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Nautica X-36 (2010-)

Brief Summary

Nautica started out life building RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) for military and law enforcement uses. As such, they had a short list of standards since their customers always added agency-specific items to the boats themselves (like machine guns). But like the Humvee, it was inevitable that a civilian version would take hold. Now to be clear, Nautica has also made more relaxed versions for uses as tenders and such, but the X series... is made for intense and hard-driving jobs. Now you can have your own version.

Key Features

  • Heavy duty fiberglass deep-vee hull
  • Heavy duty stringer system laminted into hull
  • Twin aluminum fuel tanks built into hull
  • Bolster-type driver's seat for 3 persons
  • Rear molded seating for 4 persons
  • Seating on front of console
  • Center console with windshield and stainless steel rail
  • Large swim platform
  • Yanmar 440-hp diesel engines


Length Overall 36' 0'' / 10.97 m
Beam 11' 2''
3.4 m
Dry Weight 8,590 lbs.
3,896 kg
Draft 30''
0.762 m
Deadrise/Transom N/A
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance N/A
Fuel Capacity 300 gal.
1,136 L
Water Capacity none

Engine Options

Tested Engine Currently no test numbers
Std. Power 2 x 440-hp Yanmar diesels
Opt. Power Not Available

Captain's Report

Nautica X-35

This is not your typical day boat. Her awesome performance and wild ride mean hanging on is secondary; you’ll want to strap yourself into the four point harness system!

In The Beginning

Just look at any drug interdiction unit and you’ll see that their chase boat of choice is more often than not, a RIB. In fact, Nautica was started in 1969 as an inflatable boat company primarily building only for the military and law enforcement. Over time Nautica realized that their RIBs would make good tenders for larger yachts, so the company started installing consoles and seating, which were features unheard of for tenders at the time. Now of course, the X-36 can be customized with an arch, bimini top, rod holders, fresh water shower, AM/FM CD player and optional electronics. All this has made Nautica a serious player in the luxury civilian field in addition to maintaining its roots in the Mil-Spec world.
RIBs are also very attractive boats for the megayacht crowd as they’re incredibly light, easy to launch, and with their built in padding they do little to no harm should they slam against the yacht's hull while being raised or lowered from a deck-mounted crane in a rolling sea.

Nautica X-35

We did not find the weapons in either the standard or options list on our test boat.

Hypalon Ships, Iron Men

A first look at our test boat showed that her military heritage was ever-present, even without the bow-mounted machine gun. Our boat had five Stidd Special Mission seats installed. These optional seats are the real deal, sending an instant signal that this boat is capable of far more than you’d think. These boats, even with their deep-V hulls, typically offer a pounding ride due to their lightweight, and as such, the seats are specifically designed for sustained high-speed and high-impact riding while also providing an ergonomic sustainability and human endurance to the ride. They can be elevated or lowered to more positions than you’d ever use, and more importantly, can be converted to stand-up bolsters in a flash.
Now certainly, you can opt for more sedate and luxurious seating for your X-36, and indeed, you can pretty much add as much class and luxury as your taste and wallet can handle, but it’s nice to know that if your convictions also gravitate more towards the extreme, Nautica’s got you covered.

Diesel Power

The Nautica X-36 RIB is powered by high-performance diesel engines with jet power. These engines provide good handling, and fast acceleration, shoal draft, and safety. This is a must for commercial use, as well as the U.S. Navy Seals, U.S. Coast Guard and law enforcement work. For us civvies, it just adds versatility and a lot of spunk.
The sponsons are made of durable Hypalon and have integrated grab lines and grab handles running their full length for increased safety in all running conditions. The sponsons are also built with redundancy in mind. Twelve separate chambers keep you afloat in the event of an accidental knife (or stray drug dealer’s bullet) puncture. In fact, the boat will stay afloat with the entire collar deflated. Each sponson also features integrated fiberglass step pads for sure footed boarding.

More Details

The helm is all business with easy to read gauges, and tilt sport steering wheel. There’s room to mount your favorite electronics and accessories. There’s storage beneath the console front seat and good access to wiring, rigging, and instrumentation mounting through the forward service hatch.
Engine access is made easy by electrically raising the rear deck with integral seating. Our vessel featured the CMD diesel engines with the D-Tronic injection system that emits fewer pollutants and is a much more efficient fuel delivery system. This power plant was coupled to Bravo Three outdrives although many different configurations are available including waterjets, outboards, inboards, and surface drives. The engine compartment is open and offers plenty of room to work, and the diamond plate walls and bulkheads add lasting durability.

Nautica X-35

Engines are mounted on glass stringers. However, it is a bit tight between the engines thanks to the Deep-V hull.

Performance Numbers

Out on our test run the X-36 proved to be impressive. She’s a nimble craft for her size and it was easy to see why the military and governmental agencies prefer this craft. Her best cruise was 36 mph burning only 20 gallons per hour and giving us a range of almost 650 miles on one full tank. Top speed for the X-36 was nearly 47 mph, although faster speeds are capable using jet or surface drives. She jumped up on plane in 6 seconds and was up to 30 mph in a matter of 10.5 seconds.
For the non-military types, the utility of the X-36 should appeal to megayacht owners, plus others who want diesel reliability and range and low maintenance. Clearly, the “wow” factor is the ultimate motivator. Even still, it’s built to exceed ABYC standards using high quality materials and components to withstand extreme conditions and have lasting durability. With a capacity of 25 (sic), they can also make thrilling passenger boats, as they are built to Coast Guard specs.