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Grady-White Freedom 307 (2015-)

Brief Summary

The Grady-White Freedom 307 has a 10’7” (3.23 m) beam and is powered by outboard engines leaving a large amount of cockpit space. Cleverly designed seating and comfort features give owners versatility that helps the boat excel at different functions. Born in the turbulent waters of North Carolina and crafted by a company with a long and consistent dedication to excellence, the Freedom 307 comes with high expectations for safety, quality, and durability.

Key Features

  • Anchor windlass with remote switches at helm and windlass
  • Blue LED cockpit lights
  • Aft 251-qt. insulated fish/icebox
  • Hardtop with painted aluminum frame and storage nets
  • Integrated outboard mounting system with swim platform and ladder
  • 3 horizontal rod storage racks
  • Electromechanically extendable port lounge seat
  • Stereo system with AM/FM tuner and VHF receiver
  • Bow table that doubles in cockpit area
  • Wet bar with sink, storage drawers, trash bin and drink holders


Length Overall 30' 6''
9.30 m
Beam 10' 7''
3.23 m
Dry Weight 7,850 lbs.
3,561 kg (w/ eng)
Draft 22''
0.56 m
Deadrise/Transom 19.5 degrees (SeaV2® progression)
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance 8' 6''
2.59 m (max)
Fuel Capacity 234-gal.
886 L
Water Capacity 32-gal.
121.1 L

Engine Options

Tested Engine Currently no test numbers
Std. Power 300 Yamaha Four-Stroke (Twin)
Opt. Power Not Available

Captain's Report

Grady-White Freedom 307

The Grady-White Freedom 307 has a LOA of 30'6'' (9.30 m), a beam of 10'7'' (3.23 m) and a draft of 22'' (0.56 m).

Mission Statement

The Grady-White Freedom 307 is a big dual console boat built on a proven hull by a veteran manufacturer. It is an upscale day boat with fishing, cruising, watersports and entertaining capabilities. She is one of many dual consoles that Grady-White offers in its Freedom Series and is intended specifically for people who either want to venture offshore for fishing or to handle a large number of guests for day-boating activities.

Grady-White Freedom 307

The major features of the Grady-White Freedom 307 dual console can be seen in this drawing.

Important Features


The bow has a recessed anchor that launches through the stem keeping the foredeck uncluttered and mud off the deck. Low profile bow rails along the forward seating area do not interrupt the smooth sheer line which has a smooth sweep that has a family resemblance to the fishing machines in the Grady-White line, but is not as exaggerated as seen in some models. The tall windshield rises at a practical angle and side glazing keeps the captain and navigator dry.

Grady-White Freedom 307

Grady-White has carefully selected these eight additional hull colors to let you customize your boat.

Hull Colors.

For years Grady-White gloried in its standard unique off-white color (“Classic Grady-White”) but now the builder offers a choice of nine hull colors for the Freedom 307 seven are in the gel coat and two are paint.

Which is better, gel coat or paint? We suggest that boaters select the color that they like best regardless of the color medium. However, paint will keep its high-gloss longer, require less maintenance and is generally easier to repair.

Grady-White Upholstery.

Grady-White uses an off-white, cream-colored upholstery. Other features that the Freedom 307 has that add to her utility and are standard equipment include —

  • Anchor windlass with remote control
  • Cockpit shower
  • Stand-up headroom in port compartment
  • Fuel capacity 234 gallons (886 L)
  • Hydraulic trim tabs
  • Windshield washer
  • Water tank capacity 32 gallons (121 L)

Dual Console Design

Regular readers know that we have long championed the dual console design concept because of its utility and family comfort aspects. Further, we tend to be partial to dual consoles built by companies with a fishing boat heritage as they tend to be “saltier” looking, as opposed to the ones built by sportboat companies which tend to be tarted up with lots of bling and eyewash. Grady-White has long known of the advantages of large dual consoles with fishing boat DNA and keeps its boats looking like boats, not sports cars on the water. Grady-White uses the “Freedom” designation to denote its “dual console” series. The Freedom 307 was the first of the large dual consoles in the Grady-White lineup.

Advantages of a “Dual Console”

The “DC” design is a natural for family boating, with cushioned seating from the bow lounge seats, through to the helm deck to the stern’s fold-away bench seat.

Grady-White Freedom 307

The Freedom 307 has twin bench seats with port and starboard recliners. Note the access to the anchor locker, the base for the pedestal table, and the seat backs.

Grady-White Freedom 307

The helm seat is for two, each with its own bolster. The seat is electrically actuated as standard. Note the twin foot rests for leaning and sitting comfort.

Grady-White Freedom 307 port companion seat

The port companion seat is also doublewide and can accommodate two adults. This is an unusual feature and is rarely found on boats in boats of this class.


Grady-White has refined the Freedom 307 with double-wide seats for two both at the helm and to port behind the console and windshield. That means that four pairs of eyes can be facing forward on the helm deck to help with piloting. The helm seat can be adjusted electrically, something that is unusual in class even as an option, but it is standard on the 307.

Grady-White Freedom 307 chaise

Note that the port seat electrically slides out to make a chaise for sunning. Move the seat forward and it makes a spotter’s seat or a comfortable place for sitting while trolling and watching the baits.

Behind the companion seat is an electromechanically convertible lounge seat that can be either aft-facing or flattened into chaise. In this way, the seat can serve as an aft-facing seat used to spot a skier or for an angler to keep an eye on trolling baits.

Grady-White Freedom 307 bench seat

The patented aft fold-away bench seat accommodates two or three people and is probably the most comfortable place on the boat for lubberly guests.

Safety First.

Grady-White has always put a premium on safety in its products. The cockpit is self-bailing. All Grady-Whites have “basic flotation” that makes them unsinkable, and means that some part of the boat will float above the surface of the water if the boat is swamped or turns turtle.

High-quality 316-grade stainless steel grab rails can be found at convenient places where they are needed most. While the grab handles are required by ABYC standards, 316 stainless is not and it is the best marine grade stainless on the market. All storage boxes and wet areas drain overboard rather than into the bilge.

Fishing Heritage.

Many people think of Grady-White as a fishing boat brand and for good reason. The company’s roots are deeply grounded in fishing. Grady-White was a pioneer of large offshore center console fishing boats and their popular walk-around cabins revolutionized what a cabin fishing boat could do. Even today the majority of Grady-White’s products are tailored to hardcore, discriminating fisherman.

Grady-White Freedom 307

The standard 32-gallon (121 L) livewell is located in the port quarter at the transom.

While the Freedom 307 is foremost a family boat, she can still hold her own at fishing. Rod holders and cockpit toe rails are standard while a lighted and insulated 32-gallon (121 L) raw water livewell is standard. Fold the seats away and the cockpit becomes large, uncluttered and can accommodate three or four full-sized anglers. A lighted 251-quart (237.5 L) insulated fishbox in the transom holds a limit and then some.

Grady-White Freedom 307 still shot

Equip the Freedom 307 with the optional outriggers and top-mount rod holders and she is one seriously comfortable and capable fishing machine.

Brand Recognition

Grady-White is one of the most powerful brand names in the boating industry. The company has been in business for over 50 years but much more impressive is that it has had the same owner since 1968 – Eddie Smith, for years a leading figure in the American boating industry. Much of the management team, a good portion of the factory staff, and a long list of Grady-White dealers have been with the company for 20 years or more. This level of consistency is rare in the boat business – particularly in saltwater fiberglass fishing boat brands -- and has given the brand stability to focus on building the high-quality boats and providing good, consistent customer service. Grady-White is a proud company that encourages customers to visit its factory prior to a purchase.

Grady-White Freedom 307

The Freedom 307 is built on Grady-White’s time-tested SeaV2 hull. The continuously variable deadrise angle provides a soft cushion in a head sea and throws spray flat to the sides.

Proven Hull

Grady-White’s patented SeaV2 hull was the product of the naval architecture firm C. Raymond Hunt Associates. Its bottom shape is a variable V-hull which is sharp forward and flatter at the transom. Key traits of the hull are that it rides soft into a sea, holds plane at relatively low speeds, and is a good compromise between ride and fuel efficiency. The design has been in place on all Grady-Whites since 1992.

Form and Function.

The Freedom 307 is a day boat built for full family function, including entertaining. Thoughtful factory options can focus the 307 on how owners plan to use their boat. For example, the standard wet bar behind the helm seat comes with a freshwater sink and three deep storage drawers. But if entertaining is the goal, an electric grill can be added as well as a refrigerator instead of the standard drawers.

Grady-White Freedom 307 wet bar

The starboard wet bar with the optional grill and refrigerator add entertaining functionality aboard the Freedom 307.

There is a small cabin space in the port console with a standard marine head, holding tank and sink. A fold-down berth offers a quick spot to lie down. The berth is large enough for one adult. A 3,500 BTU air conditioning option can be ordered for the cabin. The air conditioning, grill, and refrigerator all require a shore power connection.

Grady-White Freedom 307

The cabin in the port console of the Freedom 307 holds a marine head with holding tank. A fold down berth offers a quick spot to lay down below decks. The cabin can be equipped with air conditioning.

Grady-White Freedom 307

The optional ski pylon fits abaft the transom fishbox in the outboard well.


Watersports activities are easily accomplished from most dual consoles, and the Freedom 307 is no exception. To starboard is a transom gate that leads to a small platform with a 4-step re-boarding ladder. From here watersports activities can be launched. An optional ski pylon fits in the outboard well. A freshwater shower is located conveniently in the transom.

Grady-White Freedom 307

An optional filler cushion in the bow creates a huge sun pad playpen for sun worshipers.

Grady-White Freedom 307

The Freedom 307’s helm is large and comfortable. The cushioned helm seat is wide enough for two and adjusts forward and back electrically. Note the two footrests in the console. 

The Helm

The helm is roomy with convenient electronic adjustment control and switch placement. The seat is electrically adjustable forward-reverse and offers a flip-up bolster to lean against while standing, and a broad cushioned seat while sitting down. The wide dash can easily accommodate two (2) 12” electronics displays. The boat’s deck is a single level from bow to stern with no step up to the helm. Visibility at the helm is good over the low profile bow seating and rails and the windshield header is high so that it is not at eye level when the captain is seated.

Power and Performance

Grady-White boats are equipped exclusively with Yamaha outboard engines. The two brands have enjoyed a long and successful relationship and Grady-White was instrumental in helping Yamaha establish itself three decades ago as reliable offshore power. The Freedom 307 is a twin-engine boat with 4-stroke 300 horsepower engines standard.

Speed and Fuel Consumption.

We have not tested the Freedom 307 but the folks at Grady-White and Yamaha have. The twin 4.2-liter six-cylinder F300 engines had the best cruise at 1.58 statute miles per gallon at 3500 RPM going 27.9 mph. Top speed is reported to be 50.2 mph.

Grady-White Freedom 307 twin engines

Twin 300 Yamaha outboard engines power the Freedom 307. The integrated bracket provides a stable platform for entering the boat from the water. The insulated transom box can hold fish, iced beverages, or can be used as dry storage.

Yamaha Helm Master EX.

The Freedom 307 now comes available with a full upgraded control system thanks to the Yamaha Helm Master EX system.  It includes…

  • Digital Electric Steering – It begins with a new digital electric steering system. Now that this has gone digital, it was easy for Yamaha to add features like Joystick steering and an autopilot tied into the GPS so that the boat will automatically follow selected waypoints, and even several waypoints built into a route.   
  • Electronic Key System – The ignitions have new start/stops that are activated with a floating key fob.  If the key fob isn’t near the ignitions, the engines won’t start.  It can be overridden with a code, but for all intents and purposes, the fob needs to be near the helm. 
  • Full Maneuverability Package – This is an optional feature that Grady offers on the 307.  The joystick provides the improved maneuverability at the dock, no surprise there.  However, additional features include Stay Point that will hold position and heading, Drift Point that holds the heading but not position, and Fish Point that allows us to set the bow or the stern to hold position while the opposite is allowed to swing with the wind or tide.  

The joystick also has +/- buttons so we can adjust the thrust while maneuvering on the joystick.  This isn’t a remarkable feature as all joysticks have adjustable power, but what is remarkable is that others only have a hi/low setting.  This unit, however, allows adjustment through five individual power settings for extremely precise maneuverability. 

The Helm Master joystick has many new features, including three station keeping modes and five power adjustments

  • Control Binnacle – The digital engine controls are upgraded to include the usual individual trim buttons.  But there’s also a new Cruise Assist feature.  On the left throttle (the primary with single lever control), there’s not only the trim button but also a +/- button that will adjust the speed so we can dial in a more precise speed setting without gently tweaking the sticks.

A Remarkable Cockpit

One of the advantages of the Freedom 307 is that it has lots of deck space, thanks to the Grady-White DNA. On many sportboats 30’ and under, deck space is at a premium because the boats have L-shaped lounges, entertainment centers and large sun pads on the stern under intrusive engine boxes. The Freedom 307 has one of the most versatile cockpits on the market because not only is its aft bench seat a fold-away type but the port aft-facing seat is also convertible into a chaise.

With an electromechanical motor effectively transforming a chair into a couch, it meets up with the transom bench seats and “voila” an L-shaped lounge is formed. In just under a minute and with one hand of effort the cockpit can be transformed into a cozy entertaining area for cocktails, dining, or just convivial sightseeing. Adding to the utility of the Freedom 307 is her beam of 10’7” (3.23 m), one of the widest beams in class.

Grady-White Freedom 307

The aft-facing port seat on the Freedom 307 extends on an electromechanical motor. It meets the aft flip-up seat, converting the area from an open cockpit to a comfortable L-shaped lounge. The wet bar is at right out of the picture.

Dodging the Weather

Here the Freedom 307 once again shows versatility as the large walkthrough windshield can be shut, along with a solid door beneath that locks in place, protecting the bridge from chilly weather and spray. The optional front and side isinglass drop curtains can also be deployed for top to bottom three-sided protection. For those that need it, an aft drop curtain is also available.

Grady-White Freedom 307

The Sureshade option on the Freedom 307 extends the shade from the hardtop all the way to the transom. It operates electrically, deploying and retracting from a switch at the helm.

Made for the Shade.

The Freedom 307 has an optional Sureshade electrically retractable canvas option. The retractable Sunbrella canvas deploys at the push of a button, effectively extending the hardtop to the stern and shading the entire cockpit. The Sureshade is quite durable and can be left in the extended position at speed in most cruising conditions.


When it comes to large dual consoles, Grady-White was way ahead of the industry. As a result, it has had time over the years to refine the concept of a multi-use offshore vessel in this size range. The Freedom 307’s innovative convertible cockpit is a good example of that evolution. By carefully selecting the options boaters can outfit the boat specifically for their applications.