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Grand Banks Eastbay 46 SX (2013-)

Brief Summary

Grand Banks realized long ago that if you’re going to keep up, then you can’t stick with tradition forever. While the 36 was an easy boat to spot, the design had its limitations and new looks to the classic GB started coming off the line. Then in 1974, Grand Banks made what was probably their biggest departure from died-in-the-wool tradition. They started making boats out of (gasp) fiberglass. Yes there were a lot of naysayers, and those who thought that GB’s would be built of wood forever. But time and tide waits for no man, and even though their boats are now made of fiberglass, great pains are made to make them look like wood. Something very few are willing to do as it adds to the cost of building. Now, it’s time for Grand Banks to march forward again by giving the shaft to… well, shafts. This new Eastbay 46 SX is powered by CMD diesels with none other than Zeus pod drives. By doing this, Grand Banks has opened up a lot of room in the boat, and a lot of options.