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Nitro ZV19 Sport (2019-)

1 x 225-hp Mercury XL Pro XS 4-stroke

Brief Summary

The Nitro ZV19 Sport is an 18’11” (5.76 m) long inshore multi-species fish and ski boat. Designed and built to handle rough lake conditions so the whole family stays safe, while the diehard angler competitively stalks the waters. The ZV19 Sport comes for a package price that included boat, engine, and trailer.

Key Features

  • 17-degree deadrise at the transom
  • 100% composite deck core
  • 26-gal (98 L) Livewell & baitwell
  • Minn Kota® PowerDrive™ trolling engine
  • Custom-fit trailer powder coated with GALVASHIELD impact corrosion

Test Results

600 3.2 2.7 0.7 4.5 3.9 182 158.5 66
1000 4.9 4.3 1.3 3.9 3.4 159 138.1 66
1500 6.8 5.9 2.2 3.1 2.7 127 110.6 72
2000 8.2 7.1 3.7 2.2 1.9 89 77.6 75
2500 13.3 11.5 4.2 3.2 2.7 128 111.1 79
3000 22.2 19.3 5.1 4.4 3.8 176 153.3 80
3500 29.3 25.5 6.8 4.3 3.7 175 151.7 80
4000 34.6 30 9.3 3.7 3.2 151 131.5 81
4500 39.4 34.3 11.2 3.5 3.1 142 123.9 82
5000 44.2 38.4 15.7 2.8 2.4 114 99 86
5500 48.8 42.4 19.6 2.5 2.2 101 87.7 81
5850 52.2 45.4 21.7 2.4 2.1 98 84.9 85


Length Overall 18' 11'' / 5.76 m
Beam 8' 6''
2.59 m
Dry Weight 2,300 lbs.
1,043 kg
Tested Weight 3,387 lbs.
1,536 kg
Draft 19.75''
0.50 m
Deadrise/Transom N/A
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance N/A
Weight Capacity 1,050 lbs.
476 kg
Person Capacity 6
Fuel Capacity 45 gal.
170 L
Water Capacity N/A
Total Weight 3,387 lbs.
1,536 kg


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 2.7 sec.
0 to 30 6.4 sec.
Ratio N/A
Props 14.2*18
Load 2 persons, 3/5 fuel, no water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 85 deg., 64 humid; wind: 0-5 mph; seas: 0

Engine Options

Tested Engine 1 x 225-hp Mercury XL Pro XS 4-stroke
Std. Power 1 x 150-hp Mercury XL 4-stroke
Opt. Power 1 x 175-hp Mercury XL 4-stroke with DTS controls
1 x 200-hp Mercury XL 4-stroke with DTS controls
1 x 150-hp Mercury XL Pro XS 4-stroke
1 x 200-hp Mercury XL Pro XS 4-stroke with DTS controls
1 x 225-hp Mercury XL Pro XS 4-stroke with DTS controls

Captain's Report

Captain’s Report by Peter d’Anjou


The boat, engine, and trailer package of the ZV19 Sport are sold at a package price.



The Nitro ZV19 Sport has a lot of options so that owners can tailor the configuration to suit their needs or budget.

Designed as a family crossover, the ZV19 Sport can carry six passengers or 1,050 lbs. So, for a day on the lake, fishing, water skiing, or just cruising, the ZV19 has an ample weight rating. Its hull design and freeboard height of 30” fore and 24” aft, add a measure of security in all conditions. There is also respective storage for gear and fishing equipment and is geared towards the multi-species angler.

Major Features

  • Z-Core seating system with Force Flex suspension
  • Six person capacity
  • Hydraulic steering with custom tilt wheel
  • Tow-sport pylon



deck plan

The center windshield is optional, the console windshields are standard, but otherwise the layout of the ZV19 Sport is traditional for a combination fish and ski boat.


The boat comes with six chairs, which includes the two jump seats. This seating design is generous for a 19’ boat. The space can be converted by moving the middle cockpit seat to the casting decks.


The Nitro ZV19 Sport’s bottom has a reversed chine and three strakes per side.

Nitro, a subsidiary of White River Marine, is owned by Bass Pro Shops. Nitro focuses on performance fishing boats: The Z Series boats are bass boats, the ZV Series are multi-species fishing boats, and the Sport Series are hybrid fishing and watersports/family-crossovers. The ZV19 Sport’s fishing lineage stems from the ZV21, which is also a successful multi-species vessel.


A dry ride, regardless of conditions, was a definite must when considering the design for the ZV19 Sport.

The 30” (76.2 cm) high freeboard is aimed towards safety whilst managing rough waters. The Nitro ZV19 Sport has a 17-degree deadrise at the transom, which is designed for bigger water than are bass boats. Nitro calls this a deep-V hull, however, it doesn’t quite meet our standards for a deep-V (over 21-degrees of deadrise at the transom).

nitro zv 19 sport bottom design

The bottom design is easier to see at the transom: a center pad, two strakes, and a reverse planing chine, and finally a displacement chine just below the boot stripe.

The running bottom of the Nitro ZV19 Sport is a place where fiberglass construction pays off, versus aluminum. Her pad, double strakes, reverse chine, and reduction of planing surface when running are all design nuances that are not possible in aluminum. These features make the boat go faster, use less fuel, and make her more stable while underway.



Test conditions for the Nitro ZV19 Sport had winds below 5 knots in calm, fresh water.

The Nitro ZV19 Sport has a LOA of 18’11” (5.78 m), a beam of 8’6” (2.59 m), and a draft of 1’8” (50.8 cm). With an empty weight of 2,300 lbs. (1,043 kg), 60-percent fuel, test power, and two people onboard, we had an estimated weight of 3,387 lbs. (1,536 kg).

Top Speed. With the single 225-horsepower Mercury Pro XS 4-stroke engine turning a 14.2 x 18 (36 x 20.3 cm) stainless-steel propeller, we reached a top speed of 52.2 mph at 5850 rpm.

Best cruise came in at 3000 rpm and 22.2 mph. It was at that speed that the 5.1 gph fuel burn translated into 4.4 mpg and a range of 176 statute miles, all while still holding back a 10-percent reserve of the boat’s 45-gallon (170 L) total fuel capacity.

Idle Speed. Because the average boat spends 40% of its time at idle, and lots of time at trolling speeds from 5 to 8 mph, fuel consumption in the low range is important. At 600 rpm, the ZV19 Sport went 3.2 mph and got 4.5 mpg. At 1500 rpm, she went 6.8 mph, getting 3.1 mpg.

nitro zv19 sport running

The Nitro ZV19 Sport is available with an optional trim tabs package.


We had an average time to plane of 2.7 seconds, accelerating to 20 mph (32.1 kph) in 4.5 seconds, and reaching 30 mph (48.2 kph) in 6.4 seconds.


nitro zv19 sport running

Once on plane, the Nitro ZV19 Sport performed best with the engine trimmed up a bit. In this image she is on her way to higher speeds and better trim.

The Nitro ZV19 Sport exhibited some good performance, smoothly coming up on plane, then briskly reaching its top speed of 52 mph. She is, however, sensitive to engine trim. Get her up on plane, then start moving the trim up and the spray begins to move back from the midships area towards the stern quarters - That is the best running attitude.

nitro zv19 sport running

We found that it was important to have the engine trimmed all the way down in our cornering tests.

When turning, you must lower the trim to avoid ventilating the propeller. In hard-over turns, she has a firm grab with very little chine walk. The Nitro ZV19 Sport demonstrates strong acceleration throughout the range.

Boat Inspection

Aft Casting Deck

nitro zv19 sport aft deck

The aft casting deck of the ZV19 Sport measures 7’0 x 2’1” (2.13 m x 0.64 m) and is shown here in “fishing mode.” The socket in front of the engine is used for a tow-sport pylon; the forward socket over the middle of the livewell is for a pedestal chair.

A good portion of the aft cockpit is used for a casting platform. The platform is 19” (48.26 cm) above the cockpit deck, measuring 7’0” (2.13 m) wide by 2’1” (0.64 m) fore and aft.

nitro zv19 sport tow sport pylon

The tournament-style, tow-sport pylon is standard and works with skiers, boarders, and tubers.

nitro zv19 sport jump seats

The two jump seats built into the aft casting deck have unusual double hinges in the seat bases that lift and allow the seats to slide out of the way for full access to the storage space beneath.

nitro zv19 sport layout

The jump seat cushions are still attached to the seat bases, but we can see how they look in the open position.

Under the jump seats is storage space for 12 Plano tackle boxes - six on each side.

nitro zv19 sport jump seats

We like the drawer style storage beneath the jump seats for tackle boxes because it allows the jump seat to remain closed in “fishing mode”, while still giving access to the Plano boxes inside.

nitro zv19 sport livewell

Under the center of the casting platform is a 26-gallon (98 L), anti-slosh livewell with aerator, pump-out and dividers. The livewell has rounded corners and the hatches have turn-and-lock latches.

nitro zv19 sport cushions

Add the optional upholstered cushions and the casting platform converts to a sun pad in the aft cockpit, which is 27” (68.58 cm) deep and has 24” (60.96 cm) of freeboard. The Bimini top, shown folded down in its boot, is also optional.

nitro zv19 sport battery

A 110-volt battery charger shore connection is located in the ZV19 Sport’s engine well. A four-step reboarding ladder sits atop the port side swim pad.

There is access to the bilge pump through a hatch in the engine well. There are 1” (2.54 cm) diameter stainless-steel grab rails mounted 2” (5.08 cm) above the gunwale along the aft cockpit on both the port and starboard sides. Speakers for the optional Sony stereo are mounted in the port and starboard side bulwarks, along with drink holders and drains on both sides.


The aft cockpit itself is 27” (68.5 cm) deep and has 24” (60.9 cm) of aft freeboard.

nitro zv19 sport heavy duty battery

Under the aft cockpit deck is a standard heavy-duty starting battery, two heavy-duty trolling batteries, and an E-Start emergency jump start system.

nitro zv19 sport battery switch

The battery switch is mounted below the hinged side of the hatch. We’d like to see it moved to a more readily available location.

nitro zv19 sport battery charger

On the port side is the battery charger. The Nitro ZV19 Sport comes standard with a 2-bank, 20-amp charger. The 4-bank 40-amp charger shown is a $140 option.

Cockpit seating consists of two removable pedestal chairs. The chairs can be relocated to the bow or aft casting decks to be used as fishing chairs.

nitro zv19 sport caprail

The caprail in the cockpit has a 3’ (0.91 cm) long 1” wide stainless grabrail mounted on it. Note the optional Bimini hardware alongside.


nitro zv19 sport helm console

The Nitro ZV19 Sport’s helm console features a tilt wheel, hydraulic steering, and an analog gauge package.

nitro zv19 sport helm

The helm is laid out in a traditional fashion, featuring round gauges and a key ignition switch. Mounted on the port side of the helm console is a standard Lowrance Hook 2.5 Combo fishfinder.

Over 70 options of GPS, chartplotters, and fishfinders are available for the helm, passenger console, and bow.

nitro zv19 sport key pad

To starboard is a water-proof digital touch keypad for the accessories.

nitro zv19 sport binnacle

The control binnacle is mounted on the bulwark along with the optional stereo control just forward, drink holders, and tool rack are below.

There is a storage shelf underneath the helm dashboard along with footrests.

nitro zv19 sport zcore seating

The Z-Core™ seating system used in the ZV19 Sport derives from an earlier collaboration with Nitro team angler Kevin VanDam on the Z Series bass boats. The ZV19 Sport’s seats have flex suspension and contoured, rotomolded frames for the driver and passenger seats.


nitro zv19 sport helm seats

The helm and cockpit seats are identical and contoured for comfort and support, with mesh netting for storage on the back side.

The passenger console on the port side has a glove box with a 16” (40.64 cm) opening and a depth of 19” (48.3 cm). There is a stainless steel grab rail that wraps around the inboard side of the console.

nitro zv19 sport console grab handle

The passenger console grab handle curves below the glovebox. Also note the curved sides of the windscreen which reduces snagging of clothing when boarding from the side.

nitro zv19 sport step

A boarding step and drink holder are molded into the bulwark. Storage along the port side is rubberized and is designed to be used as storage for a large landing net. An angled footrest is forward.

nitro zv19 sport center

An optional center section of the windshield provides additional protection.

The windshield has a 2’1” (63.5 cm) center walk-through with a 14” (35.56 cm) step up.

nitro zv19 sport courtesy light

A courtesy light on the side of the console illuminates the walkthrough.

The Bow

nitro zv19 sport storage

Moving forward there is 4’ (1.22 m) by 18” (45.7 cm) of storage below the walkthrough, with two gas assist struts and ten rod holders for rods up to 8’ (2.43 m) long.

Forward is a casting platform measuring 6’ (1.83 m) from the bow to the consoles and 6’8” (2.03 m) at its widest. There are 1” (2.54 cm) diameter grab rails along the port and starboard gunwales which measure approximately 3’ (0.91 m) in length.


casting deck

The forward casting deck has a foot-high bulwark.

To forward, there is 30” (76.2 cm) of freeboard. In addition, the platform can accommodate optional upholstered cushions forming port and starboard loungers with backrests.

nitro zv19 sport lounge pads

Forward lounge pads that measure 6’ x 6’8” (1.83 m x 2.03 m) come as a set with the aft sun pad cushions, a $1,670 option.

nitro zv19 sport casting platform

The casting platform can accommodate the bicycle-style, pedestal mounted, fishing seat.

The Nitro ZV19 Sport comes with a standard Minn Kota® PowerDrive™ 24V, 70-lb. (31.75 kg) thrust, 60" (1.52 m) composite shaft, foot-control trolling motor with Universal Sonar mounted on the foredeck.

minn kota

Our test Nitro ZV19 Sport came with an optional Minn Kota iPilot model. The GPS receiver for the iPilot trolling motor is the white disk mounted on the starboard gunwale just in front of the helm console.

Mounted in front of and within the foredeck riser, is a bow panel with a trolling motor pedal receptacle. The panel in the riser contains control switches for navigation lights, anchor light, and trim switches.  

nitro zv19 sport foredeck pad

The foredeck pad in the upper right aligns with the trailer’s forward steps for boarding and disembarking via the trailer.

Under the aft most starboard side deck of the casting platform is a 10-gallon (37.85 L) Guardian™ rotomolded and aerated livewell with rounded corners, timer, recirculator, pump-out system, and storage for a bait-bucket.

nitro zv19 sport livewell

The 10-gallon (37.85 L) forward livewell has room for a bait bucket.

nitro zv19 sport cooler

Just forward of the passenger console is an in-deck insulated cooler with drain and a sandwich tray.

Neither the forward livewell nor the cooler have struts to keep the hatches open. These are something we would like to see added.  

nitro zv19 sport indeck hatches

Locking in-deck hatches have built-in lighting to help find gear below decks.

On both sides of the forward casting platform are reinforced, locking hatches with gas assist struts that lead to storage that measures 18” (45.7 cm) by 20” (58.8 cm). The starboard locker contains a light and fire extinguisher; the port locker contains a light.

The forward navigation lights are recessed into the outboard sides of the gunwale. There are six 4” (10.2 cm) pull-up cleats: two on the aft quarter, two at mid-ships, and two forward.


nitro zv19 sport dts

We like the digital throttle and shift that came with the upgrade to the optional 225-hp Mercury Pro XS.

The Nitro ZV19 Sport comes with a Mercury 150 XL FourStroke standard. Nitro offers several upgrade options, ranging from 175 to 225-hp. The maximum recommended horsepower for the boat is 225-hp.


The Nitro ZV19 Sport is constructed with a traditional hand-laid, heavy-duty performance hull with reinforced sides. There is good reason this has become a traditional building technique - it works. Unlike some boats, the ZV19 Sport is all-composite construction (no wood). Even the deck core and full-width fiberglass-encapsulated transom are 100% composite.

A gel-coated stringer/liner system stiffens the boat and integrates the in-deck storage. The deck and hull are chemically bonded and mechanically fastened with stainless steel fasteners. Lastly, foam is injected in order that the boat can meet USCG standards which require that all boats 20’ (1.09 m) and in length float level, if swamped.

nitro zv19 sport strip

A high-density ¼” (0.63 cm) polyethylene strip aids in screw retention when the deck is attached.



A single-axle brake is standard on the trailer; dual-axle brakes are an upgrade.

The Nitro branded tandem-axle trailer is powder coated with GALVASHIELD® impact corrosion and chip protection for improved durability. 14” (35.56 cm) aluminum wheels with radial tires are topped by steel fenders with diamond-tread step plates. The spare tire carrier is standard; the spare tire is an option that we recommend.

nitro zv19 sport boarding steps

An unusual feature on the trailer is integrated boarding steps with safety handle for easier boarding at the bow while the boat is on trailer at the launch ramp.

To reduce storage length, the trailer has a swing-away folding tongue. Nitro added a heavy-duty Fulton winch with a non-binding nylon strap, and a bow safety strap. The LED tail and side lights are submergible, and the bunks and fender boards are fully carpeted to protect the hull.

Color Options

Here are a few of the many exterior color combinations available for the upper main, inset, accent, lower main, and bottom of the hull.






black gray


Boats come in 16 different tri-color combinations for the standard price. Quad-color combinations or custom colors are available for $500.

Optional Mercury Engines 

  • 200 XL FourStroke with DTS ($4,755)
  • 150 XL Pro XS® FourStroke ($1,000)
  • 200 XL Pro XS® FourStroke with DTS ($5,655)
  • 225-Pro XS FourStroke with DTS Controls ($7,575)



Our test boat was powered with a 225-horsepower Mercury Pro XS with digital throttle and shift (DTS) controls.


engine mounted

The engine was mounted on a standard 10" (25.4 cm) adjustable jack plate.

Optional Equipment

  • Sony sound system ($500)
  • SmartCraft gauges ($935)
  • Kicker motor Mercury® 9.9 ELHPT ($3,725)
  • 40-amp battery charger ($140)
  • Bow and aft sundeck cushions ($1,670)
  • Walkthrough windshield ($720)
  • Bimini (factory-installed) ($720)
  • Keel protector (black or white) ($315)
  • Anti-fatigue mat ($265)
  • Emergency ladder ($180)
  • Lenco trim tabs ($970)
  • Wheel mounted engine trim lever ($70)
  • Mooring cover ($935)
  • Spare tire for trailer ($170)
  • Dual axle brakes ($325) 

rod holders

This Nitro ZV19 Sport has optional thumbscrew rail mount rod holders (set of 4 for $925).


  • One year from the original date of purchase for all electrical components; livewells and plumbing; stereo, gauges, and switches; console, windscreen, and steering wheel; fishing seats; steering components; marine grade vinyl; and fuel system
  • Lifetime for the hull, interior stringers, and transom for original purchaser


$41,995 includes the boat, trailer, and the Mercury 150 XL FourStroke outboard.


The Nitro ZV19 Sport is a fun boat to operate as well as a very replete fishing boat to boot. With the addition of her family-friendly amenities and angler-forward outfittings, she has the best of both worlds. Most important, we think she is good value for money.

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