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Ranger Boats Z519L (2019-)

1 x 225-hp Mercury 225 Pro XS 4-stroke

Brief Summary

The Z519L is a premium bass boat, one of the very best in class. She is larger than her predecessor and has been given the L series treatment with more features and amenities. She has a large forward casting deck and her aft angling area has plenty of room for a solo fisherman. The Z519L comes packaged with a custom tandem-axle trailer.

Key Features

  • Large forward casting deck
  • Ventilated rod storage
  • 97.5’’ (2.48 m)-long center rod locker
  • Standard tandem axle trailer

Test Results

600 3.1 2.7 0.7 4.7 4.1 182 157.9 63
1000 5.1 4.4 1.4 3.7 3.3 145 125.9 67
1500 6.9 6 2.5 2.7 2.4 106 92.2 72
2000 7.4 6.4 4.1 1.8 1.6 70 60.7 78
2500 9 7.8 6.1 1.5 1.3 57 49.8 79
3000 9.5 8.2 9.4 1 0.9 39 33.8 78
3500 30.4 26.4 7.3 4.2 3.6 161 140.1 80
4000 37.4 32.5 8.9 4.2 3.7 163 141.4 84
4500 46.7 40.6 11.5 4.1 3.5 158 137.1 85
5000 48.5 42.1 12.2 4 3.5 154 134.2 83
5500 57.6 50.1 16 3.6 3.1 140 121.5 88
6000 66.9 58.2 21.1 3.2 2.8 123 106.7 87
6350 70.1 60.9 22 3.2 2.8 123 107.2 88


Length Overall 19' 9'' / 6.02 m
Beam 97.5''
2.48 m
Dry Weight 1,750 lbs.
794 kg
Tested Weight 2,351 lbs.
1,066 kg
Draft N/A
Deadrise/Transom N/A
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance N/A
Weight Capacity 1,580 lbs.
717 kg
Person Capacity 5
Fuel Capacity 43 gal.
163 L
Water Capacity N/A
Length on Trailer 25' 1''
7.65 m
Trailer Weight 5,000 lbs.
2,268 kg
Total Weight 2,351 lbs.
1,066 kg


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 5.1 sec.
0 to 30 9.3 sec.
Ratio N/A
Props 23pitch Fury 3 blade
Load 2 persons, 3/4 fuel, no water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 85 deg., 68 humid; wind: 5-10 mph; seas: light chop

Engine Options

Tested Engine 1 x 225-hp Mercury 225 Pro XS 4-stroke
Std. Power Not Available
Opt. Power Engines available up to a maximum of 225-hp

Captain's Report

Contents of Report

Ranger Z519L running

The Ranger Boats Z519L measures 19’9” (6.02 m) with a 97.5” (2.48 m) beam and it’s available with a variety of outboard motors up to 225-hp.

Mission Statement

Ranger has designed the Z519L to be a tournament-quality bass boat. At 19’9” (6.02 m) long with a 97.5” (2.48 m) beam, she’s large enough to handle normal lake chop. She comes ready to hit the water with fishfinders at the bow and helm, a trolling motor, a battery charger, a jackplate and a tandem-axle trailer. With a 225-hp Mercury outboard, she runs to 70 mph.

She has been designed and built for anglers who want the very best available for serious pro fishing tournaments.

Ranger Z519L running

The Z519L feels bigger than her length thanks to a layout that places a premium on fishing open fishing areas.

Major Features

    • Large bow fishing deck

    • Standard bow and helm fishfinders/chartplotters

    • Battery charging system with jump switch

    • Adjustable bucket seats

    • Custom tandem-axle trailer

Features Inspection

The Bow

A tournament bass boat needs to have plenty of space for casting for fish and we measured the Z519L’s forward fishing deck at 4’11” (1.5 m) fore to aft and 6’7” (2.0 m) at its widest. Forward and slightly to port is the Minn Kota Fortrex 24-volt trolling motor that has 80 lbs. (36 kg) of thrust.

The foot control is in the center and just ahead are a cupholder and a three-slot tool holder. All the way forward are the Lowrance HDS-7 fishfinder and switches for motor trim, the navigation lights, and livewell operation.

Abaft the trolling motor foot pedal, we found the socket for a movable fishing seat and outboard on each side are retractable bungees for holding down rods during a run to the next fishing spot. The Z519L comes with four 4” (10.2 cm) folding cleats.

Ranger Z519L fishing deck

The forward fishing deck is finished in marine-grade carpet that helps reduce fatigue during a long tournament.

Ranger Z519L trolling motor

The trolling motor is positioned on the port bow so it can be deployed quickly.

Ranger Z519L foot pedal

Indicator lights next to the recessed foot pedal tell the operator the status of the trolling motor.

Ranger Z519L fishing seat

The fishing seat can be installed in the bow to give an angler a place to rest during a long day on the water.

Ranger Z519L fish finder

Notice the extra space at the bow for a fishfinder with up to a 12” (30.5 cm) screen.

Ranger Z519L bungee

A bungee that retracts into the gunwale is an upscale touch that gives the Z519L a more high-end feel.

Ranger Z519L cleat

The Z519L comes with four 4” (10.2 cm) fold-up cleats that tuck away when not in use to keep the deck free of obstructions.

Bow Storage. There are four locking hatches in the forward fishing deck. They open on gas struts and close on thick rubber gaskets that prevent rattling. The port and center lockers have dedicated storage for rods up to 8’ (2.44 m) long and they have Ranger’s Power Ventilation system that helps keep gear dry.

To starboard, there’s a dry forward locker and a cooler aft. An upgrade for 2019, instead of carpeted bottoms, the compartments all have rubber mats in the bottom.

Ranger Z519L locker hatches

All the locker hatches are insulated to help reduce noise and they close into openings that have proper drain channels.

Ranger Z519L hatches

All the hatches are insulated and finished in fiberglass to help suppress sound and vibration.

Ranger Z519L bow locker

For 2019, rubber mat replaces carpet in the bottom of the lockers. In addition to dedicated rod storage, notice the added space outboard on each side.

Ranger Z519L cooler

Just ahead of the helm console, this insulated cooler has a drain and a raised shelf designed to keep sandwiches from getting wet.

The Cockpit

The Seating Area. It’s a 10” (25.4 cm) step down to the hinged cooler hatch and another 9” (22.9 cm) down into the seating area. The hatch opens a second cooler that is also insulated and has a drain. To port and starboard are thickly padded bucket seats that adjust fore and aft and have angled footrests forward.

The helm console is new for 2019 and a second pod is available for the port side. Amidships freeboard is 19” (48.3 cm) and interior deck height is 32” (81.3 cm). There’s extra rod storage outboard to port.

Ranger Z519L bow step

Descend two steps into the Z519L’s seating area. Notice the angled footrests with rubber inserts that improve traction.

Ranger Z519L tool holder

Outboard of the step to port is another tool holder and this ruler to measure fish.

Ranger Z519L seats

The thickly padded seats are designed to keep the driver and a companion firmly in place during a 70-mph blast to a fishing hole.

Ranger Z519L port cockpit

Outboard and ahead of the port bucket seat there’s more rod racks, plus storage in this compartment between the footrests.

The Helm. To starboard, the helm console has a tall clear acrylic windscreen. Our test model had the 9” Lowrance HDS fishfinder, but there’s space for up to a 15” model and Ranger offers a plethora of optional units. On each side of the steering wheel we found the optional twin Pro-Trim switches for the jack plate and engine trim. To port, the speedometer has an integrated trim gauge and there’s a fuel level indicator and depthfinder. To starboard is a multi-function SmartCraft instrument plus a water pressure gauge. The Z519L comes with keyless ignition and digital switching as well.

Ranger Z519L helm

The new helm console is designed to provide better protection from the elements and note the large wind deflector.

Ranger Z519L fish finder

There’s plenty of room if an owner wants to go larger than the 9” (22.9 cm) Lowrance HDS9 fishfinder.

Ranger Z519L pro trim

Our test boat had the upgrade to the dual Pro-Trim switches on each side of the steering column. We consider this an important safety feature.

Ranger Z519L gauges

With limited dash space to port of the steering wheel, integrating the trim gauge into the speedometer is smart.

Ranger Z519L starboard gauges

To starboard is a multi-function SmartCraft digital gauge and a water pressure indicator, always a good idea with an outboard motor.

Ranger Z519L accessory switches

Just ahead of the shift-throttle lever are a panel that contains the accessory switches plus 12-volt plugs.

Aft Fishing Deck

Between the bucket seats, ascend two steps to the aft fishing deck. The hinged nonskid hatch opens to reveal dry storage. We measured this area at 3’6” (1.06 m) fore to aft and 6’11” (2.10 m) wide. There’s a socket for the movable fishing seat. Beneath the locking hatches outboard on each side are storage lockers and in the middle is a large livewell that comes with a divider and aeration and recirculation systems plus a timer.

The aft hatch provides access to the batteries including a switch that lets the trolling motor batteries be used to jumpstart the outboard motor. Aft to port is the reboarding ladder and integrated grab handles have been carried over from the 2018 model. The boat also has a remote control for the livewell plug.

Ranger Z519L bucket seats

The locking hatch between the bucket seats is finished in rubber nonskid so it can be used as step up to the aft fishing deck.

Ranger Z519L mat

The compartment has a rubber mat and could be a good place to stash cell phones.

Ranger Z519L aft deck

The aft fishing deck is shown with the optional SRS fold-down seat.

Ranger Z519L aft storage

The aft port storage compartment is lined with rubber mat and has a dedicated spot for the fire extinguisher. The starboard locker gets the same treatment.

Ranger Z519L live wells

The centrally positioned livewell has dual hatches, plus a divider to keep bait and catch separate.

Ranger Z519L batteries

This extra-large hatch in the stern provides access to all the batteries plus the charger.

Ranger Z519L battery switch

The battery switch can be set to charge and to use the trolling motor batteries to jumpstart the outboard.

Ranger Z519L ladder

The Z519L has one of the more substantial reboarding ladders we’ve seen on a bass boat.

Ranger Z519L drain plug

The Z519L’s remote drain plug for the livewell is in the aft deck, making it easier to empty the well at the end of the day.


The Numbers. Ranger lists the empty weight of the Z519L at 1,750 lbs. (794 kg). With two people, 30.1 gallons (114 L) of fuel and test equipment on board, our test model had an estimated weight of 2,351 lbs. (1,066 kg). The 225-hp Mercury 225 Pro XS outboard spun a 14” x 23” (35.6 cm x 58.4 cm) Fury three-blade and had a 1.75:1 gear ratio.

WOT Speed. Spooling up the motor to 6350 rpm, we hit a top speed of 70.1 mph. Best cruise came at 4000 rpm, where we recorded 37.4 mph and 8.9 gph, which translated into 4.2 mpg and a range of 163 statute miles with 10 percent of the boat’s 43-gallon (163-L) fuel capacity in reserve.

For trolling speeds, we saw 3.1 mph at 600 rpm and 5.1 mph at 1000 rpm. In acceleration tests, the boat planed in 5.1 seconds and ran to 20 mph in 6.8 seconds, 30 mph in 9.3 seconds and 40 mph in 11.3 seconds.

Ranger Z519L running

This is how a seasoned driver runs a bass boat at top end, with nothing in the water but the very end of the running surface and the propeller.

Ranger Z519L running

Trimmed more conservatively and with more of the boat in the water, the maximum range of 163 miles comes at 4000 rpm where the Z519L runs 37.4 mph.

The Trailer

Ranger packages the Z519L with a custom-built tandem-axle trailer that has a centrally mounted tongue jack plus a swing-away tongue to make it easier to store the boat when it’s on land. The trailer has fiberglass fenders and steps, hydraulic surge disc brakes and retractable trailer tie-downs. Ranger’s Trail Cool Hub lubrication system plus aluminum wheels with a matching spare. The trailer is finished in the manufacturer’s Road Armor protective coating.


10 Years on hull.


$60,295 with Mercury 225 L FourStroke.

Options to Consider

    • Choice of outboard motors up to 225-hp

    • Evinrude G2 panel upgrade

    • Pearl Mist color charge com 1, com 2, com 3 and top deck

    • Z500 Touring package with flat or raised cover and Dual Pro charger

    • Z500 Touring package with flat or raised cover and Minn Kota charger

    • Transom saver

    • Hamby’s 6’ keel protector

    • Port console

    • Ski tow

    • Choice of bow and helm fishfinders

    • Deluxe boat cover flat or raised

    • Engine hood cover

    • Choice of electronics accessories

    • Hot Foot throttle

    • Pro-Trim single or dual trim controls

    • 17” Challenger wheels for trailer

    • Trailer entry step

    • Choice of remote anchors

    • Choice of battery chargers

    • Choice of battery upgrades


The Ranger Boats Z519L has the look and feel of a premium bass boat, especially with her newly designed plush bucket seats and “L” package treatments. She feels like a bigger boat than her 19’9” (6.02 m) length, especially when running through some lake chop. A comprehensive standard equipment list includes everything an angler needs to head straight to the lake.

Additionally, the metal flake that is so common on bass boats has been kept to a minimum on this new model and there are many color and graphic packages available.