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Regal LS6 Surf (2020-)

1 x 380-hp Volvo Penta Forward Drive evc

Brief Summary

Regal stepped it up by adding three ballast tanks, Volvo Penta Forward Drive and the Volvo Penta Water Sport Control and made a luxury sport boat that has an adjustable wake for practically any water sport. Whether the crew wants to cruise to a waterfront restaurant for lunch, hang out at the sand bar gathering or wake surf, the Regal LS6 Surf has it in hand.

Key Features

  • Flexible seating
  • 380-horsepower Volvo Penta V-8
  • Volvo Penta Forward Drive with Water Sport Control
  • Three adjustable ballast tanks
  • Low swim platform
  • Water sport tower that folds into the cockpit
  • Enclosed head with Dometic pump-out head

Test Results

650 3.5 3 0.9 3.9 3.4 256 222.2 61
1000 5.3 4.6 1.5 3.6 3.1 238 206.9 63
1500 7.2 6.3 2.1 3.4 3 225 195.9 67
2000 8.1 7 3.4 2.4 2.1 157 136.1 70
2500 9.4 8.1 5.8 1.6 1.4 107 92.9 77
3000 12.5 10.9 8.5 1.5 1.3 97 84 80
3500 23.7 20.6 8.7 2.7 2.4 179 155.3 83
4000 30.8 26.7 11 2.8 2.4 184 159.7 82
4500 36.2 31.4 15 2.4 2.1 158 137.7 83
5000 41.7 36.2 19 2.2 1.9 144 125.2 87
5500 45.2 39.3 24 1.9 1.6 124 107.6 88
6000 52.2 45.4 31 1.7 1.5 111 96.2 89


Length Overall 26' 4''
8.03 m
Beam 8' 6''
2.59 m
Dry Weight 5,330 lbs.
2,418 kg
Tested Weight 6,188 lbs.
2,807 kg
Draft Up 25.5''
0.65 m
Draft Down 37''
0.9 m
Deadrise/Transom 22-deg.
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance 7' 9''
2.36 m
Person Capacity 13
Fuel Capacity 73 gal.
276 L
Total Weight 6,188 lbs.
2,807 kg

Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 3.9 sec.
0 to 30 9.8 sec.
Load 2 persons, full fuel, no water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 68 deg., 45 humid; wind: 0 mph; seas: 0

Engine Options

Tested Engine 1 x 380-hp Volvo Penta Forward Drive evc

Captain's Report

By Capt. Mark Kellum

Regal surf

Regal combined the luxury and performance of their sport boats with innovative systems to make the Regal LS6 Surf a refined wake boat.


The propulsion on the Regal LS6 Surf is from a single 380-horsepower V-8 with a forward-facing outdrive. The stepped hull adds to the performance and efficiency.


The Regal LS6 Surf was designed and built to provide owners with a thrilling ride while experiencing comfort and safety in a sumptuous environment. In turn, Regal added the systems and controls to make the LS6 Surf a highly capable, wake-shaping, water sport platform, including wake surf, wake-boarding and tubing.


The layout of the Regal LS6 Surf offers a plethora of flexible seating and easy, uninterrupted flow from the swim platform to the forward seating in the bow.

Distinguishing Features

  • Volvo Penta Forward Drive. Featuring counter-rotating dual props facing forward for efficiency and safety.
  • Volvo Penta Water Sport Control. Integrated in the dual 7” Garmin multi-function display. No analog gauges.

Major Features

  • Volvo Penta 380-Horsepower V-8.
  • Efficient Hull. Regal has incorporated a stepped hull with lifting strakes, hard, reverse chines and a 22-degree deadrise at the transom for efficiency and performance.
  • Spacious Head. The Regal LS6 Surf has a larger head than expected on a sport boat in this class.
  • Power Tow Sport Arch. The Regal “Power Tower” folds down for low clearance, towing and storage.
  • Flexible Seating. The helm and companion seats are both double wide and feature flip-flop backrests to create aft-facing lounge seats. The aft bench seats in the cockpit have flip-flop backrests to facilitate aft facing transom lounge seating. The aft lounge seating has a flip-up backrest for aft-facing transom seats.
  • Premium Upholstery. Regal incorporates premium multi-tone vinyl upholstery with detailed accent stitching, which they produce in-house.



The LS6 Surf comes with the Regal “FasTrac” hull that incorporates a step, tracking and lifting strakes, hard reverse chines and a 22-degree deadrise at the transom for a smooth, dry ride.

The Regal FasTrac hull, combined with the 380-horsepower Volvo Penta V-8 and forward drive, the Regal RX Surf performs like a first-rate sportboat. Regal added the Volvo Penta Forward Drive and Water Sport Control along with the Regal ballast system to create a highly-functional wake shaping platform for waterports.

Forward Drive

The Volvo Penta Forward Drive puts the counter rotating props facing forward putting the power under the boat and away from water sport participants.


Regal claims the single-step bottom improves efficiency, ride, and overall performance. When in wake shaping mode, the stepped hull is extraneous. However, when the boat is in “sport-boat” mode, top speed and fuel efficiency takes precedence.


The Volvo Penta Sports Control system on the Regal LS6 Surf automatically adjusts the trim on the forward facing outdrive and adjusts the 2,000 lbs. (9,007 kg) of ballasts to create a surfable wake.

The Regal LS6 Surf has a length overall of 26’4” (9.03 m), and a beam of 8’6” (2.59 m). With an empty weight of 5,330 lbs. (2,422 kg.), full fuel and two people onboard, the Regal LS6 Surf has an estimated weight of 6,188 lbs. (2,817 kg).

Top Speed. With the 380-horsepower Volvo Penta V-8 engine turning a forward drive propulsion unit with dual counter rotating K5 props and running on a stepped hull, the Regal LS6 surf reached a top speed of 52.2 mph (84.0 KPH).

Best Cruise. Best cruise was reached at 4,000 rpm and 30.8 mph (49.5 kph). At that speed, the Regal LS6 Surf had a 11 gph (41.6 lph) fuel burn rate which translated into 2.8 mpg (1.19 kpl) and a range of 184 miles, all while holding back a 10-percent reserve of the Regal LS6 Surf’s 73-gallon (276 L) total fuel capacity.

MPH table

The Regal LS6 Surf is quick to respond to the throttle, coming up on plane in an average of 3.9 seconds with an 18-degree bow-rise, continuing on to 20 in 6.6 seconds and reached 30 in 9.8 seconds.


Wake ride

With calm conditions, the test captain ran the Regal LS6 Surf through the photo-boat’s wake and found no hull pounding or adverse characteristics.

With the forward drive, which moves the two props well forward, the Regal LS6 Surf responds much quicker to steering than conventional drive sport boats.  Some will enjoy the thrill of responsive, hard turns, others may prefer to make turns gentle. It’s best to know the passenger’s predilections before heading out. 

Water Sport Control System. The water sport function on the Regal LS6 Surf glass helm displays makes it easy to set up and run the boat for wake surfing, wake-boarding or water-skiing with the touch of a fingertip. Individual profiles for up to three users can be created, pre-stored and loaded. Once set, the system keeps the boat at the desired speed and trims automatically to create and sustain the proper wake for the desired water sport activity.

Control system display

The Water Sport Control system allows settings to be adjusted at any time during the ride using the touch-screen. The live video display on the screen allows boat drivers to watch the activity astern while keeping their eyes forward.

Features Inspection


A distinctive feature of the Regal LS6 Surf is the integrated aft-facing seating and the swim platform in the stern which is a functional part of the boat’s entertainment facilities.


The platform and 13” (33.02 cm) walkthrough are covered in rubberized non-skid. The seating can be converted to lounge seating with drink holders on the outboard side.

Adjustable backrest

Adjusting the backrest forward on the Regal LS6 Surf creates side-by-side aft-facing lounge seating.

Aft-facing stern seat

An insert in the aft seating forms a backrest to make a bench seat and access to the ballast system below.

Aft-facing Stern Seating. Most sterndrive sport boat manufacturers do not offer aft-facing seating on the transom due to safety concerns with props abaft. With the Volvo Penta Forward Drive, the props are under the keel eliminating the risk of passengers falling into an engaged prop.

Aft storage

The seat base lifts with a gas-assist strut to access the ballast tank and storage.

Tow sport pilon

Between the aft-facing seating, built into the walkthrough there is a pop-up tow-sport pylon.

Aft radio shower

Built into the starboard side of the transom is a freshwater shower wand connected to the 16-gallon (61 L) freshwater tank. Alongside is a Fusion stereo remote and speaker.

Reboarding ladder

On the port side of the transom is a grab handle and stereo speaker. Built into the underside of the swim platform is the reboarding ladder.


On each side of the transom on the Regal LS6 Surf are 8” (20.32 cm) fixed cleats.

Aft Cockpit

Regal created a very social area in the cockpit with forward facing bench seating aft and 6’ (1.83 m) long by 2.5’ (0.76 m) wide lounge seating on each the port and starboard side with 35” (88.9 cm) separating them for easy egress forward and aft.


The Regal LS6 Surf’s cockpit is designed to be highly social while affording ease of movement.

Tow arch

The tow sport arch is 6’3” (1.9 m) above the deck with built-in grab rails and a 6’9” (2.05 m) bridge clearance. Shown are optional tower-mounted dual stereo speakers.

fold-able tow arch

The “Power Tower” on the Regal LS6 Surf folds down to allow for a 5’7” (1.70 m) bridge clearance at the touch of a switch.

Cup holders

Under the 7” (17.78 cm) coaming bolster on both the port and starboard sides are grab handles, a stereo speaker and drink holders built into the bulwark. Note the upholstery details with diamond stitching and exterior color accents. USB and 12-volt connectivity would be a welcome addition.

Lounge seat storage

There is storage under the lounge seating. The seats lift easily with the assist of gas struts. On the starboard side is a 20-gallon (76 L) Igloo cooler.

Battery storage

In each side of the cockpit lounge seating storage are the batteries in dedicated, strapped containers.

Port Companion Console

The port side companion console features a double wide bench and forward-facing companion seating. There is a stainless-steel grab rail that doubles as a handle for opening the console leading to the head compartment.

Passenger Console

There is a recessed area on the top of the console to keep incidentals in place. The Fusion stereo is mounted on the front of the console. There is a built-in drink holder in the companion seat armrest. The details in the upholstery continue in the bulwark and coaming bolster.

flip-flop Backrest

The flip-flop backrest in the companion seating creates an aft-facing cockpit lounge seat when placed in the forward position.

Head compartment

Inside the companion console is a relatively large head compartment with 4’1” (1.24 m) headroom with 3’ (0.91 m) headroom when seated.


Inside the head compartment is a stainless-steel freshwater sink and faucet built into a solid-surface countertop. The compartment is finished with wood accents above and under the counter.

Starboard Helm Console

The starboard side helm console features two 7” (17.78 cm) Garmin multi-function displays creating a “glass helm” without any analog gauges. Volvo Penta collaborated with Garmin to create the Volvo Penta Water Sport Control and engine monitoring system displays. All the functions can be controlled by the touch screens.


The Regal LS6 Surf has well thought out agronomics with all the controls within comfortable reach of the operator.

Garmin displays

The dual Volvo Penta branded 7” (17.78 cm) Garmin multi-function displays are built into the dash with a vinyl brow that has accent stitching details.

Cuddy glove box

On the inboard side of the Regal LS6 Surf helm console is a cubby glovebox with a 12-volt outlet.

Rocker switches

On the outboard side of the Regal LS6 Surf helm console are the system rocker switches and ignition.


Regal built in an outboard side armrest that makes operating the throttle and shift engine control binnacle comfortable for a full day of water sports. Note the stereo speaker built into the bulwark.

Steering wheel

The three-spoke stainless-steel and the leather-wrapped steering wheel is mounted on a tilt-base.

Double wide helm seat

The double-wide helm seat is mounted on an electrically actuated base that adjusts forward and aft.

flip up bolster

The helm seat on the Regal LS6 Surf has a flip-up bolster and a built-in grab rail on the top of the backrest.


The Regal LS6 Surf's console has a molded-in, angled footrest under the dashboard.

Flip-flop back rest

The grab rail doubles as a handle to reposition the helm seats flip-flop backrest that creates a starboard side lounge when in the forward position.

Walkthrough Windshield

The stainless-steel framed wraparound windshield has a 25” (63.5 cm) opening center section which allows access to the forward cockpit.

Walk through

The walkthrough has snap-in rubberized non-skid on the deck which is throughout the entire boat. Regal offers an option of a snap-in sea-grass carpet. Note the air-dam doors on the port and starboard sides of the windshield walkthrough.


With the windshield closed and the air-dam doors in place operating in early morning cool conditions is more comfortable.

Non-skid boarding step

Regal designed in a welcome non-skid boarding step on both the port and starboard side of the forward section of the wraparound windshield base.

Forward Seating

The forward cockpit seating has a traditional bowrider layout with forward facing lounge seating on the port and starboard sides. The 7” (17.78 cm) coaming bolsters provide a backrest for inboard facing passengers. An aft facing center seat doubles as a step to the foredeck. The freeboard is 41” (104.1 cm) at the forward cockpit.

Forward cockpit

The deck is 33” (83.8 cm) below the cap-rail and 17” (43.18 cm) lower than the forward cockpit lounge seating.

Lounge seat

The forward-facing lounge seating on the Regal LS6 Surf has fold-down inboard armrests.

Under pad grab rail

Under the coaming pad on the port and starboard side are drink-holders, a grab rail and a stereo speaker. USB and 12-volt connectivity would be a welcome addition.

Forward storage

There is storage in the forward cockpit of the Regal LS6 Surf under the center aft-facing seat.

Helm console strorage

There is additional storage in the helm console accessed through the starboard side lounge seat backrest.


The foredeck features SeaDeck non-skin and a flip up navigation light.


The Regal LS6 Surf has two fixed 8” (20.32 cm) fixed cleats on the port and starboard sides of the foredeck. Note the flush fixtures on the anchor locker hatch to reduce tripping hazards.

Anchor locker

The anchor locker hatch opens to reveal room for an anchor and ground tackle rode. Regal offers an option of a bow-stem roller system or a through the stem windlass ground tackle system.

Forward Nav lights

Regal built in a fold-down forward navigation light to help avoid tripping hazards on the foredeck. The forward navigation light flips up mechanically when needed for operation.

Engine Compartment

The engine compartment is accessed through the aft bench seating. Regal has arranged the compartment so all the day-check and fill port accesses are to the front of the engine within easy reach. When open with the aid of gas-assist struts, the opening is 18” (45.72 cm).

Ballast tanks

On port and starboard sides of the engine compartment are flexible ballast tanks. The third ballast tank is forward of the engine on the centerline. Note the fire suppression system mounted on the bulkhead abaft of the engine exhausts.

Ballast System. The flexible ballast tanks are removable when not needed and have a 2,000 lb. (907 kg) capacity.


LIFETIME LIMITED STRUCTURAL HULL WARRANTY: Regal offers a Lifetime Limited Structural Hull Warranty with a Five-Year Transferrable Limited Structural Hull Warranty and a Five-Year Limited Hull Blister Warranty. See your local Regal dealer for details.

Options to Consider

  • Aft bench seat filler cushion and backrest
  • Bow table with filler cushion
  • Teak cockpit table
  • Stainless-steel flag pole with U.S. flag
  • Docking lights
  • Through the stem anchor windlass and stainless-steel anchor and all chain rode
  • Tower speakers
  • Automatic fire extinguisher
  • Battery charger with 120-volt inlet
  • Trim tabs
  • Indicators for trim tabs
  • Gas vapor detector


The Regal LS6 Surf has a starting price of $128,435.00.


Regal took their proven stepped FasTrac hull and the luxury features that their sportboats are known for and applied the Volvo Penta Forward Drive propulsion in combination with the Volvo Penta Water Sport Control to create a highly-capable wake-surf and tow sport boat. The result is a sportboat that delivers thrilling performance when cruising in luxury and comfort while providing an excellent platform for a wake-shaping, to deliver the right wake for a variety of watersports, including wake-surfing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, and tubing.