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Ocean Sport 30 Roamer (2022-)

2 x 350-hp Mercury Verados


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Brief Summary

The Ocean Sport 30 Roamer is a no-nonsense outboard-powered fishing boat built by the folks who manufacture the Nordic Tug brand. She was powered by sterndrives, but Nordic Tug re-designed her stern and beefed up the construction for twin 350-hp outboards that bring many benefits.

Test Results

650 3.2 2.8 1.4 2.4 2.1 853 742 52.7
1000 5 4.3 2.4 2.1 1.8 750 652.2 54.6
1500 7.2 6.2 3.7 1.9 1.7 696 604.9 63
2000 9.4 8.2 6.2 1.5 1.3 550 478.5 60
2500 10.5 9.1 10.4 1 0.9 363 316.1 65
3000 11.9 10.3 15.8 0.8 0.7 272 236.5 65
3500 15.2 13.2 21.1 0.7 0.6 258 224.8 68.6
4000 23.2 20.2 23.8 1 0.8 351 305.2 75.9
4500 33.1 28.7 27.5 1.2 1 433 376.2 76.5
5000 38.8 33.7 33.9 1.1 1 412 357.8 76.2
5500 43.3 37.6 42 1 0.9 371 322.4 79.5
6000 46.4 40.3 50.1 0.9 0.8 333 289.6 79.5
6400 49.4 42.9 61.8 0.8 0.7 288 250.2 81.8
Ocean Sport 30 Roamer Test Numbers


Length Overall 30' 3"
9.22 m
Beam 10' 9"
3.27 m
Dry Weight 13,500 lbs.
6,123.5 kg
Tested Weight 15,755 lbs.
7,146.34 kg
Draft 2' 9"
0.83 m
Deadrise/Transom 20 degrees
Bridge Clearance 10' 1"
3 m
Fuel Capacity 400 gallons
1,514.16 L
Water Capacity 80 gallons
302.83 L
Total Weight 15,755 lbs.
7,146.34 kg

Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 6.1 seconds
0 to 30 12.2 seconds
Props 17p
Load 3 persons; 275 gal. fuel; 50 lbs. gear
Climate 56 deg.; 43 humid.; winds: 10-15; seas: 1

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 350-hp Mercury Verados

Captain's Report

Ocean Sport 30 Roamer


Ocean Sport 30 Roamer

The Ocean Sport 30 Roamer is a no-nonsense fishing machine with the chops to handle offshore conditions for days at a time. 


Brief Summary.

The Ocean Sport 30 Roamer is a no-nonsense outboard-powered fishing boat built by the folks who manufacture the Nordic Tug brand. She was powered by sterndrives, but Nordic Tug re-designed her stern and beefed up the construction for twin 350-hp outboards that bring many benefits.


Being built by the Nordic Tug team means that the 30 Roamer benefits from the same attention to detail, build quality and craftsmanship as the Nordic Tug brand. 



This is a working fishboat.  It’s not made for staying in protected waters and bottom fishing for scup.  This is a boat that goes offshore and stays offshore, perhaps for days at a time.  To accomplish that mission, she has both hard fishing features as well as overnight accommodations.  With a 20-degree deadrise coupled with a well-flared bow and wide beam, she delivers a ride that allows for offshore voyages. 


Major Features.

·      Flush main deck from cockpit to forward companionway

·      Outboard power means no bulky engine box to take up valuable cockpit space. 

·      Long-range capability thanks to 340-gal (1287.04L) fuel tank and 80-gal (302.83L) water tank

·      Sleeping space for 5

·      Convertible dinette forms berth or forward-facing observer’s seat

·      Unique Quarter-berth

·      2000-watt inverter

·      Sleeping for three



The Ocean Sport 30 Roamer has LOA of 30’3” (9.22m), a beam of 10’9” (3.28m) and a draft of 2’9” (.84m).  With an empty weight of 13,500 lbs. (6123 kg), 55% fuel and three people on board, we had an estimated test weight of 15,755 lbs. (7146 kg). 


With the twin 350-hp Mercury Verado’s turning 17” (43.18 cm) pitch props and wound up to 6400 RPM, our speed topped out of 49.4 mph. Best Cruise came in at 4500 RPM and 33.1 MPH.  At that speed, the 27.5 gallon per hour fuel burn translated into 1.2 miles per gallon and a range of 433 statute miles, all while still holding back a 10% reserve of the boat’s 400-gal (1514.16L) total fuel capacity.


Ocean Sport 30 Roamer performance

Top speed during our tests was 49.4 MPH.  But keep her around 4000-4500 for best results. 



In acceleration tests, we reach planing speed in 6.1 seconds, accelerated to 20 mph in 7.4 and 30 was reached in 12.2. Well, this was a fun boat to drive. She seems to be most comfortable around 4000-4500 RPM range. Then she's providing a stable, comfortable ride. If she’s pushed faster than that then she becomes sensitive to trim and messing with the tabs just isn’t worth doing.   


She likes to lean into turns. So turns to starboard are going to be a non-event since visibility is maintained throughout.  But in turns to port, that lean will give you a blind spot because the roof comes down into the sightline.  Just make sure to clear the turn to the port side before initiating it.  Also, she doesn't grab into the turn. She's got a little slide so the turn stays comfortable.  And more to the point, no chine walk, no ventilation, no un-toward characteristics. Just a comfortable boat.


Ocean Sport 30 Roamer

I was impressed with having four opening windows in this cabin, but the one next to the helm became even more useful as we were coming into the dock.

Boat Inspection.


Being a boat with a main mission of fishing, we’ll start with the cockpit.  This one measures in at 8’3” x 7’11” (2.51m x 2.41m).  Where we usually see stainless-steel toe-rails, these are fiberglass and have storage shelves integrated just above them.  To the starboard quarter, there are fresh and raw water washdown spigots.  Padded bolsters run around the top and they top out at 26” (66.04 cm) to remain flush with the caprails, which contain two flush mounted rod holders per side.  These not only are designed to hold accessories, but they supplement the 8 rocket-launcher style mounted to the trailing edge of the hardtop.  Since rails are mounted to both sides as well as the aft edge, we can also have rocket-launcher style to both sides.  At the stern, there’s a 30-gal (113L) livewell and a starboard side transom door.  Fish will be stored in removable deck bins that are under hatches in the deck. 


Ocean Sport 30 Roamer

The cockpit is a roomy workspace with a control station included.  Deck hatches reveal fishboxes.  Notice the fiberglass toe-rails with shelf storage. 


Ocean Sport 30 Roamer

Fishboxes are removable bins so we can also have storage underneath. 


Aft Control Station

Forward and to the starboard cockpit, there’s a control station, right in the thick of the action.  It includes a wheel, digital throttles, an engine cutoff, a JPO (Joystick Piloting for Outboards) joystick, a bow thruster, a VesselView display and a tri-data display.  Overhead there’s a 12” (30.48 cm) Garmin display.  The window in front of this station allows for forward visibility through the cabin as well as a view up the starboard side of the boat.   This station is under the protection of the extended overhead 6’3” (1.90m) off the deck and extends 3’4” (1.01m) from the aft cabin bulkhead. 


Cockpit Mechanical Space

There are two other hatches in the cockpit, and these allow access to the mechanical compartment.  Both hatches are held open with gas-assist struts and this space is a big part of Nordic Tugs influence on the brand. 


Originally designed to hold two sterndrive engines, now that the boat is outboard powered the space houses the electronics and accessory battery, the house battery and the two engine start batteries.  Thanks to the easy bilge access there’s the bilge pumps, the livewell pump, a 2000-watt inverter and the thru-hull transducer.  Battery switches and breakers are on a hinged panel just forward in the compartment.  There’s a 200-gal (757.08L) fuel tank with another one forward of the fish boxes. 


Additionally, Nordic Tug redesigned the grid stringer system and reinforced the transom to accommodate the dual 350-hp outboards. 


Side Decks and Bow

Steps to either side of the cockpit and beefy rails facilitate accessing the side decks and 28” (71.12 cm) rails add to the safety factor.  Rails along the cabin top, we already mentioned as they can also support rocket-launcher style rod holders. 


Fully forward there’s a quick windlass handing the ground tackle.  The anchor is suspended on a roller that is recessed into the toe rail.  Hatches to both sides of the windlass access storage and the rode locker.  A center-mounted 10” (25.40 cm) cleat takes the standing load off the windlass. 


Ocean Sport 30 Roamer

The anchor is handled by an electric windlass with foot controls just behind. 



It’s when we move inside that the real Nordic Tug influences come into play, at least those aside from the construction upgrades.  The overhead is upholstered, and wood trim give a finished look to what would otherwise be a spartan workboat.  A full-length grab handle runs along the overhead and reminds us that this is an offshore destined boat.  There are windows all the way around with the dual windows to either side being opening for a natural air flow through the main deck.  To the port side there’s a booth-style settee on a raised platform.  The pedestal table can be lowered to form a berth.  The forward seat converts to forward-facing seating. 


Ocean Sport 30 Roamer

The table is on a set of dual pedestals.  Under the seats is storage.


Ocean Sport 30 Roamer

Under the aft seat is a microwave and drawer storage is under the forward seat.  


The galley to the starboard side includes a single basin sink, open counter space with raised edges, a propane stove, plenty of storage underneath and a dual-voltage refrigerator at the aft end.


Ocean Sport 30 Roamer

The propane tank is in the cockpit, just under the aft control station.  


Bow Cabin

A center companionway leads to the bow cabin with its 6’ (1.82m) of headroom.  There’s a berth with 3’1” (.93m) of headroom above.  Wooden shelves to each side provide storage space in addition to a hanging locker and there’s a single reading lamp mounted to a wood base at the forward bulkhead.  The overhead is all finished fiberglass, and a hatch provides light and ventilation. 


Ocean sport 30 Roamer

The forward cabin has a berth large enough for two people. 


Right at the entrance is the head that includes a solid surface counter, a stainless-steel recessed sink, storage and an electric flush toilet.  A hatch provides ventilation. 


Ocean sport 30 roamer

Adjacent to the companionway stairs is the vessels main power panel. 



The helm is starboard mounted in the main deck cabin.  There’s a fiberglass console with a stainless-steel stanchion/wiring channel and an opening window to starboard.  The panel is large enough for a large MFD (Multi-Function Display) and a VesselView display alongside.  The wheel is mounted to a tilt base and a compass is above the console and in line with the wheel.  To the right is a subpanel with the engine controls and JPO (Joystick Piloting for Outboards) joystick and the bow thruster stick.  An overhead panel houses the VHF and a Fusion stereo. 


Ocean sport 30 roamer

The helm console is fiberglass and offers plenty of room for this utilitarian vessel. 


Visibility is out three separate windshield and they’re angled forward to reduce internal glare.  Outside glare is cut back from the 14” (35.56 cm) extended brow just above the windshields. 


Now the display that we had out in the cockpit, can be moved to the location to the left-side of the helm if we want.  Of course, we can also just get another one to put here as well. 


Ocean sport 30 roamer

The helm seat is on a suspension mount with adjustable tension.  The seat slides fore and aft and there are flip armrests. 


Quarter Berth

Behind the main deck seating is entry to a quarter-berth.  This is nothing more than another place to put one of the guys on an extended fishing trip that runs into the overnight.  Long rods can also be stored here because there’s the thoughtful touch of adding a window to the aft bulkhead that can allow rods to slide into the compartment. 


ocean sport 30 roamer

This berth makes for a simple place to sleep in addition to storage. 


Ocean sport 30 roamer

Above the companionway to the quarter berth there’s a flip down shelf.  Lift it out of the way for an unobstructed entrance to the berth. 



The Ocean Sport 30 Roamer has a base price of $480,000



It's interesting to see a working fish boat that has so many influences from the premium Nordic Tug brand and the combination works quite well.  Its form and functionality combined.  All in a strong workboat that makes offshore runs that much more comfortable.