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Malibu Wakesetter VTX

1 x 340-hp Indmar Monsoon 340

Brief Summary

The 20 Wakesetter VTX is a compact performer. She is garage compatible with a length of 20 feet and beam of 98 inches. The VTX has a standard 320-hp engine package, but can be upgraded to a maximum of 400-hp.

Key Features

  • Premium Polypropylene Carpeting
  • Precision Pro Speed Control
  • Flip Up Bolster Driver's Seat
  • Locking glove box
  • Malibu Sound Suppression Technology (MSST)
  • Ski tow bar/rear grab handle
  • Bow Rails (stainless steel)
  • Ballast Monitoring System (BMS)
  • Chrome Billet Gauge Panel
  • Isotta Steering Wheel

Test Results

600 4.1 3.6 0.8 5.39 4.69 223 194 N/A
1000 6 5.2 1.2 4.94 4.29 204 178 N/A
1500 7.7 6.7 2.1 3.59 3.12 149 129 N/A
2000 10 8.7 3.9 2.56 2.23 106 92 N/A
2500 16.6 14.4 5.6 2.96 2.58 123 107 N/A
3000 26.8 23.3 702 3.71 3.23 154 134 N/A
3500 31.8 27.7 9.8 3.25 2.83 135 117 N/A
4000 35.9 31.2 12.3 2.92 2.54 121 105 N/A
4500 39.9 34.7 16.6 2.4 2.09 99 87 N/A
5000 42.8 37.2 22.1 1.93 1.68 80 70 N/A
5300 44.1 38.3 24.9 1.77 1.54 73 64 N/A


Length Overall 20' 0''
Beam 98''
Dry Weight 3,300 lbs.
Draft 22''
Deadrise/Transom N/A
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance N/A
Fuel Capacity 46 gal.
Water Capacity N/A


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 2.6 sec.
0 to 30 5.3 sec.
Ratio 1.5 : 1
Props 13 1/2 x 16 4-blade bronze
Load 2 people, 5/8 fuel, no water, minimal gear

Engine Options

Tested Engine 1 x 340-hp Indmar Monsoon 340
Std. Power 1 x 320-hp Malibu 320 LCR
Opt. Power 1 x 400-hp HammerHead 383


Engine Warranty Extended Limited 3-Year
Gelcoat Warranty Extended Limited 2-Year
Hull Warranty Extended Lifetime Limited

Captain's Report

A Competitive Performer with Tricked-Out Features
By Capt. Randy Emmermann

Customization All the Way
All the boats produced at Malibu are custom made and designed for the individual buyer. The buyer and sales staff start with a designed hull and customize the rest of the boat based on the individual’s watersports needs. The customer has a choice of interior and exterior colors, multiple towers, engine packages, stereos and much more. If you want a color to match your favorite sports team, no problem. If you want a stereo that can be heard on the other side of the lake, bring it on. The colors, options and variety is unmatched by the competition.
Malibu strives to use the best materials available to build the best boat possible. They use high end upholstery, stainless steel, stereo packages, engine packages, and they strive to stay ahead of the competition. In addition, Malibu develops and customize things like power wedges, pylons and ballast tanks.
Power Wedge
Malibu has developed a product called a power wedge which is used in the wakeseeker models. The power wedge is mounted to the transom and is activated electronically from the helm. The wedge will move up and down to change the wake of the boat. The significance of the wedge is that it allows each wakeboarder to dial in the best wake for their needs. In essence the bigger, better wake means greater air for board tricks. The wedge is built out of marine-grade aluminum and should last the life of the boat.
In addition to the power wedge, Malibu offers ballast tanks. These ballast tanks are strategically placed throughout the boat to improve or change the wake. The boat we tested had four ballast tanks, one in the bow, one in the center, and two in the stern. Each ballast can be filled separately or jointly to accommodate individual board fanatics. Electronic controls on the dash will indicate the level of each ballast tank. A push of a button and you can control the wake of the boat and level of the ballast tanks. Each tank has two pumps one to fill, and the other to drain.
Plenty of Seating
The upholstery and seating on the Malibu is designed and manufactured and installed for each buyer. They start with a composition plastic for the base and then add a high-density foam. To complete the cushion they cover each seat with a custom color high grade marine vinyl. The thickness of the vinyl is one of the best in the industry 38 oz. These seats have some eye popping colors that co-inside with the hull color perfectly.
Sporty Tower
The tower, like the rest of the boat, comes in many shapes and sizes. You can pick a polished tube or powder coated aluminum colorful tower. You can also have the tower racked forward or aft. In essence each tower is selected for the individual. The towers are equipped with a pylon and anchor light. To kick them up a notch you can add multiple speakers, or a dual board rack. These racks are mounted to each outboard side and securely hold an assortment of wakeboards. With a push of a button and a little pull, the board swivels into the boat. You grab your board and swivel the bracket back to the locked position. These racks are stylish and are made of a thick gauge aluminum. They also add a sweet look to the boat and keep boards safe and away from being damaged. These are a must for the serious watersports enthusiasts.
Malibu has a patent pending on a new pop up tow ball or pylon. This pylon retracts into the engine compartment when not in use to avoid stubbing your toe. When you need it you simply lift the tow ball up swivel and lock in place. The ball also has a built-in swivel to reduce friction on the ski line. In addition to this engine pylon, Malibu offers one on the tower and a tow connection on the transom. Each one is designed to give the individual the competitive edge.
Power Options
The engines for Malibu are produced by Indmar. They start with a 350cc GM block, add steroids and build a high output performance EFI engine. They come in various sizes from 320HP EFI to 400HP and have cool names like Monsoon and Hammerhead. Each engine is coupled to a ZF transmission either V or direct drive to produce the ultimate ride. Each boat whether it has a direct drive or V drive has its own advantages for skiing and entertaining. For those of you who need more horsepower Malibu offers a Vortec 8100 that produces a smoking 450hp. This engine package is only available on some models.
Stabilizing Fins
All of the Malibu boats have Gorilla Fins or Stabilizing Fins designed and integrated within the hull. The V drive boats utilize the two Gorilla Fins while the Direct Drives have three small fins. Both are used to keep the boat straight and on course. They help stabilize the boat and produce better turning radius for the each model. Our tests reinforced the strong sharp turning capability of the Malibu boats. In addition these fins keep the boat stable while the skier digs in for a turn.
So if you’re serious about skiing, wakeboarding or other watersports, you need to check out the full line of Malibu boats. They will manufacture the ultimate boat that not only will meet but exceed your watersport needs. Malibus are also built tough, and designed to last.

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