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Ranger Boats Reata 200F (2018-)

1 x 90-hp Mercury 4-stroke

Key Features

  • 9.5 gal. aerated livewell midship and aft
  • Pre-wired for easy installation of optional trolling motor
  • Bimini top
  • Flush-mounted Lowrance Hook 5 fishfinder with GPS
  • Stowable table

Test Results

600 2.3 2 0.4 6.4 5.6 185 161 48
1000 3.3 2.9 0.5 7.3 6.4 211 183.7 56
1500 4.7 4.1 0.9 5.5 4.8 159 138.5 65
2000 5.6 4.9 1.2 4.9 4.2 140 122 69
2500 7.4 6.4 1.6 4.6 4 132 115 67
3000 9.5 8.3 2.3 4.2 3.7 122 105.7 75
3500 11.6 10.1 2.6 4.5 4 131 113.9 77
4000 14.2 12.3 4 3.6 3.1 104 90 79
4500 17.6 15.3 5.1 3.4 3 99 86.2 82
5000 20.8 18.1 6 3.5 3 101 87.5 80
5500 23.4 20.3 7.2 3.3 2.8 94 81.8 80
5800 25.3 22 8.3 3 2.6 88 76.2 81


Length Overall 21' 11'' / 6.68 m
Beam 8' 6''
2.59 m
Dry Weight 1,780 lbs.
807 kg
Tested Weight 2,482 lbs.
1,126 kg
Draft N/A
Deadrise/Transom N/A
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance N/A
Weight Capacity 1,950 lbs.
885 kg
Person Capacity 10
Fuel Capacity 32 gal.
121 L
Water Capacity N/A
Total Weight 2,482 lbs.
1,126 kg


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane N/A
0 to 30 6.1 sec. (0to20)
Ratio N/A
Props Enertia 16x11x3
Load 2 persons, full fuel load, no water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 65 deg., 48 humid; wind: 5-10 mph; seas: calm

Engine Options

Tested Engine 1 x 90-hp Mercury 4-stroke
Std. Power 1 x 90-hp Mercury 4-stroke
Opt. Power Not Available

Captain's Report

Contents of Report

Ranger Reata 200 Fish Running

The Ranger Reata 200F has an LOA of 21’11” (6.68 m), and a beam of 8’6” (2.59 m).


The Reata lineup comes in cruising or fishing versions, and the differences are plain to see at first glance. A forward gate with an open-bottom half to accommodate a trolling motor is the first clue to the boat’s mission being geared more towards fishing. Either way, the quality is evident right from that first glance where we see the more stylized 27” (68.6 cm) high fencing and those powder-coated logs. Add a matching trailer, and the package is complete eye candy on top of Ranger quality.

Ranger Reata 200 Fish Overhead

The layout of the Reata 200F makes it ideal for fishing or entertaining.

They are offered in three different fishing models and four cruising models, ranging in length from 20’ - 25’ (6.1 m - 7.62 m). Most notable are the amenities that are offered as options on most other brands are, here, included as standard. This includes powder-coated logs, premium vinyl flooring, fiberglass consoles, snapless mooring cover, easy-deploy bimini, reclining captain’s chair, tilt steering, and marine-grade upholstery. All are wheelchair accessible.

Purchase Decisions

When selecting your Reata 200F, the first question to ask is… what color. Ranger offers five choices with no up-charge. Choose from Black Metallic fencing with Black logs, Light Charcoal fencing with Black logs, White with Black logs, Matador Red with White logs, and the colors of our test boat: Blue Metallic with White logs.

Power Choices

Unlike many other builders, Ranger offers the Reata Pontoons with choices, not only for horsepower but also brand. Get your Reata powered with Mercury, Evinrude, or Yamaha with power ranging from 25-hp - 90-hp.

Now, before you balk at 25-hp being offered, there are a few things to consider. First, it’s not a ploy to get a lower number in the MSRP, as in “starting at only $X!” Ranger actually prices the Reata with a 60-hp Merc 4-stroke as a base, and if you decide that you only want to move up the lazy river at a slow pace, then the 25-hp gets you an $1,800 credit.

Second, some people actually live on small lakes or streams where there are horsepower limits. Offering 25-hp allows them to get on the water with more boat.

So, 60-hp is the base, and a 90-hp will run between $1,800 for our Merc, $2,000 for a Evinrude, and $2,300 for a Yamaha.

Ranger Reata 200 Fish 90-hp Mercury 4-stroke

Our test boat was powered with the 90-hp Mercury 4-stroke, an $1,800 upgrade to max output.

Ranger Reata 200 Fish 32-gallon Fuel Tank

The 32-gallon (121.1 L) fuel tank is mounted in a pod between the two powder-coated logs and just ahead of the engine mount.

Ranger Reata 200 Fish Cranking Battery

The cranking battery is just behind the aft livewell in the starboard quarter.


Then we add options. A ski tow will add $450. The trolling motor comes in two versions: the MotorGuide W55 with remote for $670 or the Minn Kota 55-lb. (25 kg) with co-pilot for $1,120; both will be dealer-installed. Trailers are also optional, and you can choose from single axle ($2,000), single with brakes ($2,300), dual axle ($2,800), and dual with brakes ($3,000).

Ranger Reata 200 Fish Dual Axle Trailer

The Reata 200F on the optional dual axle trailer.

Features Inspection


Let’s start our inspection by looking at exactly what makes this such a fish-friendly pontoon boat.

    Forward fishing station -- Two swivel pedestal seats are fully forward.

    Two aerated livewells -- The livewells are aerated, timed, and high-capacity at 9.5 gallons (36 L).

    Ranger Reata 200 Fish Forward Livewell

    The forward livewell is under the starboard side couch seat.

    Lowrance Hook-5 electronics -- Come standard at the helm console.

    Ample rod storage -- Both vertical and lockable rod storage on larger models.

    Prewired for trolling motor -- Select a 55-lb. (25 kg) from Minn Kota or MotorGuide.

    Ranger Reata 200 Fish Optional Trolling Motor

    The boat is prewired for an optional trolling motor. When mounted, it fits under the modified forward gate.

    Aft fishing station -- It includes tool and rod holders on larger models, livewell, and swivel seat on this one.

Ranger Reata 200 Fish Aft Livewell

The aft livewell is corner-mounted, aerated, and timed.

The Exterior

Externally, these are great looking pontoons, and that says a lot in a market where they all tend to look the same. Here, the fences have a much more stylized design that clearly stands out. More so are those powder-coated logs. This will be the bane of existence of marinas that charge a premium for acid washing the aluminum tubes, but so be it. Powder coating not only keeps longer, it’s easier to maintain and looks much richer and avails itself to many colors.

Ranger Reata 200 Fish Exterior Qualities

The exterior qualities of the 200F start with the stylized fencing and powder-coated logs.

There are three boarding positions: a forward gate at 23” (58.4 cm), a portside gate at a wheelchair accessible 30" (76.2 cm), and a stern gate at 15” (38.1 cm) leading to the swim platform.

The Layout

Of course, the 200F isn’t just for fishing. She’s also a great entertainment platform with a roomy layout that starts with the two forward pedestal seats. They can swivel, and the seatbacks can fold down flat to the seat when not in use. Snap-straps hold the seatbacks in the closed position. They fold up on pinchless hinges. A lounger is just behind and to starboard, ahead of the helm.

Ranger Reata 200 Fish Bow Seats

The bow seats are typical of a fishing boat, but certainly lend themselves to the entertainment aspect of the 200F.

Ranger Reata 200 Fish Lounger

To the starboard side is a lounger that can seat two side-by-side or one in a forward-facing chaise position.

Continuing aft, Ranger included an L-shaped sofa to the port side that has a floating beverage holder/armrest. The sofa wraps around a pedestal base for a table. Speakers are mounted to the seat base. A pop-up changing room is at the forward end.

Ranger Reata 200 Fish L-shaped Sofa

An L-shaped sofa lies to the port side. Notice how the captain’s chair can swivel to join the conversation around the pedestal table. Drink holders are in the corner.

Ranger Reata 200 Fish Armrest Beverage Holders

An armrest with beverage holders can be moved anywhere about in the boat.

Ranger Reata 200 Fish Changing Room

A pop-up changing room is at the forward end of the L-shaped sofa.

Behind the L-shaped sofa is the aft fishing station with a single pedestal seat and another livewell mounted in the starboard corner. A gate is also to starboard leading to the swim platform and beefy stainless steel ladder.

Ranger Reata 200 Fish Ladder and Platform

All the way aft is a modest swim platform with a stainless steel reboarding ladder.

Decking is all premium vinyl, which is a nice departure from the carpeting over the marine-grade plywood that we typically see. Carpet doesn’t shed water the way vinyl does, and this increases the lasting power of the decking overall. The woven style leaves a little to be desired from a non-skid perspective, but that’s a small criticism considering that we’re not exactly going to be heading offshore any time soon.

The vinyl is also easier to hose off and the fences are slightly elevated off the deck, so washdown water runs right out.

Ranger Reata 200 Fish Vinyl Decking

Ranger uses premium vinyl decking over the marine-grade plywood. Notice how the fences are elevated off the deck.

Overhead is an improved version of a bimini top that we’re happy to see. Ranger’s focus groups zeroed in on the bimini as being the biggest headache in this market segment -- Ranger decided to do something about it. It typically takes two people to deploy and secure a typical bimini top, but not so here. Gas-assist and easy-release mechanisms make this not only a one-person operation; it’s one handed. Up it goes, unfurl it, and just like that, 7’ (2.13 m) of overhead protection. And it’s color-keyed to the boat’s color.

The Helm

Ranger is proud of its helm on the 200F, and with good reason. Being fiberglass, it’s a welcome departure from the molded plastic versions we typically see. It’s also rife with quality good looks and style.

Aside from the Hook-5 display taking center stage, the panel is also outfitted with white-faced gauges against a darker background. A phone management system consists of two recessed pockets with USB and MP3 connectivity to supplement the Bluetooth stereo. The wheel is mounted to a tilt base.

Ranger Reata 200 Fish Fish Helm

The 200F helm is as luxurious as we’ve seen in larger pontoons, and it’s feature-packed.

Ranger Reata 200 Fish Storage

To the side of the console is ample storage.

The Test

The Ranger Reata 200F has an LOA of 21’11” (6.68 m), and a beam of 8’6” (2.59 m). With an empty weight of 1,870 lbs. (848 kg), full fuel, and two people onboard, we had an estimated test weight of 2,482 lbs. (1,126 kg).

With a 90-hp Mercury four stroke turning a 16x11 Enertia propeller, we reached our top speed of 25.3 mph at 5800 rpm, and this with a full load of fuel and two people. Best cruise came in at 3500 rpm and 11.6 mph. At that speed, the 2.6 GPH fuel burn translated into a range of 131 miles all while still holding back a 10% reserve of the boat’s 32-gallon (121 L) total fuel capacity.


She’ll accelerate to 20 mph in an average of 6.1 seconds. Once up to speed, bring the trim up to get her into a 5-degree bow high attitude to produce best cruising results. You’ll see the spray move back to the stern and become relatively non-existent. She is sensitive to weight distribution, so with a few people in the bow she’ll ride more level, but the trim will still help the propeller bite better. She will lean slightly to the outside of a turn, as is the usual case with a two-log pontoon boat. Crossing wakes shows no adverse effects such as hull slap or pounding. In fact, she is quite comfortable with this. She’s also a surprisingly dry boat with no spray coming from the side of the tubes when trimmed, and at the stern, the engine pod has its own spray rail that keeps things well under control there.

Ranger Reata 200 Fish Attitude

She cruises at a bow high attitude, keeping the spray minimized and well aft.

Ranger Reata 200 Fish Trim

When she’s not trimmed, she’ll ride with the bow low and throw a lot of water from the spray rails. It’s really self-evident that she wants to be trimmed.

Pricing and Observations

Depending on how you want to equip your 200F, it can run from a base price of $24,995 on up to $29,465 with top tier choices on all equipment. It’s hard to find a bargain in this market, but Ranger has certainly zeroed in on one with this well-equipped and well-built pontoon. It’s feature-packed with very few options offered as there is so much included as standard.