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Pearl Motor Yachts 72 (2023-)

2 x 1,400-hp MAN V12


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Brief Summary

The Pearl 72 is the fourth of a series of upscale luxury yachts that was originally designed to fill the space between the company’s 62 and 80 models, but she quickly came into her own with some remarkably desirable features such as two master staterooms.  

Test Results

100 11.2 9.7 19.5 0.6 0.5 579 503.4 69
550 7.2 6.2 4.1 1.7 1.5 1761 1531.3 67
1250 14.7 12.7 34.5 0.4 0.4 429 373.4 72
1500 17.3 15 58.7 0.3 0.3 298 258.8 74
1750 22.4 19.4 83.4 0.3 0.2 271 235.3 74
2000 27.6 24 111.9 0.2 0.2 249 216.2 76
2250 32.6 28.3 139.6 0.2 0.2 236 205.1 77
2450 37.4 32.5 174.8 0.2 0.2 216 187.9 79


Length Overall 72'2"
21.99 m
Beam 18'10"
5.75 m
Dry Weight 110,320 lbs.
50,040 kg
Tested Weight 112,860 lbs.
51,192 kg
Draft 5'7"
1.7 m
Bridge Clearance 25'
7.62 m
Fuel Capacity 1,122 gal
4,247 L
Water Capacity 250 gal
946 L
Total Weight 112,860 lbs.
51,192 kg

Acceleration Times & Conditions

Load 292 gal. fuel; 50 lbs. gear
Climate 84 deg., 48 humid; wind: 20-25 mph, seas: 3-5

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 1,600-hp MTU
Std. Power 2 x 1,400-hp MAN V12
Opt. Power 2 x 1,600-hp MTU 10V2000 M96L

Captain's Report

Newest Yacht from Boutique Builder Brings the Range to Four Models

Pearl 72

The Pearl 72 was an impressive yacht from stem to stern.  Rarely do we see a yacht done so well in so many ways. 

When we conducted our features inspection of the Pearl 72, it soon became clear that this was no ordinary yacht, but one that had so many things done right that we quickly lost count. 

The exterior is designed by naval architect Bill Dixon and the look remains Pearl while eliminating the multiple hullside windows in favor of larger full-length versions that create a more modern look. To complement his work, the interior was re-imagined by Kelley Hoppen and the result is stunning with three finish choices in ever-darkening tones. She’s maximized every inch of available space to create a yacht that is feature packed while not appearing crowded or cramped. 


The Pearl 72 is designed in conjunction with the boutique builder’s theme of offering more than is expected and it certainly rings true in this case. The forward master is designed with a private entrance. The aft master is full beam. A garage is large enough to house a tender and PWC. All of this spells out a yacht that is not just about the destination as it is the trip. 

Pearl 72

Notice how Pearl went with a nearly full-length scheme for the hullside window.  The side deck bulwarks drop down to provide an uninterrupted view from the salon windows. 

Major Features 

  • Choice of three Kelly Hoppen interior design schemes
  • 4 en-suite double guest cabins plus crew cabin
  • Forward master cabin with separate entrance
  • Full beam mid-ship second master cabin
  • Tender & Jet ski garage
  • Foredeck lounge
  • Dixon Yacht Design exterior styling and naval architecture
  • Three-position sunroof on flying bridge
  • 5-year warranty


The base engines for the Pearl 72 are the twin 1,400-hp MANs. Options are the 1,550-hp or the 1,600-hp MTU, both upgrades add $72,128 to the base price. We tested with the top upgrade 1600s. 

The Pearl 72 has an LOA of 72’2” (21.99 m), a beam of 18’10” (5.75 m) and a draft of 5’7” (1.7 m). With an empty weight of 110,320 lbs. (50,040 kg), 4 people and 26% fuel onboard, we had an estimated test weight of 112,860 lbs. (51,193 kg). 

With the twin 1,600-hp MTU engines run up to 2450 RPM, our speed topped out at 32.5 knots. Range will increase as the throttle is reduced so there is no best cruise per se, but at the recommended cruise speed at 80% load and 2000 RPM, the speed was 24 knots.  At that speed, the 111.9 GPH fuel burn worked out to be .2 NMPG and a range of 216.2 nautical miles. Back her down to a displacement speed of just over 12 knots and the range goes up to 373.4 nautical miles. 

All of this, of course, is measured while still holding back a 10% reserve of the boat’s 1,122-gallon (4,247.1L) total fuel supply. 


I'm supposed to stay neutral about the boats that I test, but with this one, all bets are off. It's just not going to happen. I was so impressed with it when I did the walkthrough, but then after I drove it in 3-5, occasional 6-foot seas, it was just unbelievable. It was handling so well. No pounding. Dry ride. I took spray once or twice and that was because the bows threw it well into the wind and then the spray just came up and that was it. I was actually doing 30-plus knots in those conditions.

Steering is interesting. It's electronic steering, so if you're going to start cranking the wheel, there's no sense to that. The rudder will turn the same speed whether you're spinning this wheel or if you just turn it slowly. There's a rudder angle indicator right in front of you. Make good use of that. That's going to become your friend. There's a bit of a delay in the steering… you move, then the steering moves, so make the steering indicator your friend. But that said, it's very responsive.  At 13-15 knots, I would come around in about 12 seconds, which is remarkable. It should have taken a lot longer than that and it should have been a lot wider of a turning radius as well.

Even more remarkable is when we're handling it around the dock. Just a nudge into gear produces a nice response, and once you get the momentum going all you need to do is direct that momentum and you can come out in a very tight situation.

This is a beautiful owner/operator's boat.

Boat Inspection

Pearl 72

The main deck includes multiple social areas.  The galley is midships and the dining area is forward, opposite the helm. 


The cockpit is the first of the entertainment areas guests will be exposed to and it makes a statement with a large 8’5” (2.57 m) long sofa, dual tables and freestanding chairs. The tables are on high/low pedestals, and both are expandable so they can convert into one large table that spans the length of the bench seat. The whole deck is protected from the extended flying bridge deck 6’8” (2.03 m) above. Teak is optional on all exterior decks. 

Pearl 72

The first of many social zones, the cockpit is a welcoming gathering area.  Notice the optional boarding gate to starboard.  It’s repeated to port. 

Pearl 72

Ahead and to port is a module that houses a sink under a hinged hatch.  Storage underneath includes a trash receptacle.  We’d probably request a cockpit refrigerator in this space. 

Pearl 72

To both quarters of the cockpit deck, there are warping winches for handling dock lines. 

Beach Club

Stairs to port and starboard lead down to the 5’7” (1.7 m) deep hydraulically actuated swim platform and the optional “beach club.” This $75,732 option includes drop-down side platforms that greatly expand the usable area of the overall platform space. There’s also a Williams Jet tender and PWC recovery system, allowing for toys to be launched from the hi-lo platform. 

pearl 72

With the garage closed and electrically actuated, the 5’3” (1.6 m) flip-down transom bench with cushions creates a welcome place to relax at “see” level.  The drop-down side platforms increase the usable space.  Notice the underwater lights. 

pearl 72

The garage is large enough to hold a tender and PWC.  Notice the controls for the platform and the launching winches just to the right. 


We make our way forward via the 16” (40.64 cm) wide side decks.  A door to the crew quarters is to the port side and an 8” (20.32 cm) step is just ahead.  Rail height tops out at 29” (73.66 cm).  Ahead of midships, there’s another 8” (20.32 cm) step and then the bulwarks come up 17” (43.18 cm) with rails at 38” (96.52 cm). 

The bow is another relaxation place with a wide sofa and sunpads. A solid wood table is on an electrically actuated hi/lo pedestal. A Mediterranean sunshade can be erected to provide protection from the sun. 

Pearl 72

The bow includes a sofa, hi/lo table and a large sunpad. Storage is to both sides and a shade can be supported with four stanchions. 

Flying Bridge

Pearl 72

There are multiple layouts offered for the flybridge deck with our test boat having three social zones and a bar. 

The flybridge is accessed via stairs to the port side of the cockpit. It is huge and highlights the Pearl theme of flexibility. The builder offers multiple layouts to the entertaining owner. In our test version, a full-sized table allows for outdoor dining with an elevated perspective.  Across is a full-service wetbar.  Aft, the open area can be custom tailored to include a combination of a sunpad measuring 81” x 65” (205.74 cm x 165.1 cm), a hot tub or freestanding furniture. There are 32” (81.28 cm) high bulwarks surrounding the aft deck for safety and glass allows for uninterrupted sightlines. 

pearl 72

This version of the flybridge has a large solid-wood table and a C-shaped settee.  Behind is a sunbed with storage underneath. 

pearl 72

The forward section of the flybridge includes another table, this time on a hi-lo pedestal for conversion to a coffee table or sunpad.  The sofa wraps around and ahead, ending in a dedicated sunpad.  The helm is to starboard. 

Forward there’s another settee, this time L-shaped, with the table on an electrically actuated pedestal.  Overhead is one of the cleverest optional hardtops we’ve seen.  Adjustable metal louvers in the center “sunroof” section allow for full shade, adjustable light or full light.  It’s part of the Deck Upgrade Pack that also includes teak flybridge decking, teak side decks and forepeak, an aft flybridge sunpad and side boarding gates.

pearl 72

The wetbar includes a grill, chill box and storage.  There’s also an elevated section to the front. 

pearl 72

Inside the lower cabinets, there’s a fridge and icemaker. 

Pearl 72

With the grill closed off it makes an excellent buffet serving area.  Look at those massive hardtop supports.  Teak decking is optional and included in the Deck Upgrade Pack. 


The helm is to starboard and includes an operator’s and observer’s seat.  Dual MFDs (Multi-Function Displays) make up the panel.  The bow and stern thrusters are to the outboard side so they can be used while maintaining a full view of the side of the boat.  A tinted windscreen has a height to it that’s actually functional for blocking the wind for a change. 


So much for the exterior. 

The salon is accessed through a large stainless-steel framed glass door.  Manually opening is standard while an electrically actuated version is optional and we can even add a sensor that opens the door as it’s approached. Regardless of how it opens, it gives an opening 4’8” (1.42 m) wide.    

The salon is aft and laid out for relaxing with stunning views out of the large floor-to-ceiling windows and cutouts in the exterior bulwarks.  Overhead height is 6’7” (2.01 m).  The salon and galley area are separated only by the ornate overhead that transitions from a mirror to timber. 

Pearl 72

The salon is laid out with a sofa to port and an entertainment center to starboard.  The deck is single-level until we pass the galley where the helm and dinette are elevated.

Seating consists of an L-shaped sofa to port and two freestanding chairs.  Across to port, there’s storage with a 50” (127 cm) TV mounted to vertical slats and this clever design can easily be modified to fit larger TVs, unlike a setup with a lift mechanism. 

Pearl 72

The “Modern” interior choice has light tones with dark woods creating a stunning contrast.

Pearl 72

The indulgence interior adds more dark tones with white furniture. 

Pearl 72

Kelly Hoppen’s “Luxury” interior adds even more dark tones along with darker furniture upholstery. 


Continuing ahead on the single-level deck, we come to the galley to starboard with a counter that creates an attractive breakfast bar with three stools.  Behind there's mostly storage as the full-size refrigerator is across to port.  Appliances include a dishwasher, convection oven and induction cooktop with an extraction fan in the middle of the surface.  

In the corner of the counter, there's a clever socket tower that lifts with a wave of the hand.  There's also an inductive charger at the top.  Next to the refrigerator, there's a pull-out pantry.  


Fully forward, the massive windows/windshields are recognizable to any “Pearl spotters” and allow huge amounts of light in.  There’s a helm to starboard with an optional side door and a dinette to the port side is on an elevated platform. 

Pearl 72

The dinette to port is the only interior dining table.  It’s on an elevated platform from the main deck so there are excellent sightlines out the surrounding windows.

pearl 72

The lower helm has dual Garmin displays with an autopilot control in the center.  Below are the two engine displays with the thruster sticks alongside and the engine controls behind.  Notice the watertight door to the side deck. 

Lower Decks

pearl 72

The lower deck arrangements include four cabins with dual master staterooms. 

There are two sets of stairs to the lower decks.  The forward master has a private entrance alongside the helm.  The second master and the remaining two staterooms are accessed from another companionway amidships.  This dual master stateroom layout makes an ideal scenario for shared ownership.  All four staterooms are ensuite. 

Forward Master

The master stateroom in the bow is down the forward stairs and the companionway leads to the right and forward.  At the bottom of the stairs is a full-length mirror for one last look before heading topside. 

pearl 72

Ok, let’s count off the things done right just in this companionway.  1) The stair treads are “floating” allowing courtesy lighting underneath.  2) Treads aren’t edge-to-edge for a more modern look.  3) The banister is mounted on supports that catch your hand as it slides down the length.  It’s carved from the same piece of wood that it’s mounted to.  4) Shelving at the bottom makes a great display area. 5) Glass surrounding the companionway allows natural light from above to enter the foyer.  6) It’s out of view in this image but there’s a full-length mirror just to the left. 

Pearl 72

Here is the forward master with the Modern interior design

Pearl 72

This is the Indulgence interior for the forward master.

pearl 72

… and the forward master in the Luxury interior. 

The berth is center-mounted with ornate nightstands with floating shelves just above.  Reading lights are tucked into recesses just above and sconce lights are above those.  Shelves are to both sides of the stateroom and they curve to follow the contour of the hull as they meet at a forward table with flanking seating.  Hullside windows are to port and starboard and feature integrated portlights.  A desk/vanity is to starboard.  The master head is through a door aft and to starboard. 

Pearl 72

The berth is center mounted.  Notice the floating shelves above the nightstands.  The head is to the left side of this shot. 

pearl 72

A desk/vanity is to the starboard side.  Notice the vertically mounted mirror.  One side is a magnified mirror for the vanity. 

Pearl 72

The master head has a stone sink and plenty of shelves for products in the shower stall. 

Second Master

The second master, along with the two remaining staterooms, is accessed via the midship companionway to port of the main salon.  It’s full beam with hullside windows to both sides and the berth is center mounted.  At the forward bulkhead, there’s a full-length mirror that conceals the TV behind it.  The TV actually shows through the glass of the mirror.  A vanity is to starboard. 

pearl 72

The second master is a full-beam stateroom with a center-mounted berth.  The mirrored bulkhead is actually concealing a TV. 

Pearl 72

The VIP stateroom is just across from the second master and it features the same TV/mirror setup.  The head of the berth is under a port-mounted hullside window.  An ensuite is up two steps to the forward side. 

Pearl 72

While the VIP is to the port side, the guest stateroom is to starboard.  This one features twin berths, both receiving light from the hullside window. 

Pearl 72

While a boat of this size is in the owner/operator category, there’s still a crew space for two crew in over/under berths. 

Pearl 72

The engine room has low headroom due to the inclusion of a garage that dips down between the two main engines.  Note the dual 18.5 kW generators to the sides.  A Seakeeper 16 can be seen in the back. 

Optional Equipment

  • Engine upgrade to 1,550-hp or 1,600-hp — $72,128
  • Beach Club — $75,732
  • Hull color upgrade (grey, blue, light gray) — $68,458
  • Detail color upgrade — $25,308
  • Upgrade to Indulgence or Luxury Interior — $43,067
  • Interior Upgrade Pack (Accessories, blinds, patio door curtain) — $26,200
  • Deck Upgrade Pack (hard top with tilt and slide sunroof, teak fitted to the flybridge, teak fitted to side decks and forepeak, aft flybridge sunpad with storage under, side boarding gates) — $168,707
  • Comfort Pack (Med spec Air conditioning suitable for ambient temperature up to 30 degrees C, Opacmare telescopic Passerelle, Trend marine semi-electric side door from the lower helm, Foredeck table with electrically operated leg, Bedouin-style foredeck Bimini) — $141,583
  • Performance Pack (1 x Seakeeper SK18 gyro stabilizer, 2nd Generator, Kohler 20.5 kW with auto start system, third control station in the cockpit (engine and thruster controls), Side Power 13-HP stern thruster, Lewmar C3 stern winches (pair) — $252,936
  • Tech Upgrade Pack (Upgrade Nav system to include 48” (121.92 cm) Garmin Radar with open scanner, Upgrade Nav system to include 4 x Garmin screens & AIS, Upgrade A/V system: TV’s in guest cabins, fore & Fly stereo, speakers and amp, 3/4G onboard Wi-Fi — $33,397
  • Lux Pack (Upgrade stainless steel patio door to electronically operated, Icemaker, Glendenning cable master, Underwater lights – pair, Low level LED lights fitted to side decks, Lewmar anchor chain counter, Washer Dryer, CCTV cameras — pair, Pop up foredeck lights — pair) — $46,338
  • Safety Pack (Class 12 Complete Kit to ‘Offshore’ specification, Full set of external covers, color choice) — $38,536


This was such an interesting test because I just liked everything about this yacht.  From her handling around the dock to her offshore performance in less-than-ideal conditions and certainly with her interior treatments.  There’s just so much done right with the Pearl 72.  The builder is justifiably proud.