galley
  • Washer/dryer in master cabin corridor
  • Icemaker on flybridge
  • Electric grill on flybridge
  • Fiberglass foldable table in half cockpit
  • Six underwater LED lights
  • Additional Raymarine chartplotter Axiom 12 on Flybridge station
  • Upgraded Magnum open radar antenna 48” (121.92 cm)
  • 24” (60.96 cm) LED TV with Blu-ray player in Bow Cabin
  • Fusion audio system in bow with two speakers
  • Prewire third cabin AV
  • Sound bar system in salon
  • Safe in master cabin
  • Seakeeper 9 gyro stabilizer
  • Rear View camera/engine compartment camera
  • Photovoltaic cells on top of the laminate hard top
  • Dishwasher in galley
  • Stainless steel anchor and chain
  • Sunshade on front deck with carbon poles
  • Fitted sheet set


Please contact dealer for pricing.


It's impressive to see how many features Galeon managed to put into the 560 Fly without it being crowded or cramped.  It’s a remarkably easy-on-the-eyes yacht and has a comfort level that makes her so appealing.  Add to this the class defining fit and finish and the 560 is a home run from top to bottom.