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Nimbus T9 (2020-)

1 x 350-hp Mercury Verado

Brief Summary

Nimbus' Scandinavian design team builds its boats for the yachtsman who appreciates comfort, safety and functionality. The Nimbus T9 is the first of the new 9M series of boats by the Swedish boatbuilder and she is designed as the successor to their popular Nova Series. She is the first of three versions built on the same hull, the T9 Tender, the C9 Commuter and the W9 Weekender.

Key Features

  • Double-step v-hull 
  • Fully automatic ZipWake trimtab system
  • Walk-around deck design
  • Enclosed head
  • 8-person capacity


Test Results

600 2.7 2.3 0.7 3.8 3.3 286 248.9 63
1000 4.3 3.7 1.3 3.3 2.9 250 217.4 66
1500 6.2 5.4 1.9 3.4 2.9 253 220.3 68
2000 7.7 6.7 3.1 2.5 2.2 188 163.3 73
2500 8.8 7.6 5.3 1.7 1.4 126 109.6 76
3000 11.2 9.7 8.5 1.3 1.2 100 87.1 80
3500 16 13.9 10.9 1.5 1.3 111 96.5 83
4000 22.6 19.7 13.4 1.7 1.5 128 110.9 82
4500 31 27 15.3 2 1.8 154 133.6 83
5000 38.1 33.1 18.9 2 1.8 153 132.7 85
5500 43.7 38 24.8 1.8 1.5 133 115.9 86
5700 44.8 38.9 30.8 1.5 1.3 110 95.5 88


Length Overall 30'6"
9.3 m
Beam 9' 7''
2.9 m
Dry Weight 6,173 lbs.
2,800 kg
Tested Weight 7,295 lbs.
Draft 17''
.43 m
Weight Capacity 8
Fuel Capacity 84 gal.
318 L
Water Capacity 21 gal.
79 L
Total Weight 7,295 lbs.


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 5.4 sec.
0 to 30 23.9 sec.
Props 14.5x17 Enertia
Load 4 persons, 1/2 fuel, 1/2 water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 80 deg., 68 humid; wind: 5-10 mph; seas: <1

Engine Options

Tested Engine 1 x 350-hp Mercury Verado 4.6L V8
Std. Power 1 x 250-hp Mercury Verado Cold White
Opt. Power 1 x 250-hp Mercury Verado V8
1x 300-hp Mercury Verado V8
1 x 350-hp Mercury Verado L6
1 x 270-hp Mercury Diesel 3.0L V6 Bravo3
1 x 300-hp Volvo Penta V8 CE/DPS
1 x 350-hp Volvo Penta V8 CE/DPS

Captain's Report

By Capt. Nick Martinez

The Nimbus T9 is a fast tender that reached up to 45 mph in our tests.

stepped hull

The Nimbus T9's twin stepped V-hull is designed for smooth cruising capability.


The Nimbus T9 is a 30’8” (9.35 m) day boat that is intended for versatile recreational boating. With its twin stepped hull, open cockpit, inboard or outboard engine options this boat is sure to peak interest from people looking for a configurable walk-around dayboat. It comes standard with a 250-hp Mercury outboard in the U.S. with multiple engine upgrades to the Mercury 300 or 350-hp Verado engines. It also does have an inboard version available in Europe. 

The T9 comes standard with a Mercury Verado V8 250-hp outboard. Our test boat was powered by an optional Mercury 350 Verado outboard engine.

    Major Features

    • Large sturdy rubber rub rail
    • Bow thruster
    • 250-hp Mercury Verado outboard
    • Open bow rail for forward boarding


    Nimbus T9 design

    The Nimbus T9 has an open uncluttered design, meant to accommodate multiple passengers without feeling cramped.

    The Nimbus T9 has a twin stepped hull for a low planing threshold and a smooth cruising ride.

    The T9 is fitted with an interior cabin with a head to be able to accommodate long excursions.

    Commuter T9

    The Nimbus C9 is the commuter version of this 9-meter series, featuring an enclosed pilothouse.

    Nimbus Weekender

    Nimbus' W9 Weekender is designed for social and overnight activities. She can accommodate sleeping up to four people and notice she adds large side windows and a collapsible Bimini top.

    Features Inspection

    The Cockpit

    The Nimbus T9’s cockpit shows the intended versatility in the design. The aft deck can be fitted-out with a straight sofa, that provides considerably more space, or it can be configured with a U-shaped sofa with seating for five. There is also a foldable teak table on two fixed pedestals just forward of the couch, the table is removable and stows into a dedicated insert in the in-deck storage when not in use. That insert is also removable for access to the bilge pumps and fresh water tank. With the table stowed away, the center backrest can be removable and fits between the two side cushions to convert to a sun pad. In addition, there is storage under each of the sofa seats.

    The T9 has an open cockpit design that's not only good for socializing but comfortable while in transit as well.

    Wet Bar

    To enhance the social aspect of the T9 there is an optional wet bar that can be installed just behind the helm seats. The wet bar storage is covered by a hatch and padded bolster. The Wet bar comes with a sink, portable Weber gas grill, a Corian top, and storage underneath. There is also a grab rail just forward of the wet bar in the event there is a little rocking while cooking.

    Fold away gas grill/wet bar

    Notice how the wet bar, even when in use, does not impinge the amount of space for mobility around the T9.

    teak table

    The aft teak table is foldable and attached to two fixed pedestals to convert the lounge area to a dining area.

    Aft table

    The cockpit table when folded not only provides more room around the cockpit but provides four cup holders and notice the recessed hinges.

    In deck storage

    There are removable brackets in the in-deck compartment that provide dedicated storage for the table and pedestals. With the bracket removed, we have unimpeded access to the bilge, fresh water tank, and pump below.

    The heavy-duty brackets that support the backrest also permit it to be converted into a sun pad between the two side sofa seats.

    Aft sunpad

    With the table stowed away, the center backrest can be used to create a sun-pad measuring 78" x 42" (198.12 cm x 106.68 cm).

    Couch storage

    There are three storage compartments in the aft sofa area, one center and one to the port and starboard side. Notice under each port and starboard side seat storage there is a shoe cubby. One of many thoughtful designs touches that Nimbus adds to the T9.

    The center storage is actually a tub that can be removed so that it can fill it up elsewhere and replaced. It also allows access to the bilge pumps underneath when removed.


    The entertainment aspects continue aft to the stern of the boat. There is a 7" (17.78 cm) step by the aft seat and another 3" (7.62 cm) step just before the swim platform. When walking to the stern of the boat we notice that the bulwarks are 29" (73.66 cm) high with the rails going up to 31" (78.74 cm), far exceeding ABCY standards. The whole platform is covered in teak decking, continuing the style of the rest of the deck. Notice there are high grab rails to both sides of the reboarding ladder making it easier to get in and out of the water. One of the more important aspects of the stern is the two platforms that extend past the engine. In case of an error docking, the platforms take the hit, not the engine. Another nice design feature is that even with the extended platform, it takes into account the full turning radius of the outboard while leaving us maximum space.

    Aft swim platform

    The aft swim platform extends past the engine providing a handy place to board the boat.

    There are high bulwarks with rails that far exceed ABCY standards, making it that much safer and more comfortable to walk around the decks.

    deep storage

    On both starboard and port quarters there are deep storage lockers alongside 10" (25.40 cm) oversized cleats.

    swim ladder

    The swim ladder folds and telescopes with high grab rails above for easy reboarding from the water.

    Engine up

    The engine can tilt fully out of the water even with the center platform in the closed position.

    Optional Tops

    The Nimbus T9 comes standard with a hard T-top, but it can be deleted from the build. It includes plenty of LED lighting, a grab rail around the trailing edge with six rocket launcher style rod holders. On the perimeter, there are tracks for a canvas that will go all the way to the down attaching to deck fitting to will enclose the entire area. The hardtop also comes with an electric opening sunroof that has guttered edges to prevent water on top from entering the boat. The hardtop not only adds additional functionality to the T9 but also adds to the good looking profile of the boat as well. 

    LED lighting

    There are LED lights throughout the boat that are included in the optional hardtop.

    Notice the large opening of the sunroof with its guttered edges to help water escape and keep the area dry underneath.

    The Bow

    There are 10" (25.40 cm) steps on each side of the console that lead to 15" (38.10 cm) wide side decks. The bulwarks come up to 17" (43.18 cm) and the rails top out at 23" (58.42 cm). There is also LED courtesy lighting around the bulwarks. Forward of the helm console, there is a 46" (116.84 cm) wide seat that can open to the cabin underneath allowing ventilation or simply load gear in. Fully forward there is a 13" (33.02 cm) elevated platform, covered in teak, that leads to a split bow rail design suitable for bow-in boarding. In the center of the platform is a hatch that exposes the anchor locker and a Lewmar anchor windlass. There are also accommodations to the side for line storage. There is also an option to add padded side bolsters that attach to both port and starboard side bulwarks as well as another optional foldable teak table attached to two fixed pedestals.

    All of the deckings on the Nimbus T9 is teak from bow to stern.

    There is a 10" (25.40 cm) step that leads to the 15" (38.10 cm) wide side decks, leaving plenty of space to walk around. 

    front seat

    The forward seat is wide enough to fit two people with convenient grab handles on each side.

    cabin entrance

    The front seat doubles as a gas strut assisted hatch for the cabin. Notice interior grab rail for closing from the inside.

    Notice how the corner of the trunk cabin and the bulwark mirror each other to keep a consistent side deck clearance.

    anchor box

    Inside the anchor there easy access to rode storage. There is an optional Lewmar windlass, and notice to the side there are hangers for dock lines.

    The Helm

    The T9 has an ergonomic starboard side helm with an adjustable captain and observer seat, both with flip-up bolsters. It comes standard with a 9" (22.86 cm) Garmin MFD (Multi-Function Display), but there is also the option to have a 12"(30.48 cm), 16"(40.64 cm) or dual 12" (30.48 cm) displays that are connected to the engine, so no need for gauges. The compass is in line with the helm and mounted on a soft-touch dash. The digital throttle and bow thruster control are right alongside the steering wheel, which is on a tilt base. The ZipWake trim tab system control is located right under the throttle. There is a SmartCraft gauge on the left side of the helm with accessory buttons on top. A Fusion stereo head is located on the starboard helm bulwark with a storage cubby just below.

    The windshield was right in Captain Steve's line of sight when going slow but when up on plane he had a clear line of sight.

    helms seats

    The breaker panel and a fire extinguisher are located just below the adjustable captain and observer seats.

    nimbus T9 helm

    The Nimbus T9 helm comes standard with a Garmin 9"( 22.86 cm) display that is also keyed into its Mercury engine to show all its instrumentation, eliminating the need for gauges.

    Nimbus helm

    The helm has a leather-wrapped custom steering wheel that is on a tilt base.

    Electronic throttle

    The throttle, thruster, and trim tab controls are all right alongside the steering wheel and all within comfortable reach.

    Trim tab system

    The ZipWake auto-trim system also comes standard with the T9.

    Fushion stereo

    There is a convenient storage cubby under the Fusion stereo that has plenty of room. Notice the USB connectivity port just above.

    Port side refrigerator

    To the port side, there are lighting controls, another small cubby and a refrigerator perfect for the captain's beverages.


    You enter the cabin through a port side flying door. Under the entrance, there is a comfortable seat. The cabin has an overhead clearance of 4'11" (1.49 m), 3'5" (1.04 m) over the seat, and 2'5" (0.74 m) over the bed. There are storage pockets to the aft and port bulkheads. The easily accessible head has 4' 11"(1.49 m) of overhead clearance and comes with a molded vanity sink.


    Just inside the entrance, there are storage pockets on the bulkhead as well as under the step.

    interior bed

    The V-berth could accommodate two people.

    The head has 4'11" (1.49 cm) of overhead clearance with a long mirror just above the sink and a hullside window for ventilation.


    The head comes with plenty of counter space, a small sink, and a manual pump type toilet. 


    Nimbus T9

    The Nimbus T9 has a top speed of 45 mph at 5700 rpm and a best cruise of 31 mph at 4500 rpm.

    The Nimbus T9 has an LOA of 30'6" (9.29 m), a beam of 9'7" (2.92 m), and a draft of 17” (33.18 cm). With 42-gallons (159 L) of fuel and 10-gallons (38 L) and four people aboard our test boat, we had an estimated test weight of 7,295 lbs. (3,309 kg).

    With a single Mercury 350 Verado 4.6L V8 engine turning a 14.5” x 17” Enertia propeller, we hit a top speed of 45 mph at 5700 rpm. We found our best cruise speed at 4500 rpm at 31 mph. With a fuel burn of 15.3 gph, that translated into 1.8 nmpg and a range of 133.6 nautical miles, all while holding back a 10-percent reserve of the boats 84-gallon (317.98-L) total fuel capacity. At trolling speed, we recorded 2.7 mph at 600 rpm and 3.7 mph at 1000 rpm. The T9 planed at 11.6 mph in 5.4 seconds, we reached 20 mph in 16.2 seconds and 30 mph at 23.9 seconds.


    She handled well at cruising speed and afforded a comfortable ride. With the flared out hull, we noticed she was also a very dry ride even going through our camera boat's chop. She was responsive at the helm but at high speed turns there was a good amount of ventilation so it is best to avoid a lot of cranking and banking. There was a little hull slap only when going above cruising speed. The T9 handled well in turns, sliding nicely with no chine walk at all.

    Engine Options


    • Mercury Verado V8 300-hp ($4,000)
    • Mercury Verado V8 350-hp ($9,647)

    Inboards (not currently available in the USA)

    • Volvo Penta V8 CE/DPS 350-hp ($3,176)

    • Mercury Diesel 3.0L V6 270-hp ($19,059)


    • Wet bar with water, sink, cushion, and portable Weber gas grill ($3,400)
    • U-shaped sofa ($1,741)
    • Water-ski pole ($ 541)
    • Fishing rode holders ($1,094)
    • Bow Lewmar windlass ($3,506)
    • Top with electronic canvas roof system ($13,412)


    MSRP $219,935


    Overall, the Nimbus T9 is an impressive boat. The amount of space is the first thing that catches our eye on this boat but there is also plenty of functionality throughout. She was easy to use and was comfortable all around as a good day boat, all while having the capability of being an overnighter. Comfort, functionality, and ease of use are the top three things that we appreciated about this boat. It all came together in the Nimbus T9.

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