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Hargrave 120 Sandrine (2009-)

Brief Summary

One of the surprising aspects of many large motoryachts, say 70’ to 130’, is that like their 40’ to 50’ little sisters – they are remarkably similar. The reason is that production boats in this size range are still “production boats.” Their layouts, paneling, staterooms and practically everything else except countertops and floor treatments are standardized. And these boats cost several million dollars! Buyers of large motoryachts typically find a few things that they like on each of three or four brands, but nowhere is there one boat that combines all of the details of the boat of their dreams. Their alternative is to hire their own naval architect, pick a custom yard and build a motoryacht from scratch. That is a long, costly, and often painful way to get a boat of one’s dreams. Happily, there is a builder which will customize an 80’ to 130’ motoryacht yet still charge no more than production boat prices. That company is Hargrave.